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5:15 PM on 10.03.2011

A shmup that uses the balance board?

Check it out:

it uses this:

Its called Horizon Riders... and while it invokes thoughts of these guys:

the characters are more like:

but its promising because its the same team thats bringing the Tron inspired MOFPS to the wiiware so its worth a look


12:41 PM on 06.07.2011


thought you all might enjoy this, to commemorate the announcement of nintendo next gen console and one of the most underrated movies in the comedy/kung fu genre


11:55 PM on 02.01.2010

Why is no one talking about the new sega console??

Reported here.

The new sega console looks a lot like the Nintendo Wii with wireless wand like motion enabled controllers and plays retro games.

but no one is talking about it?

well it looks like a Wii and it quacks like a duck...

"with this we do what nintendon't"

old and new

we also have a black one,take that Nintendo

I say welcome back sega, youre late to the party,go put your suit on   read

3:34 AM on 11.15.2009

The marketing dept. in gaming needs to do more of this! Short blog, long title..

Go there..... watch the trailer.... SHOOT THE ZOMBIES, an important bit that was not mentioned in Destructoid, yes, this signifies that I looked for, found and witnessed the article, but I am not partial to partial journalism... Nowhere was it mentioned that the trailer was indeed interactive.....go GO SHOOT THEM! IN THE HEAD...

Then, upon return, if you return.... >_>... We'll discuss marketing in the gaming industry.

No cheesy Eminem songs or superbowl ads, for companies pretty much throwing their money away... They need a creative department in their marketing wing fueled by the game developers themselves.

This is how you get the players to play the games people! an Hors d'œuvre should I say...

Now the interactive, point and click forum used by Capcom to market their on-rails shooter works, while other companies, like Nintendo have used the same venue to market Wario Land: Shake It! a year ago, other companies have focused on soft/energy drinks or snacks.... thats old school pops.... we live in the information age time to get with the times!   read

9:58 AM on 06.02.2009

Project Natal FPS's...

I dunno about everyone else but I know that Im ready!

No peripherals?
I have to give voicecommands
I mean if anything it could have been a hoax, consisting of pre recorded voice comands
I really hope this isnt the future of games..... wheres the control? this is a very limited method to incorporate gaming.....

The minority report possibilities are WIN tho


cant wait to bust chumps with this bad boy:


11:59 PM on 12.05.2008

Potentially awesome wii game that fell under the radar

Monster Lab

which I had Highlighted here:

Months back..... has been reviewed here:

Short description:

Game where you go around the world collecting earning taking parts to add to your monster and making them fight!

its what pokemon should have been good art style and great visuals too! heres some eye candy


5:59 PM on 08.23.2008

Upcoming Wii game with interesting art style


This is a little title I've been more or less keeping up with for some time now, its usually overshadowed by other games but Moster lab and its find parts, play Frankenstein motif show promise.

I personally think its gonna be pretty sweet, there nothing like custimzation options..... tho I think over 100 million is retardedly excessive, especially since it feels like it takes away from every other gameplay element during development. Hopefully this wont disappoint.   read

10:11 AM on 06.20.2008




that is all   read

5:29 PM on 06.19.2008

The start of a real affair: Sonic the hedgehog

Hear me now people, I love Mario and Nintendo with the same inexplicable fervor that I love fried chicken and the female reproductive system, so what I'm about to tell you is as much of an affair as you can possibly quantify it as.<br /> <br />As many kids my age, my origin in videogames started in the Arcades with games like <i>Kung Fu, Galaga</i> and others that I couldn't even begin to describe. My mind just saw flashes of colors and death at the expense of thin defaced jagged tokens in exchange for money, (most people from third and second world countries may be able to vouch for this ... we didn't have Chuck-E-Cheese). <br /> <br /> My very first memorable videogame encounter takes me back to a little thing called the NES. That magical box was sent to me to my country of origin from an aunt here in the states to the brimming eyes of a 6-year-old with a fixation on all things colorful and happy noises. This thing had it all, the box came with TWO controllers, a <i>Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt</i> combo and a bright orange gun (which I'd later use to carry around with me and whip the neighborhood children with). <br /> <br /> Point is, it was more than I needed. Soon, I'd know the joys of dying at the clawed feet of a dragon and the emasculating laughter of the dog that damn near busted a nut every time the ducks flew away. <i>Mario </i>was awesome enough to have my father sit with me and play, something he'd never do again. It was fun accessible and palatable in small doses. I'd play for hours and things were great. I had Mario, and when i finished my homework, Mario had me, life was good. <br /> <br />Then one warm dimly lit summer evening he happened: <br /> <br /><img src="" border="0" /><br /> <br /> <i>Sonic </i>did things to me <i>Mario </i>never did. Things I knew <i>Mario </i>couldn't do, weird, ungodly things. I thought Mario was fast, but Sonic was faster. He was so bright and colorful, the speed and sheer awesomeness of tearing though walls as a buzzsaw was CRAZY to me. I was immediately taken, the second the fucker let me play.<br /> <br />Only thing though was that <i>Sonic </i>wasn't mine. <i>Sonic </i>belonged to a cousin of mine, who lived across the city and the more bourgie area of the capital. I could think of nothing else, I'd get there, I'd make a V-line for the Sega, and I wouldn't tear myself from it until it was time to go. <br /> <br />And going home was painful knowing I was going back to this: <br /> <br /><img src="" border="0" /> <br /> It was something no fireball or no beanstalk would soon heal. I lusted for Sonic, the same way I do today.  It was unnatural ... You know, without all that furry shit happening. <br /> <br />My parents saw the change, I'd be playing less and I'd ask to go to my cousins house more often. They figured I was growing tired of my games and in their infinite wisdom they got me this: <br /> <br /><img src="" border="0" width="468" height="335" /><br /> <br />They knew I loved Ninja Turtles, but it was still a sad Christmas. I hope you can appreciate the delicious irony to all this, because this is a chapter of my life I don't discuss, not without taking my medication anyway.<br /> <br />A few years would pass and in '95 I was blessed with an SNES which made me long forget about Sonic about time too, sonic just kinda fell off the radar.... in his later years, he tried to switch his style up.... he has not aged well <br /> <br />Mario never did find out about us... Probably for a good reason, because unlike sonic, mario just got better, Im sorry till this day for having doubted him, but I think it's better for us that he remains undisclosed to my affair....   read

11:33 PM on 03.08.2008

Oh smashtoid....

I actually came online to see how empty this bitch was lmaooooo full of Europeans lolololololol   read

2:47 PM on 02.04.2008

Whats that you say? A customizable fighter for the Wii???


IGN has an article about an original IP created by the same team behind Street fighter HD for XBLA, which are an eidos subsidiary... looks pretty awesome, you go find parts, make a customized monster based on class and you can fight other monsters.... ONLINE

sounds awesome, heres an excerpt:

[size=9][i]IGN Wii: Why Wii?

Kelly Tainton: The type of gameplay in Monster Lab was a perfect fit for the Wii. The entire purpose to the game is to help the user feel like they are truly a mad scientist. The Wii lends itself to that type of gameplay perfectly.

[b]IGN Wii: Exactly what is the premise for the game?
Kelly Tainton: You start off as an apprentice in the Mad Science Alliance. You learn (with help from your mentor, Professor Fuseless) how to explore six different areas of the Ghastly Valley in order to find different ingredients. Once you have those, you take them back to your castle in order to perform experiments, using the ingredients. Those then make different monster parts (heads, torsos, arms, and legs), based on three different sciences (mechanical, alchemical, and biological) There are literally millions of different combinations of monsters you can make. You then take control of your monster to go back out in to the world to progress through the game, battling other monsters along the way!

IGN Wii: Talk about the monster creation feature. How elaborate is it?

Kelly Tainton: Let me say this again. Millions of different combinations! You can have a monster that is made up of a wrench for an arm, a fish head in a glass bowl, a torso made out of a truck, and legs made out of tree vines. The quality of all of your parts is based on how well you perform the experiments that make them, and what type of part you make is determined on the ingredients you used to make it. The amount of experimentation is nearly endless.[/i]

so its kinda like this: the game wants you to go out and explore: then once in a while it will throw missions at you...

you find parts:

add em to your beasts...

make the beasts work in your lab:

Then make em fight ONLINE or OFF:

Looks friggin awesome....   read

9:57 PM on 02.01.2008

Aint doin shit? Do the R.O.B.!!!!!!

Dont like ROB's inclusion in Brawl?
never heard of ROB?
Never had a ROB?
Dont realize he was the messiah of video games after the dreaded E.T. Armageddon?

well fuck you :) He's got a DANCE :D

How high ARE those guys?   read

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