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Ex-College student Born in New York. I honestly have no idea what got me into gaming. I don't remember what my first game was, what system it was on, none of that. Though, I DO remember watching my parents play Zelda on the NES for hours on end. I also know nothing can keep me from a good game, except that nagging emptiness that currently resides in my wallet. Right now, I am all about the PSP. That thing has sucked so much time out of my life and it doesn't show any signs of letting up in the near future. Of course, that is until Reach hits

Currently playing: Persona 3 Portable, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, MGS: Peace Walker.

Looking forward to: Ys Seven, Valkyria Chronicles 2, Birth by Sleep, and Halo: Reach.
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2:37 AM on 08.17.2010

This is just a quick something, i just don't like the look of there being no blog posts in my profile. hence, here i am, writing this post about nothing .......

...... see, nothing. well, that will be it. time to go on with my day. i think the wheel alignment is off on my to get that fixed. someone should have fixed it for me by now. really, kids these days, no respect. i guess i have to show them how it is done ....