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RatCasket avatar 4:31 PM on 06.20.2013
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review

Animal Crossing is a game about diggin holes in your yard and lookin for bones. New Leaf has this plus more features that I don't know about because my girlfriend is the mayor while I remain a lowly ditch digger. Basically I just do random bullshit all day to try to make enough money to pay the proxy slave driving raccoon fucker in his cozy shop. Thanks Obama.

Sometimes you can sell the hole gifts to a pink thing and you can get some bells! Wow! You can use these bells to buy letters so you can mail the frog in your town and call him a cunt. Perrrrrettay immersive! 

There is also fish and bugs if you get bored of holes! You cannot put bugs in the holes so its not a perfect experience. The game also has cool house parts, shirts, hats, glasses, and there is even fruit. Its 35 dollars so thats not so bad.

has shovel
dig holes
cool shirts (sometimes)
cunt letters
its not 60 bucks

cant bury all things
sometimes there are bees
frog is in my town and i hate him
girlfriend buried a toilet outside of my tent

9/10 would recommend to anybody


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