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Back in the 1987 a bastard child was born. His name was Jacob and since then he has been gaming and leaving angry remarks at the world. A Virginia native who can only beat his head in as he feels caught between a "Hardcore" and "Casual" gaming world.
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Lets take a journey into the world of larp (live action role-play). The first time I ever heard of larping is when my friend in high school kept yelling “lighting bolt”. In my confused state he explained that people dress up and act as if they were actually playing D&D.

I thought that was the last I would hear from it, but awhile back Jonathan Holmes posted someone larping Super Meat Boy. This was a joke of course, but it brought my attention back to the world of larping. Why do people larp? Where do you larp? Who would want to see you larp? I thought of all of ideas and then stated “larping is lame.”

I follow the grand old rules of baseball, so this is the third and last time i’ll even be thinking about larping. What if FNF had it’s own larp?. Instead of people acting as if they were in the Monday Night Combat, people would be acting like themselves in a Monday Night Combat setting. Here’s a script of Halo Reach FNF featuring some of the FNF regulars.

Setting: Actors will be playing the role of Halo Reach online players on the map countdown. This is a rumble pit match so everyone is fighting for themselves (Dtoid members love killing other Dtoid members). This will be acted out in a mall.

Gaming in Public: I proceed to run around the mall finding the weaker players to pray on. Seeing Char Aznable come by, I duck into the Levi store. Waiting for a surprise attack I wait patiently. Then all of sudden I hear a loud battle cry.

mrandydixon: Boner!!!! Gaming in Public is murdered from behind, leaving a fake blood all over the jeans. mrandydixon then proceeds to start tea bagging my carcass when all of sudden.

Lenigod: Cock!!! mrandydixon is now victim to another to back stab, as Lenigod begins to rifle butt mrandydixon in the asshole.

mrandydixon: Your mom use to love it when I rifle butted her every night.

Lenigod: Well your mom just called me about having some of this tonight. Another loud battle cry is heard.

Caiters: “Stop using your mama jokes!” Lenigod falls to the ground with the rest of us. Now the levi’s store is covered in fake blood. “Both your moms told me that you should stop using your mama jokes, because I was rifle butting them both last night.”

Referee: Round Over! Official referee blows whistle and tells everyone to come back to the Burger King for the full tally of kills. “Char Aznable takes first!” It seemed that while other players were telling dick and your mama jokes, Char Aznable was killing all the other players on the field.

The script is still in the works. Enough of that, what games do we have to play tonight?

6:00 p.m. Eastern: Monday Night Combat

I think ScottyG is more in love with this game then I will ever be. Without a doubt if anyone is on Monday Night Combat every FNF it is ScottyG. If you happen to have the day off from work(or just call in sick) join in on the action early.
Host: ScottyG (ScottyGrayskull)

8:00 p.m. Central: Section 8 Prejudice

Epic Kx is hosting again this week for some good FPS action. He is forming a clan just for us Dtioder's!
Host:Epic KxDtoid (Epic Kx-Live)

9:00 p.m. Eastern: Monday Night Combat

If you love a game that is team based, then Monday Night Combat is something you'll love. Is there such thing as to much MNC in one day. I think not!
Host: Gaming in Public (GoodPostureClub)

9:00 p.m. Eastern: Halo Reach

Last week I got to play some custom maps and it was a lot of fun. This week needs some grifball!
Host: XOatmealNinjaxX (XOatmealNinjaxX)

9:00 p.m. Eastern:Call of Duty Black Ops/Modern Warfare 2

Who is better at making Call of Duty, Treyarch or Infinity Ward? Zombies beat spec ops but MW2 multiplayer beats Black Ops multiplayer.
Host: garethxxgod (garethxxgod)

Now for some videos related to larping.


Now you might be wondering who the fuck am I, and where is Sephiroth? Well to start I’m one of the newer members of Friday Night Fights, and to Destructoid. I occasionally bring you my grammatically wrong blog, and also leaving my two cents on the C-Blogs. I am here today because Sephrioth is missing in action(I hope he is okay), but the show must go on!

Friday Night Fights has become apart of my life, like brushing my teeth, and my after work beer. It’s a place where you can suck ass, and still come out feeling like your on top of the world! Char Aznadale is that guy who is kicking my ass, and then picking me right back up. A few weeks back we had a blast playing Castle Crashers, and yes he won the hearts of all the princesses. It didn’t matter that he was winning, just the simple fact that I was playing with a fellow gamer.

I have become a big fan of Monday Night Combat as well because of my interactions with Caiters. Every single FNF she is always there with her Trader Joe’s wine, and her thirst for blood. Caiters and I usually have our weekly talk about Northern Virginia. Don’t get it confused with the rest of Virginia! The folks in Northern Virginia pay the majority of taxes, and still we have the worst traffic ever!

I am actually excited to see Elsa come over to the dark side, and actually owns a Xbox 360 now! Some of you call this the end of the world, but just wait till next year. I see it now, Xbox Live down for three months. At that point I would have to buy a PS3 in order to get my FNF on!

Enough talking, lets get to the games.

5:00pm Central- Monday Night Combat

Monday Night Combat never seems to miss a beat. I'll have to join in on the MNC fun before Halo Reach gets started! I call Support.
Host:ScottyG (GT:scottygrayskull)

5:00pm Central- Section 8:Prejudice, Borderlands, and Halo 3

The host with the most is doing it again! Section 8:Prejudice, Borderlands, and Halo 3. Thats a crap load of shooting!
Note:If your joining in on Borderlands make sure you have the DLC,(Knoxx,Claptrap,and Zombie) Moxie not needed.
Host: Epic-KxDtoid (GT:Epic KxLIVE)

8:00pm Pacific-Gears of War 3 Beta

I still have not gotten a chance to play the beta. I blame it on the fact that I still have the classic 20GB 360, and have finally just run out of room. Need a bigger hard drive!
Host: mrandydixon (GT:Mr Andy Dixon)

8:30pm Central- Call of Duty: Black Ops

I am letting a good friend of mine borrow my copy of Black Ops, but I miss it so much. Zombie mode is a crap load of fun. I find that playing gun game with your friends can lead to some memorable moments.
Host: XGlakex (GT:W3X Glake)

9:00pm Eastern- Halo Reach

This game seems like it will be popular tonight, so I knocked out my usual Monday Night Combat game for some Halo Reach. Elsa will be joining in for her first 360 FNF, so be gentle. If you see anyone getting stabbed in the back, thats probably me getting killed.
Host:Gaming in Public (GT:GoodPostureClub)

P.S. If you have any problems feel free to yell at me in the comments. The problem is I work from 6-2 Eastern time so I won't be able to edit the blog till around 3, so make sure to leave your comments!

Now a random video:
They had to leave the best character out of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Hopefully MVC3 will have DLC with him.

Gaming in Public
6:03 PM on 05.04.2011

One of my newest rituals in life is to go thrift store shopping searching, for furniture and other relics. I really have my wife to thank for getting me into thrift store shopping, because at one point in my life I found it to be boring. I never usually take the time to search for video game treasures but recently I have been striking gold. Two weeks ago I got a perfectly working Rock Band wired guitar for ten dollars for my Xbox 360, which was a rare find. I thought I would tell you of my latest journey to Unique, the Mecca of all thrift stores.

Unique is huge! If you have ever been to a Wal-Mart, thats how big Unique is. A large clothing section, fabrics, books, old electronics, furniture, you name it. I have been here many of times, but this weeks adventure was better than usual. The trick with thrift store shopping, is that half the time you’ll find the a system missing cords, or the system itself damaged in some way. I don’t blame Unique though, they go through hundreds of donations a day.

The first thing I came across was a black gamecube for about ten dollars. No cords, no controller, but the case was in good condition. Most people would never buy this, because you couldn’t even play it without a controller, or cords. For me it would be complete waste of ten dollars, since I already have a Wii that plays any gamecube games.

The second thing I come across is a Playstation 2 with the same problem. Fifteen dollars with no cords or controllers means this item will stay on the shelves for a very long time. The case was in good condition just like the GameCube, but still nothing any regular customer would buy.

As you can see, it is mainly me searching through incomplete or damaged video game goods. A Rock Band drum set without the peddle for forty dollars, a driving wheel with the cord cut off for twenty dollars, and a Nintendo controller missing a button are just a few of things, that are just trash.

Then I found it, the diamond in the rough! It took me about a half an hour to find a beauty like this but it was worth every penny I spent on it. A TI-99 Texas Instrument home computer for fifteen dollars. It come complete with two joy sticks, ac adapter, and classic TV connector. Thankfully, I still have my old TV that uses the old antennas because without it, I would not be able to use it. The best part is the system came with one game, and that one game is Donkey Kong.

99% of what you’ll find in thrift stores is video game junk, but if you have the time you’ll be able to find video game gold. I also suggest combing the whole store for stuff, half the time you’ll find people will pick things up, and not put them back in the proper place. The Rock Band guitar I actually found by accident in the furniture section. Most of these electronics are forgotten because they are damaged, but if you have the time you can find the good ones to add to your collection.

P.S: Here are some more photos, so enjoy!

On second thought I don't want to be in movie. I found fifteen copies of this that were not even opened.

A Playstation with a controller, but still no cords!

Chess obviously gets better when you throw the word "battle" in the front.
Photo Photo Photo

Rock Band is one of those games that is fun to play no matter what. It is one of the few games in my library where it is as fun to play sober, as it is drunk. Most of the time when I get drunk, my gaming skills plummet faster than Charlie Sheen’s career. Rock Band is unique because you can change the games difficulty depending on how you want to play the game. In party settings this is great because each individual has control over the difficulty whether they are a newbie, or a seasoned plastic guitar player.

Think about games before RockBand. There was Guitar Hero, which was me just playing a plastic guitar game in my underwear. There was Taiko Drum Master, which was my horrible attempt at flailing two sticks at a drum. Karaoke was also at my local bar on Tuesday night, but didn’t want to look like like a complete idiot singing “American Pie”. RockBand came along and put everything in one neat package. Now I had a full band behind me, so that my horrible singing was followed by the out of place players behind me.

Now for the longest time in music gaming, I had been subjected to what I call “Japanese Full Force Music Gaming.” Beatmania even on easy, felt like being a rocket scientist. The easiest setting for Beatmania still kicked my ass. It was so many buttons, and even in practicing a song over and over had no affect on my skills. The game made me feel like a failure, even before I could get a hang of the game. RockBand came around and made me fall in love with music gaming once more. They invited me back saying it’s okay if you suck, we got an easy mode until you get better. Even if you don’t want to progress, RockBand is still enjoyable on an easier setting.

The best part of RockBand, is that people of all backgrounds love it. All my friends who have never picked up a controller, seem to pick up a plastic guitar in order to join the band. I guess doesn’t hurt to have a song like “Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi to lure the non avid gamers. Now Guitar Hero 2 has a good song list but RockBand had the list that had something for everyone. “Enter Sandman”, “Foreplay/Long Time”, “Main Offender”, “Welcome Home”, and “When You Were Young”, are just a few or the great songs that you can play.

Talk about party games, till this day there is no game that starts a party off. Drunk or Sober (I prefer drunk) this game seems to get the party started. I seem to always grab the microphone after six PBRs, and belt the classic tune “Wave of Mutilation” by the Pixies. Even if I don’t know a song, I just get so pumped to try and sing. Good thing I can turn up the track vocals, so my guests don’t blow their ears out to my horrible singing.

I know a lot of people hate on this game, because it is not really playing an instrument. Yes, I look like a complete idiot strapping on a plastic guitar, banging on the drums, or singing into a microphone to a fake crowd but it is just plain fun. The game becomes more than just what you see on the screen, but more about the experience you have outside of it.

My fondest memory of this was my senior year of college. My classmates and I had graduated and one of my good friends was going to have a RockBand party. That only meant beer, beer, liquor, wine, beer, beer, and also beer to the wee hours of the night. I invited my good friend from work to join in that night, who was a notorious partier. Lets just say he got a full taste of the party and got so trashed, and gave us a show. It was hit after hit, of his drunken sweet melody’s. This meant hearing “When You Were Young” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again” over and over again. At this point it would make anyone go insane but at the moment in the party it was no longer about the game, but about his passion singing each song.

Rock Band is simply a game of fun. Rock Band does not push graphical limits, or deliver a great story but it delivers the most fun I have ever had. Cheers to Harmonix for bringing fun back to video games!
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To start off I would like to thank Saphodravingo and Kauz for posting fundraising for Jonathan Holmes. If they had never posted on their blog’s about the robbery, I would have never thought to do a Zombie Marathon in the first place! A great thanks as well to everyone who has already donated before the marathon, you have already been a great help to Jonathan.

The marathon started off with some nutritional Yuengling, and bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys. The first few rounds were filled with random players who did not have a mic, or were below the age of 8. This went on for about an hour, and I lost hope of ever finding a good group.Then a miracle, a group of people who all had mics and over 8.

It took us awhile to warm up, because in the first three rounds never got past the 20th round. The fourth and final round that was played was best round of the night.We started working as a team, which lead us to 24 rounds of zombies. Not my best, but I had a lot of fun killing the zombie hordes for a good cause!

If you still have not donated for the marathon or for the robbery fund, you still can! Just go to your PayPal account and donate to Make sure in the comments you put down Johnathan Holmes, so that way they know it is for the fund. Again, thanks to every past, present, and future donation that is given. It's not the amount, but the fact that you donate. Thanks
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Jonathan Holmes is a person I have always trusted when it comes to game reviews. Jonathan always seems to point me in the right direction, when it comes to his reviews. I got Bit.Trip Flux and Pokemon Black because of his outstanding written reviews he did. WIth his guidance my library of games is getting better. When I finally heard the news that he was robbed, I knew that I needed to do something to help him out. It’s time to get off my ass off the computer chair, and start a marathon. Not just any marathon, Black Ops: Zombies marathon.

If you don’t already know, I usually host a game once a week on Friday Night Fights 360. This week i’ll be hosting one amazing game of Black Ops: Zombies at 9 P.M. Eastern Time. I will need a few good men (and women) to play in this amazing marathon for Jonathan Holmes. If you can’t join the game on Friday, don’t worry you can still participate by making a pledge.

The marathon will last until we get to drunk to play, or pass out on the sofa. What makes this fun for everyone is that your pledge is based off the best round we have. Lets say we make it to round 40 and you pledge $0.50 that means you donate $20($0.50*40=$20). Now, I am not asking people to put down their pledges. This is because I want this marathon to be about how many people donated, and not how much money was donated. Really, you can donate as much as you would like, but the pledge aspect makes it more fun for the people at home. Just to be warned I have made it to round 38 so choose your pledge wisely.

I will be posting a follow up post to this as well. After the marathon, i’ll post a new forum thread with the highest round. Now you do not have to do this, but I would like people who actually donate after the marathon to just post on the forum just saying that they did. In the post recap i’ll list the names of the people who participated in the marathon plus all the people who donated. As I said before, this is about how many people donate, not about how much money is given. Please, do not be an ass and post that you did donate when you actually did not, because then i’ll look like an ass for posting misleading donations.

Above all I want everyone to have fun at the next Black:Ops Zombies marathon for Jonathan Holmes!
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