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Futuris7 avatar 10:25 PM on 10.20.2007  (server time)
I couldn't incinerate my Weighted Companion Cube....

Because my 360 broke my Orange Box disc.

A glistening crescent shaped scratch taints the bottom of my disc like a vaginal cyst.

Now that's some descriptive poetry.

Yes I'm mad that my system carved the letter C in my Orange Box disc but I'm not gonna lose my cool or anything. I managed to beat Episode 2 just before this incident happened and I was fully satisfied with Valve's second helping/add on/sequel to Half Life 2.

Today's one of those days where I loathe the industry for all the rehashed FPS sequels and trend following that preoccupies the minds of publishers who have more power over development than actual developers these days. So with that in mind I will be grabbing a bottle of Bacardi and get drunk by myself while playing Paper Mario on the VC. They can't keep me down because I'm too good at doing that myself.

Until Manhunt, the next Ratchet, bottoms up motherfuckers!

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