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Check it out:


it uses this:

Its called Horizon Riders... and while it invokes thoughts of these guys:

the characters are more like:

but its promising because its the same team thats bringing the Tron inspired MOFPS to the wiiware so its worth a look


12:41 PM on 06.07.2011

thought you all might enjoy this, to commemorate the announcement of nintendo next gen console and one of the most underrated movies in the comedy/kung fu genre


Reported here.

The new sega console looks a lot like the Nintendo Wii with wireless wand like motion enabled controllers and plays retro games.

but no one is talking about it?

well it looks like a Wii and it quacks like a duck...

"with this we do what nintendon't"

old and new

we also have a black one,take that Nintendo

I say welcome back sega, youre late to the party,go put your suit on


Go there..... watch the trailer.... SHOOT THE ZOMBIES, an important bit that was not mentioned in Destructoid, yes, this signifies that I looked for, found and witnessed the article, but I am not partial to partial journalism... Nowhere was it mentioned that the trailer was indeed interactive.....go GO SHOOT THEM! IN THE HEAD...

Then, upon return, if you return.... >_>... We'll discuss marketing in the gaming industry.

No cheesy Eminem songs or superbowl ads, for companies pretty much throwing their money away... They need a creative department in their marketing wing fueled by the game developers themselves.

This is how you get the players to play the games people! an Hors d'œuvre should I say...

Now the interactive, point and click forum used by Capcom to market their on-rails shooter works, while other companies, like Nintendo have used the same venue to market Wario Land: Shake It! a year ago, other companies have focused on soft/energy drinks or snacks.... thats old school pops.... we live in the information age time to get with the times!

I dunno about everyone else but I know that Im ready!

No peripherals?
I have to give voicecommands
I mean if anything it could have been a hoax, consisting of pre recorded voice comands
I really hope this isnt the future of games..... wheres the control? this is a very limited method to incorporate gaming.....

The minority report possibilities are WIN tho


cant wait to bust chumps with this bad boy:

Monster Lab

which I had Highlighted here:


Months back..... has been reviewed here:


Short description:

Game where you go around the world collecting earning taking parts to add to your monster and making them fight!

its what pokemon should have been good art style and great visuals too! heres some eye candy