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Gamingnerd15 avatar 10:02 PM on 06.06.2014  (server time)
MLB 14: The Show Review

MLB: The Show has been the definitive baseball game for the last number of years. Starting in 2006 and continuing into this year, MLB: The Show has consistently delivered as the most realistic baseball game on the market. The MLB: The Show series is known for delivering a top notch baseball experience.  While MLB 14: The Show on the PlayStation Vita is not the best version, it still delivers a strong game full of quality.

 MLB 14: The Show looks okay on the PlayStation Vita. Character models look good, minus some choppy, inconsistent facial features. One aspect MLB 14: The Show does well is facial hair. While there are significant differences among the Vita/PS3/PS4 versions, it is a nice touch seeing players have facial hair like they did in the prior MLB season. The stadiums look great on the Vita, though the textures and details on the field don't share the same appeal. The grass looks like a checkerboard and the dirt looks generic. This can be a disappointment, but you only notice these details if you look at the field long enough. The fans have never looked great in these baseball games and the Vita version is no different. Faces look bland and the bodies look awkward. It is difficult trying to make a pretty game look nice on a system with less power.

 MLB: The Show has always been known for its signature game mode, Road To The Show. Road To The Show (RTTS) is an addicting career mode in which you start in the minor leagues and slowly work your way towards the major leagues. New to Road To The Show is the rookie showcase, which has been used in other sports games. Your performance in a series of games determines your draft stock and your potential as a player. The most annoying part is that you cannot skip the draft selections in the round you are selected in. Other game modes include Franchise mode, Playoffs, Home Run Derby, and an online community where you can do various different things. The online mode has head-to-head matches, an online Franchise mode, and community challenges like crucial in-game situations. I have never had strong experiences playing MLB: The Show online, so it was not worth an extensive trial. Playing online is more frustrating than anything because of the lag, the delays in between pitches, outs, etc.

 MLB 14: The Show has always had fluid gameplay. You are able to dictate the speed of a baseball game, unlike in real life, thankfully. There are numerous pitching mechanics like Pulse Pitching, Classic Meter, and a few others. Batting with the face buttons or using the analog stick is great, and makes the experience more realistic. There is no rush quite like drawing a walk or getting a hit after a long, difficult ten-pitch at bat. The fielding in MLB 14: The Show is easy to control and smooth. Executing a double play is satisfying, though it does not compare to robbing a home run, or a beautiful diving play.

 MLB 14: The Show is another great edition to this long running baseball series. Unfortunately, the visuals are not great on the Vita, but that does not compare to the great game modes and fluid gameplay. Any baseball fan must pick up MLB 14: The Show, whether it is on the PS3, PS4, or PlayStation Vita. MLB 14: The Show proves to be the king of realistic baseball games.


Pros: Addicting game modes, Fluid gameplay, Hundreds of hours of fun.

Cons: Poor visuals, Inconsistent online play.

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