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6:26 PM on 01.05.2008  

Sonic is an asshole


does anyone know what's going on here?. i think this might be a bit too extreme...even for sonic. my guess is that it resulted in gold rings all over the place.

i bet jack thompson has this picture in his wallet.

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9:58 PM on 01.03.2008  

Lots of Free 8Bit Music. (Chiptunes...whatever you wanna call it)

i did a search, and surprisingly, no one has mentioned 8bitpeoples. most of the best chiptune artists are on there, and they give their music away for free. i highly recommend anything by nullsleep or twilight electric. and the ice cream jingle compilation thingy is pretty good too.

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7:20 PM on 01.03.2008  

Hooray for Portal T-Shirts.

Valve made portal t-shirts....and i want one (or five). $25 is a bit steep for a t-shirt, but i'm sure some of you are willing to pay it. The poster is pretty nice, too. buy them at

...i wonder if that headcrab plushie is big enough to fit on my head.

[edit] is the giant ass up there a bit too much?. do dtoid allow giant asses?. is the thing about the portal shirts ofn?

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