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2:53 PM on 12.19.2008

This shows how you get ripped off on internet costs in South Africa.

When its more expensive and slower to download a pirated game then it is to go and by the legitimate copy of the game from the shop.

5 Gb Bandwidth + 512Kbps ADSL line = +-$92 a month

Completely insane and the reason there is no Xbox Live in South Africa because not even Microsoft can afford it.

There is a bright side xbox 360 is prob the cheapest in the world:

Xbox Arcade = $185.75

Xbox Pro = $278.67

1:35 AM on 08.11.2008

There is an awesome count down on

In most of the world the consoles are priced as follows in ascending order of price:

Wii -> Xbox 360 -> PS3

But not in South Africa, the prices are as follow:

Wii = R3399 ($434.44)

Xbox 360 arcade = R1999 ($255.50)

Xbox 360 pro = R2850 ($364.27)

PS3 = R4499 ($575.03)

Theres is also no local XBL , or Wii service. Though there is a fully functional PSN. Though bandwidth here is so expensive it doesn't matter.

So in South Africa it makes no sense to buy a Wii.