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Funktastic avatar 3:16 AM on 07.06.2008  (server time)
You want a Game Setup . . . THIS is an EPIC Game Setup/Collection! - UPDATED!

QUICK UPDATE! 07/10/08

So, some people were saying my setup looked cluttered and all, and well I decided to take a "zoomed" out shot of my setup to show, while there's a lot of stuff, it's actually well organized and not too cluttered! I'm also sharing my 600th game with you guys! The "update" pictures will precede my initial setup!

My setup from a distance. There's a lot of stuff, but I wouldn't say it's cluttered, although ignore the bottom right of the picture, since that's all crap from my storage room I was cleaning up.

Games I've gotten since my original post . . .

Secret of Evermore . . . GAME #600!


So, first things first! This setup has as of today (July 5, 2008) 597 games spanning 23 consoles/handhelds. That number usually increases every week, but I'll never get to posting my setup if I don't draw the line somewhere. Things to consider before looking:

A) I collect all things game, from games, to swag, to promos, to soundtracks, to figures, etc.
B) My Dad collects booze, that is why you’ll see a fair amount of it in some of my pictures.
C) I also really like Star Wars, football (soccer to those of you who don’t respect the beautiful game), and hockey.
D) Some games I collect purely cause I know that they're going to be hard to find, although usually they're really good games anyways! (ie. Atlus, NIS games)
E) I do something most "normal" collectors don't. I open EVERYTHING regardless if I never intend to play it, that way I can say it's mine.
F) If a game has a limited edition or whatnot, odds are I'll have to get it, since I'm a sucker for those kinds of things.
G) I HATE anything "Greatest Hits" and whatnot, and the 3 or so games I have of that, I'm looking to replace.
H) I keep track of my collection on Gamespot *cringe* and an Excel file my friend (who has MORE games than me, less swag though) spent over 100 hours making, of which I contributed MAYBE 10 to, lol.
I) I know my TVs suck, but one's my "retro" gaming TV and the other . . . I have no excuse.

Now on to the collection . . . (Note: I tried to Photoshop a panoramic view of my setup, but it failed miserably! -_-')

My beloved Kingdom Hearts II Standee and a poster and wallscroll.

My SUPER AWESOME Limited Edition Giant Silver Darth Vader PEZ Dispenser, Vader Standee, and Wii Countdown Clock. Due to the fact my panoramic view didn't work, there's also a Devil May Cry 3 wallscroll to the right of the Scarface poster.

My "retro" cabinet, with NES, SNES, Sega Genesis/Sega CD. Also, my SNES games! Probably my favorite and most cherished part of my collection! I've got almost all the really big names that everyone wants/has.

Final Fantasy XII and Han Solo Standees, my 4 Guitar Hero bundles, Rock Band as well, and original PSOne and Turbografx-16 on the ground, and some limited editions games.

My little stand/table by my couch, note the Chrono Trigger Clock, and Club Nintendo 2008 Calendar.

Some of my pride and joy, since we get screwed over in North America with our "Club Nintendo." I have 86 things registered on My Nintendo, and all I've gotten was a Zelda Feather Stylus and a Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Preview disc. Here (in clockwise order) is a Rainbow Stylus set, Nintendo's original puzzle product the Star Tenbillion, Club Nintendo Gamecube Controller, Mario Hat DS Carrying Case, Super Mario Galaxy Original Sound Track Platinum Edition, Wii Remote that functions as a TV Remote, 2004 Gamecube preview disc, and 2006-07 Animal Crossing Calendar.

My first cabinet of epic swag and games.

My PS2 game collection. Note the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Platinum Edition, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ with Another Report Bonus, FFX Japanese with Other Side Bonus, FFX International, FFX-2: International + Last Mission, FFXII International Zodiac Job System, Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Special, and various Atlus and NIS games! (Just for you Hamza, Dale, and Colette!) There's also some of my sweet swag!

More sweet swag. Of note would be: Autographed Video Games Live 2008 program, Okami Buddha Board, and Castlevania 20th Anniversary Bonus! Below that is my PSOne and PSP game collections. Nothing really special for PSOne, just your typical awesome RPGs and such. For PSP I imported one of my favorite games, Breath of Fire III from Europe, as well as Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable and Tales of Phantasia: Full Voice Edition from Japan.

Here's my Sega console stuff. Cool Spot I got signed by Tommy Tallarico at Video Games Live, and I'm lucky enough to have not one, but TWO Dreamcasts! Anyone who hasn't played Skies of Arcadia, Shenmue, Shenmue II, or JET GRIND RADIO . . . I might hate you, lol. My rarest things here would be my Sonic Adventure 10th Anniversary Edition, and What's Shenmue? Below are all my Nintendo Powers, and various other gaming magazines, as well as my numerous art books.

Coffee table with some of my controllers and my friend lent Assbox 360 that I'm using until it RROD's.

My numerous art cels and such from promos and pre-orders. A few posters as well, but the VGCats one is epic, since it's signed and addressed to me by the great Scott Ramsoomair!

Here, look at more consoles! My NES collection which has TENGEN TETRIS IN BOX WITH INSTRUCTIONS! If you don't know what that means, Wikipedia it! My boxed SNES games, my small stack of TG-16 games, and all my N64 games. I have TWO Ocarina of Times, because one is Collector's Edition with gold cartridge and all, and one is not.

My other cabinet of games.

First up is like my 80ish games on DS, which is now roughly tied with the number of PS2 games I have. Most notable are the Atlus titles, but I also have Game & Watch Collection and Tingle's Balloon Fight, which are both Club Nintendo Japan exclusives. I also have both Ouendans, both Jump Superstar games, Itadaki Street DS, and Tales of the Tempest. I also have my Neo Geo Pocket Color with games, as well as normal GB and GBC games there as well. Below is my Assbox, Assbox 360, and PS3 games. I have Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on Assbox and Dreamcast, only missing the most coveted PS2 version. Note the super awesome light blue Japanese Game Gear!

Wii and Gamecube games! Lots of swag too, like my Twilight Princess Master Sword and Hylian Shield and unopened Super Mario Bros. 2 Suspenders from god knows when. Nothing really too special with these sets of games, aside from having Tommy Tallarico autograph my Metroid Prime games.

Hmmm, here's more GBC games and my GBA collection. Lots of DS styli swag and stuff too. Lots of hard-to-find Atlus titles and in my world, the super awesome Jet Grind Radio! It also appears I'm out of room if I want to get any new guides . . . -_-'

My swag table/area. Note the Okami print on the wall! That's actually MADE by another Destructoid member, sylphx (the Spore Final Fantasy monsters guy), who asked me to mention he's selling prints. He's a big homo though, so don't buy from him! =P Also, those of you who are big Halo fans, what's the big deal with the shiny reflective Halo 2 poster I have? When I bought it from eBay, I had like 3 people email me asking if I would resell it to them for like quadruple what I paid.

Mini hockey jerseys, sticks, and trophies. Ultimate Collector's Series Lego TIE Intercepter. Various figures, plushies, and swag. Notice the PS2 Dragon Quest Slime Controller, and my Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles E3 Press Box.

Under the desk, where I store all my boxes and stuff I can't fit anywhere else. Note the IN BOX V-Saturn I just picked up yesterday, Beatmania, Taiko Drum Master, etc.

So . . . that’s my game collection . . . that's also a LOT of text and pictures, but hopefully you took the time to enjoy it. I figured my first Destructoid post should be epic, and hopefully this was. But wait . . .


So here is a small glimpse into my room. This is where I keep all my soundtracks, DVDs, shirts, and a few figures. If there's enough interest, I might do a blog about my soundtracks and how to avoid fake Hong Kong and Taiwanese ones, but that'll be another day. Also, those are all football (soccer once again for some of you) magazines! Also take note of the 1-Up Mushroom and barely visible Paragoomba plushies in the top left of the picture! The most notable things are my Breath of Fire Original Soundtrack Special Box, of which if what I’ve googled is true, only 5000 were ever made, my Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Complete Box, and my Final Fantasy X Auron figure.

Here are my soundtracks and DVDs. Notice BOTH volumes of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and The Legend of Zelda Animated Series, two versions of FFVII: AC, and all 3 seasons of the best show TV ever had . . . ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT! Once again, I have something autographed by Tommy Tallarico, which would be my Earthworm Jim Anthology soundtrack! Also, if you go to Europe, get Lynx! It's the European equivalent to Axe, only it smells and works better, lol.


My most notable shirt is the light brown one in the middle bottom row. It’s from being in the 1st place cabin at the 2005 Camp Hyrule hosted by Nintendo, so I’m assuming that about only 500 of those exist in the world.

Well that's it! If you have any questions about what games, soundtracks, or crap I have, comment or send me a message!

For helping in my game collection and just being generally awesome, I give a shout out to the following people who work at EB Games, Cash Converters, and Video Game Trader: Joe, Ashley, Kevin, Safwan, Justin, Kyle, Dave, Dan, James, Steve, Jeff, Chris, and Karen.

Also, sylphx . . . he loves COCKS!

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