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Gamernerd101 's blog
I play a lot of games I really enjoy those tiny little discs that span me hours of entertainment I mean I like them so much I horde them...
I have an extensive collection; I do trade and sell but that's only if I can bring myself to do so. I play a lot of classics current and awesome games whatever I can pick up

Games Playing- Kingdom Hearts, Fallout New Vegas, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow(trying to force myself to finish it)

Favorite games- Legend of Zelda (all of them; no not the CD-i ones...), Resident Evil Franchise (no spin-offs included), Silent Hill series, Pikmin 1-2, Valves creations (yes, l4d2 included), Killer 7, No More Heroes, and etc...
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8:55 AM on 08.05.2012
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