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Gamegodtre avatar 10:38 AM on 03.07.2012  (server time)
Phil Fish

Who the hell are you to say any games is bad? The only game i found of yours is Fez and i have yet to play it. To say a majority of Japans games just suck is such a half-assed and retarded statement, i have yet to fathom if you are trying to get publicity for your game, which from here on out will be called shitty even though i have no idea what it is, just like you have no fucking clue as to the Japanese games you just denigrated. Since i have high doubt that you either speak or read Japanese to play aforementioned games like Idolm@ster, Steins Gate, Chaos Head Noah, Any VN really they don't get translated, or hell how bout Tales of Xillia. These are just a few excellent games that I'm going to mention since i don't feel like type out a list today, since that would be a long list and take to much time. While i can not stand his blanket statement due to its absurdity and lack of validity.

So i can not wait to play your shitty game Mr.Fish.

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