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Fuzzy Chtulhu's blog

9:56 AM on 01.04.2013

"Review"- Ranger X (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive)

(Republished from my own blog A bit of history... Ranger X, released in 1993 and published by Sega, it was developed by Gau Entertainment- a gun-for-hire developer with a long resume of ...   read

8:16 AM on 08.07.2011

Ready... ready for the big ride, bayy-beee....

Lot of new games on the horizon, lot of new shit based on old shit, pretty much the same shit we've played but now it doesn't look like shit, instead it makes the old shit look like shit. To play said new shit my rig (AKA,...   read

10:06 AM on 04.10.2011

Update: 4/10/2011

Like all the good things in life, you didn't ask for it, but you're going to get it- an update. About me. Crysis 2- Slow to start, better than expected. You feel pretty bad-ass, rather than a time-management obsessed spastic...   read

8:05 AM on 02.27.2011

Something snarky about 3D and the 3DS...

Yeah, I'm hung over- I couldn't come up with a decent title for this. Just a brief mention on the current fad of 3D- can it die already? I have no freakin' interest in this stuff. Just as TV manufacturers have found a way to...   read

8:02 AM on 02.14.2011

Obsession, for Geeks.

Not that I'm obsessed with geeks. Not that there's anything wrong with people who are. I'm just a geek. Obsessed. Okay, we have the ballsed-up opener out of the way, what do I mean exactly? I have a new PC- well, how long d...   read

11:46 AM on 02.13.2011

The bear is walking and talking like a duck...

Jim Sterling calls Pirates thieves and points out that piracy might bring an end to an already shrinking market and the Pirates... well, the Pirates shit themselves. Verbally, mostly. I've said it in the comment section of t...   read

8:50 AM on 02.06.2011

Yeah, that's why PC's don't dominate gaming anymore...

Admittedly, I'm coming pretty late to the party when it comes to finally having a desktop PC capable of running modern games. The entry cost seemed exorbitant, the specs always shifted and it appeared that support for PC-only...   read

5:41 AM on 02.05.2011

Random stuff masquerading as a new blog

Haven't written anything in a while, so here's thoughts off the top of my head. I brought a Nook. My wife poured scorn on the idea of it not being a "real" book but then she started to use it and I've never seen it since. Sh...   read

9:03 AM on 05.20.2010

When getting $60 isn't enough... This shit annoys me. So much so, that it brought me out of retirement. That's right, 24 hours to crack the case or the sarge is...   read

1:43 PM on 11.10.2008

An Open Letter... (Possible Gears2 Spoilers)

To the moron who thought an ice lake was a great feature for Gears 2, Fuck You. Sincerely, Jim Yates What an atrocious idea! Something to add a tad more longevity was it? I know, crazy thought ahead... make a longer game...   read

2:42 PM on 10.14.2008

Beta Frenzy!

WTF? I seem to be in demand all of a sudden. I, the socially-retarded by choice gamer, who doesn't really play online (well, maybe for Gears 2- the co-op). I've had 3 beta invites within the week- Little Big Planet: Which act...   read

1:57 PM on 09.26.2008

There's blood in your eye...

Or coming out of them. Whatever kind of symptom Wipeout HD might inflict on you. Talk about a great value download! It's worth every shekel. Impressive graphics, smooth frame-rates, classic Wipeout controls and a typically g...   read

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