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Avoiding the Hoarder Trap in Game Design

In a recent cast, I spoke with Jeff Johnson from Skyshine Games about Skyshine's Bedlam. During the discussion, we talked about the difficulty with balancing options for the player and about a common game design tra...


The Pros and Cons of CCG-Based Game Design

Recently I tried out Forced: Showdown which combined light ARPG play with CCG mechanics to great effect. The use of CCG mechanics is another option in the Game Designer's toolbox to create great games from, but...


Understanding Neutral Positions in UI Design

For this first of several posts aimed at providing important lessons and tips for game designers, we turn to control design or layout. Good controls are an understated part of what makes a game work; if a game's controls...


Analyzing Game Design: My Thought Process

Today's post is a "look behind the curtains" in a manner of speaking. With Game-Wisdom, I've had to play a lot of video games over the last few years and in turn, it has given me a way to focus my already analytical thou...


Forced: Showdown -- A Showstopper

Forced by Betadwarf was an interesting attempt at co-op-based game design from the new studio. Following our interview last year, the team went to work on a completely different game design and the results are ...


Generations of Horror in Game Design

In a previous post on Game-Wisdom, I talked about why the jumpscare-focused horror titles today don't interest me, and in that post I mentioned how first generation horror titles don't seem to be popular today. As I...


Enter the Gungeon: Shoot-em-Up Shootout

Enter the Gungeon is the latest in the recent trend of action rogue-likes. Combining the designs of The Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne, the game is one of the hardest entries in the genre, but a few decisions leave ...


About GWJoshone of us since 5:51 PM on 06.04.2014

My name is Josh Bycer and I run the site Game-Wisdom where we examine the art and science of games. We've been going strong for over two years now with daily pieces and weekly podcasts and we are expanding our content with reaching out to other sites and beginning to do livecasting. Check out http://Game-Wisdom.com for posts and podcasts and http://youtube.com/c/game-wisdom for a variety of video content.

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