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Funktastic avatar 12:48 PM on 01.12.2010  (server time)
A Compulsive Collector's Haul - Wry Guy, Dtoid Secret Santa, & Holiday Edition!

So, a belated Happy Holidays to all! Holy crap! So far I’m actually keeping up with my “resolution” and all, and I have yet another edition to this series up in a reasonable amount of time! Shocking? I know! I’ve also decided I’m going to try to get involved in a few more discussions and such on the site, and I’ll start off the new year and such by saying that I personally find Okami to be a really good game and well polished, but is WAY too over praised! Just some thoughts! ^_^ With that said, in this edition of A Compulsive Collector’s Haul, we’ve got yet ANOTHER super trade that occurred from the Trading Forums, only this time I traded with the self-proclaimed “Sultan” of trading, Wry Guy, and ‘twas quite the trade if I were to say so myself. I’ve also got my usual haul from Cash Converters, some awesome Christmas/Boxing Day (Canada’s equivalent Black Friday) deals, my Destructoid Secret Santa (of whom I STILL don’t know who it was, even through doing some detective work), a somewhat random Christmas gift from the coolest 55 year old locksmith from San Jose that I play Call of Duty with, and a Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller! Enough with the chitchat, on with the pictures!

So, my trade with Wry Guy involved me sending him a lot of games, in return for a few games for me, but more importantly, some very coveted swag/promos for me! The games I did get from him are pretty top notch, as I managed to get Power Stone 2, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (Limited Edition) [sealed might I add], and Stretch Panic (a very under the radar game by Treasure).

Sweet sweet swag! How I love thee! =D As I’ve stated before, we get mega screwed on the cool stuff up here in Canada, so I have to trade/rely on cool people from the States to satisfy my insatiable promo item/preorder bonus hunger. Here we have the ever so elusive The Art of BlazBlue, as well as a Hero’s Saga Laevatein Tactics Folder.

This picture is full of win! We have a Mario Kart DS Remote Control Yoshi Kart to start us off, followed by The Art of SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny + SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny Best Of Soundtrack. In the bottom row we have a Little King’s Story Onii Stress Doll, Katamari Forever Prince Keychain, and then two more animals to add to my “farm” of plushies in the form of a Harvest Moon Pig Plush and a Harvest Moon Duck Plush. I’m especially fond of the duck! ^_^ Not pictured are yet another Harvest Moon Pig Plush, a Rune Factory 2 Squirrel Plush, and a Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword Stylus that were part of this trade, but were for my homeboy possumwrangler.

Okay, so to close out my trade with Wry Guy, we have a couple of t-shirts. First we have a Metroid Prime Trilogy one that was pretty cool as it’s got a silkscreen of Samus that would appear on like the side of a person wearing the shirt. The other shirt is a Promotional Gamestop Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 one, with the front of it pictured and the back just had the release date and such. So, if you ask me, that’s one hell of a trade! If you liked any of the stuff you saw here, then get your asses to the Trading Forums and get involved!

Did you guys really expect a haul without my usual gaming gem finding store of Cash Converters? Hahaha! Pretty light haul in this edition, but the quality is pretty top notch. We have boxed copies Summon Night: Swordcraft Story and River City Ransom EX for the GameBoy Advance, which still makes some good progress in my goal to have every Atlus game ever made! We also have Suikoden V and then Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. For my regular readers, you read it here first! I WILL actually play and beat Uncharted and its sequel some time this year! =D

Once again, Goozex has proven to be quite the asset to a collector’s repertoire of sources. This time we have Resident Evil 0, Galleon: Islands of Mystery (yet ANOTHER Atlus title!), and the ever so awesome shoot-‘em-up in Einhänder!

So, up here in Canada, on the day after Christmas, we have a day called “Boxing Day”, which is pretty much the equivalent to the United States’ “Black Friday.” It’s basically a day when stores just have really freaking good deals for the day/week. Hopefully that clears up any lingering questions pendelton21. Here is my haul from various stores and online sources not named Cash Converters. We start off with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, followed by Animal Crossing: City Folk (with the Wii Speak accessory bundled in there), Afro Samurai, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Battle Fantasia, and PANGYA: Fantasy Golf.

I picked up a combo pack primarily to renew my Xbox Live account, but besides getting another year of Xbox Live, in the combo pack I got another headset, the messenger pad, and Project Gotham Racing 4. (which really sucks compared to .com) was pretty good to me as well, with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, Excitebots: Trick Racing (with Wii Wheel), and Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier all going on sale.

Here we have the Collector’s Edition of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Guide, which will slot in nicely next to my Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass ones. My brother found the Kirby Mixed Gum in a store on a trip he went on last month and well, it’s video game related and well it’s freaking Kirby, so I decided to collect it and all, hahaha. There’s also a God of War III E3 2009 Demo and Phantom of Chaos Skin downloadable voucher.

For those who were a bit more interested, this is the back of the gum packaging. From what I can understand from the moonspeak, there are 4 main flavors of Apple, Cola, Orange, and Soda. Chewing two different flavors together can make them taste like something else, such as Soda + Apple = Fruity Champagne. There’s also a “mystery” flavor as well.

Oh yeah, I thought I’d also mention that instead of playing on my super ghetto tube TV that didn’t really give my game collection any justice, I get to play on this bad boy now. My brother woke up early for a Boxing Day sale and got this 46” Sony Bravia 1080p TV, so now I can play in high definition baby! I thought I had to celebrate this by buying a Blu-ray movie, and decided on the 10th Anniversary Edition of the ever so awesome Fight Club!

So, here is the box I received on a Sunday surprisingly enough, that housed my Destructoid Secret Santa gift. I looked at the address and the sender’s name, but had no idea who it was, as the only Dtoider I know that lives in Texas is CountingConflict, but I knew that wasn’t his address and the sender’s real name didn’t match his either.

Inside the box there was a note. There was drawing of a somewhat disturbing but familiar face of which I cannot put a name to, saying “Hope You Fucking Enjoy The DVD!” The rest of message is just saying hopefully I enjoy the assorted items and to have a Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah. But wait! What does the P.S. say? My Secret Santa tried to accessorize a DOMO-KUN to look like Emperor Palpatine? SAY WHAAAAT??? o_O

Oh shit! Fuck Fight Club! I got me some Bella Sara Tales: The Adventure Begins! Man, I got to get on that like right away. In terms of the lesser awesome stuff that isn’t the best DVD ever, it appears I was sent a Pokémon wristband, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (heck yeah!), a Yu-Gi-Oh trading card in the form of Left Leg of the Forbidden One, which is one of five cards that makes up Exodia. Wow! I can’t believe I remember that, hahaha! Oh shit! There’s also The Adventures of Batman and Robin!

OH SNAPPLE CAKES! No way! I wasn’t being lied to about the possibility of an Emperor Palpatine DOMO-KUN! Bad fucking ass! Look at his adorable little head poking out of his cloak and the little red headband he’s wearing! D’awww! ^_^

Here he is without his costume on (which was quickly put back on after the picture), in all his DOMO glory! He can now join my other DOMO-KUN and cause some serious havoc! THANK YOU VERY MUCH to whoever was my Destructoid Secret Santa! Getting me a DOMO-KUN was totally like the best thing ever, as I’m always down for more DOMO love! ^_^ If anyone has any idea who was my Secret Santa though, I wouldn’t mind knowing as it totally piqued my curiosity. I’ll withhold the real name for now, but they were from Houston, Texas and drew that somewhat familiar looking character on the note.

So, the few of you I actually have as Xbox Live friends should probably know I play pretty much only Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (previously Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare). With that said, along with possumwrangler, I play very regularly with some other guys we met in Hardcore Search & Destroy. With that said, I befriended a kind gentleman known as BeenKautStealin, and it seemed we had a few similar interests such as NHL hockey and Star Wars. Well, being the coolest 55 year old locksmith that lives in San Jose, or possibly even the whole of the United States, he sent me a Christmas present! =D

Oh my sweet jeebus! Star Wars stuff! Fuck yeah! Even better, it’s BOBA FETT stuff! Hells fucking yeah! There’s a Christmas card with my Xbox Live name on it, a Boba Fett Bobble-Head, and a action figure of Boba Fett from Attack of the Clones.

No fucking way! I had no idea they made other Mr. Potato Head toys besides Darth Tater! But lo and behold, we have SPUDA FETT! You’re the best BeenKaut! ^_^

Now, this is yet another Cash Converters item, but I decided to put it at the end to end this edition with a nice bang. Here we have Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller for the PlayStation 2. There is a rarer one that’s yellow and was for the Gamecube that I’m still hunting for, but this thing is still pretty effing badass.

Each and every controller has a unique blood splatter, making each and every one ever made unique and special. With that said, you can even “start” it up by using the pull string above the normal buttons.

Well, that concludes yet another haul of mine. So far, so good in keeping up with more regular posts. Once again, look forward to seeing stuff from the BIGGEST Trading Forums trade to go down, and that will probably last for quite a while. It’s a pretty mind blowing trade once you see it, and once I’m caught up on that, don’t forget that fellow collector JoeCamNet has sent me some pretty epic stuff too. Thanks once again to whoever was my Destructoid Secret Santa. Also, an EXTRA SPECIAL thanks goes out to Cataract for organizing the whole Secret Santa! Kudos on a smashing success mate! Until next time folks, latez!

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