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Fuzzy Chtulhu avatar 8:05 AM on 02.27.2011  (server time)
Something snarky about 3D and the 3DS...

Yeah, I'm hung over- I couldn't come up with a decent title for this.

Just a brief mention on the current fad of 3D- can it die already? I have no freakin' interest in this stuff. Just as TV manufacturers have found a way to repackage their product as something new for us, Nintendo decides to upgrade it's old stuff in an utterly pointless way. We've reached a point where most people are satisfied with the visual fidelity of 1080p (most people= avg consumer, not hardcore enthusiasts), so now we're moving onto gimmicks.

Making me cross-eyed didn't used to be something that a manufacturer tried to do- on purpose. It was usually just something they added a warning about at the beginning of instruction books. Ie; "Playing this game might make you find out you suffer from epilepsy. Oh, and the 3DS might make your young children boss-eyed forever".

Holographs, that might be acceptable. Actual 3D images could work- rather than overlayed. hyper-spazzed, low-res crap that requires everyone to look like they just left Eyeglass World.

Heh, it just occurred to me that in trying to avoid the need for 3D glasses on it's hardware, Nintendo may have created something that makes people need actual glasses for the rest of their life. I hope the sales cover the potential lawsuits!

P.S: Yes, I know the 3DS contains more powerful hardware and has some impressive graphics- but it still has that caveat of "for a Nintendo handheld". As in "Sure, it looks great... for a Nintendo handheld."

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