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GalacticFerret's blog

5:23 PM on 11.15.2011

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (single player) - Empty Violence.

With a poor story, forgettable new characters and the lost of any connection with reality Modern Warfare 3 pleases itself with nothing but a bunch of crazy over top action sequences. Extreme action and extreme violence is...   read

12:09 AM on 11.15.2011

60 hours of Battlefield 3 Multiplayer, This is Wot I think:

Battlefield 3 is an impressive game, an outstanding technical achievement. In no other game you can have 64 dudes interacting in a Multiplayer havoc with vehicles, destructible environments a good amount of gadgets and team...   read

3:57 PM on 04.28.2011

Co-Op Action RPG difficulty, were is the middle ground?

Ok apparently this article was a Grammar mess. I just edited it to make it more understandable here it goes. I used to play Diablo 2 back in high school like there was no tomorrow. The time passed and with no solid alternati...   read

11:15 PM on 04.18.2011

Galacticferret´s Top 5 evil mind douche bags in the industry

This is my first list in this fine site and I was thinking on doing the "people I admire they so cool" stuff but then I realize there is like a lot of that already, so I'm going with the top 5 evil mind douche bags in the ind...   read

11:30 AM on 03.24.2011

Socom beta impressions.. of a non Socom fan

Im a 3rd person shooter sucker but I never played the socom series, the navy-marine stuff don't appeal to me.. My only previous experience with the Socom series it`s confrontation which I bough mainly because of the wireless ...   read

5:11 PM on 03.22.2011

Innovation syndrome

I´ve been questioning more and more what´s with this "innovation" convulsion that plagues the gaming comunity? While true innovation it´s something to look forward to achieve progress in any field, Im starting to feel that ...   read

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