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8:34 PM on 08.24.2009

Why I Love Destructoid


Also, IRC. Go there now fuckers!   read

5:24 PM on 04.09.2009

Douche-a-thon 09! (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1

[17:14] <%Doucherox> Douche Dreadd
[17:14] <DoucheBox> The Douchenator
[17:15] <scooby_giboo> GI Douche
[17:15] <Dr_BadDouche> Another Brick in the Douche
[17:15] <%Doucherox> I Know Why The Caged Bird Douches
[17:15] <scooby_giboo> Inspector Douche
[17:15] <%Doucherox> To Douche a Mockingbird
[17:15] <DoucheBox> Douchement Day
[17:15] <+Douchegu> Douche Floyd
[17:15] <DoucheBox> Rise of the Douches
[17:15] <+Douchegu> Douchefish
[17:15] <Doucheiontr> A Touch of Douche
[17:15] <Dr_BadDouche> chalk one up for the douche guys
[17:15] <scooby_giboo> Dawn Of The Douches
[17:15] <+Douchegu> What douche it all mean?
[17:15] <Doucheiontr> A Douche Called Wanda
[17:15] <+Douchegu> douchefellas
[17:15] <%Doucherox> What about Douche?
[17:15] <DoucheBox> Douche Management
[17:15] <+Douchegu> Don't forget the douche
[17:15] <DoucheBox> The Douche Reloaded
[17:15] <%Doucherox> The Devil Wears Douches
[17:15] <Dr_BadDouche> brush with douchepaste
[17:16] <+Douchegu> are you douche enough to save the president?
[17:16] <DoucheBox> Over The Douche
[17:16] <%Doucherox> Douches of my Father
[17:16] <%Doucherox> Out of this Douche
[17:16] <+Douchegu> douche of brothers
[17:16] <%Doucherox> Band of Douches
[17:16] <Dr_BadDouche> a date with douche
[17:16] <DoucheBox> Douche Story
[17:16] <Dr_BadDouche> out of douche experience
[17:16] <DoucheBox> So I Married An Axe Douche
[17:16] <%Doucherox> Six Douches in Fallujah
[17:16] <halfleft> fucking hell
[17:16] <DoucheBox> The Douche Guru
[17:16] <+Douchegu> 2 douches 1 cup
[17:16] <halfleft> is this STILL going on?
[17:16] <%Doucherox> YES
[17:16] <Dr_BadDouche> The Dave Mathew's Douche
[17:16] <halfleft> it's been over an hour
[17:16] <%Doucherox> SHUT YOUR DOUCHEY MOUTH
[17:16] <halfleft> A FUCKING HOUR, PEOPLE
[17:16] <+Douchegu> almost one and a half
[17:16] <%Doucherox> Over an hour
[17:16] <Doucheiontr> Rhythm Tengoku Douche
[17:16] <%Doucherox> Who is going to cblog it?
[17:17] <+Douchegu> Who the douche cares
[17:17] <Dr_BadDouche> 2 hour power douche
[17:17] <DoucheBox> Elite Douche Agents
[17:17] * halfleft clears buffer
[17:17] <halfleft> not me
[17:17] <%Doucherox> Someone has to
[17:17] <DoucheBox> doucheleft
[17:17] <Doucheiontr> I'll douche-blog it
[17:17] <%Doucherox> Service with a douche
[17:17] <DoucheBox> ill clear your buffer!
[17:17] <+Douchegu> douche it for everyone
[17:17] <Dr_BadDouche> douches in black
[17:17] * Joins: Hamblasto ([email protected])
[17:17] <%Doucherox> Douchey Woman
[17:17] <DoucheBox> doucheblasto
[17:17] <Dr_BadDouche> you like to think that you're the perfect douche
[17:17] <Dr_BadDouche> Doucheblaster
[17:17] <Doucheiontr> 10 Things I Douche About You
[17:17] <+Douchegu> I'm tired
[17:17] <DoucheBox> The Douche Identity
[17:18] <Doucheiontr> I'm hungry
[17:18] <DoucheBox> The Douche Ultimatum
[17:18] <+Douchegu> and hungry
[17:18] <Dr_BadDouche> a thousand ways to douche
[17:18] <Doucheiontr> Boys Don't Douche
[17:18] <DoucheBox> Awkward Douche
[17:18] <+Douchegu> but it can't stop unless we all stop at the same time and never say the word d ouche again for a while
[17:18] <%Doucherox> How to Douche Friends and Alienate People
[17:18] <DoucheBox> Douchebook
[17:18] <+Douchegu> lol doucherox
[17:18] * Joins: Aurvantoid ([email protected])
[17:18] <%Doucherox> Don't Douche the Small Stuff (and it's all small stuff)
[17:18] <+Douchegu> haha
[17:18] <Doucheiontr> Douche on Wire
[17:18] <+Douchegu> enlarge your douche now!
[17:18] * Aurvantoid is now known as Aurvandouche
[17:18] <halfleft> ok then
[17:19] * halfleft is now known as Doucheleft
[17:19] <+Douchegu> halfdouche come on
[17:19] <Doucheiontr> YES
[17:19] <%Doucherox> yay
[17:19] <Dr_BadDouche> call within the next 10 minutes, and we'll thrown in a free douche!
[17:19] <Doucheiontr> DOUCHE US
[17:19] <+Douchegu> or doucheleft, whatever works
[17:19] <Doucheiontr> Close Encounters of a Douche Kind
[17:19] <+Douchegu> 1-800-douche
[17:19] <DoucheBox> Trauma Center: Under the Douche
[17:19] <+Douchegu> Nintendo Douche Screen
[17:19] <Aurvandouche> I Can Haz Douche?
[17:19] <DoucheBox> New Super Douche Bros
[17:19] <Doucheleft> Douche Center: Douche the knife
[17:19] <+Douchegu> In n Douche
[17:19] <DoucheBox> How I mine for Douche?
[17:19] <%Doucherox> Douchecats?
[17:19] <Dr_BadDouche> press douche for english
[17:19] <Doucheiontr> So, I Hear U Liek Douchekipz?
[17:20] <%Doucherox> mm I wish I had some In n Douche right now
[17:20] <+Douchegu> Douche, in my vagina?
[17:20] <Dr_BadDouche> how do I shot douche?
[17:20] <DoucheBox> pikaDOUCHE
[17:20] <%Doucherox> Don't ask for who the douche tolls, it tolls for thee
[17:20] <Aurvandouche> Could it be.....DOUCHE?!
[17:20] <Doucheleft> Dr Douche: what's the worst that could Douche
[17:20] <+Douchegu> soooo hungryyyyyyy
[17:20] <%Doucherox> double, double, douche and trouble
[17:20] * Ub3rSlug is now known as Ub3rDouche
[17:20] <%Doucherox> Fire burn and douchebag bubble
[17:20] <+Douchegu> Don't wask what the douche can do for you, but what you can do for your douche
[17:20] <Dr_BadDouche> ask not what your douche can do for you, but what you can do for your douche
[17:20] <Aurvandouche> Hamdouche
[17:20] <+Douchegu> hahaha
[17:20] <Dr_BadDouche> zomg
[17:20] <+Douchegu> something like that
[17:20] <Doucheiontr> I WANT THE DOUCHE
[17:20] <DoucheBox> i doucheccendtally the whole thing
[17:20] <Doucheiontr> YOU CANT HANDLE THE DOUCHE
[17:20] <DoucheBox> The Fifth Douche
[17:20] <Dr_BadDouche> stdu (shut the douche up)
[17:20] <%Doucherox> The Douche Element
[17:21] <+Douchegu> who does I douched web
[17:21] <Doucheiontr> Douche 2.0
[17:21] <Aurvandouche> We got the douche! we got the douche we got the douche....we got the douche!
[17:21] <Doucheleft> I'M AS MAD AS Douche, AND IM NOT GOING TO Douche IT ANYMORE!
[17:21] <Doucheiontr> Web 2.Douche
[17:21] * Quits: scooby_giboo ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[17:21] <Dr_BadDouche> Avatar: The Last Douchebender
[17:21] <DoucheBox> HULK DOUCHE!!
[17:21] <%Doucherox> Douche the Titans
[17:21] <Dr_BadDouche> Doucherox: lmao @ hulk douche
[17:21] <DoucheBox> Jason and the Doucheonaughts
[17:21] <%Doucherox> I Don't Douche You In That Wa
[17:21] <%Doucherox> *Way
[17:21] <%Doucherox> Jem and the Doucheograms
[17:21] <Dr_BadDouche> red team has captured the douche
[17:21] <Doucheleft> How to lose a Douche in 10 days
[17:21] <Aurvandouche> Spartans! Tonight! We douche....IN HELL!
[17:22] <DoucheBox> FOR THE DOUCHE!!
[17:22] <+Douchegu> Douche you think so?
[17:22] <+Douchegu> Apollo Douche
[17:22] <Ub3rDouche> Revved up like a douche, you know a runner in the night.
[17:22] * Joins: Dash ([email protected])
[17:22] <Doucheleft> Douche MINUTES LEFT IN THE MISSION!
[17:22] <Aurvandouche> Madness? THIS IS DOUCHE!!!!
[17:22] <+Douchegu> First man in the Douche
[17:22] <Doucheiontr> Behind Enemy Douche
[17:22] <DoucheBox> gotta get back in douche
[17:22] <Doucheiontr> SPYS SAPPIN' MAH DOUCHE
[17:22] <Aurvandouche> IN UR BASE, DOUCHIN YOUR DOODS
[17:22] <%Doucherox> SPY DOUCHING MY SENTRY
[17:22] <Doucheleft> the cake is a Douche
[17:22] <%Doucherox> Now your thinking with douches
[17:22] <Dr_BadDouche> I has a douche
[17:22] <%Doucherox> *you're
[17:22] <+Douchegu> It's a small douche for man, but a great douche for mankind
[17:22] <Doucheiontr> All your douche are belong to us
[17:22] <DoucheBox> douchecats
[17:23] <Doucheleft> the Douche is a lie
[17:23] <DoucheBox> Arby n the Douche
[17:23] <%Doucherox> Ok
[17:23] <%Doucherox> I have to go get food
[17:23] <Aurvandouche> Douche: Serious Business
[17:23] <+Douchegu> I can't believe it's not douche
[17:23] <%Doucherox> Puss 'n Douche
[17:23] <DoucheBox> hey look the title is still the same
[17:23] <%Doucherox> I'm going to the douchery store
[17:23] <DoucheBox> dont forget your douche
[17:23] <+Douchegu> Douchea-cola
[17:23] <+Douchegu> The more you douche
[17:23] <%Doucherox> When this is finally over someone better post the whole thing
[17:23] <Doucheleft> Diet Douche
[17:23] <DoucheBox> and pick us up some doucheberry douches
[17:23] * Doucherox is now known as Aerox|Lunch
[17:23] <Aurvandouche> Douche Effect
[17:23] <+Douchesi> Yo dawg i hear you liked Douche
[17:23] <Dr_BadDouche> A1 douche sauce: it's that good
[17:23] <+Douchegu> douchign is half the battle
[17:23] <+Douchegu> douching*
[17:23] <Tdiddy> Bender's Big Douche is on Comedy Central now
[17:23] <DoucheBox> and a case of douche
[17:23] <Doucheleft> there has to be a fre KB of Douche in this chatlog
[17:24] <Dr_BadDouche> Doucheback Mountain
[17:24] <Aurvandouche> Neon Douche Evangelion
[17:24] <DoucheBox> The Legend of Douche
[17:24] <+Douchegu> It's been officially over one and a half hours of douchiness
[17:24] * Quits: Hamblasto ([email protected]) (Quit: SEMEN SHOWER. <censored> Noise. (b ?3?)b So zetta slow~)
[17:24] <DoucheBox> lets go for 2 hours
[17:24] <DoucheBox> HA
[17:24] <DoucheBox> HA
[17:24] <DoucheBox> HA
[17:24] <Dr_BadDouche> I had a wet douche
[17:24] <+Douchegu> does anybody have a complete log? c hatzilla's logis incomplete
[17:24] <Doucheiontr> BUT IM SO HUNGY
[17:24] <Doucheiontr> I have an almost complete log
[17:24] <Dr_BadDouche> Douchegu: I do
[17:24] <@Hitogodouchi> I douche have it
[17:24] <+Douchegu> Douchexcellent
[17:24] <@Hitogodouchi> but I will be going afk soon
[17:24] <+BunnyRabbit2> Only from when I entered
[17:25] <+Douchegu> Wasn't doucherox here from the onset too?
[17:25] <Dr_BadDouche> fruits of your douche
[17:25] <Aurvandouche> I had a complete log until Mibbit wouldn't let me scroll back up
[17:25] <DoucheBox> xchat only keeps a certain ammount and erases the rest ;.;
[17:25] <+Douchegu> douchebasket
[17:25] <@Hitogodouchi> mirc has it
[17:25] <DoucheBox> Green Douche
[17:25] <Doucheiontr> oh crap
[17:25] <+Douchegu> so does douchezilla
[17:25] <Doucheiontr> thats done the same to me :(
[17:25] <+Douchesi> DoucheBox, not if you set it up to save the log
[17:25] <+BunnyRabbit2> You can set chatzilla to log to a file
[17:25] <+BunnyRabbit2> Mine does
[17:25] <Dr_BadDouche> DoucheTube
[17:26] <DoucheBox> orly
[17:26] <Aurvandouche> YouDouche
[17:26] <+Douchegu> pornodouche?
[17:26] <+Douchesi> go preferences > logging and have a look
[17:26] <Doucheiontr> so I can't douche-blog it now
[17:26] <DoucheBox> your the douche now dog!
[17:26] <Doucheiontr> you're the man now douche
[17:26] <Dr_BadDouche> Douche Live Messenger
[17:26] <+Douchegu> DoucheBot
[17:26] <DoucheBox> Douchegaea 3
[17:26] <+Douchegu> !douche++ :'(
[17:26] <Dr_BadDouche> I like it when you touch my douche
[17:26] <Aurvandouche> Also, Douche
[17:26] <Dr_BadDouche> he touched me where I douche
[17:27] <+Douchegu> He touched me in my douchey place
[17:27] <+Douchesi> btw croc, the eu psn has no disgaea 3 dlc
[17:27] <DoucheBox> Show me on this douche where he touched you
[17:27] <+Douchegu> lol europe
[17:27] <DoucheBox> not even the item world mode?
[17:27] <Aurvandouche> Doucheipedia
[17:27] <+Douchegu> do the douche
[17:27] <+Douchesi> noting in the store at all
[17:27] <Doucheiontr> AlsoDouche
[17:27] <+Douchegu> go go douche
[17:27] <DoucheBox> thats fucking gay
[17:27] <+Douchesi> yep
[17:27] <DoucheBox> Mighty Douchin Power Rangers
[17:27] <Dr_BadDouche> Mighty Morphin' Power Douchers
[17:27] <+Douchesi> tho people on ebay sell the us psn cards
[17:28] <@Necros> if you're not too busy being douches
[17:28] <@Necros> then here:
[17:28] <@Necros>
[17:28] <+Douchegu> Douchemaster flex
[17:28] <+Douchesi> thus if i want to get it its not that much of a pain really
[17:28] <@Necros> douche douche douche
[17:28] <@Necros> there, i helped
[17:28] <DoucheBox> Mighty Morphin Doucher Rangers
[17:28] <+Douchegu> douchecast
[17:28] * Dash is now known as Douche-o
[17:28] <+Douchegu> necros doesn't get the spirit of doucheyness
[17:28] <DoucheBox> lets flood the question box with douche related inquirys
[17:28] <DoucheBox> haha
[17:28] <Aurvandouche> DoucheOut
[17:28] <Dr_BadDouche> raw, unadulterated douche
[17:28] <+Douchegu> douche on
[17:28] <DoucheBox> Doucheletoads
[17:28] * Joins: njsykora ([email protected])
[17:29] <+Douchegu> what the douche
[17:29] <DoucheBox> May the Douche be with you
[17:29] <Dr_BadDouche> GENTLEMEN, BEHOLD
[17:29] <Dr_BadDouche> DOUCHE
[17:29] <njsykora> sup douches
[17:29] <DoucheBox> your cholesterol fatty!
[17:29] <+Douchegu> Douchekora? or njsydouche
[17:29] <DoucheBox> he should be ninjadouche
[17:29] <DoucheBox> haha
[17:30] <Dr_BadDouche> don't douche me because I'm beautiful
[17:30] * njsykora is now known as ninjadouche
[17:30] <DoucheBox> doucheful?
[17:30] <+Douchegu> I expected to see some douche comments on the faildouche post
[17:30] <Aurvandouche> Grand Douche Auto
[17:30] <+Douchegu> hahaha
[17:31] <NexAsleep> Grand Theft Douche
[17:31] <DoucheBox> oh how the mighty have douched
[17:31] <Dr_BadDouche> every once in a blue douche
[17:31] <DoucheBox> douche theft otto
[17:31] <Aurvandouche> Far Douche
[17:31] <Dr_BadDouche> douches ate my neighbors
[17:31] <+Douchegu> douchemaster flash
[17:31] <DoucheBox> Douche Cry
[17:31] <Aurvandouche> Doucheys
[17:31] <+Douchegu> Everybody hope on to the douche douche train
[17:31] <Aurvandouche> or Douchesys
[17:31] <+Douchegu> doouche doouche!
[17:31] <DoucheBox> Soul Douche
[17:32] <+Douchegu> douchey punch!
[17:32] <Dr_BadDouche> the little train that douched
[17:32] <Aurvandouche> Let The Right Douche In
[17:32] <DoucheBox> The Lost Douche
[17:32] <Doucheiontr> Aurv: I've done that one
[17:32] <+Douchegu> Doucher the Explorer
[17:32] <Aurvandouche> Awww
[17:32] <DoucheBox> The Douche Boys
[17:32] <Aurvandouche> DoucheCrimes
[17:32] <Dr_BadDouche> Wake up, Mr. Freeman. Wake up and... smell the douchebags."
[17:32] <DoucheBox> Baby Douchey Tunes
[17:32] * Doucheleft is now known as halfleft
[17:32] <+Douchegu> There are hardly any original douches by now
[17:32] <Aurvandouche> Ferris Buellers Douche Off
[17:32] * Douchegu is now known as Ogu
[17:32] <Doucheiontr> shall we douche in?
[17:32] <halfleft> I nolonger wish to play in your psychotic games
[17:32] <Doucheiontr> Aurv: I've done that one too
[17:33] <+Douchey> The Italian Douche?
[17:33] <Douche-o> noone ever goes to douchenholm
[17:33] <DoucheBox> The Doucheporter
[17:33] <Aurvandouche> Office Douchepot
[17:33] <+Ogu> ok... maybe two hours is enough
[17:33] <Douche-o> my big fad douche wedding
[17:33] <Aurvandouche> The Sherriff of Douchinghm
[17:33] <Aurvandouche> ham*
[17:33] <Dr_BadDouche> Rather than give you the illusion of free choice, I've taken the liberty of choosing for you, if and when your douche comes again.
[17:33] * Doucheiontr is now known as Fusion
[17:33] <DoucheBox> Robin Hood Men in Douche
[17:33] <+Douchey> Douches of Hazzard?
[17:33] <+Ogu> god damn it, I want to leave but you douche me back in
[17:33] <+Ogu> I did that one douchey
[17:33] * Quits: BigPopaDouche ([email protected]) (Quit: )
[17:33] <+Ogu> :p
[17:34] <Douche-o> All these douche will be lost in time, like tears to rain, time to die
[17:34] <DoucheBox> you'll never douche me alive!
[17:34] <Fusion> lets just get this c-blogged
[17:34] <Dr_BadDouche> she cried tears of douche
[17:34] <+Ogu> haha, fo sho
[17:34] <Aurvandouche> Of all the douche joints in all the world she comes walking in to mine....
[17:34] <DoucheBox> Think Douche
[17:34] <DoucheBox> toys for nerds
[17:34] <Dr_BadDouche> don't look at her eyes, it'll turn you to douche!
[17:34] <Aurvandouche> Doucheicus
[17:35] <+Ogu> douche, is it in you?
[17:35] <DoucheBox> the power of doucheese
[17:35] <Aurvandouche> Douche-Hur
[17:35] <DoucheBox> Ben-Douche
[17:35] <Douche-o> Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark douche.
[17:35] <Aurvandouche> The incredible edible douche
[17:35] <Fusion> LOL
[17:35] <Aurvandouche> ew
[17:35] <Dr_BadDouche> you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it douche
[17:35] <+Ogu> seymour Douchecan
[17:35] <DoucheBox> Douche Empire
[17:35] <+Ogu> god fucking damn it
[17:36] * Ogu is now known as Douchegu
[17:36] <DoucheBox> HAHAHAHA
[17:36] <DoucheBox> thats it ogu, come to the dark side
[17:36] <+Douchegu> I wish I knew how to douche you
[17:36] <Fusion> Douchetendo DouchSI
[17:36] <+Douchegu> Captain Douche
[17:36] <DoucheBox> 30 Douche
[17:36] <Douche-o> douche!, no!
[17:36] <+Douchegu> It's douchetastic!
[17:36] * Quits: snirps ([email protected]) (Client exited)
[17:36] <+Douchegu> hahaha
[17:36] <+Douchegu> titania!
[17:37] <Dr_BadDouche> Douche me, and together we will rule the galaxy as father and douche
[17:37] <DoucheBox> Douche-Wow, you'll be saying wow every time
[17:37] <Dr_BadDouche> lol
[17:37] <Fusion> 3rd Douche from the Sun
[17:37] <+Douchegu> You guys are bringing new life to these douches
[17:37] <Aurvandouche> Douchebay
[17:37] <Douche-o> Wanna know how I got these douches?
[17:37] <+Douchegu> Dare to be douche
[17:37] <Dr_BadDouche> I could just douche you up!
[17:37] <+Douchegu> haha
[17:37] <+Douchegu> Why so douchey?
[17:37] <Dr_BadDouche> It's hip to be douche
[17:37] <DoucheBox> The douche LIVES!
[17:37] <+Douchegu> Salvadouche dali
[17:37] <DoucheBox> douchestiq
[17:37] <Dr_BadDouche> soylent green is douches
[17:37] <Aurvandouche> VanDouchesing
[17:38] <Douche-o> his name is robert doucheson
[17:38] <Aurvandouche> Douchecula
[17:38] <DoucheBox> Douche This
[17:38] <+Douchegu> I still think the best douches were the first douches
[17:38] <+Douchegu> Can you smell what the douche is cooking?
[17:38] <DoucheBox> Douchetar Hero
[17:38] <DoucheBox> Douche Band
[17:38] <Dr_BadDouche> Smells Like Teen Douche
[17:38] <DoucheBox> Douche Douche Revolution
[17:38] <Aurvandouche> Master of Douches
[17:39] <Fusion> Dog carcass in alley this morning, tire tread on burst stomach. This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!"... and I'll loo
[17:39] <Aurvandouche> Ride the Douche
[17:39] <DoucheBox> MyDouche
[17:39] <Douche-o> "My Mama always said, 'Life was like a box of douches; you never know what you're gonna get.'"
[17:39] <+Douchegu> it was the best of douche, it was the worst of douche
[17:39] <+Douchegu> lol douche-o
[17:39] <Aurvandouche> Douche of Mana
[17:39] <Aurvandouche> Seiken Douchesetsu
[17:39] <DoucheBox> Fusion: and I'll whisper... Douche...
[17:39] <+Douchegu> Call me Douchemael!
[17:40] <Douche-o> "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a douche!"
[17:40] <Aurvandouche> Douche Expectations
[17:40] <+Douchegu> It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good f ortune , must be in want of a douche
[17:40] <DoucheBox> DoucheFF
[17:40] <Douche-o> I love the smell of douche in the morning. It smells like victory.
[17:40] <DoucheBox> Douche Throttle
[17:40] <Fusion> Come, dry your eyes, for you are life, rarer than a quark and unpredictable beyond the dreams of Heisenberg. Come, dry your eyes. And let's go douche.
[17:40] <Aurvandouche> Legends of Douchelmania
[17:40] <DoucheBox> Douche of the Tentacle
[17:41] <Douche-o> I'll make him a douche he can't refuse.
[17:41] <suff0douche> ParaDouche
[17:41] <DoucheBox> Tales of Doucheseria
[17:41] <Aurvandouche> D.O.U.C.H.E.
[17:41] <+Douchegu> Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the douches herself.
[17:42] <+Douchegu> D*O*U*C*H*E
[17:42] <Fusion> Who the hell do you think you are? You live off people while insulting them, nobody complains because they think you're a goddamned lunatic... Do you know how hard it is being your douche?
[17:42] <Dr_BadDouche> "You've proved yourself a decisive man, so I don't expect you to have any trouble deciding what to douche. If you're interested, just step into the douche, and I will take that as a yesssss. Otherwise, well, I can offer you a douche you have no chance of douching... rather an anticlimax after what you've just douched."
[17:42] <Fusion> The Man From D.O.U.C.H.E
[17:42] <Aurvandouche> GI Douche
[17:42] <Douche-o> Remember you're fighting for this woman's douche?which is probably more than she ever did.
[17:42] <+Douchegu> They shoot the white douche first
[17:42] <suff0douche> Transdouchers
[17:42] <Dr_BadDouche> more than meets the eye
[17:43] <Douche-o> douch?-gras
[17:43] <Fusion> Bill O'Reilly
[17:43] <Aurvandouche> Silence of the Douches
[17:43] <Douche-o> spaghetti and douche
[17:43] <Aurvandouche> Douche Space
[17:43] <+Douchegu> more than meets the douche
[17:43] <halfleft> How do you expect to talk when you have no Douche?
[17:43] <Aurvandouche> and
[17:43] <Aurvandouche> Douche Space: Extraction :P
[17:43] <Douche-o> douche flakes
[17:43] <DoucheBox> This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue douche - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red douche - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.
[17:44] <+Douchegu> do you like dachs! - dachs? ... oh douches, yeah, I like dachs
[17:44] <Dr_BadDouche> Either douche me or die, there's no douching back!
[17:44] <+Douchegu> Periwinkle douche
[17:44] <+Douchegu> The douche is strong in this one
[17:44] <Dr_BadDouche> the wizard of douche
[17:44] <DoucheBox> hey lets celebrate the new place, split a douche
[17:45] <Dr_BadDouche> I like big douche and I cannot lie
[17:45] <+Douchegu> hahaha
[17:45] * +Douchegu can't deny
[17:45] <DoucheBox> I used to douche there. Really good noodles.
[17:45] <Dr_BadDouche> you spilled my douche
[17:45] <+Douchegu> douche is not a line but a dimension, like the dimensions of space
[17:45] <Aurvandouche> Planet of the Douches
[17:46] <Dr_BadDouche> we work to become, not to douche
[17:46] <Dr_BadDouche> to douche, or not to douche? that is the question.
[17:46] <+Douchegu> fucking douchehogs
[17:46] <+Douchegu> 2 fucking hours
[17:46] <DoucheBox> If you'd told us the truth, we would've told you to shove that red douche right up your ass.
[17:46] <Dr_BadDouche> we douche what we must, because we can.
[17:46] <+Douchegu> what have you douched!
[17:46] <Fusion> can we stop now?
[17:46] <DoucheBox> oh my douche
[17:47] <+Douchegu> please
[17:47] <Dr_BadDouche> douche me hard
[17:47] <DoucheBox> all night long
[17:47] <+Douchegu> Itell you, we all have to stop together or this won't stop
[17:47] <DoucheBox> its like a runaway douche
[17:47] <+Douchegu> let's just agree to stop like count to three, change our nicknames and return to life as usual
[17:47] * tsunamikitsune is now known as tsunamidouchesune
[17:47] <Dr_BadDouche> douche me in the ass
[17:47] <Fusion> change your names back
[17:47] <+Douchegu> hahaha
[17:47] <Dr_BadDouche> douche inside me
[17:47] <+Douchegu> tsunamidouchesune
[17:47] <+Douchegu> the douche, it's addictive
[17:47] <DoucheBox> all we can do is sit back, douche ourselves, and enjoy the ride
[17:47] <+Douchegu> everybody gets one douche, that's it
[17:48] <Dr_BadDouche> "Impossible! My <douche> aren't there!"
[17:48] * +tsunamidouchesune wants to fit in
[17:48] <+Douchegu> with great douche comes great responsibility
[17:48] <DoucheBox> Douche Fighter IV
[17:48] <+Douchegu> spoiler: douche kills dumbledore
[17:48] <DoucheBox> doucheledore
[17:48] <Fusion> DOUCHE IS FONTAINE
[17:48] <+Douchegu> just say douche douchesune
[17:48] <DoucheBox> dumbledouche
[17:48] <Dr_BadDouche> just say douche to drugs
[17:48] <DoucheBox> hahaha dumbledouche...
[17:48] <+Douchegu> you'll be as good as douchebox over there
[17:48] <Fusion> this will never end!!!
[17:48] <+tsunamidouchesune> Is your douche running?
[17:49] <+Douchegu> hahaha
[17:49] <DoucheBox> better go and catch it!
[17:49] <+tsunamidouchesune> WELL THEN YOU BETTER GO CATCH IT
[17:49] <Douche-o> A douche for douche only ends up making the whole world blind.
[17:49] <DoucheBox> WELL THEN
[17:49] <DoucheBox> DONT LET THE BED BUGS BITE
[17:49] <DoucheBox> AH HAHAHAHAHAHA
[17:49] <+Douchegu> knock knock
[17:49] <Dr_BadDouche> who's there?
[17:49] <+Douchegu> douche
[17:49] <Dr_BadDouche> douche who?
[17:49] <+Douchegu> douche you wish we would all stop now?
[17:49] <DoucheBox> great scot!
[17:49] <Douche-o> say douche again!
[17:49] <+tsunamidouchesune> knock knock
[17:49] <Douche-o> say douche again!!!
[17:49] <DoucheBox> douche
[17:49] <Douche-o> i dare you
[17:49] <+BunnyRabbit2> Aerox, any idea when the winner's of that Pearl Jam contest are going to be announced?
[17:49] <Ub3rDouche> Douche where's my car?
[17:49] * Joins: jorge ([email protected])
[17:49] <DoucheBox> fresh meat
[17:49] <+Douchegu> does he look like a douche?
[17:49] <+BunnyRabbit2> winners even
[17:49] <Dr_BadDouche> douche me, baby, one more time
[17:49] <+tsunamidouchesune> KNOCK KNOCK
[17:50] <+Douchegu> who's there?
[17:50] <+tsunamidouchesune> orange
[17:50] <+Douchegu> orange who?
[17:50] <Ub3rDouche> GAY JOKE
[17:50] <+tsunamidouchesune> orange you glad i didn't say douche?
[17:50] <Douche-o> there's a lady whose sure, all that glitters is douche
[17:50] <DoucheBox> snap snap grin grin nudge nudge wink wink douche no more
[17:50] <+Douchegu> we prefer the term doucheosexuals
[17:50] <+Douchegu> not everything that shines is douche
[17:50] <Dr_BadDouche> he's douchecurious
[17:50] <DoucheBox> thats preposterous!
[17:50] <DoucheBox> where would all the douches go?!
[17:50] * Douchegu is now known as Ogu
[17:50] <Douche-o> shit floats, douches sink
[17:50] <Dr_BadDouche> you're so vain, I'll bet you think this douche is about you
[17:51] <+Ogu> I cannot take this anymore
[17:51] <Dr_BadDouche> same douche, different toilet
[17:51] <+Ogu> I'mfucking hungry
[17:51] <DoucheBox> NO!
[17:51] <DoucheBox> NOOOO!
[17:51] <DoucheBox> ILL NEVER DOUCHE YOU
[17:51] <DoucheBox> THATS IMPOSSIBLE
[17:51] <+Ogu> I need a smoke
[17:51] <Dr_BadDouche> if you can't beat them, douche them
[17:51] <DoucheBox> smoke a douche?
[17:51] <+Ogu> when I return I expect the douchiness to be done
[17:52] <+Ogu> ohh that's a good one dr baddouche
[17:52] <@Necros> i love it when people you don't remember show up in your facebook stream
[17:52] <@Necros> and this picture showed up:
[17:52] <@Necros>
[17:52] <@Necros> fuck, why have i not noticed her?
[17:52] <+Ogu> lol necros wtf
[17:52] <DoucheBox> interesting necros
[17:52] <+Vlambo> RAWRGHHHH
[17:52] <+Ogu> who said it was constructive halfleft?
[17:52] <+Vlambo> My fucking mic is pissing me off
[17:52] <DoucheBox> halfleft: NO WE DONT
[17:52] <Douche-o> Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good douche.
[17:52] <DoucheBox> i know what will fix it vlambo
[17:52] <DoucheBox> eat it
[17:53] * Aerox|Lunch is now known as Aerox
[17:53] <DoucheBox> with a side of lemon
[17:53] <DoucheBox> and a douche
[17:53] <+Vlambo> Would anyone know why my microphone is recording the audio from my computer?
[17:53] <+Ogu> Damn it, aerox already ate something
[17:53] <halfleft> Vlambo, laptop?
[17:53] <%Aerox> No, not yet
[17:53] <%Aerox> I just returned with my food
[17:53] * Dr_BadDouche is now known as Dr_BadSpoon
[17:53] <halfleft> there's a mic on the internals
[17:53] <Dr_BadSpoon> IT'S OVER.
[17:53] <halfleft> it's recording from the wrong input
[17:53] <+Ogu> I n eed foooooooooooooooooooood
[17:53] <DoucheBox> ...douche
[17:53] * DoucheBox is now known as CrocBox
[17:53] <CrocBox> !voice
[17:53] * ChanBot sets mode: +v CrocBox
[17:53] <+Vlambo> How do I fix that?
[17:54] <+tsunamidouchesune> lame
[17:54] <halfleft> which software are you using?
[17:54] * tsunamidouchesune is now known as tsunamikitsune
[17:54] <halfleft> and which OS?
[17:54] <+BunnyRabbit2> I should probably eat something but I can't be fucked
[17:54] <+Ogu> you jumped in late tsunamikitsune
[17:54] <+Ogu> but seriously, 2 hours is enough
[17:54] <+tsunamikitsune> i know D:
[17:54] <Fusion> someone c-blog this shit right now!
[17:54] <+Ogu> enough is enough is e nough
[17:54] <+Ogu> whohas the log?
[17:54] <+Ogu> croc?
[17:54] <+Vlambo> I'm just playing TF2
[17:54] <Dr_BadSpoon> the log should never see the light of day
[17:54] <+CrocBox> hm?
[17:54] <+Vlambo> And using Windows XP
[17:54] <+Ogu> Destructoid IRC: Easy to amuse, hard to control.
[17:55] <+BunnyRabbit2> I have a really incomplete log
[17:55] <+BunnyRabbit2> Maybe the last half hour
[17:55] <halfleft> is it not in the TF2 settings, under audio?
[17:55] <Dr_BadSpoon> I have the full log
[17:55] <+CrocBox> DO IT BAD SPOON
[17:55] <+CrocBox> FOR GREAT JUSTICE

Session Close: Thu Apr 09 17:59:16 2009   read

5:19 PM on 04.09.2009

Douche-a-thon 09! (Part 1)

This blog will be long
Very long
So long it will be split into two parts
This is an entire 2 hours worth of IRC fun

The start of it all... (warning: 2,151 lines)
[15:56] <Aurvantoid> I wish my local gamestop wasn't such a douchebucket and I could pick up a copy of DemiGod early
[15:56] <+Ogu> so, you played it right theGoldenAvatar?
[15:56] <Tdiddy> Is a douchebucket an upgrade over a douche bag?
[15:56] <theGoldenAvatar> Yeah
[15:57] <theGoldenAvatar> For about 8 hours
[15:57] <theGoldenAvatar> Before it was continue or kill myself
[15:57] <%Aerox> An upgrade of douchiness
[15:57] <theGoldenAvatar> Waiiiit.
[15:57] <Tdiddy> or is it just a necesity for a girl with a huge vagoo
[15:57] <%Aerox> Douchesilo is probably the worst
[15:57] <+Evil_Cheese> ew
[15:57] <theGoldenAvatar> ha
[15:57] <+Ogu> so, what didn't you like?
[15:57] <Dr_BadSpoon> the next logical step in douche
[15:57] <Aurvantoid> Douchesilo is like....
[15:57] <Aurvantoid> the mega douche
[15:57] * Joins: Fusiontr ([email protected])
[15:57] <Tdiddy> Douche Canyon?
[15:57] <%Aerox> Aurvan even if you got it early
[15:57] <%Aerox> Online play isn't enabled until the actual release date
[15:57] <+Ogu> don douche
[15:57] <%Aerox> Because they're lame and haven't finished it yet
[15:58] <Aurvantoid> @Aerox: pfft at your online gameplay.
[15:58] <Aurvantoid> I want to practice in single player
[15:58] <theGoldenAvatar> I'm going home
[15:58] <Aurvantoid> Large Hadron Doucheollider?
[15:58] * Joins: BreakTargets ([email protected])
[15:58] * Quits: theGoldenAvatar ([email protected]) (Quit: F this scene)
[15:58] <%Aerox> douchecrater
[15:58] <Aurvantoid> or Large Doucheron Collider?
[15:59] <+Ogu> that's real douchey
[15:59] <%Aerox> Large Hardon Doucher
[15:59] <Fusiontr> doooooooouche
[15:59] <Tdiddy> Its got to be some kind of retainer of water
[15:59] <+Ogu> lol Hard-on collider
[15:59] <Fusiontr> Douche Hadron Collider
[15:59] <+Ogu> Douchemistry
[15:59] <Fusiontr> Douchewer
[15:59] <+Ogu> douches of hazzard
[16:00] <Dr_BadSpoon> [15:59] <Fusiontr> Douche Hadron Collider <-- wins
[16:00] * Quits: Billy_Hatcher ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[16:00] <Aurvantoid> Douchelighting
[16:00] <Fusiontr> are we just adding douche to things?
[16:00] <Aurvantoid> Yup
[16:00] <Dr_BadSpoon> because we can, douche.
[16:00] <Fusiontr> LCD Douchesystem
[16:00] <Dr_BadSpoon> sirdouchealot
[16:01] <Tdiddy> Douchestation 3
[16:01] <Fusiontr> Fall Out Douche
[16:01] <Fusiontr> Xbox Douche60
[16:01] <Dr_BadSpoon> douche-life 2
[16:01] <Aurvantoid> Xbox Douchesixty
[16:01] <+Ogu> haha
[16:01] <+Evil_Cheese> Douchetown USA
[16:01] <%Aerox> Too sow
[16:01] <%Aerox> *slow
[16:01] <+Ogu> douchebox 360
[16:01] <Fusiontr> United States of Douche
[16:01] <Dr_BadSpoon> peanut butter and douche
[16:01] <Tdiddy> Douchemue
[16:01] <+Ogu> united douches of america
[16:01] <%Aerox> Douche and cheese
[16:01] <Fusiontr> Douchenut butter
[16:01] <Tdiddy> (that was a shenmue joke)
[16:01] <Aurvantoid> Douche Hampshire
[16:01] <Dr_BadSpoon> douce once, shame on me
[16:01] <+Evil_Cheese> -.-
[16:02] <%Aerox> oh oh oh
[16:02] <%Aerox> I have a good one
[16:02] <Tdiddy> Team Douchess 2
[16:02] <%Aerox> NECROS
[16:02] <%Aerox> LOLOLOLOLOLLLLL
[16:02] <+Ogu> hahaha
[16:02] <%Aerox> Just kidding
[16:02] <Dr_BadSpoon> haha
[16:02] <%Aerox> I love Necros
[16:02] <Aurvantoid> Left 4 Douche
[16:02] <Fusiontr> Once, Twice, Three times a douche
[16:02] <%Aerox> Douche 4 Dead
[16:02] <@Necros> >_>
[16:02] <+Ogu> Mirror's Douche
[16:02] <%Aerox> I love you Necros!
[16:02] <Tdiddy> Douche Space
[16:02] <Dr_BadSpoon> the birds and the douche
[16:02] <%Aerox> you should come to the baltimore narp
[16:02] <Aurvantoid> Douche Fantasy XIII
[16:02] <+Ogu> god bless highliting
[16:02] <%Aerox> Hitogodouchi
[16:02] <+Evil_Cheese> you should
[16:02] <+Ogu> Final Fantasy Douche
[16:02] <Dr_BadSpoon> the legend of doucheda
[16:02] <Fusiontr> Jonathan Douche
[16:02] <Tdiddy> iDouche
[16:02] <Aurvantoid> Douche Ocea
[16:02] <Aurvantoid> Ocean*
[16:02] <wilbo> no u
[16:02] <@Necros> i'd love to, but i'm busy..
[16:02] <+Evil_Cheese> doucheox
[16:03] <+Ogu> The Douchey Bunch
[16:03] <Dr_BadSpoon> everybody douche
[16:03] <Tdiddy> Douche of the Colossus
[16:03] <+Ogu> Douchey Strokes
[16:03] <Aurvantoid> Shadow of the Douche
[16:03] <%Aerox> Douche Wars
[16:03] <Fusiontr> Desdouchetoid
[16:03] <halfleft> Douche's Edge
[16:03] <+Ogu> Douchetuctoid
[16:03] <halfleft> Doucheshock
[16:03] <+Ogu> the word just lost its meaning
[16:03] <%Aerox> I hope the edge of a douche isn't sharp
[16:03] <Dr_BadSpoon> douchetroid prime
[16:03] <%Aerox> That would be painful
[16:03] <Tdiddy> Douchehouse
[16:03] <Aurvantoid> inDouchness
[16:03] <halfleft> Call of Douche 4
[16:03] <Fusiontr> Super Smash Bros Douche
[16:03] <%Aerox> God of Douche
[16:03] <halfleft> World of Douchecraft
[16:03] <Dr_BadSpoon> super smash douche
[16:04] <+Ogu> Douche Hunt
[16:04] <Dr_BadSpoon> The Incredible Douche
[16:04] <Fusiontr> Super Mario Douche
[16:04] <%Aerox> Metal Douche Solid
[16:04] <Aurvantoid> Iron Douche
[16:04] <Fusiontr> Ogu: LOL
[16:04] <%Aerox> Douche of the Patriots
[16:04] <+Ogu> Commodouche 64
[16:04] <Aurvantoid> TurboDouche 16
[16:04] <Dr_BadSpoon> Kirby's Douche Adventure
[16:04] <halfleft> lol ogu
[16:04] <Fusiontr> MegaDouche
[16:04] <%Aerox> Phoenix Wright: Douches and Tribulations
[16:04] <+Ogu> retro always w ins
[16:04] <Tdiddy> Knights of the Old Douche
[16:04] <Aurvantoid> BattleDouches and/or Douchetoads
[16:04] <halfleft> Project Douche Racing
[16:05] <Dr_BadSpoon> Need for Douche
[16:05] <Fusiontr> Sonic 3Douche
[16:05] <+Ogu> I can't believe I stopped playing for this
[16:05] <Tdiddy> Douchetoads and Double Douche
[16:05] <+Ogu> Windouche Vista
[16:05] <Aurvantoid> Sonic UnDouched
[16:05] <Dr_BadSpoon> LOL
[16:05] <Fusiontr> Facedouche
[16:05] <halfleft> lol ogu
[16:05] <%Aerox> BigPopaDoucher
[16:05] <halfleft> you win at this game
[16:05] <Aurvantoid> Doucher
[16:05] <Fusiontr> Douchespace
[16:05] <+Ogu> Accordouche
[16:05] <%Aerox> Sonic the Douchehog
[16:05] <%Aerox> Hahahaha
[16:05] <%Aerox> DOUCHEHOG
[16:05] <+Ogu> hahaha
[16:05] <+Ogu> Douchehog is such a great word
[16:05] <%Aerox> That's my new favorite insult
[16:05] <Aurvantoid> ProtoDouche
[16:05] <Fusiontr> FUCKING DOUCHEHOG
[16:06] <+Ogu> fo sho aerox
[16:06] <halfleft> douche-dog?
[16:06] <+Ogu> hot douche
[16:06] <Fusiontr> Spidoucheman
[16:06] <%Aerox> Douche Odyssey
[16:06] <Aurvantoid> The Douche and the Furious
[16:06] <+Ogu> hahaa
[16:06] <Dr_BadSpoon> Earthbound: Douche
[16:07] <halfleft> Douche May Cry 4
[16:07] <Fusiontr> The Good, The Bad And The Douche
[16:07] <Aurvantoid> Douchefellas
[16:07] <Dr_BadSpoon> Plains, Trais, and Douche
[16:07] <Dr_BadSpoon> Trains*
[16:07] <Tdiddy> The Goddouche
[16:07] <+Ogu> lol aurvantoid
[16:07] <Fusiontr> Doucheballs
[16:07] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche Ball Z
[16:07] <%Aerox> Douche with the Wind
[16:07] <%Aerox> Tenchi Doucheo
[16:07] <Tdiddy> Douchen Lagann
[16:07] <Fusiontr> Douche for Vendetta
[16:07] <%Aerox> Douche Genesis Evangelion
[16:07] <Dr_BadSpoon> bodukai douche 3
[16:07] <+Evil_Cheese> you'd better not douche into the wind
[16:07] <+Evil_Cheese> that's just rude
[16:07] <Fusiontr> One Two Three Douche
[16:08] <Tdiddy> The Dark Douche
[16:08] <%Aerox> Spongebob Douchepants
[16:08] <Dr_BadSpoon> hah
[16:08] <Aurvantoid> Robin Douche: Cleanser of Thieves
[16:08] <Fusiontr> DoucheWing Duck
[16:08] <+Ogu> I'm all out of ideas
[16:08] <Dr_BadSpoon> The Big Doucheowski
[16:08] <%Aerox> You Can't Douche That on Television
[16:08] <Aurvantoid> Douchegoyles
[16:08] <+Ogu> America's Douchiest videos
[16:08] <Fusiontr> Douche Brothers
[16:08] <Tdiddy> douchewing duck
[16:08] <%Aerox> I think that's what that show already was Ogu ;)
[16:08] <%Aerox> Full Douche
[16:08] <+Ogu> hahaha
[16:09] <Aurvantoid> Pushing Douches
[16:09] <Dr_BadSpoon> Full Metal Douche
[16:09] <%Aerox> Street Doucher IV
[16:09] <Fusiontr> My Super Sweet Douche
[16:09] <Aurvantoid> Douching Street
[16:09] <+Ogu> Douchemon
[16:09] <Dr_BadSpoon> Me, Myself, and Douche
[16:09] <Fusiontr> The Douche House
[16:09] <%Aerox> Douchestar Galactica
[16:09] <+Ogu> oh wait... douch?mon
[16:09] <Aurvantoid> Douche House Rules
[16:09] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche Wars
[16:09] <%Aerox> This is the most mature conversation ever
[16:09] <Aurvantoid> SlumDouche Millionaire
[16:09] <+Ogu> haha
[16:09] <Fusiontr> Peep Douche
[16:09] <+Ogu> fo sho
[16:09] <+Ogu> Madouche
[16:09] <Fusiontr> Frost/Douche
[16:09] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douchebladez
[16:10] <Aurvantoid> Douchemen
[16:10] <+Ogu> Who Douches the Douchemen?
[16:10] <Dr_BadSpoon> Tony Hawk's Pro Doucher
[16:10] <+Ogu> Can't Douche this
[16:10] <+Ogu> Six feet Undouche
[16:10] <Fusiontr> Valkyria Douche
[16:10] <%Aerox> Pushing Douches
[16:10] <%Aerox> Douche Blood
[16:10] <Dr_BadSpoon> Splinter Cell 5: Douche Theory
[16:10] <+Ogu> House MDouche
[16:10] <%Aerox> Buffy the Vampire Doucher
[16:10] <Aurvantoid> Family Douche
[16:10] <Aurvantoid> Doucherama
[16:10] <Fusiontr> True Douche
[16:11] <Fusiontr> Douchehouse
[16:11] <Dr_BadSpoon> The Douchetons
[16:11] <Aurvantoid> Douche to Me
[16:11] <+Ogu> Law and/or Douche
[16:11] <Dr_BadSpoon> CSI: Douche
[16:11] <%Aerox> Law & Order: Special Victim's Douches
[16:11] <Fusiontr> Late Night With Douche
[16:11] <Aurvantoid> Doucheland
[16:11] <+Ogu> Special Douches Unit
[16:11] <Dr_BadSpoon> The Double Douche
[16:11] <+Ogu> Douchneyland
[16:11] <Dr_BadSpoon> Wheel of Douche
[16:11] <Aurvantoid> CSI: Douche
[16:11] <halfleft> Big doucher (big brother)
[16:11] * Joins: burntmatches ([email protected])
[16:11] <%Aerox> Super Sloppy Double Douche
[16:12] <+Ogu> America's Idouche
[16:12] <Fusiontr> Scooby Douche
[16:12] <+Ogu> err american
[16:12] <%Aerox> What Would You Douche
[16:12] <halfleft> The apprendouche
[16:12] <+Ogu> ohh fusiontr
[16:12] <Dr_BadSpoon> Playstation Douche
[16:12] <Aurvantoid> Who's Douche is it anyway?
[16:12] <%Aerox> Scooby Douche wins
[16:12] <+Ogu> hahaha
[16:12] <%Aerox> hahahah
[16:12] <Tdiddy> Douchecenter
[16:12] <+Ogu> that would be a great show
[16:12] <+Ogu> yeah, I love Scooby Douche
[16:12] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche of Fortune
[16:12] <%Aerox> "JIM CAREY"
[16:12] <+Ogu> he's such a douchehog though
[16:12] <%Aerox> "IS THIS YOUR DOUCHE"
[16:12] <%Aerox> 'NAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW"
[16:12] <Tdiddy> Douche'd
[16:12] <Dr_BadSpoon> LOLOL
[16:12] <%Aerox> *wayne brady dances on stage*
[16:12] <halfleft> i GUARENTEE, that scooby douche already exists and is a porn
[16:12] <%Aerox> I mean Drew Carey
[16:12] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche'd :D
[16:12] <+Ogu> hahaha
[16:12] <%Aerox> google it
[16:13] <+Ogu> eww
[16:13] <Fusiontr> Pimp My Douche
[16:13] <+Ogu> Douche Carey
[16:13] <%Aerox> My Super Sweet Douche
[16:13] <halfleft> fuck off, you google it
[16:13] <%Aerox> I'm at work
[16:13] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche It Good
[16:13] <Fusiontr> Aerox, I've already done that one
[16:13] <%Aerox> Douchemance
[16:13] <%Aerox> oh
[16:13] <%Aerox> :(
[16:13] <halfleft> i'm an innocent soul
[16:13] <%Aerox> Dude Where's My Douche?
[16:13] <+Ogu> Douche, Where's mycar?
[16:13] <halfleft> Douche Where's My Douche?
[16:13] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche of Misery
[16:13] <+Ogu> DoucheChan
[16:13] <Fusiontr> Douche Douche My Douche?
[16:13] <%Aerox> Noel's Douche Party
[16:13] <halfleft> it doesnt even look like a real word anymore
[16:13] <%Aerox> I know
[16:13] <Aurvantoid> Douche +
[16:13] <+Ogu> yeah
[16:13] <+Ogu> it lost its meaning
[16:14] <halfleft> lol aerox XD
[16:14] <+Ogu> completely
[16:14] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douchemas
[16:14] <Dr_BadSpoon> Doucheover
[16:14] <Fusiontr> Happy Douche Year
[16:14] <halfleft> Douchester
[16:14] <Aurvantoid> Kwanzdouche
[16:14] <%Aerox> Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Douches
[16:14] <+Ogu> Sandouche Claus
[16:14] <Fusiontr> Year Of The Douche
[16:14] <Dr_BadSpoon> Year of The Douche
[16:14] <%Aerox> Sciendoucheogy
[16:14] <Dr_BadSpoon> lol
[16:14] <+Ogu> Douche the halls
[16:14] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douchetianity
[16:14] * Fusiontr high fives Dr_BadSpoon
[16:14] <+Ogu> Douched by the bell
[16:14] <%Aerox> hahah
[16:14] <Fusiontr> Douche Prince of Bel Air
[16:14] <Aurvantoid> Douche Stalkings
[16:15] <%Aerox> Mighty Morphin' Power Douches
[16:15] <Fusiontr> Fresh Douche of Bel Air
[16:15] <+Ogu> Teenage Mutant Ninja Douches
[16:15] <Aurvantoid> VR Douches
[16:15] <halfleft> fresh prince of douche air
[16:15] <+Ogu> Metal Douche Solid
[16:15] <Aurvantoid> Douchetron
[16:15] <Dr_BadSpoon> 8 is a douche
[16:15] <Fusiontr> Street Douches
[16:15] <Tdiddy> Chip and Dale: Douche Rangers
[16:15] <Fusiontr> Two and a Half Douches
[16:15] <halfleft> oceans douche
[16:15] <+Ogu> Douch?
[16:15] <Aurvantoid> Ugly Douche
[16:15] <halfleft> douche's 11
[16:15] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douchetails
[16:15] <%Aerox> Ferngully: The Last Douche
[16:15] <Fusiontr> Requiem for a Douche
[16:15] <Aurvantoid> The Secret of Douche
[16:15] <@Necros> my friend is talking about ninjas
[16:15] <halfleft> i hope somone is saving this chatlog
[16:15] <halfleft> this is c-blog worthy
[16:15] <Dr_BadSpoon> halfleft: yes
[16:15] <+Ogu> Summa
[16:16] <%Aerox> The Mystery Douche of Shelby Woo
[16:16] <@Necros> and she says "black ninjas would be the best ninjas, if they didn't smile so much"
[16:16] <Fusiontr> Ogu: LOLOLOL
[16:16] <@Necros> and i laughed my ass off
[16:16] <Dr_BadSpoon> Unsolved Doucheries
[16:16] <Aurvantoid> All because I said "Douchebucket"
[16:16] <halfleft> nice, necros
[16:16] <Tdiddy> Space Douche
[16:16] <+Ogu> La blue Douche
[16:16] <Dr_BadSpoon> America's Most Douched
[16:16] <Fusiontr> Douchhoven
[16:16] <%Aerox> Douche Trek: The Next Generation
[16:16] <+Ogu> Douche factor
[16:16] <halfleft> deep douche sea
[16:16] <%Aerox> Douche Idol
[16:16] <Dr_BadSpoon> The Douchiest Link
[16:16] <halfleft> douchetanic
[16:16] <Fusiontr> Deep Space Douche
[16:16] <+Ogu> The douche after tomorrow
[16:16] <Aurvantoid> Douche or No Douche
[16:16] <+Evil_Cheese> it make sense Necros would hang out with other racists
[16:17] <%Aerox> The Amazing Douche
[16:17] <+Ogu> hahaha
[16:17] <+Ogu> The Incredible Douche
[16:17] <Dr_BadSpoon> Doucheman
[16:17] <Fusiontr> this chat is amazing
[16:17] <halfleft> douche 2001: a douche oddysey
[16:17] <Dr_BadSpoon> Ogu: did that
[16:17] <@Necros> well, she was wearing a lot of black, so i called her a ninja
[16:17] <%Aerox> Top Douche
[16:17] <+Ogu> dang... I can't keep track of them
[16:17] <Dr_BadSpoon> lol
[16:17] <@Necros> and she's korean, so she's like "korean ninjas are the best, because they never exist"
[16:17] <Aurvantoid> Citizen Douche
[16:17] <%Aerox> Gordan Ramsey's Douche Nightmares
[16:17] <Dr_BadSpoon> The Republic of Douche
[16:17] <halfleft> lol aerox
[16:17] <+Ogu> Are you afraid of the Douche?
[16:17] <Aurvantoid> Nightmare on Douche St.
[16:17] <Fusiontr> Doucheopolis
[16:17] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douchebumps
[16:17] <halfleft> douche wars
[16:17] <@Necros> and then she says "though scottish ninjas are even rarer," then she said the other ninja comment
[16:17] <halfleft> douche trek
[16:17] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche Racer
[16:17] <Fusiontr> Star Wars Episode Douche: The Phantom Douche
[16:18] <halfleft> necros sure knows how to chat up the ladies =/
[16:18] <+Ogu> Douchexicans
[16:18] <%Aerox> Degrassi Junior Douche
[16:18] <@Necros> just about ninjas
[16:18] <+Ogu> lol degrassi
[16:18] <Dr_BadSpoon> Macaroni and douche
[16:18] <halfleft> Ameridouche
[16:18] <%Aerox> I love Degrassi
[16:18] <Aurvantoid> The Douche Wars (Clone Wars)
[16:18] <Dr_BadSpoon> Ned's declassified guide to douche survival
[16:18] <Fusiontr> Halo ODoucheST
[16:18] <Dr_BadSpoon> or something
[16:18] <halfleft> that was layme, fusion
[16:18] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche of War
[16:19] <%Aerox> Bill and Ted's Excellent Douche
[16:19] <+Ogu> Douche she wrote
[16:19] <Aurvantoid> The Hitchhikers Guide to the Douche
[16:19] <Dr_BadSpoon> Weebl and Douche
[16:19] <+Ogu> One Douche over the cuckoos nest
[16:19] <halfleft> The Douche brothers (blues bros)
[16:19] <%Aerox> Heavy Douche
[16:19] <+Ogu> Douchework orange
[16:19] <Dr_BadSpoon> one douche short of a six-pack
[16:19] <halfleft> clockwork Douche
[16:19] <%Aerox> The Gods Must Be Douchey
[16:19] <halfleft> Blazin Douche (blazin saddles)
[16:19] <Fusiontr> Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Douche
[16:19] <+Ogu> douche nukem
[16:20] <Dr_BadSpoon> Backdoor Douche 9
[16:20] <Aurvantoid> Douche and Ted's Cleansing Adventure
[16:20] <halfleft> A beautiful Douche
[16:20] <halfleft> lol ogu XD
[16:20] <Dr_BadSpoon> VG Douche
[16:20] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche-alt-delete
[16:20] <+Ogu> Ctrl alt Douche
[16:20] <+Ogu> haha
[16:20] <Fusiontr> The Curious Douche of Benjamin Douche
[16:20] <halfleft> Douche Douche Douche
[16:20] <Aurvantoid> Douche-Bit Theater
[16:20] <+Ogu> hahaha fusiontr
[16:20] <%Aerox> You can't use douche twice
[16:20] <+Ogu> why, that's a curious douche
[16:20] <+Ogu> I say
[16:20] <Dr_BadSpoon> Happiness and Douche
[16:20] <Aurvantoid> Douche Vs. Douche
[16:20] <Fusiontr> there are no rules to douche replacement!!
[16:20] <halfleft> Douche Ninja
[16:20] <%Aerox> Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Douche
[16:21] <Dr_BadSpoon> first rule of douche club: don't talk about douche club
[16:21] <+Ogu> Doucheday
[16:21] <Fusiontr> Ong-Douche
[16:21] <halfleft> Professor Douche and the curious Douche
[16:21] <%Aerox> Phoenix Wright: Douches for All
[16:21] <Aurvantoid> Curious Douche
[16:21] <+Ogu> Pani Poni Douche
[16:21] <Dr_BadSpoon> the day the douche stood still
[16:21] <Fusiontr> Chu Chu Douche
[16:21] <+Ogu> Douche of Destruction
[16:21] <halfleft> crouching Douche hidden Douche
[16:21] <Aurvantoid> Doucheformers
[16:21] <Fusiontr> or
[16:21] <%Aerox> Indiana Jones and the Temple of Douche
[16:21] <Fusiontr> Douche Douche Rocket
[16:21] <+Ogu> Fairly odd Douches
[16:21] <Aurvantoid> Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Douche?
[16:21] <halfleft> the Douche-stones
[16:21] <+Ogu> Douchess of windsor
[16:21] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche 101
[16:22] <%Aerox> Foster's Douche for Imaginary Friends
[16:22] <halfleft> the lion Douche
[16:22] <Aurvantoid> Douchey Howser MD
[16:22] <%Aerox> Shia LaDouche
[16:22] <Fusiontr> LOL
[16:22] <+Ogu> aurvantoid, omg, best one ever
[16:22] <Dr_BadSpoon> Foster's Home for Imaginary Douche
[16:22] <halfleft> Douche and Jerry
[16:22] <%Aerox> we have been at this for over 20 minutes
[16:22] <%Aerox> amazing
[16:22] <@Necros> is Rag-Doll Kung-Fu supposed to be good?
[16:22] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche and Stimpy
[16:22] <+Ogu> and it will go on forever
[16:22] <Fusiontr> RetroforceDouche!
[16:22] <halfleft> TheDoucheCastle!
[16:22] <Dr_BadSpoon> Dragondouche
[16:22] <+Ogu> Faildouche
[16:22] <Aurvantoid> FailDouche
[16:22] <+Ogu> haha
[16:22] <Fusiontr> UbiDouche
[16:22] <Aurvantoid> huzzah
[16:23] <Dr_BadSpoon> Epic Douche
[16:23] <+Ogu> Douchestiq
[16:23] <%Aerox> RagDoll DoucheFu?
[16:23] <%Aerox> No, it's not
[16:23] <halfleft> Douche Entertainment
[16:23] <Aurvantoid> Douchetaku
[16:23] <+Ogu> Doucheroll'd
[16:23] <@Necros> thanks
[16:23] <halfleft> haha
[16:23] <Fusiontr> Douche of Goo
[16:23] <%Aerox> Xeno Douche
[16:23] <+Ogu> Douchester System
[16:23] <halfleft> Xbox three Douche-ty
[16:23] <%Aerox> Vagrant Douche
[16:23] <Aurvantoid> DA (Douchetronic Arts)
[16:23] <halfleft> Mega-Douche
[16:23] <%Aerox> Wario Ware Douched
[16:23] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douchetivision
[16:23] <halfleft> Gene-Douche
[16:23] <+Ogu> Canadouche
[16:23] <Fusiontr> Final Douchety
[16:23] <%Aerox> Mario Kart: Douche Dash
[16:23] <+Ogu> Mario Kart: Double Douche
[16:24] <%Aerox> Final Fantasy Crystal Douches
[16:24] <halfleft> Mario Kart: double Douche
[16:24] <Dr_BadSpoon> Space: the final douche
[16:24] <%Aerox> My Life As A Douche
[16:24] <Aurvantoid> Wii Douche
[16:24] <halfleft> dargh
[16:24] <Star_Croc64> Douche Ocean
[16:24] <+Ogu> it's out of control
[16:24] <halfleft> indeed
[16:24] <+Ogu> we created a monster!
[16:24] <Fusiontr> Resident Evil: Douche Veronica
[16:24] <@Necros> Kingdom Douche: Chain of Douches
[16:24] <halfleft> Resident Douche
[16:24] <+Ogu> Silent Douche
[16:24] <Aurvantoid> Admit it. That would be the worst game ever. Wii Douche. Imagine the wiimote adaptor.....
[16:24] <Aurvantoid> anyways, continue
[16:24] <Star_Croc64> Douche Arcade
[16:24] <halfleft> Doucheobi
[16:24] <Fusiontr> What the douche
[16:24] <+Ogu> hahahaha
[16:24] <Dr_BadSpoon> A Douche Will Come
[16:24] <%Aerox> Indiana Jones and the Douche of Atlantis (It's made out of orichalcum...)
[16:24] <+Ogu> Douchey Douchey Virus
[16:24] <%Aerox> Donkey Douche
[16:24] <+Ogu> Douchequest
[16:24] <Star_Croc64> Dr. Douche
[16:24] <Aurvantoid> BioDouche
[16:25] <Dr_BadSpoon> rofl
[16:25] <halfleft> PokeDouche
[16:25] <Fusiontr> World of Douchecraft
[16:25] <Star_Croc64> Douche Shock 2
[16:25] <%Aerox> King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Douche Grow Fonder
[16:25] <Dr_BadSpoon> DigiDouche
[16:25] <halfleft> ooold fusion
[16:25] <+Ogu> Douche-fu panda
[16:25] <%Aerox> Sam & Max Hit the Douche
[16:25] <Fusiontr> if i aint seen it, its new to me
[16:25] <%Aerox> Douche Throttle
[16:25] <Fusiontr> doucheleft
[16:25] <Dr_BadSpoon> Leisure suit douche
[16:25] <Aurvantoid> Aion: Douche of Eternity
[16:25] <halfleft> Douche's game for Douchey people
[16:25] <+Ogu> Douche Washington
[16:25] <Star_Croc64> Douchemon
[16:25] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche-wellington
[16:25] <+Ogu> George W. Douche
[16:25] <%Aerox> Nick Chester contributes "Splatterdouche"
[16:25] <+Ogu> haha
[16:25] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche Furgeson
[16:25] <Aurvantoid> Benedouche Arnold
[16:26] <Star_Croc64> Sonic The Douche
[16:26] <halfleft> tell nick chester that you are not his proxy, aerox
[16:26] <Fusiontr> Douche Crossing: WIld World
[16:26] <+Ogu> Go Douche yourself
[16:26] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douceflood
[16:26] <Star_Croc64> Animal Crossing Wild Douche
[16:26] <halfleft> Douche Echinda
[16:26] <%Aerox> Duck Douche
[16:26] <Dr_BadSpoon> douche*
[16:26] <+Ogu> Douche against t he Machine
[16:26] <Fusiontr> is anyone copying and pasting this into a C-blog?
[16:26] <Star_Croc64> Douche Zone
[16:26] <%Aerox> I hope so
[16:26] <Aurvantoid> Douchebound
[16:26] <+Ogu> StarDouches
[16:26] <Dr_BadSpoon> Appledouche
[16:26] <+Ogu> Douche Mode
[16:26] <halfleft> MicroDouche
[16:26] <Fusiontr> iDouche Touch
[16:26] <%Aerox> Doucheberry Storm
[16:26] <+Ogu> Douchel California
[16:27] <+Ogu> Doucheway to heaven
[16:27] <Aurvantoid> Douchestop (hey look, its kinda really like that!)
[16:27] <Fusiontr> Gatordouche
[16:27] <Star_Croc64> DoucheBox
[16:27] <%Aerox> Don't Stop Douchin'
[16:27] <Dr_BadSpoon> Chicken Cordon Douche
[16:27] <Aurvantoid> Douchestation
[16:27] <halfleft> coca-Douchela
[16:27] <Fusiontr> Douche Looks Like A Lady
[16:27] <+Ogu> haha
[16:27] <Aurvantoid> Doucheramento
[16:27] <+Ogu> lol fusiontr
[16:27] <halfleft> lol fusion
[16:27] <Star_Croc64> Douche It To The Limit
[16:27] <Dr_BadSpoon> Doucheorchestra
[16:27] <%Aerox> Douche it On
[16:27] <Aurvantoid> Gone in 60 Douches
[16:27] <+Ogu> Just Douche it
[16:27] <halfleft> Thou Shalt Not Douche
[16:27] <Star_Croc64> Monsters vs Douches
[16:27] <Fusiontr> Can't Douche This
[16:27] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche In 60 Seconds
[16:27] <+Ogu> did that one fusion :p
[16:27] <halfleft> Douche in D
[16:27] <%Aerox> Gone in 60 Douches
[16:27] <Fusiontr> damn
[16:27] <halfleft> Cannon in Douche
[16:27] <SurplusGamer> All The Young Douches
[16:27] <Dr_BadSpoon> The Fastest Douche
[16:27] <Fusiontr> Tenacious Douche
[16:27] <+Gemsi> Douche Hard
[16:27] <+Ogu> Canon in Douche minor
[16:28] <%Aerox> Tenacious D in the Douche of Destiny
[16:28] <Aurvantoid> Vampire Hunter D (for Douche)
[16:28] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douchest-Gump
[16:28] <halfleft> The Green Douche
[16:28] <+Ogu> Bubba Douche shrimp
[16:28] <Fusiontr> Lesbian Douche Killers
[16:28] <%Aerox> The Doucheboy
[16:28] <halfleft> Saving Private Douche
[16:28] <Star_Croc64> Douches of the Carribbean
[16:28] <%Aerox> Texas Douche Massacre
[16:28] <Fusiontr> The Doucheank Redemption
[16:28] <Star_Croc64> Douche Book
[16:28] <%Aerox> Last Douche on the Left
[16:28] <Dr_BadSpoon> Night of the Douche
[16:28] <Star_Croc64> Lucky Douche
[16:28] <+Gemsi> Douche of the dead
[16:28] <Aurvantoid> Schindlers Douche
[16:28] <+Ogu> Douche pops
[16:28] <%Aerox> Hahahaha
[16:28] <halfleft> Dawn of the Douche
[16:28] <Dr_BadSpoon> heaven is only a douche away
[16:28] <Star_Croc64> Evil Douche
[16:28] <+Ogu> Day of the Douche!
[16:28] <Star_Croc64> Ogu: yumm
[16:28] <+Ogu> hah!
[16:28] <Star_Croc64> Kool Douche
[16:28] <Aurvantoid> Army of Doucheness
[16:29] <Dr_BadSpoon> Doucheaid
[16:29] <+Ogu> No Mo' Douches
[16:29] <Star_Croc64> Dead Man's Douche
[16:29] <%Aerox> Douches of the Carribean
[16:29] <Star_Croc64> Curse of the Black Douche
[16:29] <Dr_BadSpoon> The Brother's Douche
[16:29] <Aurvantoid> DoucheWood
[16:29] <+Ogu> damn aerox
[16:29] <+Ogu> beat me to it
[16:29] <Fusiontr> Donnie Douchewood
[16:29] <Star_Croc64> i did that already aerox
[16:29] <+Ogu> The Douche Identity
[16:29] <Star_Croc64> beat you
[16:29] <Star_Croc64> :P
[16:29] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douchedonald's
[16:29] <halfleft> i'm leaving now, i hope this is still going when I return, children
[16:29] <Aurvantoid> Douch-E
[16:29] <SurplusGamer> Douchey Todd
[16:29] <%Aerox> You probably spelled Carribean wrong though
[16:29] <+Ogu> Doucher King
[16:29] <Fusiontr> Douchee Cheese
[16:29] <Star_Croc64> Douchewood
[16:29] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche in the box
[16:29] <Star_Croc64> nope, i got it spell checked
[16:29] <%Aerox> Willy Wonka and the Douche Factory
[16:29] <+Ogu> Adouche Hitler
[16:30] <Fusiontr> Forrest Douche
[16:30] <+Gemsi> Father Douche
[16:30] <Star_Croc64> At Douche's End
[16:30] <+Ogu> Winsdouche Churchill
[16:30] <%Aerox> LOTR: The Two Douches
[16:30] <Star_Croc64> Douche Trek
[16:30] <SurplusGamer> Black Douches
[16:30] <+Ogu> Mao Tse-Douche
[16:30] <Star_Croc64> The Last Douche
[16:30] <Star_Croc64> Search for Douche
[16:30] <+Ogu> Fidouche Castro
[16:30] <Dr_BadSpoon> In Search of Douche
[16:30] <Aurvantoid> Douche Jin Tao
[16:30] <Fusiontr> Doucheon Trotsky
[16:30] <%Aerox> Ho Chi Douche
[16:30] <+Ogu> Taekwon Douche
[16:30] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche-Kwon-Do
[16:30] <Aurvantoid> Kung0Douche
[16:30] <Fusiontr> Ernst "Douche" Guvaro
[16:30] <Aurvantoid> -*
[16:30] <+Ogu> hahaha
[16:30] <Star_Croc64> Ratchet Douchelocked
[16:30] <+Ogu> Ernst? that's what they call him in english?
[16:31] <+Ogu> dang
[16:31] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche in Peace
[16:31] <+Ogu> Doucheminator
[16:31] <+Gemsi> Douche VS Capcom
[16:31] <Star_Croc64> The Sound of Douche
[16:31] <Fusiontr> Ernst or Ernesto
[16:31] <+Evil_Cheese> is this still going on?
[16:31] <+Ogu> of course it is
[16:31] <Star_Croc64> Samurai Douche
[16:31] <Dr_BadSpoon> The Hills Are aDouche
[16:31] <%Aerox> I am so excited for this game
[16:31] <%Aerox>
[16:31] <%Aerox> Yes
[16:31] <Aurvantoid> Tatsunoko Vs. Douche
[16:31] <+Ogu> Devouche
[16:31] <%Aerox> SuperDouche
[16:31] <Star_Croc64> The Orange Douche
[16:31] <+Simmy> Dawn of the Douches
[16:31] <%Aerox> Douche and Reort
[16:31] <%Aerox> *Report
[16:31] <Dr_BadSpoon> Godzilla VS MechaDouche
[16:31] <%Aerox> Paul Blart: Douche Cop
[16:31] <+Ogu> Nintendouche 64!
[16:32] <Fusiontr> Team Douchetress 2
[16:32] <Star_Croc64> mecha douche... heh
[16:32] <%Aerox> Whoa how did we miss that one
[16:32] <Dr_BadSpoon> Gundam Douche
[16:32] <Fusiontr> Audiodouche
[16:32] <Star_Croc64> Douchelight
[16:32] <+Gemsi> Uncharted : Douche's Fortune
[16:32] <P3T3Y> Left4Dead
[16:32] <+Ogu> Audouchesurf
[16:32] <%Aerox> Douchegaia
[16:32] <+Ogu> Douche Raider
[16:32] <Star_Croc64> Douche Warriors
[16:32] <Fusiontr> Suikodouche
[16:32] <P3T3Y> The Douchewasher
[16:32] <%Aerox> Samurai Pizza Douche
[16:32] <Aurvantoid> Afro Doucherai
[16:32] <+Ogu> Douche in the family
[16:32] <Star_Croc64> Ultimate Douche STORM
[16:32] <Fusiontr> Geometry Douche
[16:32] <%Aerox> Douche of the Lost
[16:32] <P3T3Y> Castle Douchers
[16:33] <+Gemsi> Earth Douche Force 2017
[16:33] <+Ogu> Douche Evolved
[16:33] <%Aerox> Street Fighter 2 Turbo High Douche Remix
[16:33] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douchepunch
[16:33] <Star_Croc64> Douche Defensive Force
[16:33] <Aurvantoid> Battlefield: Douche
[16:33] <Fusiontr> Elder Douche IV: Oblivion
[16:33] <P3T3Y> Douche of War
[16:33] <Star_Croc64> Heavenly Douche
[16:33] <+Ogu> Little Big Douche
[16:33] <Fusiontr> LittleBigDouche
[16:33] <Aurvantoid> Douches Creed
[16:33] <Star_Croc64> The Douche Unleashed
[16:33] <Dr_BadSpoon> The World's Most Dangerous Douche
[16:33] <Fusiontr> DAMN YOU OGU
[16:33] <+Ogu> hahaha
[16:33] <+Ogu> Great douches think alike
[16:33] <Star_Croc64> DoucheBusters
[16:33] <Fusiontr> Reno9Douche1
[16:33] <+Ogu> lol croc
[16:33] <Aurvantoid> DoucheZone 2 (cant believe no one did that)
[16:34] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douches of a feather
[16:34] <SurplusGamer> The Jungle Douche
[16:34] <+Ogu> who you gonna call? douchebusters!
[16:34] <Star_Croc64> Douche Warp
[16:34] <+Ogu> Douche of the jungle
[16:34] <Dr_BadSpoon> Jurassic Douche
[16:34] <+Ogu> That's no Douche!
[16:34] <Fusiontr> E.D
[16:34] <Aurvantoid> Rocky Horror Douche Show
[16:34] <Star_Croc64> Dude, Where's My Douche?
[16:34] <%Aerox> Brutal Douche
[16:34] <+Gemsi> Douching the giant
[16:34] <Aurvantoid> @Fusion: lol
[16:34] <Star_Croc64> Bill and Teds Excellent Douche
[16:34] <SurplusGamer> More like Douchal Legend
[16:34] <Fusiontr> we're starting to repeat them now
[16:34] <+Ogu> yeah
[16:34] <Dr_BadSpoon> The Grim Adventures of Billy and Douche
[16:34] <%Aerox> Douche of the Colossus
[16:35] <+Ogu> we need original content
[16:35] <Star_Croc64> i came in mid way, what ya gonna do
[16:35] <+Ogu> Douche Quijote!
[16:35] <Fusiontr> who's c-blogging this anyway?
[16:35] <%Aerox> Douche and Peace
[16:35] <Star_Croc64> Douchesona 4
[16:35] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche boys, Douche boys, what'cha gonna do?
[16:35] <+Ogu> Romeo and Douchiet
[16:35] <+Ogu> Tolsdouche
[16:35] <Fusiontr> Charles Douchekin
[16:35] <+Ogu> dang, too obscure
[16:35] <%Aerox> Pride, Prejudice, and Douches
[16:35] <Fusiontr> I got it Ogu
[16:35] <Aurvantoid> Douche Koontz
[16:35] <Fusiontr> I did Leon Douchestoy earlier
[16:35] <Dr_BadSpoon> WRY-YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY-douche
[16:35] <+Ogu> Douche Ellington
[16:35] <%Aerox> I think we all know Tolstoy
[16:36] <+Ogu> no no, but it looks weird
[16:36] <Star_Croc64> LEEEEROY DOUCHEKINS
[16:36] <Aurvantoid> XenoDouche
[16:36] <%Aerox> Martin Luther Douche Jr.
[16:36] <Star_Croc64> Douche Story
[16:36] <Dr_BadSpoon> Kentucky Fried Douche
[16:36] <+Ogu> like m akes no sense
[16:36] <%Aerox> The Douche of God is Within You
[16:36] <Star_Croc64> A Bug's Douche
[16:36] <+Ogu> Wendouche's
[16:36] <Fusiontr> Martin Douche King Jr.
[16:36] <+Simmy> McDouches
[16:36] <Star_Croc64> McDouche's
[16:36] <%Aerox> Monsters vs. Douches
[16:36] <Aurvantoid> Douche X
[16:36] <%Aerox> Douches Inc.
[16:36] <Star_Croc64> did it aerox
[16:36] <Star_Croc64> haha
[16:36] * Quits: P3T3Y ([email protected]) (Quit: P3T3Y)
[16:36] <Star_Croc64> GET OUT OF MY HEAD MAN
[16:36] <+Ogu> haha
[16:36] <Dr_BadSpoon> Monthy Python and the Holy Douche
[16:36] <+Ogu> Get out of my douche
[16:36] <+Ogu> That 70s Douche
[16:37] <%Aerox> Monty Python's Flying Douche
[16:37] <Star_Croc64> Life of Douche
[16:37] <Fusiontr> And Now For Something Completely Douchent
[16:37] <Dr_BadSpoon> My Name is Douche
[16:37] <Star_Croc64> That 80s Douche
[16:37] <Aurvantoid> No one expects the Spanish Douche!
[16:37] <Star_Croc64> Douche Man
[16:37] <+Ogu> The Douche Unlimited
[16:37] <+Ogu> Douche Green
[16:37] * Quits: Gibbo ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
[16:37] <%Aerox> Darjeeling Douche
[16:37] <Star_Croc64> The Douche Supremicy
[16:37] <%Aerox> The Polar Douche
[16:37] <Fusiontr> Pulp Doucheion
[16:37] <Dr_BadSpoon> Danzig-douche
[16:37] <+Ogu> Soylent Green is made of douche
[16:37] <+Ogu> Douche Fiction!
[16:37] <Star_Croc64> The Golden Douche
[16:37] <+Ogu> Douchespotting
[16:37] <%Aerox> hahhahaha
[16:37] <Dr_BadSpoon> the douche of all time
[16:37] <Star_Croc64> Burn After Douching
[16:37] <+Ogu> Reservoir Douche
[16:37] <Aurvantoid> The Tale of Doucheperaux
[16:37] <%Aerox> Douche Bill, Vol 1 & 2
[16:37] <Dr_BadSpoon> The Electric Douche
[16:38] <+Ogu> haha
[16:38] <Star_Croc64> Back to the Douche
[16:38] <+Ogu> Sesame Douche
[16:38] <Fusiontr> Resevoir Douche
[16:38] <%Aerox> Douchin' 2, Electric Boogaloo
[16:38] <+Ogu> Douche to the future
[16:38] <%Aerox> You Got Douched
[16:38] <Dr_BadSpoon> loldouche
[16:38] <%Aerox> Douche the yard
[16:38] <Aurvantoid> Douche Diggler
[16:38] <+Ogu> Douche at nine
[16:38] <Star_Croc64> Douche Got Served?
[16:38] <Dr_BadSpoon> You Got Kicked in the Douche
[16:38] <Star_Croc64> Douche Park
[16:38] <+Ogu> It's 10 o' clock... do you know where your douche is?
[16:38] <+Ogu> GI Douche
[16:38] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche: my anti-drug
[16:38] <%Aerox> Douche, the other white meat
[16:38] <+Ogu> hahaha
[16:38] <Star_Croc64> This is your douche, this is your douche on drugs
[16:38] <Fusiontr> The Mighty Douche
[16:38] <+Ogu> Douche Diet
[16:39] <Dr_BadSpoon> South Douche Diet
[16:39] <+Ogu> Douche Driving, don't do it
[16:39] <Aurvantoid> Krod Mandouche and the Flaming Douche of Fire.
[16:39] <Star_Croc64> Douched Up
[16:39] <+Ogu> Douches of Leon
[16:39] <Dr_BadSpoon> Myriad of Douche
[16:39] <Fusiontr> Douche and Loathing in Las Vegas
[16:39] <Star_Croc64> Doucheland
[16:39] <Aurvantoid> Mountain Douche
[16:39] <+Ogu> Douche Lennon
[16:39] <Star_Croc64> Douche and Report
[16:39] <%Aerox> ShowDouches
[16:39] <+Ogu> haha
[16:39] <Star_Croc64> Pineapple Douche
[16:39] <Dr_BadSpoon> iDouchebot
[16:39] <+Ogu> Douchenam
[16:39] <Aurvantoid> Prison Douche
[16:39] <Fusiontr> Douche by Douche West
[16:39] <+Ogu> Douche the other cheek
[16:39] <Star_Croc64> Bedtime Douches
[16:39] <Aurvantoid> Apocolypse Douche
[16:39] <Star_Croc64> Douchetime Stories
[16:39] <Dr_BadSpoon> Fastest Douche In The West
[16:40] <Fusiontr> Jesus Douche
[16:40] <+Ogu> Douchebowl
[16:40] <Fusiontr> Santa Douche
[16:40] <Dr_BadSpoon> Doucheocalypse
[16:40] <Star_Croc64> The Douche Knight
[16:40] <+Ogu> Douche almighty
[16:40] <Star_Croc64> Douching
[16:40] <Dr_BadSpoon> The Douchedocks
[16:40] <+Ogu> Doucheocalypse now! redux
[16:40] <Fusiontr> Do you feel lucky, douche?
[16:40] <+Ogu> haha
[16:40] <Star_Croc64> Bruce Douche hahaha
[16:40] <%Aerox> Douchefight at the O.K. Corral
[16:40] <Aurvantoid> Excalidouche
[16:40] <+Ogu> SLC Douche
[16:40] <Star_Croc64> Douche Again
[16:40] <Dr_BadSpoon> It's over 9-douche
[16:40] <+Gemsi> Douche-Zero
[16:40] <+Ogu> *runs to imdb*
[16:40] <Aurvantoid> Douches and Dragons
[16:40] <%Aerox> Douche Hard
[16:40] <%Aerox> Douche Hard 2
[16:40] <%Aerox> Douche Hard with a Vengenace
[16:40] <Star_Croc64> WITH A VENGENCE
[16:41] <%Aerox> Live Free or Douche Hard
[16:41] <+Ogu> Oops I Douched it again
[16:41] <%Aerox> Naked Douche 33 1/3
[16:41] <Aurvantoid> lmao
[16:41] <Dr_BadSpoon> The Will of Douche
[16:41] <Star_Croc64> Douche Arms
[16:41] <Dr_BadSpoon> Beetledouche
[16:41] <+Ogu> Band of Douches
[16:41] <Aurvantoid> Eternal Douche
[16:41] <+Ogu> don't say it three times dr_badspoon
[16:41] <Star_Croc64> Till The End of Douche
[16:41] <Dr_BadSpoon> three? dman
[16:41] <Dr_BadSpoon> damn*
[16:41] <Aurvantoid> Saving Private Douche
[16:41] <Star_Croc64> DAMN! three times...
[16:41] <Dr_BadSpoon> God douche it
[16:41] * Joins: Gibbo ([email protected])
[16:41] * ChanBot sets mode: +v Gibbo
[16:41] <@ChanBot> [gibbo] OR MY NAME AIN'T Drippik sir? YEAH! I knew that.
[16:42] <Star_Croc64> Austin Douchers and the Douche that Douched me
[16:42] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche it all to hell
[16:42] <%Aerox> Devil in a Red Douche
[16:42] <Star_Croc64> Douchefinger
[16:42] <+Ogu> douche bond
[16:42] <%Aerox> Apocalypse Douche
[16:42] <Fusiontr> Oddworld: Douche's Oddyssey
[16:42] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douchefinger
[16:42] <+Ogu> Devil wears Douche
[16:42] <Star_Croc64> In Her Majesty's Douche
[16:42] <%Aerox> Dr. Douche
[16:42] <%Aerox> Tomorrow Never Douches
[16:42] <+Gemsi> Douche row
[16:42] <Fusiontr> Live And Let Douche
[16:42] <@Hitogoroshi> Children of Douches
[16:42] <Aurvantoid> The
[16:42] <+Ogu> Doucheallica
[16:42] <Star_Croc64> Douche of Solace
[16:42] <Aurvantoid> The Douche and I
[16:42] <%Aerox> The Twilight Douche
[16:42] <+Ogu> Doucheoholic
[16:42] <Fusiontr> Douche In Black
[16:42] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche therapy
[16:42] <%Aerox> Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Douche
[16:42] <@Hitogoroshi> No Country for Old Douches
[16:42] <+Gemsi> Douchegaea
[16:42] <%Aerox> Harry Potter and the Douche of Secrets
[16:43] <+Ogu> Douche punch
[16:43] <Star_Croc64> Douchemen
[16:43] <%Aerox> Harry Potter and the Douche of the Phoenix
[16:43] <+Ogu> haha hito
[16:43] <@Hitogoroshi> There Will Be Douches
[16:43] <Fusiontr> There Will Be Douche
[16:43] <Dr_BadSpoon> Harry Potter and the Chamber of Douche
[16:43] <@Hitogoroshi> ;)
[16:43] <Aurvantoid> Doucheing Arizona
[16:43] <Fusiontr> damn it hito
[16:43] <@Hitogoroshi> holy shit Fusion
[16:43] <Star_Croc64> Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Douche
[16:43] <@Hitogoroshi> I WIN!!!
[16:43] <+Ogu> This... is... Douche!
[16:43] <%Aerox> Harry Potter and the Half Douched Prince
[16:43] <Fusiontr> Douche00
[16:43] <+Ogu> haha
[16:43] <+Ogu> Doucheundred
[16:43] <Dr_BadSpoon> Animal douche
[16:43] <%Aerox> Harry Potter and the Douche of Fire
[16:43] <+Ogu> Douche Ventura
[16:43] <Dr_BadSpoon> douchephilia
[16:43] <%Aerox> Harry Potter and the Deathly Douche
[16:43] <Star_Croc64> When Douche Calls
[16:43] <Fusiontr> O Doucher, Where Art Thou?
[16:44] <Star_Croc64> Douches in Arms
[16:44] <Aurvantoid> Since we've been doing this for almost an hour straight I think it warrants first page.
[16:44] <Aurvantoid> Just sayin
[16:44] <%Aerox> 10 Things I Hate About Your Douche
[16:44] <@Hitogoroshi> Adouchment
[16:44] <Star_Croc64> Douche Compan
[16:44] <Star_Croc64> y
[16:44] <%Aerox> The Douching of the Shrew
[16:44] <Fusiontr> agreed
[16:44] <@Hitogoroshi> Queen Douche
[16:44] <+Ogu> hahaha, one hour really?
[16:44] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douche Me Not
[16:44] <+Ogu> wow
[16:44] <Fusiontr> William Douchespeare
[16:44] <+Ogu> I Douche you not!
[16:44] <Star_Croc64> well the douche is on the other foot now!
[16:44] <Aurvantoid> The Picture of Doucheian Grey
[16:44] <%Aerox> King of Douches XIII
[16:44] <Dr_BadSpoon> The douche is out of the bag
[16:44] <Fusiontr> League of Extraordinary Douches
[16:44] <+Ogu> The Douche is always greener
[16:44] <Star_Croc64> Iron Douche
[16:44] <Dr_BadSpoon> from soup to douche
[16:45] <Star_Croc64> Douchesing
[16:45] <+Ogu> Doucheformers
[16:45] <Aurvantoid> Neil Gaimans: Doucheman
[16:45] <+Ogu> Loosedouche
[16:45] <@Hitogoroshi> Cowboy Douchop
[16:45] <Fusiontr> Out of the drying pan, into the Douche
[16:45] <Fusiontr> *frying pan
[16:45] <Fusiontr> fuck
[16:45] <%Aerox> It's Always Douchier in Philadelphia
[16:45] <Dr_BadSpoon> still good
[16:45] <Star_Croc64> douchefly
[16:45] <%Aerox> Douchebound and Down
[16:45] <@Hitogoroshi> Tengan Toppa Gurren Douche
[16:45] <Dr_BadSpoon> Dr Good-douche
[16:45] <+Ogu> The Douches are the Douchiest, waaay back home
[16:45] <Aurvantoid> Douching Las Vegas
[16:45] <Fusiontr> Friday Night Douche
[16:45] <%Aerox> Gossip Douche
[16:45] <+Gemsi> Douchecast
[16:45] <Fusiontr> Douche, Douche and Doucher
[16:45] <Star_Croc64> Southdouche
[16:45] <Dr_BadSpoon> Plan Douche
[16:45] <%Aerox> Beverly Hills 9021Douche
[16:45] <Aurvantoid> Doucheinator: Salvation
[16:45] <Dr_BadSpoon> Souldouche
[16:45] <Star_Croc64> Dirty Douche
[16:45] <+Ogu> Douche Monty
[16:45] <@Hitogoroshi> Douche and Dumber
[16:45] <Aurvantoid> The Douche Knight
[16:45] <+Ogu> Dirty Douching
[16:45] <%Aerox> Douche and Dumberer
[16:45] <Fusiontr> Beverly Hills 90Douche10
[16:46] <@Hitogoroshi> Doucheman Begins
[16:46] <Dr_BadSpoon> Beavis and Douchehead
[16:46] <+Ogu> What the douche?
[16:46] <wilbo> why is everyone saying douche?
[16:46] <%Aerox> Wilbo is a douche
[16:46] <Star_Croc64> fail wilbo
[16:46] <+Ogu> wildouche
[16:46] <Star_Croc64> douchebo
[16:46] <@Hitogoroshi> Douchebo
[16:46] <wilbo> :(
[16:46] <Fusiontr> The Douchefather
[16:46] <Aurvantoid> *hugs*
[16:46] <+Ogu> the douchefather 2
[16:46] <Dr_BadSpoon> you can't handle the douche!
[16:46] <%Aerox> Where the Wild Things Douche
[16:46] <Star_Croc64> doucheiontr
[16:46] <Aurvantoid> FIREDOUCHE
[16:46] * wilbo is now known as commiting
[16:46] <@Hitogoroshi> Douche Reserection
[16:46] <Star_Croc64> Dr_Douchespoon
[16:46] <%Aerox> Cloudy with a Chance of Douches
[16:46] <Fusiontr> A Few Good Douches
[16:46] <commiting> suicide
[16:46] <%Aerox> Goodnight Douche
[16:46] <commiting> Wilbo
[16:46] <Dr_BadSpoon> Die, Die, my douchecubine
[16:46] <@Hitogoroshi> Beyond the Douche Dome
[16:46] <+Ogu> Pope Jean Douche the second
[16:46] <Fusiontr> Goodnight and Good DOuche
[16:46] <+Ogu> John or w/e
[16:46] <%Aerox> Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Douches
[16:46] <@Hitogoroshi> Douche Max
[16:47] <Dr_BadSpoon> Beyond Good and Douce
[16:47] <Fusiontr> Captain Jean Douche Picard
[16:47] <@Hitogoroshi> Super Douche Galaxy
[16:47] <+Ogu> ChronoDouche
[16:47] <Aurvantoid> Douche: The Story of a Murderer
[16:47] <@Hitogoroshi> nice one Fusion
[16:47] <eternalplayer>
[16:47] <Star_Croc64> Super Douche Strikers Charged
[16:47] <eternalplayer> god I love that boxart
[16:47] <Dr_BadSpoon> village hidden in the douche
[16:47] <@Hitogoroshi> EternalDouche
[16:47] <%Aerox> Duke Douchem 3D
[16:47] <+Ogu> Doucheternet
[16:47] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douchemania
[16:47] <Aurvantoid> I need to leave work.
[16:47] <Star_Croc64> Doucheheart Excellia
[16:47] <Dr_BadSpoon> Douchefever
[16:47] <Aurvantoid> I hope this is still going on when I get home
[16:47] <Aurvantoid> bbl in 15 minutes
[16:47] <Dr_BadSpoon> #6 with extra douche
[16:47] <Star_Croc64> Douchelle
[16:47] <Fusiontr> Mega Douche 9
[16:47] <+Ogu> Douche tell mom
[16:47] * Parts: Aurvantoid ([email protected])
[16:47] <Dr_BadSpoon> would you like douche with that?
[16:47] <+Ogu> What mom doesn't douche won't hurt her
[16:48] <Star_Croc64> Spider-Douche 3
[16:48] <Fusiontr> Daddy's Little Douche
[16:48] <Star_Croc64> Big Momma's Douche
[16:48] <%Aerox> Honey I Douched the Kids
[16:48] <+Ogu> Would you like to douche it for 50 cents?
[16:48] <Fusiontr> The Crying Douche
[16:48] <Dr_BadSpoon> Knowledge is douche
[16:48] <Star_Croc64> The Douche and the Furious
[16:48] <+Ogu> Douchess
[16:48] <Fusiontr> Douche Hunter
[16:48] <Star_Croc64> Would you like our Douche protector for a quarter more?
[16:48] <+Ogu> Douchewagon
[16:48] <NexAsleep> Not really liking Fallout 3. I'd give it a 2/5 maybe.
[16:48] <@Hitogoroshi> Turner and Douche
[16:48] <Dr_BadSpoon> get a job, sparkling douchers
[16:48] <Star_Croc64> Doucheout 3
[16:48] <+Ogu> It's r eal buggy nex
[16:48] <+Ogu> but I liked it
[16:49] <Dr_BadSpoon> get a job, douching wiggles
[16:49] <Star_Croc64> PRO TIP: Dont play it on PS3
[16:49] <NexAsleep> I haven't experienced many bugs, but the gameplay just isn't doing it for me.
[16:49] <+Ogu> Douche tell me what it is
[16:49] <%Aerox> DreamDouches
[16:49] <NexAsleep> I've got it for x360
[16:49] <Star_Croc64> Doucheworks
[16:49] <%Aerox> Dynasty Douches
[16:49] <+Ogu> Adobe Photodouche
[16:49] <Star_Croc64> Douche Warroris
[16:49] <%Aerox> Stalker: Douche of Chernobyl
[16:49] <Star_Croc64> Warriors even
[16:49] <Dr_BadSpoon> douche now, or forever hold your douche
[16:49] <%Aerox> BioDouche
[16:49] <%Aerox> DoucheShock
[16:49] <eternalplayer> zombies ate my douche
[16:49] <%Aerox> HAHAHAHA
[16:50] <+Ogu> Douche never dies
[16:50] <+Ogu> eternalplayer, you win
[16:50] <Star_Croc64> haha eternal
[16:50] * Hitogoroshi changes topic to 'Unofficial Dtoid IRC [oTo] IRC guide: [oTo] | new/recent douches who don't have autodouche (+v or +nick in front of your nickname) register your douch (see guide) and pm douche'
[16:50] * Fusiontr is now known as Doucheiontr
[16:50] <+Ogu> ... /join #douchetructoid
[16:50] * Aerox changes topic to 'Unofficial Dtoid IRC [oTo] IRC guide: [oTo] | new/recent douches who don't have autodouche (+v or +nick in front of your nickname) register your douche (see guide) and pm Professo'
[16:50] * Star_Croc64 is now known as DoucheBox
[16:50] <Dr_BadSpoon> if (!douche) halt;
[16:50] * Aerox changes topic to 'Unofficial Dtoid IRC [oTo] IRC guide: [oTo] | new/recent douches who don't have autodouche (+v or +nick in front of your nickname) register your douche (see guide) and pm ProfessorDouche'
[16:50] <Doucheiontr> This is the greatest thin ever
[16:50] <Doucheiontr> *thing
[16:51] <DoucheBox> change nickname to douche
[16:51] <+Ogu> Ruby on Douche
[16:51] * Ogu is now known as Oguche
[16:51] <Dr_BadSpoon> you're gonna love my douche!
[16:51] <+Oguche> :(
[16:51] * Aerox is now known as Doucherox
[16:51] * Oguche is now known as Doguche
[16:51] <%Doucherox> ShamDouche
[16:51] * Doguche is now known as Douchegu
[16:51] <DoucheBox> Douchezam!
[16:51] * Gemsi is now known as Douchesi
[16:51] * Hitogoroshi is now known as Douchegoroshi
[16:51] <%Doucherox> The Douche Chop
[16:51] <Doucheiontr> Worms: Doucheageddon
[16:51] <DoucheBox> mm douche chops
[16:51] <%Doucherox> DoucheJam
[16:51] <+Douchegu> Happy Doucheday
[16:51] * Dr_BadSpoon is now known as Dr_BadDouche
[16:51] <+Douchegu> Douchember
[16:51] <Doucheiontr> DoucheJam & Earl
[16:51] <DoucheBox> douchecapitated
[16:52] <DoucheBox> Panic on Doucheitron
[16:52] <+Douchegu> Douchezilla
[16:52] <Dr_BadDouche> caution: dangerous when douche
[16:52] <+Douchesi> ccccc-combo douche
[16:52] <Doucheiontr> Let The Right Douche In
[16:52] <DoucheBox> Douche when wet
[16:52] * Douchegoroshi is now known as Hitogodouchi
[16:52] <%Doucherox> The Douche is Right
[16:52] <+Douchegu> Bulbadouche
[16:52] <DoucheBox> Sunshire on teh Spotless Douche
[16:52] <Dr_BadDouche> The Douche is Always Right
[16:52] <DoucheBox> sunshine on the*
[16:52] <Dr_BadDouche> sex on the douche
[16:52] <DoucheBox> Who wants to be a Douche?
[16:52] <+Douchegu> Wash your douche after using the bathroom
[16:52] <%Doucherox> The Douche Crown Affair
[16:52] <%Doucherox> Douched in 60 Seconds
[16:53] <DoucheBox> Employees must Douche
[16:53] <+Douchegu> Douchestang
[16:53] <eternalplayer> this is important
[16:53] <Dr_BadDouche> caution: product may be douche
[16:53] <eternalplayer>
[16:53] * Simmy is now known as Douchey
[16:53] * Joins: BunnyRabbit2 ([email protected])
[16:53] * ChanBot sets mode: +v BunnyRabbit2
[16:53] <%Doucherox> The Jungle Douche
[16:53] <+Douchegu> Douche sold separately
[16:53] <DoucheBox> DoucheRabbit2
[16:53] <+Douchesi> ...wut
[16:53] <Doucheiontr> Noby Noby Douche
[16:53] <+Douchegu> Douche not include battery
[16:53] <DoucheBox> takes two double a douches
[16:53] <+Douchegu> Me and My Douche
[16:53] <Dr_BadDouche> tresspassers will be shot, survivors will be douched again
[16:53] <+Douchegu> Douchestation portable
[16:53] <DoucheBox> Marley and Douche
[16:53] <+Douchegu> Doucheneck
[16:53] <Doucheiontr> Takes Two To Doucheo
[16:54] <+Douchegu> The Beverly Hilldouches
[16:54] <@Hitogodouchi> Tae Kwon Douche
[16:54] <%Doucherox> My Child was an Honor Douche at Almond Avenue Elementary
[16:54] <DoucheBox> atlantis: city of douche
[16:54] <Dr_BadDouche> child of douching time
[16:54] <Dr_BadDouche> strapping young douche
[16:54] <%Doucherox> Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Douche
[16:54] <DoucheBox> Are you Douche Strong?
[16:54] <+Douchegu> I have to go pee but I can't leave!
[16:54] <+Douchegu> what do I do?
[16:54] <%Doucherox> Pee in a bottle
[16:54] <DoucheBox> i need to grab my fooood
[16:54] <%Doucherox> Or your own mouth
[16:54] <Dr_BadDouche> why does it burn when I douche?
[16:54] <+Douchegu> haha
[16:54] <Doucheiontr> I've needed to pee for the last 20 minutes
[16:55] <+Douchegu> If your Douche lasts for more than 6 hours, please call your doctor
[16:55] <Dr_BadDouche> "But... I douche from there!"
[16:55] <%Doucherox> Are You There God? It's Me, Douche
[16:55] <%Doucherox> Encyclopedia Douche
[16:55] <Doucheiontr> The Man Who Sued Douche
[16:55] <+Douchegu> you kiss your mother with that douche?
[16:55] <Dr_BadDouche> Docueipeida
[16:55] <+BunnyRabbit2> Evening again
[16:55] <Dr_BadDouche> douche*
[16:55] <+Douchegu> UrbanDouche
[16:55] <+BunnyRabbit2> Stupid wireless died
[16:55] <Dr_BadDouche> antistatic douche
[16:55] <+Douchegu> Ectodouchemosis
[16:56] <Dr_BadDouche> Doucheosis
[16:56] * commiting is now known as Wilbo
[16:56] <DoucheBox> mmm douche chicken with steamed douche
[16:56] <+BunnyRabbit2> What started this?
[16:56] <%Doucherox> It's a long douchey story
[16:56] <Dr_BadDouche> Douchechop
[16:56] <Doucheiontr> Katamari Douchemacy
[16:56] <%Doucherox> Advanced Dungeons and Douches
[16:56] <%Doucherox> Douches in the Magic Kingdom
[16:56] <Doucheiontr> Douches and Dragons
[16:56] <+BunnyRabbit2> Either way it's GHWT time
[16:56] <Dr_BadDouche> Tom Clancy's Rainbow Douche
[16:56] <DoucheBox> Doucheon Siege
[16:56] <+BunnyRabbit2> I have more songs to play
[16:56] <eternalplayer> how stella got her douche back
[16:56] <%Doucherox> Castlevania III: Dracula's Douche
[16:57] <+Douchegu> ha douchen!
[16:57] <Doucheiontr> How Stella Got Her DOuche Back 2
[16:57] <DoucheBox> Symphony of the Douche
[16:57] <+Douchegu> Splinter Cell: Douche Agent
[16:57] <%Doucherox> To Wong Foo, Thanks for Douching, Julie Newmar
[16:57] <Doucheiontr> shoryudouche
[16:57] <@Necros> holy fuck
[16:57] <Dr_BadDouche> thank you for not douching
[16:57] <@Necros> you guys are still going at this
[16:57] <%Doucherox> Romy and Michelle's High School Douche
[16:57] <@Necros> you guys are all huge douches
[16:57] <DoucheBox> SHORYUDOUCHE
[16:57] <+Douchegu> excuse our douche, site under construction
[16:57] <Dr_BadDouche> High School Douchical
[16:57] <%Doucherox> Douche Klux Klan
[16:57] <DoucheBox> Hadoucheken!
[16:58] <%Doucherox> Legend of Zelda: Douche to the Past
[16:58] <Doucheiontr> Ferris Douchler's Day Off
[16:58] <+Douchegu> Douche ryu reppa
[16:58] <+Douchegu> Sonic Douche!
[16:58] <Dr_BadDouche> I'm the Juggernaut, douche!
[16:58] <%Doucherox> Kikodouche!
[16:58] <DoucheBox> the douchernaut
[16:58] <Doucheiontr> Parrapa the Douche
[16:58] <%Doucherox> That means energy from the douche
[16:58] <+Douchegu> Peanet butter jelly douche
[16:58] <+Douchegu> Douchetructoid
[16:58] <%Doucherox> Princess Tomato in the Salad Douche
[16:58] <DoucheBox> the power of douche compells you!
[16:58] <%Doucherox> Douche of Persia
[16:58] <%Doucherox> (It's full of sand)
[16:59] <DoucheBox> sounds hawt
[16:59] <+Douchegu> Anne Douche's Diary
[16:59] <%Doucherox> Bart vs. the Douche Mutants
[16:59] <Dr_BadDouche> Ka-me-ha-me-douche
[16:59] <DoucheBox> douchenball z
[16:59] <Dr_BadDouche> is this douche taken?
[16:59] <+Douchegu> open the douche!
[16:59] <+Douchegu>
[16:59] <DoucheBox> careful not to fall asleep on your douche
[17:00] <DoucheBox> you dont wanna miss your stop
[17:00] <+Douchegu> American Doucheball
[17:00] <Dr_BadDouche> doucheigan's island   read

11:24 AM on 02.12.2009






5:34 PM on 02.01.2009

One More Thing You Didn't Know About Fusion [NVGR]


Make it happen please   read

7:39 AM on 02.01.2009

[NVGR] 10 Things You Didn't Know About Fusion

It seems "10 Things You Didn't Know" lists are popular today, so being the sheep I am, I'm going to follow the herd and do my own! If you want to know how a Fusion gets to where he is now, then read on!

10. Runescape turned me off MMOs forever
Every single minute I played of that game a few years back, my soul slowly died and thus made the generalisation that all MMOs were this terrible and have never played one since.

9. My first console was a Sinclair ZX Specturm
It was actually my grandfathers and whenever I visited my grandparents house I'd always ask to play on the Spectrum. It was great bonding time while we waited for the games to boot up

8. I've never owned an NES or a PS2
And I regret both of them. I've missed out on so many games because of it

7. I hate having to sell my games on
I love collecting them but I need the money to buy new video games.

6. I hate the taste of beer, but I drink it anyway
I've only found 2 or 3 beers I will happily drink. The rest just don't appeal to me. I'll drink red wine but on no accounts will I drink spirits

5. I've never smoked
And nor do I intend to at any point in my life

4. When I was younger I wanted to be a chef
I realised that I couldn't cook for shit however, so that dream quickly died.

3. I really wish I could draw
I used to quite good at drawing when I was younger but as I've grown older my abilities have depleted quite a bit

2. I'm proud of my acheivements
I started writing professionally at the age of 14, which I'm incredibly proud of. I've written ever since for a multitude of different sites and papers etc.

1. My parents are my biggest influence in life
From music, to films to games. Everything I love is somehow related to them.   read

7:43 AM on 01.04.2009

I hugged my pillow

.........And had no idea yesterday was Dtoid Hug Day :(   read

3:35 PM on 12.25.2008

Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf or Death [NVGR]

Nowadays, everything is way over produced. CGI and other drastic post-production edits seem to occur with every TV show or film out. The love and care and craft that goes into making films and TV shows seems to have all but evaporated. There is one company, and one man in particular, whose aim is to keep the traditional craft in creating a TV show alive.

That man is this man.

His name is Nick Park, a 50 year old animator from Preston in Lancashire, England. His works include Creature Comforts (the British and American versions) Chicken Run and, most famously, the Wallace & Gromit series. Now, I've loved the Wallace & Gromit series of short films ever since I was a small boy. Why? Because they just seemed to homemade, which they were.

Each model was handcrafted out of clay and then stop-motion was used to animate these lumps of clay which seem to have more life in them than a number of Hollywood stars these days. The finer details, such as still being able to see the fingerprints on the clay in the films, make it seem rough around the edges but with so much character to it.

This is why I almost collapsed with excitement when I found out that today, Christmas Day, a new short Wallace & Gromit film was to be aired on BBC One.

And it was fantastic.

The story, in summary, is that Wallace & Gromit set up a succesfull bakery when a series of murders starts occuring in the local area, primarily of bakers. As this news appears, so does a woman for which Wallace falls in love with. The way the story pans out is a sort of faux-murder mystery esque pantomime.
The jokes are subtley funny, as they always have been, as well as a particular favourite showing the rivalry between Nick Park's home county, Lancashire, and my home county, Yorkshire.

It really was a fantastic 30 minutes and proof that proper, decent television is still around and is being made.

So, to Nick Park, I salute you for making my Christmas that bit more awesome and I suggest anyone remotely interested should try and dig it up to watch.   read

2:31 PM on 12.15.2008

Wilbo and Fusion's epic Left 4 Dead encounter

We all know that Left 4 Dead is now being overrun by the whiny Halo 3 players that insist on shouting racial and homophobic slurs to anyone in the direct vicinity. Now we have proof. Whilst myself, WIlbo and halfleft were having a nice kind game of Left 4 Dead in which much zombie slaughtering, a lovely chap by the name XxNuBXFoXLiFexX joined our social gathering. He wasn't the most co-operative of teammates and decided to put a vote out to kick me. As such, I retaliated with a vote to kick for him.

After this ordeal, I received a message from this young chap saying "fuck you geek." Wilbo and halfleft also received said message. Wilbo replied with "I love you" to which he replied "ur funny" I then replied with "Thanks babes. I love you."

This prompted this response from the young chap through voice message:

"Fuck you, you little gay ass queer. Go get a life and go suck your mum's dick. Now shut th..Go away you mother fucker."

Unfortunately for WIlbo and halfleft, they did not recieve a reply. I feel humbled and special to have recieved a gracious gift as this.

Thanks Xbox Live and Left 4 Dead, for proving that there are people in the world who need to be eradicated from the gene pool.   read

11:43 AM on 12.09.2008

Amazing package is amazing

Well, today has been pretty crappy. My day went pretty shit and I couldn't wait to get home.
I got home and this was waiting for me:

Sent by the wonderful Tiff Chow it completely cheered me up to no end. Even the box looked awesome:

It contained a lot of awesome little things she picked up from PAX, because I wasn't able to go, as well as a few other things. Items include: Fallout 3 Promo Survival Guide, a collection of postcards, stickers, a Harley Quinn lego figurine, a Dragon Age ad sleeve, a little letter and a sort of little tag.

Then at the back of the box was this:

What is it? I here you cry:

Why, it's an amazingly cute little plushie made by dear Tiff herself.

The package has really brightened up my day to no end, so thank you!   read

2:46 PM on 11.06.2008

John Williams acapella tribute = Awesome! [NVGR] (Short blog)

This is seriously the most awesome thing I've ever had the pleasure of watching. It's so superbly done, great lyrics and it just works so well. Just watch and witness the majesty that is this amazing tribute to John Williams.

[embed]110545:15679[/embed]   read

1:47 PM on 10.19.2008

Why I love Destructoid (Short blog)

I'm relatively new, only been here about 3-4 months or something like that and a lurker before then, but in those 3-4 months I've felt so accepted straight away. And last night just sealed the deal for me.
For those unaware, it was a day that would go down in history as the day the Destructoid community collectively sang the YMCA. And it was epic! Even more epic than the most epic thing in the world.
People from all over the world, some who have met each other, some who haven't all raising their arms into a Y, an M, a C and an A while our leader Jim Sterling led us through the song.

Singing in IRC, singing on Xbox Live, singing in the NowLive chat made for one heck of a night that I could've spent doing some work but didn't

And so, on that note I say I love Destructoid, I love Niero for making Destructoid and I love each and every one of you fuckers who frequent this site and make it what it is!   read

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