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FunkzillaBOT's blog

12:41 PM on 04.21.2010

90's Gaming: A Laughable Look Back

I found this gem of a video on "Giantbomb" and had to share the stupid. I've forgotten, just how laughably bad all those paid actors use to be. Trying so hard to make video games seem cool in the 90's. What a joke, come ...   read

11:24 PM on 04.03.2010

What makes an RPG -- an RPG?

Since the beginning of 2010, several "Trip-A" game titles have come out. Each title has had varying degrees of reactions, and all of them are different in there own way. Without dropping game names, I must ask this questi...   read

11:55 AM on 02.25.2010

Don't you want the cellphone that can do everything?

This video is freaking hilarious. I couldn't keep this to myself. "Sumsing Turbo 3000Xi Multitask", the cellphone that can do everything. The power of tomorrow here yesterday.   read

8:32 PM on 02.24.2010

Another Mass Effect 2 Video: Now With More Talking Over It

I just wanted to put this up. The last bit of Mass Effect 2 video that I had, before moving on to another subject. Again, mad [Spoiler Warnings]. This is the Game Opening. You can clearly hear me talking to the TV. I ...   read

5:40 PM on 02.20.2010

Mass Effect 2: An in game ad for "Elcor Shakespeare"

The thought of watching the Elcor performing Hamlet, for "14-hours", would TRULY be an unforgettable experience. The video quality is not that great, all I had available to me that day was my cellphone camera. Enjoy.   read

12:06 AM on 02.18.2010

Mass Effect 2: This is my story (part 3)

The story is over, but this is just a list of reasons for some of my "bigger' decisions in Mass Effect 2. An Appendix, you might say. The thought process behind some of those decisions I made. I'll start with the most obvi...   read

6:13 PM on 02.17.2010

Mass Effect 2: This is my story (part 2)

Again, oh so many [Spoiler Warnings].... I finished the game (hooray and yay for me), but just like Titus from FF10, “this is my story”, and it's one that is very strange indeed. The ending that I received left me with a bit ...   read

8:56 PM on 02.15.2010

Mass Effect 2: This is my story (part 1)

To start with, unbelievable [Spoiler Warnings] up the butt. I wrote this in response to one of the videos I made in order to show my friends what this game was about, and why I was going on about it. That's when I realized ...   read

10:44 PM on 09.05.2009

Shadow Complex: Orson Scott Card (Boycott)

Orson Scott Card didn't write "Shadow Complex". Peter David (who worked for Marvel Comics), did. However, Orson Scott Card is most diffenitly taking the credit. The game story is based around Card's Book called "Empire". ...   read

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