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Funktastic avatar 1:27 PM on 03.20.2011  (server time)
A Compulsive Collector's Haul - Retro and New Hardware Edition! (5 Months)

Dag yo! So, Iíll finally be kind of caught up with my backlog of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul blogs . . . kind of! Hahaha! This is my final entry into my ď5 MonthsĒ mini-series and Iíd say it ends with quite the bang! I get to being my January to current editions after this, but Iíll try to get that into one blog. Still, we have the Hardware and Figures Iíve gotten from the past 5 months or so. We have stuff spanning from the NES days to the current day in terms of hardware and peripherals! Also, we have some balliní figures from one of my favorite video game series! I have a couple things I could ďmockĒ about in my usual pre-haul mini-rant, but Iím lazy and I guess Iíll be nice this week, hahaha! Still, on with the show!

You may be wondering why you see a plate/bowl of food in one of my hauls. Itís because I almost forgot I had this picture as I was inspired by the super, awesome, kickass, ultra kind and friendly, all round superstar Aubrey (who does PR for Deep Silver and the highly anticipated Dead Island) to make some linguine and clams, after seeing a picture of them she had in Japan. Here is my version, which is slightly edited with I believe to be spaghettini and you canít see it, but I used a white wine reduction/sauce to cook the clams and pasta in. It was delicious. Many thanks for the inspiration yo! ^_^

So, Iíve only ever had like a light blue Game Gear from Japan that my uncle brought me when I was like 13 or something. Iíve seen many come and go from the best store ever (Cash Converters), but I finally decided to pick this bad boy up, since it was in box and I thought it was about time. Boxed stuff just rules eh?

I know this sounds dumb, but until I actually saw these, it never dawned on me that Nintendo sold separate NES Controllers. Well, lo and behold, they did! Boxed NES Controllers (2 of them) from the best store in the universe as per usual!

Holy hell! I have been looking for this guy for what seems like FOREVER! Letís put it like this, my homeboy Diamond Dave and homegirl Suzanne have both been working at Cash Converters for like 10 years (I hope thatís right) and this is the FIRST EVER . . . R.O.B. Robotic Operating Buddy . . . they have EVER seen! If youíve seen some of the stuff Iíve picked up from there (which if you havenít, then you really shouldnít be viewing this blog, hahaha!), it gives you a pretty damn good idea how hard it is to get or even see one of these buggers! He has everything with him and heís in WORKING condition! It even still has like the ďdiscĒ warnings on it! You have no idea about the kind of happy I was when I saw this guy! It was indescribable! Seriously, you guys are THE BEST and have made me all kinds of happy with this guy! Iím very lucky to know some of the nicest and best people around . . . <3

Itís pretty damn hard to top the last picture and well . . . this one doesnít really come close . . . hahaha! Here we have a Disney Epic Mickey Paintbrush, which actually functions as a nunchuk. Itís a pretty damn cool and well made peripheral for the console and it looks cool, plus it wasnít all that expensive, which is why I picked it up.

Nothing overly special here either. Just another Game Boy Color that Iím slowly collecting every color of. This time we have Kiwi joining the like other two I already have.

Well . . . Iím a tard! >_< I succumbed to stupidity and bought this Mario 25th Anniversary Wii Console, even though I already have a Wii, with like 4 remotes and nunchuks and . . . yeah . . . -_-Ď I mean, limited edition, Mario, different color . . . it was too good to resist! *is trying to make himself feel better*

Yeah . . . well . . . to be fair on this one, I donít have a DSi XL, but I donít want to open this one to use, even though theyíre way more awesome to play games on, since this is also a Mario 25th Anniversary one. Also, I in theory now have 2 copies of Mario Kart DS now . . . *sigh* . . .

Have I mentioned that my Cash Converters is the HANDS DOWN THE BEST STORE IN THE UNIVERSE? Have I? Seriously? If I havenít, please do tell me so I can reiterate it is! =) Here we have a Street Figther 15th Anniversary Edition Arcade Stick that works for both the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Thereís obviously some noticeable damage to the outer box, but seriously, where and when the hell would you have a chance to pick something like this up, even without the box? Pretty much . . . NEVER! Iím privileged to know some of the nicest and best people. I owe Aron this time for this beauty. So the first two pictures are just of the box, showing off some gorgeous artwork and the characters in the numerous games on the back. The third picture shows how the front flap can lift up and has a nice see through layer to look at the fight stick. That ďwindowĒ flap can also lift up so thatís how you actually get the fight stick out of the box. The fourth picture shows the fight stick in all its glory. If I may say so, even though this is for the last generation of consoles, this is one damn sexy fight stick! d(Ď-Ďd)

Even the instruction manual for the fight stick is pretty. I donít care that it reuses the art from the box and the fight stick and everything, itís just that itís colorful and looks like so much care and attention has been put into it that makes me appreciate it. Keep in mind, this was a used product, but it also still had the super long poster of like the entire cast of the Street Fighter series up to this point in like perfect condition! I need to get that thing flattened, framed, and put on a wall somewhere! Still, much, much, much love to my favorite store and people again! ^_^

Okay, this is getting ridiculous! An IN BOX SUPER FAMICON? As the great GOB would say . . . COME ON! I donít care that itís the Hong Kong version and not the Japanese one, since itís still authentic and it still works. Look at that box! Seriously! I live in Canada, I bought this from a used goods store . . . think about that for a moment. Seeing one of these would already be a tough task, but seeing one IN BOX? Look at the console in the second picture! No stupid yellowing or discoloring or anything. A nice clean, sleek, and sexy console, with a controller to boot! Itís so nice I donít even care that itís missing another controller with it. Seeing this up for sale at the store I spend more at than anywhere else just simply makes me love my life! =D

So, along with the Super Famicon, I managed to snag this little ditty from Cash Converters as well. At first, I had no idea what the hell it was, then I figured out that it actually attaches to the console through the cartridge slot. A bit more internet sleuthing led to find out that this was essentially a floppy disk extension that you could use to play emulated/downloaded games! Good old piracy and stealing even in the good old days . . . =P Hahaha! I havenít had the chance to try this thing out yet, but I have literally a box full of floppy disks to try out.

Diamond Dave is seriously the most awesome guy around! Here we have an in box Sega Activator peripheral for the Genesis. Itís pretty much one of the worst ďcontrollersĒ ever created and sold to mankind, which makes it that much more of a novelty! Even our Robot Founder did an article back in the day about its crappiness! Seriously, open that link in a new tab/window and see how retarded it is, hahaha! You can also see in the second picture the obscene number of instructional pamphlets that accompanied the damn thing. The last picture features the whole shebang, with the thing in the middle being a mousepad, just so you can get an idea of how big the thing is. I havenít tried it yet, but if you watch the video in the above link, I donít think Iíll be able to meet all the requirements in order to do so, hahaha!

So ends my mini-series within a series of 5 months of catch-up. Thereís actually some stuff I havenít included, because Iíll be using those things for a separate blog that should be upcoming. Finally being able to finish this mini-series though, means that Iím actually re-backlogged about 2 months. So expect that stuff to come in the next few weeks, a special import edition, plus some kickass custom ordered stuff. Many thanks for stopping by and until next time, latez mates!

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