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Furyfire avatar 12:56 AM on 11.13.2010  (server time)
Nostalgia: Splatterhouse Series

I figured with the new game coming up soon, I might as well post something about the old games and how awesome they were.

Though to start off, I never did play the original arcade one. I probably never will, at least until the new title comes out and, Namco being strangely awesome and giving way usually possible DLC for free? All three of these epic games will be available for unlock as you play the game. Of course.. the biggest fear I have is the game is going to be horrible, so horrible that I can't unlock the original three games. But enough of this.. onward to Nostalgia!

The first Splatterhouse game that I got my hands on was Splatterhouse 2. Back then.. the ESRB rating didn't exist, it did however have a nice little warning label placed off to the side to warn parents of its violent and gory nature so it wouldn't effect young underage people, like me at the time, with it's awful nasty yet very meaningful experience. Back then.. Marilyn Manson or whatever that singers name was getting all the attention, so if it wasn't music, it couldn't hurt anyone!

So, here I am.. playing this game, not a clue what the hell the story was about, but.. holy crap.. what was this?! Not even 30 seconds into the first stage I picked up a two-by-four and swinging it into the bodies of Red Zombies.. and not even just that, plowing those lovely undead bodies into the wall behind me! Instantly.. I'm hooked. At that age I probably could of played the first stage over and over and over again, and again at that age, if you think about it.. I died over and over and over again anyways. So that is what I ended up doing for most of my rental period with the game. The game was hard. Especially for someone around the age of 12-13, the farthest I ever remember getting in the game without having to cheat with a Game Genie was the beginning of Stage 3.

I did end up renting the game a few more times over the period of my Genesis career, though I never did beat it on that system, legit, though again the got to see the rest of this wonderful title through the power of the Game Genie. I eventually picked it up on a emulator and defeated it when I was much older without having to cheat though, again.. it was quite a effort.

However I was lucky enough to pick up Splatterhouse 3 when it was release on the Genesis as well, and though the title was just as hard as its predecessor, I was skilled enough at that perticular age group to actually BEAT this one without having to rely on a game altering device. However.. what ending I got.. yeah. This game came with multiple endings.

When I first played the title, I didn't even notice the timer on the upper right hand corner, didn't look at the minimap all that much. I just went around and slaughtered monsters and occasionally picked up a cut scene of Jennifer, your girlfriend who always seems to be a target of monsters, going into hiding... then getting found... then savagely getting devoured by a beast. So eventually I get through the levels and start to figure out what the hell is going on. So... Bad ending when I beat it the first time, I figure out there's a clock. Lets go for the good stuff!

So, another play through... and I save Jennifer.. and.. WHAT THE FLYING FUCK!? She's still not saved!? I have to race through another level to officially save her? Why the hell does this bitch keep getting screwed like this!? So.. off I go onto stage two to stop the Bore Worm... and I make it to it in time.. and.. wait... I have to make it to it and defeat it in under 3 minutes? So the 5 minute timer is how long before she turns into monster? 3 minutes before her brain is eaten? G'damnit. And the screen that you see.. is one of the creepiest in the games I've ever seen....

Again, it wasn't until a later time in my life that I downloaded the game once more and played through it, eventually getting the best ending.. and still decided in the end that the bad endings were better than the good one. Of course.. I waited patiently for another title to come out.. and years pass. Various 'fan creations' were announced and quickly canned due to cease and desist orders.

And now it's happening.

We're all seen the screens and videos.. and sadly, it isn't looking great.. but it's a title I'll probably pick up, no matter how bad they screw it up. Even it.. the 60 dollars might be worth playing through the game to unlock the original three titles. Maybe then I'll actually play the first one finally.. and be able to play the second and third with glee.

But there is always hope that this reboot will do well.

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