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Furyfire's blog

8:54 AM on 12.31.2012

Fury's Top 5 Game's of 2012

Well, a new year approaches... and of course all the game of the year awards have be, or will be, handed out. It is no surprise that The Walking Dead is being handed every award, though it is my personal opinion that I'll never play the game and probably never will as I have never been a big fan of Telltale Games.

This is a personal opinion of course and people have them, but onwards... to MY top 5 games of the year and.. I'm sure that people will either agree or disagree with my choices, but... this is MY list and not theirs.

This list is based off what I have played, yet not exactly beaten or gotten far in. With college in it's senior year I have not been able to get to deep into many of these yet I have enjoyed them greatly the time I have played, these are also listed in NO ORDER... meaning all 5 of these are tops in my book:

1: Persona 4: Arena (360/PS3)

If you know me, I'm a huge fighting game fan... more particularly in the Soul Calibur series... but this year, SC5 probably won't even make my list. Persona 4: Arena however made me all warm and fuzzy inside.. and it took a little bit to get there as well.

First off... while it is a fighting game, its story is that of a RPG. Its deep and rich, well written, and tied in greatly to Persona 4. While the fighting system, I found, was a bit easy at first.. to me there was a hidden depth. Yes, I was mildly perturbed buy the one button instant combo but... they made it so it deals less damage if you consistently use it and under it is a focus on a heavier skill set that would set up combos like one wouldn't believe.

P4: Arena is just a overall great fighting game, and blows the rest out of the water this year.

2: Guild Wars 2 (PC)

I've owned Guild Wars 2 for a couple of months and my highest is still only level 11.

It's still amazing, and I wish I had more time and motivation to play. For MMOs, after 4 years of soloing in WoW, I get bored easily unless I play with friends. This hindered me quite a bit while trying to play GW2, as.. friends joined a server that I could not get on, at least until recently. So in all actuality I have been playing GW2 for at least 2 days. And I love it.

It isn't your typical MMO, while you do have a main quest line you can follow, you gain your levels by fulfilling acts of kindness on a world scale. You also get to choose your rewards from a shop after completing those quests so you don't get stuck with something you don't like, and if they don't have anything better you can not spend your 'points' you earn while completing those quests and save up for something better later on.

In addition, the races are colourful, the classes are 'fairly' balanced, and they all have in a spot in a team if you need one.

3: Code of Princess (3DS)

A under appreciated game for the 3DS, this is what any beat em up fan could ask for... at least until Dragon's Crown comes out for the Vita/PS3.

A Side Scrolling Action-RPG with over 50 characters, moves sets for them, and much more... I still need to spend more time in the extensive story mode to unlock even more items for all the characters to use. Also, like all beat em up type of games, you can have up to 4 other players join you.

I really can't say much more about this game without ranting about how much I love it, but one should look up YouTube videos to check it out because really... this game needs so much more love.

4: Torchlight 2

Before anyone says anything: Yes I played Diablo 3, Yes I beat Diablo 3, no I have not beat Torchlight 2, yes I plan on beating Torchlight 2, no Diablo 3 did not leave me satisfied.

Why, if I have beaten Diablo 3, not pick it over Torchlight 2? Because.

Because it's more fun, Diablo 3 was boring to me by the time I got to the end of my first, and ONLY, run through. Torchlight 2 is just 'bigger', not 'bigger' in story sense, but 'bigger' in gameplay sense. I enjoy lots of customization and Torchlight 2 has more of it. With the addition of mods, the customization can be almost endless in a way. Now I wish I had more time to play it.....

5: Zero's Escape: Virtues Last Reward

I got this game for Christmas, and its already sucking up my time that I should be spending on the 4 other games mentioned above.

The Vita has a few shining jewels, Persona 4: Golden is one of them(Which I also got for Christmas, but have yet to play so it will not be making the list.). But this game is like a interactive book, with multiple endings. The story is the focus here with the gameplay second, but.. you keep going because you WANT to know what happens next, and the choices you make always puts you on a different path, perhaps leading to your demise or... another action that could save your ragtag group.

And another thing.. the voice acting is good. YES REALLY GOOD... compared to most 'anime' like games where you will cringe at the slightest hint of a annoying character. Even the villain is likeable... in a way.

There we have it, MY top 5... nothing much more to say but to have a happy new years, and to try and catch up... much more games coming out next year to play!   read

10:27 AM on 10.06.2012

Halloweenie: Horror and Survival Horror.

Artwork by *mashi.

With Halloween coming, I figured it is a good time to discuss how horror games were over the last 20 years or so. To start with more recent games, survival horror is starting to become more and more action oriented with co-op gameplay and taking the scare out of it despite there still being monsters. The games have given up their tank controls and fixed cameras to help push the genre toward a age group that is growing up in the Call of Duty era, with high paced action and more explosions than a Michael Bay film. While most of the veteran gamers complain about it, the game sells like hotcakes on a cold day. This is heavily noticed in games like Resident Evil 5 and 6, and more possibly Dead Space 3 with the horror aspects almost completely removed in favor of big guns and big action. Now not to say this is a bad thing for the new generation, it leaves the old generation a bit angry and fuming.

Horror games, from what I've noticed, still have their strengths in two particular types of gameplay. First Person Action/Adventure and Point and Click Adventure. Both of these take focus on the more atmosphere and less on the action and fighting your way out. In a way, these two styles of gameplay have been around for ages and have only recently been revived over the last few years in popularity. The two most notable games being Indie titles that have blown up in popularity: Amnesia - The Dark Decent, and Slender. Both games are in the FPS perspective and have you running around AVOIDING monsters or monster and collecting items for puzzle while looking for a way to escape. You don't fight them, you run away, there is no way to kill the beast... you survive.

I mentioned above, these helped revitalize the genre of horror games, and by far these were not the first to use this style of gameplay. Back in the days of DOS, Sierra had a nice grip on the point and click adventure games, especially those focusing on horror. A few particular games stood out from the most and pushed the gore or atmosphere to amazing limits. The one I'll be discussing here is Phantasmagoria.

I actually still own this game, though I would need some sort of DOS emulator to run it... I would love to find the time to actually sit down and play through it since I never did get the chance to as a child. It was too scary even for me when I was young, but my Father played through both it and the second one. However it was the first one that always caught my eye, especially when I would stand near by and watch my Father play the game. It was also one of the first horror point and click games I noticed in which the main character could actually die if the wrong decisions were made. Now from what I remember a lot of the aspects of horror came from the background of the story itself, with a crazy magician is possessed by a demon and begins to kill wife after wife in gruesome 'accidents' before finally getting sealed/killed himself. The new owner of the house accidentally releases this demon, and allows her new husband to get possessed by such. As the 'days' go on in the game, things become more and more creepy as the story behind the demon gets out there, leading to some more of the scary parts of the game. While, to be honest, the game uses the shock factor of the gore during its cut-scenes to bring the horror to the front it was the story and the atmosphere of the house that led to quite a few scares.

Of course PC didn't have all the good horror games, consoles had quite a few that stood out, with a few even showing up on the old Nintendo Entertainment System all the way up to the survival horror days of the PS1 and PS2. Now on the NES, the first game to scare the bejezzus out of me wasn't even that good of a game, but the suddeness of the main enemy would always catch me off guard as a young kid. Friday the 13th.

I don't know why this game scared me so much, when you were playing the outside portion of the game you really didn't get the feeling of needing to be scared. The music was high beat, the gameplay was action-filled though incredibly repetitive. You fought zombies, picked up weapons and potions, and then the annoying alarm goes off. Oops some kid is getting killed by someone or something, TIME TO GO SAVE THE DAY.

Then you enter the house.

The music changes dramatically, it becomes more of a searching and finding clues sort of game when you enter a building. And for each corner you turn around you don't know whats going to happen... then suddenly BAM! JASON! FFFFF.... the music screams at you and you literally jump out of your pants. Even if you know its coming, you don't know where he is and you still jump. Even playing it today, he still gets me... no matter how much I play it.

Then the genre of Survival Horror came along. How I see it, Horror and Survival Horror are two different styles of gameplay. Survival Horror is more focused on using the gameplay itself to scare you than the atmosphere, though this can be argued with games like Silent Hill which uses both, it has been mentioned that the use of Tank Controls and Fixed Cameras help add to the aspect with a extra added bonus of getting to actually fight what you are afraid of. Games like Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil set it up for people to be scared by their surroundings and the possible idea that they could be in the same room as a zombie or hunter. Of course, as we all know, as the years went on and more gamers were born into this world, gameplay changed to fit the needs of the younger generation and left the old gamers angry over how they were not scared anymore.

In any case, the horror games themselves have not really changed all that much. Survival Horror itself has, but horror games in general have stayed the same and continue to scare the daylights out of people, even the new generation is starting to get involved with the introduction of Slender to the mainstream. Survival Horror may have died down, but Horror itself is still alive.   read

7:24 PM on 07.09.2012

Fighting Games: Scrub, Pro, it's all the same to me.... - An Opinion.

Note: The stance in this article is that opinion of the author alone.
I was actually afraid to post this.. but you know what. Fuck it.

Over a year ago, I got into a argument with a 'friend' over Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and he made a few good points by posting a article that separates a professional player from a 'scrub'.

A Scrub is someone who expects even play, complains about people who are 'cheap', and well.. generally complains.

A Pro is someone who does what it takes to win.

What brings this up is another argument with the same 'friend' a year later the day after 2012 EVO. The conversation started friendly with us chatting about the finals for UMvC3 between FilipinoChamp and Ifrit, with me making mention that I don't like Phoenix as a character because she is too easy to use, and that I really don't have respect for players who use her and that I'm glad F.Champ won with a team that doesn't use her.

He then blows up on me because of my opinion of Phoenix as a character. Just goes nuts... and I'm sure a few of you will too.

My reasoning behind this is the fact that to play her, you have to spam as much as possible with two characters and not rely on much skill or juggling or anything. You just sit there and build meter and turtle. Then blow your load on one character, its incredibly simple.. easy... and doesn't take much skill to learn. Yeah... I'm not bitching about Chris G and his Morrigan play... but it makes me feel the same way. The 'friend' immediately says, "Did you read that article I sent you at all?" and my response was, "Yes.. I'm a scrub, get over it. That doesn't make the cheap play any less right." Which continues to escalate the argument to the point of me saying, "It's just a game, drop this argument, my opinion won't change.. this is stupid." and his reply was, "No.. there are holes in your logic, we're gonna fight until you make your point." ... it is safe to say we are not friends anymore as I had to force my hand to end the stupid fight.

I know how to win games though, I played and won in Soul Calibur tournaments. You do rely on the same moves over and over again. But even I know I call myself cheap, because that works. I don't get angry when someone class me cheap... yet people who call themselves professional, or are hardcore fighting game fans, go APESHIT when someone points out that its a cheap way to win.

Professional or not, it's still fucking cheap. I'm a fighting game fan, enough to say I watched Evo with unprying eyes.... and decent enough player in at least one fighting game to win tournaments to know this. I admit it is what it takes to win.

So, does playing 'cheap' make you any more of a pro because you win all the battles?
Are fighting games getting dumbed down because of Comeback Mechanics?

I'll use my own favourite game Soul Calibur as a example. Nightmare, you win by swinging hard with the same moves, and use a grab plus sword stab into the ground, as well as wall bounces. To rely on him is 3 to 4 different move sets. A pro calls it a win, a scrub calls it cheap.

Another Soul Calibur Example is back in Soul Calibur 4, I played Cervantes. I used 3 or 4 different combos to win a GenCon tournament. This consisted of B, B, B to knock them down, then use a charge attack to shoot them as they got up. Or a Down+BA attack to slam them down, and as I rose Up BA to hit them 6 more times. I also used my teleport attack a lot. It was in that way that I won. A pro would call it a win, I still call it cheap, though I won - I guess that makes me a scrub don't it.

Marval vs. Capcom 3 - Phoenix is 3rd character in, guy picks Dr. Doom and Magnito, spams hidden rockets assist, and gravity beam.. only shows some amount of skill if he actually gets a normal punch in. Being able to juggle and reset takes some skill, but if he doesn't get that juggle in or he messes up...he still falls back on X-Factor or Phoenix or.. .BOTH. Ending the game in literally 3 hits and giving him the win. A pro calls it a win, a scrub calls it dumb luck, or cheap.

This also leads into the points that I feel that the "Comeback Mechanic" is sort of slowly ruining the gaming community, X-factor, ultra meter. It sets it up that 'anyone' can win, even new players. I've beaten high skill level players before with the Phoenix + X-Factor combo online. My 'friend' was quick to point out that fighting game popularity is at a all time high. I replied with, "Because it takes less and less skill to actually win a game now." Which... in turn made him angrier.

Out of all the generations of games that I've played recently, only four have gotten any sort of respect from me: Soul Calibur 5, King of Fighters 13, Mortal Kombat, and Skullgirls. (And I'm only good at one of them...). It is these I feel how fighting games should still be. With no major comeback mechanics (I say major, as SC5 does have Brave Edges, but the super meter is used for enhanced moves, Mortal Kombat has X-ray moves but can be blocked easily and the meter is used for Combo Breaking or enhanced moves. KoF13 has that Hyper Drive meter, but actually requires you to know and perfectly execute a combo juggle to effectively use it.) and 'fairly' balanced characters, it is these four that fighting games SHOULD be modelled after. Street Fighter 4... I don't 'mind' persay, as the Ultra Meter is sort of like the X-Ray of MK in a way, where you can block it... but it was used as more of a mechanic to allow newer players to have a chance at more skilled players, and dumb down the gameplay quite a bit.

With comeback mechanics.. honestly, we'll never see anything like the 2004 Evo(Diago vs Wong - Ken vs. Chun-Li, Street Fighter Third Strike.. look it up.) ever again where someone actually skilfully used a parry mechanic and then won it with a well thought out answer. All it takes is one motion of the stick or a hit of two buttons and someone can win the game.

I think what I'm trying to say here is... a professional DOES do what it takes to win, but someone who points out the ways they win is called a 'scrub'. My 'friend' was quick to point out in the Fighting Game Community... there is no such thing as a respectful win... and that I can agree with. I've played in enough tournaments to know this, I lost BADLY to a Cassandra player when he slammed me to the ground and wouldn't let me get up. But does that make the professional player any less cheap.. no.

I guess its the fact that I think things over too much, and maybe should just enjoy the games as they are. I would LOVE to get into the professional side of things, especially with my Soul Calibur play, but I'm afraid of the community. The community in most professional styles of play will attack someone who sees things differently. This effects me as, while I play at a high level of a certain game... my views of how people play differ on how professionals play... and this is probably why I'll never actually go to a high level tournament, as I find that my own moves are cheap... and though I might win the game I'll never leave the title of being a "Scrub" behind, no matter how good I get.

It really is frustrating that any community, if you point out the flaws of something.. are quick to raise a pitchfork and burn you at the stake no matter how right you are. Professional Player, Scrub. All a professional player is, now a days, is a scrub who doesn't admit that he's cheap.. that is of course, My Personal Opinion.


3:31 AM on 07.01.2012

Voicing Your Opinions - An Opinion.

Note: The stance in this article is that opinion of the author alone.

Yes, I am going to touch on this subject as it is bothering me quite a bit.

A more serious matter that affected Destructiod recently was the opinion of stating your opinion. We all know Destructiod is a opinionated site, it stands out from most gaming sites because it is such that. Opinionated.

But those Opinions can cause trouble. We all know Jim Sterling around here. The man is Mr. Opinion himself, but the guy has been in the industry long enough that most people take him with a grain of salt... and those who do NOT know him, rage rather hard at whatever he says, and rage often. Though the topics he treads are softer in many ways... the people he anger are usually narrowed down (In my opinion of course). And all and all I respect the fact he is this way.

David Jaffe is another man who speaks his mind a lot, and of course he takes a lot of flack for it. But all and all life goes on.

However.. is there a line when voicing your Opinion can go over that line of too far? It certainly seems that way. The 'offensive' twitter post is from a now former Destructiod contributor, Ryan Perez, he ended up drunk twitting about a fairly popular woman in the gaming community: Felicia Day. Reading what posts he wrote, the words were hateful and over the line. However.. what really surprised me was how LONG it took for it to explode. The post had been up for a full 22 hours, at the time, before a good friend of Felciia, the incredibly popular and famous Wil Wheaton, made the post widely spread by explaining his own hate of the post toward her. It was then that everything blew up and ended the way it did.

Hateful Opinions vs. Real Opinions... this is where the line is drawn. Jim and David usually state their minds, but the Opinions stated are those of just that: Opinions. Opinions will always do that.. they will draw the ire of communities who think differently. But Hateful Opinions, drunk or not, will draw the ire of everyone. At the time of this posting, Ryan has also gained the ire of movie actors (Adam Baldwin) as well... not just the gaming community, but those in Hollywood. Just because he decided to speak his mind in a more hurtful way.

So... where does my Opinion about Opinions come in?

I obviously am a Opinionated person.... as most of my cBlog posts are about an Opinion I have had on a particular topic. I like speaking my Opinion no matter what most people think I will usually stand by what I have said. No matter how idiotic I sound. HOWEVER; when it comes to a certain type of opinion for example; Politics: I usually try and avoid that topic no matter how Opinionated I am on such a idea.

But... if Wil Wheaton had not of stepped in to confront Ryan on his post, would everything of been hunky dory? Probably. I stated above that Opinions draw the ire of people. What happened here is Ryan got the ire of someone fairly famous. Yes, Felicia is fairly well known... but she didn't bring attention to the comment he made at the time. It was Wil Wheaton who brought Ryan's hateful post to the limelight. It was then and only then that a Opinion then exploded and people began to jump to conclusions that Ryan was a sexist and so on. They even targeted Destructiod for hiring such a 'sexist' and 'misogynist ass', and in the end... he got canned(Edit: There are different ideas going on, either way the man doesn't work for Destructiod anymore, Fired or Stepped Down.), drunk Opinion or not.

Wil stepped up to defend Felicia, which was I believe was the right thing to do.
But in his defense of her, in turn, unleashed the internet upon Ryan for a Opinionated Drunken Post by bringing it into public eye.
And at the time of this post... Ryan continues to speak his Opinion... and continue to gain more hate because of it.

So in the end.. yes, you should speak your mind... but also word it well and know when to limit yourself, you may have a Opinion.. but it might hurt someone more than you think.   read

12:24 PM on 05.09.2012

Machinima - An Opinion.

Note: The stance in this article is that opinion of the author alone.

Machinima is 'seemingly' in trouble with the gaming community, at least at this point in time. One of their more popular video creators, Braindeadly, signed a contract with Machinima that pretty much states that all and everything Braindeadly creates and posts on his YouTube page. Wanting to be more free with his videos, or perhaps not have everything he posts be owned by Machinima, he takes a look at the contract he signed and quickly learns that under the contract he had signed that everything he posts is owned by Machinima alone and that he cannot break the contract. He also cannot afford a lawyer to fight the contract, so in the long term he ends his video making career so Machinima can't make money off of him anymore.

He pretty much didn't read what he was signing so he is legally restricted by 'law' to only create for Machinima.

So.. looking at this from a regular joe standpoint, my opinion is as follows:

Machinima, that is a pretty nasty move and bad PR to openly tell the guy he cannot create for his own sake. Especially someone who has access to YouTube and entertained thousands of people who visit his page. Some say Machinima deserve all the dislikes of their videos, some say that Machinima is a evil company.. but that is how companies work. Businesses stay safe by using contracts, by making sure that the ones who signed the contract don't screw themselves over. Of course... there are also downsides to contracts, as mentioned above, as it can restrict the one who signed the contract to limiting themselves within the terms of the contract.. you can't make stuff for fun, you can't make what you want, and so on.

Yet... Braindeadly is pretty much the one at fault here. He didn't look into what he was getting himself into. The defenders of Machinima are 100% right in their posts, that he should of actually read the fine print instead of just signing his skill away to a company that are incredibly strict with their contracts. I can't really defend someone who jumped into something so blindly, yet... what Machinima did to expose how their contracts work... you kind of feel bad for the kid.

It also doesn't help that Machinimas 'professionals' and employees act like idiots as well...

On top of the contract issue, Machinima went up against Destructoid in a best out of 7 contrest in Tribes: Ascend. What started out as a friendly contest turned fairly ugly, as Destructiods team swept the battle, winning 4 out of 7. Now, its hard to tell if they were joking or not, but by the end of the battle Machinima were making excuses, complaining and talking a ton of trash, calling King Foom(Of Mash Tactics) a 'Ringer' (Someone who claims they don't know what they are doing, but are actually really good at the game.) and so on.

One: Foom started playing the game about a week before the contest, that far qualifies him from the Ringer status.

Two: Machinima hired on RedishBlue to play on their team, a professional player with a strong Tribes background. This is on here because after they lost they claimed we had a bunch of professional players on DToids team... when all we had were community players. Then complained they were mostly Staff members and DToid only used two staff members. All the while they had a 'MLG' level player on their side... and still lost.

Three: Machinima made general foolishness out of themselves on their own stream. If you look at the Dtoid video of their side, and then Machinimas YouTube channel, you can show the teamwork on one side and the chaos on the other. Now one could pass it off as Machinima just having fun but.. as the games progressed, the staff of Machinima progressively got worse in their attitude.

This on top of the contract issue... I've lost a lot of respect for how Machinima is ran as a corporation and for the gaming community in general. Yes, Braindeadly did sign his life away because he didn't look at the contract hard enough, but if all the staff members act the way they did in the Tribes contest when it comes to business.. I wouldn't want to have anything to do with them.   read

7:14 PM on 03.13.2012

BioWare and CapCom know EXACTLY what they are doing. - an Opinion.

Comic copyright: Nerf Now, 2012

Note: The stance in this article is that opinion of the author alone.

After weeks and weeks of people complaining about on-disk and day one DLC, so-called boycotting of the companies, and then the eventual high sales of their game anyways, I have come to a conclusion that most people will deny and deny wholehearted:

BioWare and CapCom knows EXACTLY what they are doing when it comes to DLC and content.

Like mentioned in the comic above, we had people foaming at the mouth over the fact that the DLC was on disk and coming out day one, people swearing off the game, and of course eventually leading to the much hated Mass Effect 3 ending issue. Now so people can't complain about spoilers on here I won't go into much detail about the Mass Effect 3 ending except the fact that.. well, it sure as hell sets up for some good DLC. DLC THAT PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY STEPPED FORWARD TO SAY THEY WILL BUY JUST TO MAKE THE GAME BETTER.

So we have people screaming at the top of their lungs that BioWare is ripping them off with day one DLC, then a week later, is begging at their feet with fists full of money, begging to give them cash so they fix their precious ending to a Apocalyptic SCI-FI RPG. Yes we could of gotten a good ending, but you also have to take into considering the genre it is in. The ending is GOING to hurt the viewer in some way. But it is also of my opinion that it was a perfect set-up to get people into DLC once more. What better way then to fix what people consider a 'bad ending' by releasing a potential good ending at 15 dollars a pop with people dropping their rage over the day one stuff just to want to pay for future DLC.

This shows us that BioWare knows what they're doing. Making people angry... yet still taking their money because they obviously STILL bought the game despite the 'boycott' and 'complaints', come forward, complain about a bad ending, then THROW THEIR MONEY at them because of the bad ending?

I don't get how people work in this world anymore...

CapCom, however, is having a PR nightmare with the whole Tekken X Street Fighter DLC. However that isn't slowing their games from being sold.

Long story short, Hackers found FULL WORKING movies and characters on the disk.
Another long story short, CapCom still hasn't changed their tune about it, or even mentioned how many copies(At the time of this article being written) have been sold or if anything is going to be done.

CapCom has seemed to have taken the, "If we ignore it, maybe it'll go away." style of trying to fix this and it seems to be working. Though from what I have noticed so far... people have lingering feelings due to the notion that its fighting game DLC. Unlike the potential DLC to fix the game, like Mass Effect 3's ending, this is potential DLC to COMPLETE the game. How I see it, Capcom still isn't done with SFxT by a long shot, yet to make a quick buck decide to throw out a uncompleted title with codes still on disk and of course balancing issues.

Yet again, they have gotten away with this before with MvC3.
If anyone remembers, CapCom had the same problem back with the original MvC3 with Jill and Shuma Gorath. Both characters on Disk, both characters with full move sets, and of course people raging hard yet still buying the game. We have not seen any decline of sales, DLC is still being bought at a alarming rate, and people still complain while doing it. (Just look at all the stupid costumes getting bought.)

DLC isn't going to change any time soon unless people ACTUALLY STOP BUYING IT. But in this day in age where money is more available with jobs paying more now a days and people caring less and less despite what they say, people will continue to complain.... then buy the game when it is released without another care in the world.   read

3:23 PM on 02.28.2012

Sexual Harassment and Video Games. - An Opinion

Note: The stance in this article is that opinion of the author alone.

With the recent outburst that happened on Cross Assault between Super_Yan and Aris, it has come to a forefront that women who are into video games, I believe, are treated unfairly. Now, the conversation between both Yan and Aris came to light because of the Livestreaming of the event, and inside of the stream chats, a mostly male community backed the male causing the offense. You can also find many other rude or offensive chats between 'boys' and women in gaming on YouTube easily enough, and quite a few times it led to the 'boys' complaining or cussing or offending the woman in general, especially if the woman player was significantly better than they were. This makes the game less fun

Now, it isn't a surprise to know that 'boys' don't like getting out done by women, it's a ego thing. This is considered a greater hit to the ego if the woman is a professional in that particular format. This is even more of a problem in niche communities, gaming for example, that has a male dominated community. Yes, there are plenty of women who play games, but they are far and few in between who play games professionally. Now, one would hope, most professional players will do what they are called.. be a professional, play nice, don't offend your opponent, and enjoy what you are doing. You do this because YOU'RE THE FOREFRONT OF THE COMMUNITY, people look at you to be the poster child, what you do is what is reflected on the genre. Aris didn't do this, and neither did the community watching on the Livestream. Now, the Livestream I can understand, but I will get to that later in the article, Aris, however; should of known better. He is one of the more well-known in the professional fighting game genre, and this is what makes this a problem. When you have a community of folks, good things and bad things happen... though it is the bad things that comes forward and rarely the good things get covered and looked at.

And this is just the start of the problem.

Online gaming is a issue, anonymity plays a huge factor in this, as people who game and watch games online use this anonymity to protect them from 'harm', bring great amounts of trash talking. This anonymity also leads to significant amounts of trolling and worshiping. When Aris started smarting off to Yan, a majority of the online community moved to back Aris. Now, ignoring the whole such thing that there is 'no women on the internet', most of these people are probably in their mid-teens to late 20s with a majority of those backing Aris PROBABLY(my own opinion) in the teenage crowd. This makes the online community easily influenced, and when they watch a 'professional' like Aris talk down to women, they thing it's perfectly fine that a woman shouldn't be gaming, that if a woman does game that they can talk shit to them and they'll be fine because they have the internet they could easily hide behind when confronted. You also have to deal with the idiots in games themselves, if a 'boy' player ends up learning that one of the players in the room is female, the trash talk turns more offensive in a heartbeat.


Women are people too. There are reasons why workplace sexual harassment laws are in effect, they are to be treated fairly just like any other person. This goes for gaming as well. You can look at the professional community and find many people who are great competitors and keep up the spirit of how a gamer should be: Mike Ross, ComboFiend, Daigo, Justin Wong, and one who should be credited for being a gentleman in all of this, Mr. Sub-Zero. These are all male professional gamers who act like professionals, and they treat ALL their opposition with respect. All Aris did was stick out like a sore thumb and make those who actually do good in the professional gaming community look like idiot 'boys' who don't respect women, and the professional community doesn't need that. All gamers themselves will also be effected by this, as stated before, the professionals in the community are looked at the most. So if a professional does something like sexually harass a female player ALL gamers MUST sexually harass female players, and with the way things are turning out online here, its looking more and more that it's the case with so many people defending Aris's actions.

I give my gratitude to Mr. Sub-Zero for what he did, and to Super_Yan for sticking up for herself.

People who play professionally or casually, you're still gamers and respect those, Men or Women, as people and fellow gamers. The eyes of people are all on you, and what you do effects the community as a whole. Don't do what Aris did and tarnish that reputation.   read

10:24 AM on 02.21.2012

Endings: New Beginnings

I've beaten plenty games, I also haven't beaten many games. Those games I have beaten, vary. Some endings I enjoy, some endings I don't understand... then there is the 'sequel' ending, or the 'bad' ending. Those endings that never really close the story, those endings that give you multiple stories that you WANT to finish, endings that leave your soul and fulfillment of the game with something lacking, or even infuriate those who beat it:

Endings that start New Beginnings.

Halo 2 (The WTF New Beginning)
Mass Effect 1 & 2 (The Multiple New Beginning)
Final Fantasy X (The Lacking New Beginning)

These are some games that I have played or know the endings of that set up the 'New Beginnings' type of ending, some are intentional, while others hit you in the face with a bag of brinks then piss on you as your stuck under them.

Lets start with the former, Mass Effect, everyone knew when they game came out there would be multiple endings and that it would be a continuing storyline, a sequel was evident, there was no doubt about that. It was the fact that in the games, you could choose how people lived or died, how the next story in the next game changes based on your decisions. Someone people took the ending they got and ran with it to the next game, while some went back and played through the entire game again just so they could get the different endings which could be brought over to the next title. And even then, the sequel didn't disappoint either, with the same type of set up, the ending is decided on who is loyal and who is not, people die, people live and the story goes on based on those decisions. This is the type of ending that you WANT to start over, you WANT to see the beginning again so you can change what happens to your end.

But, not all New Beginnings leave you feeling good....

I stood in line for the Halo 2 midnight launch, I'll admit it, but I always sucked at the Multiplayer and I honestly enjoyed the storyline Bungie gave us from the first game. But I don't blame Bungie for what happened to the end of Halo 2, I blame Microsoft for milking the game for all its worth, they wanted a third game so they could make more money. Though the anger they felt from the ending of this game, the sudden bad-ass appearance of Master Chief, that kick-ass cinema scene of knowing your about to get into a huge battle.....

....then it's over, credits roll.

That's it?

I stayed all night up playing, for this?!

Now, all endings don't make you angry or leave you filled, some are sad and depressing, leaves a hole in your soul that you don't think that is the end of the story, or you don't want it to be the end of the story. Final Fantasy X felt this way to me. You play through this epic storyline, and get a full attachment to the characters. At this point, you see the ending coming a mile away as you fight the final boss, but you don't want it to happen. Tidus and Yuna embrance and he vanishes... it's just depressing, but a fitting ending to what people consider one of the better Final Fantasy games in the series.

But some felt like they needed more, they talked about it online for years, wondering what happened to Yuna and company, and that since Final Fantasy doesn't have any true sequels....

....of course that turned out to be a bad mistake, and Square releases a mediocre expansion to the game which a ending I felt wasn't needed.

Closing time
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end   read

12:56 AM on 11.13.2010

Nostalgia: Splatterhouse Series

I figured with the new game coming up soon, I might as well post something about the old games and how awesome they were.

Though to start off, I never did play the original arcade one. I probably never will, at least until the new title comes out and, Namco being strangely awesome and giving way usually possible DLC for free? All three of these epic games will be available for unlock as you play the game. Of course.. the biggest fear I have is the game is going to be horrible, so horrible that I can't unlock the original three games. But enough of this.. onward to Nostalgia!

The first Splatterhouse game that I got my hands on was Splatterhouse 2. Back then.. the ESRB rating didn't exist, it did however have a nice little warning label placed off to the side to warn parents of its violent and gory nature so it wouldn't effect young underage people, like me at the time, with it's awful nasty yet very meaningful experience. Back then.. Marilyn Manson or whatever that singers name was getting all the attention, so if it wasn't music, it couldn't hurt anyone!

So, here I am.. playing this game, not a clue what the hell the story was about, but.. holy crap.. what was this?! Not even 30 seconds into the first stage I picked up a two-by-four and swinging it into the bodies of Red Zombies.. and not even just that, plowing those lovely undead bodies into the wall behind me! Instantly.. I'm hooked. At that age I probably could of played the first stage over and over and over again, and again at that age, if you think about it.. I died over and over and over again anyways. So that is what I ended up doing for most of my rental period with the game. The game was hard. Especially for someone around the age of 12-13, the farthest I ever remember getting in the game without having to cheat with a Game Genie was the beginning of Stage 3.

I did end up renting the game a few more times over the period of my Genesis career, though I never did beat it on that system, legit, though again the got to see the rest of this wonderful title through the power of the Game Genie. I eventually picked it up on a emulator and defeated it when I was much older without having to cheat though, again.. it was quite a effort.

However I was lucky enough to pick up Splatterhouse 3 when it was release on the Genesis as well, and though the title was just as hard as its predecessor, I was skilled enough at that perticular age group to actually BEAT this one without having to rely on a game altering device. However.. what ending I got.. yeah. This game came with multiple endings.

When I first played the title, I didn't even notice the timer on the upper right hand corner, didn't look at the minimap all that much. I just went around and slaughtered monsters and occasionally picked up a cut scene of Jennifer, your girlfriend who always seems to be a target of monsters, going into hiding... then getting found... then savagely getting devoured by a beast. So eventually I get through the levels and start to figure out what the hell is going on. So... Bad ending when I beat it the first time, I figure out there's a clock. Lets go for the good stuff!

So, another play through... and I save Jennifer.. and.. WHAT THE FLYING FUCK!? She's still not saved!? I have to race through another level to officially save her? Why the hell does this bitch keep getting screwed like this!? So.. off I go onto stage two to stop the Bore Worm... and I make it to it in time.. and.. wait... I have to make it to it and defeat it in under 3 minutes? So the 5 minute timer is how long before she turns into monster? 3 minutes before her brain is eaten? G'damnit. And the screen that you see.. is one of the creepiest in the games I've ever seen....

Again, it wasn't until a later time in my life that I downloaded the game once more and played through it, eventually getting the best ending.. and still decided in the end that the bad endings were better than the good one. Of course.. I waited patiently for another title to come out.. and years pass. Various 'fan creations' were announced and quickly canned due to cease and desist orders.

And now it's happening.

We're all seen the screens and videos.. and sadly, it isn't looking great.. but it's a title I'll probably pick up, no matter how bad they screw it up. Even it.. the 60 dollars might be worth playing through the game to unlock the original three titles. Maybe then I'll actually play the first one finally.. and be able to play the second and third with glee.

But there is always hope that this reboot will do well.   read

11:56 AM on 02.05.2009

Adam Sessler rips Fanboys a new one.


Looks like, after the 5 out of 5 stars review of Killzone 2, X-Box 360 fanboys went into a foaming rampage on their boards.

Safe to say, Mr. Sessler had it with said cry babies. Literally ripping them all a new one for even speaking such stupidity.

Bravo.   read

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