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Gamernerd101 avatar 8:55 AM on 08.05.2012  (server time)
Honoring a Hero

I know I am not the most active member in this community. I spend a lot of time being the silent observer, in that I feel I may not be alone. I usually join in the conversations, typically I am ignored, I quite enjoy reading everyoneís blogs but commenting for me has always seemed like a waste because it goes unnoticed. Plus, me being a huge videogame nerd itís only natural to want to come up with ideas for a blog to discuss topics that are on my mind. Itís also natural I have a huge collection of unfinished blogs (smaller than my backlog of games) with various topics. This blog will be one of the few I finish.

What I'm sure my cousin would hope to become, a bad ass zombie killing machine

Today I woke up with some of the most shocking news one can get when they donít fully comprehend something. My cousin, Ryan Gustafson, had shot himself in the head, whether or not it was a suicide has yet to be determined due to lack of note. However you donít only put one bullet in the chamber to go shooting. Let alone my cousin was the most knowledgeable person I knew when it came to firearms and safety of them. Going through boot camp will do that to a person. My cousin was a great guy. Thatís all I can say, but Iím not here to give a eulogy. I will keep this brief and to the point (donít worry itís video game related). He devoted his life to wanting to serve his country. Unfortunately he was rejected from his venture when it was discovered six weeks into his military training that he had scoliosis. Despite being discharged medically he worked every day to fix it so he could do what he dreamed in life serve the country he loved. He ran every morning at 6 am with his pack strapped to his back for 2 hours. He practiced every form of discipline needed to be part of the military.

Ryan also loved everything there is to love about the military, watching war movies, reading military novels, and playing any shooter involving realistic or even silly military scenarios. He typically played Call of Duty as one may expect. He also loved to play Battlefield, Ghost Recon, Counter-Strike, and Americaís Army. He loved to play games that were equally silly in their scenarios, Left 4 Dead for the cooperation aspect, Grand Theft Auto for the fun aspect, and Super Mario Bros. well because itís Super Mario Bros. how can you deny them? I want to honor my cousin in the most appropriate way for me to, a marathon of playing through every Call of Duty made to this point, playing through an Expert Left 4 Dead 2 campaign, playing 4 matches of Battlefield 3, and going through all of the new Ghost Recon. I would like to put this as a live stream but have no knowledge of doing such a thing. I know many people have an understanding of how to do something such as this. I appreciate any advice and help with setting this up. If there are any proceedings it will go to his family since he was an only child they will need the help going through this difficult time.

I truly wish I had more to say but I simply canít find the words at this point. So, I want to re thank everyone reading this and any advice given to me to help with this difficult time that has befallen my family. So, Thank You.

R.I.P. Ryan Gustafson he will rest within all of our memories.

Here is one article I know existing to remember my cousin by:


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