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GamingGoddess avatar 12:49 AM on 11.05.2009  (server time)
GoddessCast#6: We Also Heart Anime

Yeah, so I didn’t feel like making a new header this week and just used one of my old fanarts. Wanna make something of it? DO YOU WANT TO FISTICUFFS!?!

This show is late-- normally I try to get them up by mid-day Wednesday-- but stuff was going on today. On the plus side, GoddessCast is almost like a grown-up podcast now and has its own feed.

Anyway, we decided to do an anime episode this week because we felt like it. Every episode will still have the ‘what we’ve been playing’ segment (which is unfortunately kind of pathetic this week), but we may periodically do more episodes on anime or other tangentially related topics. This is still primarily a gaming podcast, but it’s a better show if we’re doing what we want.

Download this episode (right click and save)

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