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Funktastic avatar 12:48 PM on 10.21.2008  (server time)
A Compulsive Collector's Haul - MARVEL & DISGAEA Edition!

So, here's another addition to my close to bi-weekly blog of "A Compulsive Collector's Haul!" This week, I got some EPIC games, and some even more EPIC swag! Let's begin . . .

First off, we have Time Hollow, which if you like adventure and text games like Hotel Dusk and Trace Memory, is a great, albeit short game. The rest of this haul is from my stomping grounds, Cash Converters! Once again, my buddy "Diamond" Dave pulled through again, with $5 for Kid Icarus, $10 for Excitebike, and . . . MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2 for only 15 DOLLAROO! =D I now own ALL THREE versions of it! ^_^ I also got a Japanese Digital Devil Saga and a Japanese Tenchu Shinobi Taizen from my other buddy who works there!

Once again, thank you JoeCamNet for posting that Goozex blog! 3 awesome games from Goozex, one from a fellow DToid'er by the name of TheFil!

I will only share this, because I know that you fellow DToid'ers will appreciate this, but ANYTHING by Atlus or NIS (Nippon Ichi), you should buy from RosenQueen! For ordering through them, you get KICKASS promos like a PRINNY STYLUS and a little figurine you have to put together, and which I lucked out on, because I got the ETNA and PRINNY figure! =D I unfortunately missed out on the Rhapsody soundtrack, but you don't have to pay anything extra aside from shipping and you get SWEET swag!

A slow week for swag again, but a Rock Band 2 T-Shirt, Dead Space Artbook, and Fallout 3 Soundtrack aren't too bad either.

That ends another session of a Compulsive Collector's Haul! I expect to be posting my 700TH game in my collection sometime before Christmas, so stay tuned!

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