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Furyfire avatar 3:31 AM on 07.01.2012  (server time)
Voicing Your Opinions - An Opinion.

Note: The stance in this article is that opinion of the author alone.

Yes, I am going to touch on this subject as it is bothering me quite a bit.

A more serious matter that affected Destructiod recently was the opinion of stating your opinion. We all know Destructiod is a opinionated site, it stands out from most gaming sites because it is such that. Opinionated.

But those Opinions can cause trouble. We all know Jim Sterling around here. The man is Mr. Opinion himself, but the guy has been in the industry long enough that most people take him with a grain of salt... and those who do NOT know him, rage rather hard at whatever he says, and rage often. Though the topics he treads are softer in many ways... the people he anger are usually narrowed down (In my opinion of course). And all and all I respect the fact he is this way.

David Jaffe is another man who speaks his mind a lot, and of course he takes a lot of flack for it. But all and all life goes on.

However.. is there a line when voicing your Opinion can go over that line of too far? It certainly seems that way. The 'offensive' twitter post is from a now former Destructiod contributor, Ryan Perez, he ended up drunk twitting about a fairly popular woman in the gaming community: Felicia Day. Reading what posts he wrote, the words were hateful and over the line. However.. what really surprised me was how LONG it took for it to explode. The post had been up for a full 22 hours, at the time, before a good friend of Felciia, the incredibly popular and famous Wil Wheaton, made the post widely spread by explaining his own hate of the post toward her. It was then that everything blew up and ended the way it did.

Hateful Opinions vs. Real Opinions... this is where the line is drawn. Jim and David usually state their minds, but the Opinions stated are those of just that: Opinions. Opinions will always do that.. they will draw the ire of communities who think differently. But Hateful Opinions, drunk or not, will draw the ire of everyone. At the time of this posting, Ryan has also gained the ire of movie actors (Adam Baldwin) as well... not just the gaming community, but those in Hollywood. Just because he decided to speak his mind in a more hurtful way.

So... where does my Opinion about Opinions come in?

I obviously am a Opinionated person.... as most of my cBlog posts are about an Opinion I have had on a particular topic. I like speaking my Opinion no matter what most people think I will usually stand by what I have said. No matter how idiotic I sound. HOWEVER; when it comes to a certain type of opinion for example; Politics: I usually try and avoid that topic no matter how Opinionated I am on such a idea.

But... if Wil Wheaton had not of stepped in to confront Ryan on his post, would everything of been hunky dory? Probably. I stated above that Opinions draw the ire of people. What happened here is Ryan got the ire of someone fairly famous. Yes, Felicia is fairly well known... but she didn't bring attention to the comment he made at the time. It was Wil Wheaton who brought Ryan's hateful post to the limelight. It was then and only then that a Opinion then exploded and people began to jump to conclusions that Ryan was a sexist and so on. They even targeted Destructiod for hiring such a 'sexist' and 'misogynist ass', and in the end... he got canned(Edit: There are different ideas going on, either way the man doesn't work for Destructiod anymore, Fired or Stepped Down.), drunk Opinion or not.

Wil stepped up to defend Felicia, which was I believe was the right thing to do.
But in his defense of her, in turn, unleashed the internet upon Ryan for a Opinionated Drunken Post by bringing it into public eye.
And at the time of this post... Ryan continues to speak his Opinion... and continue to gain more hate because of it.

So in the end.. yes, you should speak your mind... but also word it well and know when to limit yourself, you may have a Opinion.. but it might hurt someone more than you think.

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