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Recently, EA commented on their disgusting comment that all future EA games would have microtransactions.


However, one of the creatures in EA's backtracking department slithered down and said that their games possibly could all have them, not will technically. Whew. Crysis averted!

However, after reading comments, I saw more than a few people whining about gamers whining, or asking why it's such a big deal. I felt that a blog was required, to pour out my feelings on the matter and tell those people WHY it's such a BIG FRACKIN' DEAL.

EA is a terrible company

I think we all remember that astounding announcement that to make its money back, Dead Space 3 would need to sell 5 million copies. Yeah, and you may also remember that Dead space 2 had only sold 2 million up to that point. This was something of an issue, as it also was released with EA full well knowing about the microtransactions system, which makes me wonder how badly they mishandled their finances on that. But ok, surely this situation isn't that bad, they can't be that terrible of a company to...

What's that?

Oh, how interesting. Apparently the guys who developed the Devils Cartel all got laid off, before the freakin' thing came out. How fair of them. Do you see the problem here, or do I need another example of their terrible practices? Ok, how about that new iOS racing game, the one that requires 500 dollars in cash to get through and get a significant amount of actual content? But hey, at least it was free!

Games are still expensive as hell

60 dollars used to get you a full game. Then DLC came along, but rather than add more to a good game for a price, ala Skyrim and Fallout 3, games that needed no DLC but had it as a welcome companion, they did something else. Which is to say they hacked off cool gear and weapons from some sort of bonuses menu or extras, and charged money for it. Now that's not too bad in and of itself, except they charged exorbitant prices for this content. Stupid, but still at least it was sitting in the store, not shoving itself in your face, just sitting there to buy if you wanted to. The games lost a little something, but nothing huge. That is, until they pulled an even worse DLC practice into the light and showed it off like proud parents. Which is day one DLC, like the prothean DLC, which added quite an interesting and eye opening element to Mass Effect-but you had to pay 10 dollars for an incredibly important part of the games lore, something that by its existence takes something critical away from the game.

And now we have this. Microtransactions, which not only rear their ugly heads in the game world-including DS3 a game previously praised for its immersive and intuitive HUD system that made the game infinitely more immersive. This severely damaged the games atmosphere, and despite positive reviews for the most part, was noted as nothing more than an immersion breaking irritation. Mass Effect 3 had these as well, but they were only in the multiplayer and didn't pop up at all in the single player, leaving the player alone so they wouldn't be disturbed on their interstellar journey. And its only going to get worse, as the two combine and publishers like EA start stripping the game of content to add as irritating microtransactions, and then not even having a price cut, claiming that their crappy business practices justify their need for money from us, resulting in games being even more expensive for less content. And if you think that even if they do pester you, you can just ignore it and let it be, come on. Do you really think they will put in a system like that and simply let it sit in the background? Look at the microtransactions games they hold in such high esteem. What do they do to squeeze more money out of you? Make the game's best items incredibly hard to obtain with in game points and ramp up the difficulty, both of which are apparently nestled firmly in DS3. And it will only get worse. Imagine having huge chunks of a 60 dollar game, cordoned off until you spend even more money. Think it's ridiculous? Consider how quickly that whole DLC thing came into popularity the minute it seemed it would work. But wait, what's that I hear in the background?



If we don't complain, if we shut up as so many people seem to think we should, we get steamrolled over. If gamers hadn't whined about ME3's ending so much, we wouldn't have gotten a better resolution to it and the game would've been left with that weak ending it was stuck with before. If we don't complain, companies will continue to push their crap down our throats, and we will be left with subpar product that we have no say in to change. If we don't complain, nothing changes, no one listens, and ultimately we are stuck with inferiority, rather than what could be. Not all complaining is good, but we need to fight the crap-otherwise we will be swimming in it.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to chime in below. Perhaps I could say more, but you came here to read a decent sized blog, not a thesis paper. I'd like to hear what you have to say, and discuss why you feel that way. Hope to complain with you soon![img][/img]


Sometimes you have to work for it, sometimes......sometimes they just give it to you. For those of you buried under several rocks, EA recently released SIMCITY, a poplular continuation of the popular series. And as of today, 3/08/13, about 3 days after launch the game is basically unplayable. Due to its horrible DRM, one that pulls a Diablo 3 and doesnt allow offline play, few are able to connect, the game is literally being stripped of features to try and fix the issue. Surprise, Surprise, It didn't work. EA has also shown why they cannot be trusted with the issues above, because they have refused refunds, and threatened one customer with Origin banning should he dare try and prevent his money from going to buy a broken game they wouldn't let him return. EA has offered no reason why they didn't have enough servers for a massively popular game, that was expected to be massively popular. And this is that whole "shitty practices crippling games" thing that I was talking about. If there was any hope EA could find a way to pull off microtransactions, or hell, even DRM, this proves they deserve no faith. And their response over the last couple of days-silence-has just gone to show that they don't care if their customers are getting screwed. All they care about is that their little systems get into the game, no matter how broken, no matter how out of place. And if they can't even handle DRM, something thats been around for years, then whats going to happen when they try to heavily pump microtransactions into their games? I think you know the answer. Sound off in the comments, thanks for reading.
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