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Furyfire avatar 12:24 PM on 05.09.2012  (server time)
Machinima - An Opinion.

Note: The stance in this article is that opinion of the author alone.

Machinima is 'seemingly' in trouble with the gaming community, at least at this point in time. One of their more popular video creators, Braindeadly, signed a contract with Machinima that pretty much states that all and everything Braindeadly creates and posts on his YouTube page. Wanting to be more free with his videos, or perhaps not have everything he posts be owned by Machinima, he takes a look at the contract he signed and quickly learns that under the contract he had signed that everything he posts is owned by Machinima alone and that he cannot break the contract. He also cannot afford a lawyer to fight the contract, so in the long term he ends his video making career so Machinima can't make money off of him anymore.

He pretty much didn't read what he was signing so he is legally restricted by 'law' to only create for Machinima.

So.. looking at this from a regular joe standpoint, my opinion is as follows:

Machinima, that is a pretty nasty move and bad PR to openly tell the guy he cannot create for his own sake. Especially someone who has access to YouTube and entertained thousands of people who visit his page. Some say Machinima deserve all the dislikes of their videos, some say that Machinima is a evil company.. but that is how companies work. Businesses stay safe by using contracts, by making sure that the ones who signed the contract don't screw themselves over. Of course... there are also downsides to contracts, as mentioned above, as it can restrict the one who signed the contract to limiting themselves within the terms of the contract.. you can't make stuff for fun, you can't make what you want, and so on.

Yet... Braindeadly is pretty much the one at fault here. He didn't look into what he was getting himself into. The defenders of Machinima are 100% right in their posts, that he should of actually read the fine print instead of just signing his skill away to a company that are incredibly strict with their contracts. I can't really defend someone who jumped into something so blindly, yet... what Machinima did to expose how their contracts work... you kind of feel bad for the kid.

It also doesn't help that Machinimas 'professionals' and employees act like idiots as well...

On top of the contract issue, Machinima went up against Destructoid in a best out of 7 contrest in Tribes: Ascend. What started out as a friendly contest turned fairly ugly, as Destructiods team swept the battle, winning 4 out of 7. Now, its hard to tell if they were joking or not, but by the end of the battle Machinima were making excuses, complaining and talking a ton of trash, calling King Foom(Of Mash Tactics) a 'Ringer' (Someone who claims they don't know what they are doing, but are actually really good at the game.) and so on.

One: Foom started playing the game about a week before the contest, that far qualifies him from the Ringer status.

Two: Machinima hired on RedishBlue to play on their team, a professional player with a strong Tribes background. This is on here because after they lost they claimed we had a bunch of professional players on DToids team... when all we had were community players. Then complained they were mostly Staff members and DToid only used two staff members. All the while they had a 'MLG' level player on their side... and still lost.

Three: Machinima made general foolishness out of themselves on their own stream. If you look at the Dtoid video of their side, and then Machinimas YouTube channel, you can show the teamwork on one side and the chaos on the other. Now one could pass it off as Machinima just having fun but.. as the games progressed, the staff of Machinima progressively got worse in their attitude.

This on top of the contract issue... I've lost a lot of respect for how Machinima is ran as a corporation and for the gaming community in general. Yes, Braindeadly did sign his life away because he didn't look at the contract hard enough, but if all the staff members act the way they did in the Tribes contest when it comes to business.. I wouldn't want to have anything to do with them.

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