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Also, my name is Michael. I'm 24 and live in Sydney, Australia.
When I'm not working, sleeping, and spending time with my mates, I tend to get a few gaming hours in.

I like to build things and make stuff. Go here to see photos of what i have made.
I also like anything samurai related and really like Japanese Swords.
I have made a few swords of my own over the last few years and am about ready to make a new one.
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So I still haven't bought mega man 9 and it's been out for over a month.
I've been waiting for most (or all) of the DLC to be released and even then i still can't just go and buy it.


Well it's because the game is on three different consoles and l that there is a slight difference between them.
It's something i can't quite put my finger on. I've played the PSN and XLA demos of the game and i like the PSN demo a little more, It just feels a little more "polished". I know, Sounds crazy right?
If only WiiWare provided a demo too, maybe i would have made up my mind by now.

Here is a bit of information i thought i would put together to help me decide.

XLA - Megaman 9

Full Game - 800p - $13.20
Hero Mode - 80p
Superhero mode - 80p
Special Stage - 80p
Endless Attack - 240p
Protoman - 160p

Total - 1440 - $23.76
WiiWare - Megaman 9

Full Game - 1000p - $15
Hero Mode - 100p
Superhero mode - 100p
Special Stage - 100p
Endless Attack - 300p
Protoman - 200p

Total - 1800 - $27.00
PSN - Megaman 9

Full Game - $15.95
Hero Mode - $2.45
Superhero mode - $2.45
Special Stage - $2.45
Endless Attack - $4.95
Protoman - $3.45

Total - $31.70

I think these prices really only apply to Australian Dtoiders.
Now if you ignore the cost and space issues for all three formats, Which would you say is the better console to purchase the game on?

Or if you have played megaman 9 on wii ware and on PSN, which do you feel is overall more polished?


Hello Everyone,

Allow me to introduce you to my computer.
It doesn't do very much, but at least i can visit destructoid.

My computer is a generic machine which was given to me just over a year ago.
I did have a good AMD 2600 machine, But there was a power surge and well, It died.
It won't play many to any pc games, even flash games won't run.

This is the area above my computer monitor.
I still have a sealed copy of Jericho that i won from here, I just can't play it.

This was my TV for a month, I think it works better as a computer monitor then a TV though.

And this here is my tower... It has a blue power button.


"The Specs"
800 Mhz Processor
768MB Ram ( I added a 512mb stick from my broken computer in it)
40GB Hdd + a 120GB Hdd (also salvaged from said broken computer)
32mb on board graphics (woohoo)

Other than that, There is nothing special about my computer.
I can check my emails and visit dtoid.
I can play music but can watch youtube videos.

Oh and ms paint works a treat.

Well thanks for taking a moment out of your day to have a look at my rig.

Enjoy. :D
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Hey, hey.

So Ceark is throwing a contest for all those who want to enter and have a little fun in the process.

Go Here.

This is my entry. You need to guess what game i'm acting out. :D

The kid in the orange hair is my younger brother, He really wanted to help with this.

Have fun.


What happened between us? We were having so much fun.
Things were great, We were happy.
But you've changed...
It's because of you I can't sleep, can't eat and can't think.
All that time we spent together, wasted. Gone.
Let us not forget the money i spent on you.
Hard earned money spent to make you happy, all for nothing.
Because of you I'll never join another, Never know that level of joy again.
I hate you.
Also, Bitch, I'm gonna get you.

12:16 PM on 11.21.2007

I'm so happy. :D

Today i when i got home from work there was a nice white package sitting on my table. Inside was a shiny new copy of Jericho. Too bad i won't be able to play it for a month or two, I need to buy a new computer, This one just won't cut it. :(

So who else got their prize?

Also Niero, I love the fact that you drew a Dtoid robot on the back. :D

It's one of the greatest things you can hold in your hands thats not connected to a person of the opposite sex, or yourself...

It can hold 5 things... "WOW 5 THINGS" I hear you say, Why yes it's true.


Look it's a fortress, And there a two teams playing there.

This is my little metal Companion Cube I'm making, I still need to add another layer of steel to the outside to finish it.

It also has 3 half lives in it, Making just over 1 1/2 life, But i can't show you them, because... ah...



I can't wait to enjoy all the things in the box, "Tomorrow is a good day to game" - tm - Genacon.

By the way, If i have confused you, I was talking about this.

Also, Jokes. :D
And Randomness.
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