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9:27 PM on 10.04.2010

Lets actually explain WHY everyone is so mad about New-Dante

Its not as simple as you may think. I mean, it is, but it isn’t the reason people are claiming.

Let’s put it like this: You play a game. Or read a book. Maybe watch a movie, whatever. You, as a fan, become attached to the main character. You enjoy his mannerisms and appearance and continue to enjoy it as the series progresses. You watch him age, you watch his little quirks develop into full on character traits, etc.

Then, out of nowhere, someone else picks up the series. They proceed to gut the character, to transform him completely, but leave enough lingering things to claim they’re the same person. This person is no longer the character you love and know, he’s just someone with the same name.

THAT is what’s got everyone so upset about New-Dante. He isn’t Dante, he’s a guy with Dante’s name and a few things that call back to Dante’s design.

But maybe this seems shallow. Good for you, I love examples. Would you, for example, expect to not to see a huge tantrum if a new team got Legend of Zelda and made Link into an obese Hispanic man carrying a baseball bat and wearing a fedora?

But wait! He’s wearing a green bathrobe! And there’s three triangles tattoed to his upper thigh! So he’s clearly the Link we all know and love!

Oh man, we got the rights to Harry Potter! Lets make a new book! Harry is now a chain smoking security guard who casts “Magic” through a gun in his pocket! Oh man, and he’s so gruff and bad ass, its amazing! But wait, he’s still got that scar on his head and wears glasses, so its the same kid!

It's not a case of fans whining because "Change is bad." It's a case of "This shit doesn't resemble the character at all and they're not even trying to hide the fact that they're changing everything about the character they can."

Simple, really. Not a case of "Wah, Diablo 3 is slightly different!" or "Wah! Sonic has green eyes!" but "Wah, Guile is French and bald now!"   read

5:51 AM on 10.05.2009

Nothing is Sacred: Morality in Gaming

I have a personal problem with morality and how it's done in gaming. Obvious parallels of "Mother Teresa or Satan" aside, the way games decide to implement it somewhat irks me.But let's get the most general part out of the way.

Morality in Video Gaming consists of doing one of the following:

Via Dialogue -
1: Refusing all promise of reward, stating that your intentions are for the greater good as god intended. (Lawful Good)
2: Complete Apathy. Don't even so much as bat an eye when someone asks you your motives. (True Neutral)
3: Don't even let the guy finish the sentence. Drive rusty stakes down his throat the minute he so much as opens his mouth to breathe. (Chaotic Insane)

Via in Game Action -
1: Only attack those who are expressly coded as evil.
2: 5-Star Rating Killing Spree.

Or they could make absolutely no sense at all

There is usually little to no room for any other choices. You're either Lawful Good or Chaotic Evil. And even if you manage to somehow get yourself at a neat True Neutral stance, the game will eventually railroad you into either extreme.

In fact, sometimes games build up the "Your actions mean everything" part, only to give you a choice at the end that locks you in to another alignment all together. Several Bioware games, from Baldur's Gate to Jade Empire, are very headbangingly guilty of that.

(I personally remember the end of a Knights of the Old Republic play through, becoming some sort of horrible sith monstrosity that managed to still be regarded as a Jedi. And yet somehow, Bastila came back from the dead to be evil and stuff. Very confusing, that.)

However, this argument isn't one of "Are alignments necessary" or "How do they affect the game." Its more of a statement of how alignment is treated so very uncreatively in so many games that advertise it.

How often, dear reader, have you come up to a dialogue sequence in a game where you had the option to request a more reasonable payment in exchange for your services? For simply acting like a businessman, an entrepreneur, you're slammed with evil karma points. God forbid that saving the world is expensive and equipment doesn't pay for itself; if charging prices to reflect on the prices of the world is evil, shouldn't more shopkeepers be sprouting horns and clouds of smoke?

Likewise, there are also situations where...well, lets just give an example.
A villain has just kidnapped the mayor's daughter. You corner the villain and confront him. This man has proven himself to be dangerous and unstable and will likely kill the woman if you so much as breathe the wrong way.

The following options are available:
A| Shoot the man, ensuring he doesn't wind up harming anyone again.
B| Convince him to let the girl go and escape.
C| Sell the girl off, skullfuck them both.
D| "Whatever."

While C and D are obviously Chaotic Insane and Neutral, respectively, it's B that's the Lawful Good. Never mind that you just let a dangerous criminal escape Scot Free to possibly do the same thing in another town to another young woman, you managed to preserve life.

And this man does wind up pulling a karmic Houdini and running away.

Being evil, of course, is rarely any better. Baring the evil points you get for wanting money, you're stuck being a jerk ass or a sociopath the entire game if you want to taste some dark side. There's never a chance for the suave, sophisticated villains. You're always a raging lunatic with a big gun who shoots people for asking your name, spits in the faces of sweet old women, and kicks puppies while they're on fire. Very very rarely is it ever otherwise (though this is explored magnificently in Planescape: Torment).

In fact, now that I think about it, Planescape: Torment among the few games that let you be evil without murdering a city.

As a whole, however, Karma Meters and the like are welcome to video gaming. I personally believe that acting one way in a game should reflect on how the world perceives you. But I'd much prefer to be the guy who can be good without forsaking rewards or be evil without being a baby eating, puppy kicking murdering machine.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be reinstalling Planescape.   read

11:36 AM on 10.03.2009

Why Mr. Chainington Will Be The Best BlazBlue: Continum Shift Character Ever

The second local test of BlazBlue Continuum Shift is this weekend, ladies and gentlemen.
Last test focused on the new tweaks and our new character Valkyrie Hat McChargePants.

Seriously. Tsubaki's hat is like a Valkyrie Helmet, only baseball style.

And everyone reported how neat she was and how she had some of the easiest moves in the game and blah blah blah.

Screw that noise. Hazama week is this week and that means its the best week?
Look at the facts people:

1: Look at that Hat! That Hat is Awesome!

Seriously. You see that hat? Hell, look at the entire outfit.

That's some slick, Smooth Criminal-esque shit right there, son.

Compare his dreads to Ragna, the main character.

Pimp Daddy vs Deviantart Nightmare, Man. That already puts him in a tier above that guy. When was the last time you saw a sophisticated motherfucker like that in your fighting game? That's right, Slayer. This guy is BlazBlue's Slayer, so he's automatically awesome.

2: Chains, Motherfucker

Anyone who uses chains as a weapon is awesome by association. Its required. You have to get an awesome license just to get certified to use them at any time.

But its not just as weapons. This classy bastard can swing around the stage like Tarzan.

You know who's as bad ass a Tarzan? That's right, Tarzan is. And the only one who's as bad as Tarzan who's as bad as Tarzan is Hazama.

But maybe that's not enough. Looks like we gotta roll out exhibit number 3.

3: He looks like that shifty motherfucker from Bleach who's name I can't remember at the moment!

Don't worry, I won't be linking THAT image.
Srsly. Not convinced yet? Alright, here's the big gun then.

4: He's the Big Bad of the entire game!
Really. This classy, closed eyed, chain swinging mofo is the reason while the Wheel of Fate is Turnin' and that has to be automatically awesome. He made Jin all crazy and arm choppin', he killed some cat-dude's wife, he ran around making a constant time paradox over and over for the luls, and he...did some other stuff that we didn't get to see! Like kick a baby in a puppy's mouth and then set that puppy on fire!

Also. Knives.

Hard motherfucking core. I'll be maining this dude when Continuum Shift gets released. (Because Rachel seems to have been super nerfed)

Unless he's a charge character. No amount of badassery can make up for me having to hold left then push right and punch.   read

10:35 AM on 10.03.2009

Nothing is Sacred: Dual Weilding, or How Halo Invented the FPS.

[This is, of course, completely satire, as we all know that Al Gore inventing gaming in Korea]

Hey Guys, how about that Dual Wielding? There's nothing like carrying around two guns at the same time, right? You can gun down twice the amount of people in half the time because you're a complete bad ass and two of anything has to be good, right? The only thing better than that would be QUADRUPLE WIELDING and the only thing better than that would be WHATEVER TWELVE-UPPLE WIELDING IS CALLED!

Man, I'm so glad Halo made this standard for all FPS games, because we all know HALO INVENTED TEH SHOOTAN.

Except, you know, it's not cool at all. In fact, it's beginning to annoy me.
You ever shoot a gun? It's difficult for a normal person, and requires a second hand to brace it. But of course, people eventually get good enough to fire one handed. And that looks cool and all, but you usually find yourself unable to hit anything due to the sudden recoil and wrist breakan.

But, of course, there are people who become so godly that they can dual wield small arms and start shooting willy nilly. 97.5% of these people then wind up missing everything they fire at and wasting money on bullets. And bullets are expensive in this day and age, man!

This, of course, gets thrown out of the window. Thanks Halo, you've changed First Person--what's that Jimmy? Games did it before Halo. Hahah, you're silly, go back to snorting opium. Nobody remembers dual wielding in Perfect Dark or even before that. You must've been huffin' something, haha!

tl;dr: Dual Wielding is everywhere in every shooter even if you're not some kind of super soldier and the sheer act of it would break your wrists if the gun was powerful enough.   read

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