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Furyfire avatar 10:24 AM on 02.21.2012  (server time)
Endings: New Beginnings

I've beaten plenty games, I also haven't beaten many games. Those games I have beaten, vary. Some endings I enjoy, some endings I don't understand... then there is the 'sequel' ending, or the 'bad' ending. Those endings that never really close the story, those endings that give you multiple stories that you WANT to finish, endings that leave your soul and fulfillment of the game with something lacking, or even infuriate those who beat it:

Endings that start New Beginnings.

Halo 2 (The WTF New Beginning)
Mass Effect 1 & 2 (The Multiple New Beginning)
Final Fantasy X (The Lacking New Beginning)

These are some games that I have played or know the endings of that set up the 'New Beginnings' type of ending, some are intentional, while others hit you in the face with a bag of brinks then piss on you as your stuck under them.

Lets start with the former, Mass Effect, everyone knew when they game came out there would be multiple endings and that it would be a continuing storyline, a sequel was evident, there was no doubt about that. It was the fact that in the games, you could choose how people lived or died, how the next story in the next game changes based on your decisions. Someone people took the ending they got and ran with it to the next game, while some went back and played through the entire game again just so they could get the different endings which could be brought over to the next title. And even then, the sequel didn't disappoint either, with the same type of set up, the ending is decided on who is loyal and who is not, people die, people live and the story goes on based on those decisions. This is the type of ending that you WANT to start over, you WANT to see the beginning again so you can change what happens to your end.

But, not all New Beginnings leave you feeling good....

I stood in line for the Halo 2 midnight launch, I'll admit it, but I always sucked at the Multiplayer and I honestly enjoyed the storyline Bungie gave us from the first game. But I don't blame Bungie for what happened to the end of Halo 2, I blame Microsoft for milking the game for all its worth, they wanted a third game so they could make more money. Though the anger they felt from the ending of this game, the sudden bad-ass appearance of Master Chief, that kick-ass cinema scene of knowing your about to get into a huge battle.....

....then it's over, credits roll.

That's it?

I stayed all night up playing, for this?!

Now, all endings don't make you angry or leave you filled, some are sad and depressing, leaves a hole in your soul that you don't think that is the end of the story, or you don't want it to be the end of the story. Final Fantasy X felt this way to me. You play through this epic storyline, and get a full attachment to the characters. At this point, you see the ending coming a mile away as you fight the final boss, but you don't want it to happen. Tidus and Yuna embrance and he vanishes... it's just depressing, but a fitting ending to what people consider one of the better Final Fantasy games in the series.

But some felt like they needed more, they talked about it online for years, wondering what happened to Yuna and company, and that since Final Fantasy doesn't have any true sequels....

....of course that turned out to be a bad mistake, and Square releases a mediocre expansion to the game which a ending I felt wasn't needed.

Closing time
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

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