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Gamerwhosucks avatar 11:47 PM on 06.04.2011  (server time)
E3 Approaches: The gooey centre of a pinata!

E3... It's like a pinata, you might hit it, you might not, but if you do... The gooey, awesome candy comes out and it's a free for all. That's what I believe the great E3's are like... Now let's get to the predictions...

Devil May Cry in good hands?
Devil May Cry has had a pretty stiff reception and I don't know if it's still happening, but E3 is the perfect time to make all of the non-believers (me included) shut their traps, or maybe even make us gawk in the awesomeness..

Like this

Ninja Theory has got to have a demo or at least a gameplay video to show the fact that even though they're running Unreal Engine 3 that a 60 fps rate, with little to no slowdown, is possible, that Dante is still a crazy motherfu*ker, who takes no crap from anybody, that the difficulty is difficult and that we still have that stylish, fast and involving gameplay that made Devil May Cry, not that I'm a guy who can crash into crap and not die stuff (although that was probably for cinematic effect.) and of course,can a man get some black hair?

Project Cafe...
Nintendo's systems have always had a charmed life and one that I've never really participated in until this generation, I loved my Wii, notice that I say loved, because now there is like nothing that excites me about it, although to be fair I haven't been in the Wii loop and don't really know recent or upcoming releases, I mean there's nothing that really makes me proud to own a Wii that's coming out, most 3rd party stuff sucks and 1st party stuff basically is spread over 5 years and so that's where I hope Cafe differs...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but still I'm wishing...

I'm probably not going to buy one, but still I want to see some good first party games that don't have gimmicks shoehorned into them, maybe some stuff from high voltage (come on... You were thinking it, too) and my personal favourite... No More Heroes 3. Moving away from the line up I want a good online system that actually HELPS connect us with our friends, a way to play without or with motion with every game and HD.

But at the end of the day all I want in that pinata is some candy, as in I don't need everything just a little bit to keep me hooked to be fine with what happens at E3, but of course, me being greedy person I am wants this and more. Still, I guess it doesn't really matter what I want, whatever will be will be, right? And now I leave you to do my very neglected homework...

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