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Fuzunga's blog

9:18 PM on 02.03.2016

Seven of My Favorite Corny Game Themes

There's a lot of video game music out there, but every so often we get some lyrical themes. Sometimes these are awesome (like in Portal or Metal Gear) but other times they're incredibly cheesy or goofy. Deep down inside, thou...   read

12:02 AM on 01.29.2016

Fuzunga Presents: The BOOTY Awards 2015, part 2

And now for the final part of the BOOTY Awards, with 99% less humor! Here, I've named my favorite games from 2015, as well as the game that disappointed the most. Plus, predictions for 2016 and a recap of my predictions ...   read

8:30 PM on 01.27.2016

Fuzunga Presents: The BOOTY Awards 2015, part 1

Since this is my first year posting the BOOTY Awards on Destructoid, I think an introduction is in order. Each year, I pick the Best Offerings Of The Year in a variety of categories. First are visual awards, then auditory, th...   read

4:56 AM on 10.31.2015

The Terrifying Truth About Ghost Pokemon: A Public Service Announcement

Some folks seem to think that living in the Pokemon world is all beauty contests and fun battles. But it's not. The Pokemon world holds a dark and terrible secret: ghost Pokemon. I wouldn't want to live in a world where night...   read

12:13 AM on 09.14.2015

We've Been Outraged Over Amiibo for the Wrong Reason

It's that time again. A new wave of amiibo is here (and long gone) and every time this happens I'm reminded how much I love collecting the characters from Nintendo's history. They're like real life Smash trophies! But I'm al...   read

4:54 PM on 09.08.2015

The Most Memorable Moments from PAX 2015

Behold! My most memorable moments from my trip to PAX 2015! I actually stayed for a week, but I focused mostly on PAX-related stuff for this list. Except for a special surprise at the end... The ID@Xbox event Microsoft held ...   read

7:47 PM on 09.06.2015

The tale of Fuzunga

With so many new folks joining the Dtoid blogging ranks these days, I figure the time has come for me to join too. You may know me from my years of commenting on the front page, but do you really know me? This is my...   read

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