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Funktastic avatar 3:01 PM on 09.18.2008  (server time)
What'd You Get? - Jealous of PAX Attendees Edition!

So, taking a page from NihonTiger90's blogs, I'm posting what I got this summer between when I posted my Gaming Setup and today! Hopefully this will make SOME of you who attended PAX jealous . . . hopefully . . . -_-'

This picture is why I love my Cash Converters and DIAMOND DAVE . . . better known as Dave! Aside from the Super Scope 6 cartridge and ActRaiser, I got all of these in one bundle after getting a phone call from Davey Boy! YES, that is KIRBY SUPER STAR and OGRE BATTLE on SNES! ^_^ Also, Snowboard Kids is there as my quest to collect ALL Atlus games continues!

My DS haul of the summer! More Atlus goodies, although I'm still PISSED that we didn't get the Izuna 2 Posters in Canada! *ANY Atlus employee that stumbles upon this blog . . . PLEASE send cool promos to Canada* Surprisingly, Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland is actually a good game!

Slow summer of swag for me this year . . . -_-'

My Assbox 360, PS3, and Gamecube haul. Those of you who have seen my Gaming Setup, Soulcalibur IV has effectively screwed me over, as it doesn't fit on my PS3 shelf . . . =( Also, whoever posted that blog about getting a sealed Lunar from Goozex, thank you for introducing me to Goozex, as I used it to get rid of my extra Tales of Vesperia that I bought, because I didn't know there was a Premium Edition! d('-'d)

More Cash Converters goodness, aside from Chaos War (stupid Canada not getting it, or at least all the EB's in my city) and Drakengard (got game and guide for $7 on eBay)!

Here's where the good stuff comes! I basically either doubled or tripled my PS collection while you guys were all having fun at PAX . . . *tear* . . . T_T Still, TWO Atlus Bomberman games? SAY WHAT? Not to mention both Chocobo games, and a replacement for my disc only version . . . a complete BREATH OF FIRE III!

Dave = coolest/nicest guy! Got Final Fantasy VII non-greatest hits, perfect condition, and Tales of Destiny II mint . . . $15 EACH! =D Anyone have any Squaresoft or Atlus games they're willing to part with, in order to help me complete my collection? =3

According to my bud, who's a manager at an EB Games, they're apparently not going to carry guides any more, except for some really big titles. For those of you who are like me, and collect them, I suggest Chapters/Indigo or Amazon now!

eBay is a godsend for old school guides! After 2 years of searching for a decent quality, reasonably priced one, I have the guide to possibly my favorite game . . . SUPER MARIO RPG! Getting Breath of Fire III, Breath of Fire IV, Link's Awakening, and A Link to the Past guides were also almost the best day ever!

3 awesome soundtracks! That's The World Ends With You - Arranged Soundtrack in the bottom left, and the other games are I like 2 days ago . . . was really hoping for the Chicken or Cow plushie with Harvest Moon . . . =(

Go boxed GB and GBA games! Also, BOOOOOOOO for not getting the promo soundtrack with Yggdra Union . . . -_-'

Picked these two up yesterday night after I had taken the rest of the "group" pictures!

Still, I actually realize you all had lots of fun at PAX and such, and hopefully I'll be joining you guys next summer! On another note . . . anyone from Destructoid that lives in CALGARY, ALBERTA . . . leave a comment or send me a private message, if you're going to VIDEO GAMES LIVE 2.0 in May! We should meet up or something . . .

Also, cocks!

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