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5:48 PM on 03.12.2008

Why does Nintendo not announce a European smash brawl release? I'll tell you why.

If you're an american Wii owner, then today is much like christmas. Finally, You'll be able to play the sequel to the best selling gamecube game: Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
Fans have long awaited the latest entry in the franchise, and today it's finally here.

That is, if you live in North America.

If you're a European wii owner, and by that I include aussies, then you must feel pretty depressed by now. Not only does your Wii have only a handfull of good games to play and is probably collecting dust by now, but you also have to listen to people talk about Super Smash Bros brawl on message boards, saying how awesome it is and discussing certain aspects of the game. This is highly frustrating, and you can only think of one question: Why? Why are americans now able to enjoy this game while we don't even have a release date?

Why won't Nintendo announce a release date ?

The answer is quite simple: Because they can. Nintendo can get away with not announcing a release date for Europe.

Now, allow me to clarify a bit.

You see, Super Smash Brothers Brawl actually comes at a pretty bad time for Nintendo. Every system needs it's killer applications. Microsoft's gaming division would be dead by now if it wasn't for Halo and Sony probably wouldn't have sold as much playstations as it did without titles such as Final Fantasy and Gran Turismo. Super Smash Bros brawl is one of Nintendo killer aps. In fact, it's THE killer app. There is just one, tiny little problem: The Wii doesn't need a killer application right now. Super Smash Brothers is much like pulling a joker in a deck of cards when you know that your next move is going to win the game, regardless of using the joker. It's a complete waste.

Franchises like Super Smash Brothers brawl are Nintendo's trump cards, and they know they have to use them wisely. In fact, SSBB is Nintendo's biggest trump card. It's like an "I - win" button.

Now allow me to inform you about the current state of the Wii in Europe. It's sold out. and by that, I mean as sold out as a console can be. waiting times for online orders take about 2 months. Stores only get a handful of Wii's shipped to them at a time, as the Wii sells faster then Nintendo can make them.

now you might say:
"That's all nice and all, but you still didn't explain why Nintendo still has not announced a release date for Europe"

Releasing Super Smash Brothers Brawl now would only work against Nintendo. It would increase demand for the system even more, which in return would only lead to frustration of the consumer, who might move to one of Nintendo's competitors.

So Nintendo is going to wait. They are going to wait untill sales for the Wii slow down. That's the only reason that the release date is still "TBA", so they aren't stuck to a release date. And once they are down this year (which I estimate is around early summer), they will release brawl to spice up sales again.

Just think about it for a moment: Isn't it strange that Nintendo is perfectly capable of announcing european release dates for Mario Kart Wii and Wii fit, and yet is unable to announce a release date for brawl despite the fact the game is already done and released? Isn't it strange that Nintendo is able to release Super Mario Galaxy all over the world all within 1 month, yet can't do the same for Brawl?

Nintendo knows they can get away with this because Europeans are used to taking crap from Nintendo. Nintendo is one of the worst offenders when it comes to european treatment. I remember they promised they would work on European release dates but I guess that got kicked in the balls somewhere along the sales numbers.

To be honnest, I'm pissed of at Nintendo. It's one thing to make profits, but this is screwing over your entire European fanbase all for the sake of cash. People who bought the console early because they shared Nintendo's vision are the ones that get punished now.

So when will Brawl be released in Europe? Not anytime soon. I'd be very surprised if Brawl is released in Europe before June. Nintendo will eventually have to release Brawl sometime because even Europeans have a limit before the hype for a game just dies out, but they're not going to release brawl if it doesn't increase sales.

But if you're waiting for brawl, all I can say is be patient. be very, very patient.   read

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