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9:27 PM on 10.04.2010

Lets actually explain WHY everyone is so mad about New-Dante

Its not as simple as you may think. I mean, it is, but it isnít the reason people are claiming. Letís put it like this: You play a game. Or read a book. Maybe watch a movie, whatever. You, as a fan, become attached to the ma...   read

5:51 AM on 10.05.2009

Nothing is Sacred: Morality in Gaming

I have a personal problem with morality and how it's done in gaming. Obvious parallels of "Mother Teresa or Satan" aside, the way games decide to implement it somewhat irks me.But let's get the most general part out of the wa...   read

11:36 AM on 10.03.2009

Why Mr. Chainington Will Be The Best BlazBlue: Continum Shift Character Ever

The second local test of BlazBlue Continuum Shift is this weekend, ladies and gentlemen. Last test focused on the new tweaks and our new character Valkyrie Hat McChargePants. Seriously. Tsubaki's hat is like a Valkyrie Helm...   read

10:35 AM on 10.03.2009

Nothing is Sacred: Dual Weilding, or How Halo Invented the FPS.

[This is, of course, completely satire, as we all know that Al Gore inventing gaming in Korea] Hey Guys, how about that Dual Wielding? There's nothing like carrying around two guns at the same time, right? You can gun down t...   read

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