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F*ck this, I quit

I don't know how I ended up with this shit job, but I'm out. I'd rather tell people that I cremate babies for a living than admit to having this job.


Fish Tacos! Squeeeeeeee!

As most of you know by now, I have a huge nerd boner for the Condemned series. The first game is one of my favorite 360 titles, and I have high hopes for its sequel. Today, Monolith released a few detailed character bios ...


Mile High Club put to shame

Most everyone who has CoD4 knows about the ridiculous "Mile High Club" achievement, where you have to get through the airplane epilogue on veteran in less than a minute. I spent the two days this week trying to get this insa...


Zack and Wiki: Cheaper than Applebees

There has been a lot of love around here for Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure, but a few of us (namely me) had not yet picked it up, probably because we're cheapskates. I just ordered it today, and the price is ...


Lasers in mah CoD4? Yes Please!

This video shows what one industrious Call of Duty 4 PC player, Zak1234000, was able to do with just a week or so of time with IW's mod tools. Replace the air strike with a GoW Hammer of Dawn-style Ion Cannon, and you have...


Condemned 2 Official Site Goes Live

The official Condemned 2: Bloodshot website is now live. Check it out here. If this game is anywhere near as good a the first Condemned, I will go ahead and forgive Sega for all of the Sonic dribble over the last ten years...


Condemned 2 Release Date Uncovered

The sequel to Monolith's criminally underrated 360 launch title Condemned: Criminal Origins has been given an official release date. Condemned 2: Bloodshot will be released on March 11th in the US, and might be released in...


Crysis ain't so tough

All I've heard about since Crysis was announced was that it is the system killer. That you have to have a monster rig to run the bastard. I'm here to tell you, that it isn't true (at least unless you want it to look bette...


About Fuzzyone of us since 3:00 PM on 12.26.2006

I've been gaming since the NES, and haven't missed much as far as games go between then and now.

Life has cut my gaming time back a bit, but I still find time for my 360 and my Wii. I still have a good many of my old systems (original NES still works like a dream) and about once a year will go on a two week nostalgia binge.

My all time favorite games are Chrono Trigger (sequel please?), FF III/VI(JP), anything Castlevania, Mario 64, Knights of the Old Repulbic, and Metal Gear Solid (PSX, not the GC remake).

Enjoy reading the dribble that I continually spew forth.

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