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4:20 PM on 08.23.2011

Oh hai there. Didn't see you come in. Well since you've stumbled onto this blog, I might as well explain to you what the bloody hell I mean by my title that oddly sounds as if I'm making fun of "Animator vs Animation". Well this is something that a lot of us have experienced in our lives as critics who bitch about creations rather than actually try to create something. What exactly is it? Well the best way to explain something (or rather extend this blog to give a semblance of length) is by a personal example.

Flashback mode: Engaged

At the era where petty gossip managed to ooze itself into any freaking channel that it could like some sort of mutagen, there was a particular lady that was basically a camera magnet. Everyone never seemed to shut the fuck up about her. She became dormant, but lord knows that once she awakens from her slumber, everyone will be on her like flies on a pile of shit. That attention whore who I have the misfortune to reveal to you is Britney Spears. I despise her. To me, she was the biggest waste of humanity that came to be ever since the author of Twilight. Whenever I heard one of her songs, I just wanted to change the station...or rather tear it out of the car and throw it out the window. Now why am I bringing this up? Because once the whole Britney craze died out like her career, I actually realized that one of her songs was actually good. That being "Toxic".

The thing is that if you asked me at the time that Britney was slapped on to anything, you'd find that I wouldn't say the same thing. I'd probably tell you that all of her songs are abysmal. Now, it managed to at least change my perception just a little by allowing me to acknowledge one of her works which I really think was well. I may doubt that she really had that much of a part in it, but nonetheless, it's her name on it and her voice "singing" so I can't try to weasel my way out of liking something relating to her. Why did my opinion change though? That's because the creator and the creation are two seperate things.


As obvious as that sounds, I wasn't quite so aware of it at the time. My disdain for her shielded me from one of the things that she actually managed to do right. It might not be saying much, but it at least showed that I was trying to look at it as though I never knew her. The interesting part is that I realized that many people fall to this sort of display when they look at a creation of a person that they hate. Some times I might agree with them when they say that the work is putrid, but other times I'd think that it was incredible. This seems to be very common with writers, singers or actors. I think I might know why that is. They sort of exemplify themselves with their personality in some way, shape or form. And if we find something in that personality that we don't enjoy, we'll end up looking at the work as a branch of their personality.

Maybe you're saying to yourself that this isn't something you can relate to. You'll think that you've always tried to give the benefit of the doubt of projects made by the people you detest. Fair enough. What you should also know is that it works the opposite way too. People can simply praise something because this guy was a part of it. These are incredibly common with animation whether it's from movies (Studio Ghibli/Pixar) or shows (almost every anime in existance as well as some cartoons). It also finds itself with directors, actors, game companies (Nintendo being prominent in this department) and plenty more.

I'm just going to hide in this bunker just in case I get someone angry.

Oddly enough, this is worse than looking at something from a person you don't like. When you praise a creator too much, you let others who view it consider the work overrated. When the creator doesn't deliver on the work, you feel underwhelmed. And do I really need to go over the fanboys? At least when you hate the creator, you're blinded by seeing the creation for what it is and people just think you're not understanding the work. This on the other hand just causes for more things to go wrong.

Now, is this sort of thing a bad thing? Well, yes and no. If a creator can manage to prove to others that they deserve to be recognized for good work, I guess a little bit of glorification can go at hand. The same thing goes for if the creator is a total jerk and doesn't show that much effort on their projects. But at the same time, these things are separate no matter what. To judge them simply because of the creator doesn't really show that you were actually paying attention to the creation. You should at least remove any prior knowledge of the person who made this work and analyze it as what it is. I know that when it comes to certain people and their creations it can be hard to separate the two when the work can really show a lot of what you may either like or hate of the person that creates the work. And sometimes, we don't even seem aware that we're looking at a creation with the knowledge of the creator.

That's really all I can say to tackle on the subject. I hope you liked it.

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