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Gamemaniac3434's blog

6 hours ago - 9:07 AM on 10.09.2015

Welp, an article today got me thinking about this so without further ado, whats your favorite pokemon? This is mine:


22 hours ago - 5:00 PM on 10.08.2015

Today I replated bacteria that I made take up a plamid hopefully stitched onto the genes generatlight. Taken from other dead bacteria and put into a non glowing species, to make it glow. Fucking microbiology is the best.


6:49 PM on 10.07.2015

Alright, that went pretty well, how bout another question for those willing to answer it because THEY'RE WO/MAN-MAN ENOUGH!!! Most hated game of all time? Why?


1:07 PM on 10.07.2015

Out of morbid curiosity, whats your favorite handheld gaming machine?


9:31 AM on 10.04.2015

Having a puppy and trying to play legend of grimrock 2 somewhere the puppy normally doesn't get to hang out is a futile effort.


1:59 PM on 10.03.2015

Man, plague of shadows is gooood. It really fleshes out plague knight and the world by extension, and it has some fun story stuff. Plus plague knight plays differently enough to shovel knight to make whats old feel new again. Deep customization too.


9:37 AM on 10.03.2015

"I musta dreamed a thousand dreams, been haunted by a millioon screaams, but I can hear the marching of feet, moving into the streeet!!!" Gosh dang this song is stuck in my head something fierce. Plus, puppets!


9:04 AM on 10.02.2015

Hrmmmm.....Tomb raiders season pass is making me consider slapping up a blogula on the matter. Its an increasingly stupid practice to me, and I feel enough about it to make it worth discussing on some level.


9:02 AM on 10.02.2015

Man, star citizen is shaping up to be one hell of a show. At this point, given the time its taken and the recent allegations towards the dev team....I'm just interested in seeing whether this will reach a climax of horrific failure or great success.


10:09 PM on 09.30.2015

Welp, been listening to that there new FFDP album, Got your six. Starting to warm up to it, but I gotta admit that I think Wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell (both volumes) is ultimately better. Dem boys put on a hell of a show though.


7:52 PM on 09.27.2015

Despite some issues with it, ultimately MGS3 is really good so far. The vita port is great and the game itself is just so very interesting. Its got its hooks in me good, and I may consider MGS4 after I finish this. Maybe MGS1, if its held up.


7:48 PM on 09.27.2015

Gajknight and Steven Hansen walked down the avenue, trading true facts about themselves down quickpost lane, while I watched from a nearby wall. Truly was it a beautiful sight, as I attempted to insert myself into a line of posts to attain relevancy.


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