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Gamer Guise avatar 3:00 PM on 02.28.2013  (server time)
Keep Srollin, Scrollin, Scrollin, Scrollin

I've heard of side scrolling adventures but I've never heard of a top to bottom scrolling adventure. UNTILL NOW!

Scrollin' Adventure is a “Rock n' Scroll World-Wide-WEBSCAPADE”. Brought to you by the good folks at College Humour and submitted by Caldwell Tanner is a browser based adventure game where you play the roll of a silent and nameless protagonist. Your anonymity leaves endless opportunity for role play as you journey through various zones you find yourself with numerous challenges to overcome and nothing but your humble mouse to defend yourself. Some might say that the puzzles are kind of trial and error and that the controls can be kind of repetitive but I found the whole experience to be quite therapeutic in that regard.

The monotony of the overall calm and steady game-play is peppered with a few moments of true tension as you decide to either avoid pitfalls such as the Click Me Cat or the Free iPads Cat or take the chance for a potentially massive payout (such as a FREE iPAD!). Some may say that the combat has little in the way of diversity but I found the system to be entirely in keeping with the overall tone of the game. Once you reach the truly terrifying Scroll Troll (artfully rendered in PixelArt) and deftly deal with that situation you will see exactly what I mean.

Narrated on your journey by an unnamed, yet remarkably witty, story teller who doubles as the fundamental driving force of the game, this raconteur alternates between gentle encouragement and vicious derision depending on your performance. The result of which is a burning desire to achieve. Much as one strives to satisfy a disappointed father figures vicarious dreams and aspirations.

The writing really isn't all heavy and preachy though. SA demonstrates some of the finest comedy game writing I have seen since the likes of Sam and Max. Once you reach the “Wintermediary” stage you know that you are truly dealing with an incorrigible comedic talent.

This free game is funded by in game advertisement which sounds terrible but is actually seamlessly blended into the overall aesthetic of the interface. In fact I completely missed the advert for “Jynx body yoghurt” on my first play through.

While a truly engaging and immersive experience Scrollin' Adventure IS a little on the short side, taking approximately 10 minutes to complete. But for what it is, it is a truly thought provoking creative, imaginative and, in a lot of ways, satirical take on gaming and the gaming industry as a whole. LOVED the final boss.



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