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Gamemaniac3434's blog

10:27 PM on 11.28.2015

Thankful it's Over: Bioshock Infinite

My disdain for Bioshock Infinite is well documented and is something I have maintained as time has gone on. It was a game that won critical acclaim and praise, but to me it was a game that became a dull slog by the end. Thus,...   read

1:48 PM on 11.13.2015

​System Shock 2 Review: Best of three

My first experience with the shock series was the titular Bioshock, a game that captured my imagination and whose aesthetic I still love. It had some eerie moments, an almost unmatched opening sequence, and fun/horrific gamep...   read

1:04 PM on 10.30.2015

Freedom wars difficulty

Freedom wars is one of the most frustrating games I have ever played. I don’t think there’s a game I have ever played that I have simultaneously hated/enjoyed more than this one, and it’s a topic I’ve been pondering f...   read

6:16 PM on 10.11.2015

They call me spooky: Dead Space (franchise)

Alright, let’s preface this delving into by talking about whether or not Dead Space-or by extension Dead Space 2 and 3-are the scariest games I have ever played. The answer is no, that honor belongs to outlast, but I like t...   read

8:53 AM on 09.24.2015

Re: I just finished watching Mad Max: Fury Road and... HOLY. SHIT. HOOOOOLY SHIT... I got nothing else to say, I fucking liked it! :D


7:50 AM on 09.24.2015

Shadow of Mordor: Greasy Popcorn

I recently finally got around to playing Shadow Of Mordor on a friends computer after hearing about how well liked it was. I found it compelling, and I proceeded to burn through it pretty quickly from meh start to disappointi...   read

1:12 PM on 08.17.2015

The Unnoticeables review: worth noticing

Gamemaniac3434 and his team of assorted yogurts and other bacterially derived foodstuffs who have gained sentience heroic quest to travel to the center of the universe and defeat an unknowable and collosal cosmic potato...   read

7:09 PM on 07.30.2015

Shovel Knight Review: Strike the Earth!

Reviewed on Vita, also known as the best system. Cause Vita ain’t never gonna stop, never going to be kept held dowwwn. Ahem. To the set up, then? What is Shovel Knight? Well, it was a Kickstarter campaign put forward...   read

3:11 PM on 07.07.2015

Better with age: Morrowind

Yeah, this is going to be a hard sell to some people who haven’t played this one, I’m sure. Morrowind is the 3rd game in the venerable elder scrolls franchise, and one that has remained in people’s minds for...   read

12:03 PM on 06.18.2015

Killzone Mercenary Review: Technically impressive, but anemic

Killzone is a franchise I have never really gotten along with, even though I have tasted of some of the different games it has to offer. Killzone 2 was a decent game that mistook swearing for maturity and it was fun bu...   read

2:46 PM on 06.10.2015

Risk of Rain Review: Dance in the rain

Risk of Rain is an indie game released a while ago that is no longer hugely in the public eye, but one that I have recently decided-for one reason or another-to review. Ah-hem. Story and set-up Anyway, Risk of rain is a...   read

6:58 PM on 06.06.2015

Lone Survivor Review: An intriguing, flawed horror game

Way behind the times, perhaps, but I finally finished it recently and needed something to throw here....SOOOOOOOOOOOO... I first got Lone survivor as part of a humble bundle, unaware of what it was and any of the bu...   read

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