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I enjoy swearing, games, gratuitous violence, violent and crazy music, medication and energy drinks. So yup.
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Seriously it is.

For whatever reason, Nintendo has approved of an online store that is consistently full of errors preventing your purchase. Why? I have no idea. I'm a technician, not marketing professional. Yet, I think I can grasp the concept, paradigm, or fundamental law underlying a digital transaction.

Just like in a real store, when I make a purchase I expect the cashier to ring me up, stuff the crap in a bag and then bug me about pre orders or membership cards to that particular store. In and out with customer satisfaction on my face, an actually blissful feeling yes? While I don't have the privilege of walking out of the store with a bag of crap in it by purchasing online, the rest should be just as easy no?

This is the 20th time I've tried to download Sin and Punishment as I type this.

I would be angry, but I just lost my shit over the incident of having my debit card charged twice for purchasing points for the purpose of buying Sin and Punishment.

Boycott and complain politely? Nah. I just find it odd that Nintendo keeps their Virtual Console store operating like this. In a real store, the cashier doesn't charge the total to your debit/credit card, begin to bag your product and then say, "Whoopsie, I fucked up! Lemme charge that again!" I think if any other retail outlet practiced this method of a transaction, things would probably be bad. No, in fact that would probably be considered fucked up. What they should probably do instead is have the cashier jump up and smack their noggin on a block a million times toward the end of a transaction. That would make me shop there again.

Oh cool- Mario just bounced a million times which brought me to another error screen. Neat. I suppose I have the time to try downloading again.