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I'm FUNKTASTIC yo! ^_^

Now that that's out of the way, my name is Jon and I'm from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I'm currently going to University studying Business. I have probably one of the BIGGEST collections of video games that most people will ever see, and my collection of "swag/promos/standees/collectables/soundtracks" is MASSIVE. I'm currently at around 1,500 games, of which I truly enjoy or have bought for collector's value. I also own some of the rarest collectables around.

Some of my favorite games are: Final Fantasy X, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Jet Grind Radio, Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, Goldeneye, Okami, Shenmue II, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Kingdom Hearts II, The World Ends With You, Breath of Fire III, Final Fantasy VI, Perfect Dark, Bubble Bobble, Chrono Trigger, and Beyond Good & Evil.


THE SETUP 07/06/08


A Compulsive Collector's Haul Prequel - "What'd You Get? - Jealous of PAX Attendees Edition!"


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~Super awesome THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU Edition!~

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~Why I <3 The Trading Forum Edition!~
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So, some of you already know I rate The World Ends With You as one of the best and most original games to have come out in the past few years. All I'll say is that having a friend who can read Japanese, and has a Yahoo Japan Auction Account, is pretty freaking sweet! To begin though, a very brief history . . .

My current collection of The World Ends With You stuff. The game, It's A Wonderful World Original Soundtrack, and It's a Wonderful World + The World Ends With You.

Forgot to picture the guide when I originally posted, and am way too lazy to take an individual picture of it, so top left guide is the one we're looking at. I haven't even read through it yet, but just needed it since The World Ends With You = awesomeness!

Yes, I have spent almost 100 hours in this game, because I am a completionist!

This is where my dedication shows! I have 4 starred ALL Noises, and am just leveling up my Anguis to have 100% Pin Mastery, and then need to buy one more item with that Anguis so that I'll have 100% Items Collected.


The back of the EPIC box!

It's a Wonderful World (note how the case is all sparkly and awesome?) and the super awesome limited edition DS!

Hopefully you guys can see how it says "It's a Wonderful World" on it, but I just freaking love that symbol and all. Also, anyone who has an imported Japanese DS. Is it me, or are the hinges and buttons a lot more firm and responsive?

That does it for this week, I have a SUPER AWESOME haul I'm looking to get up this weekend. I've just been backlogged as hell due to tests and group projects. If you're a retro gamer, or a fan of Atlus, you WILL NOT want to miss my next edition of A Compulsive Collector's haul . . . until next time, latez!
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