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2:47 PM on 08.18.2012

A Compulsive Collector's Haul - PAX 2011 Edition!

NOTE: What better way to get excited for PAX 2012, then to see all the sweet kickass swag and stuff you could have gotten if you went to PAX 2011. So, yet again, this is my haul from last year's PAX! Still significantly behind, but I'm catching up . . . kinda! >_< Hahaha! Also, I'm too lazy to change any of the "at the time" text I wrote, so . . . deal with it! =D That said, if you're reading this NIERO (or anyone else who does the programming on the site), are we ever going to get the MULTI-PICTURE UPLOADING that was from Destructoid 2.0? I forgot how much of a pain in the ass it is to upload pictures one by one. -_-' Had to upload 83 pictures one by one this time. Took close to an hour and a half! Also, I responded to almost everyone who commented on my last blog, you can respond here please.

Dag yo! So, way back at the beginning of September 2011, I wouldíve expected the Cblogs to have a lot more PAX 2011 blogs than what materialized. With that said (and the timing of the writing of this blog, end of January 2012), you may or may not have already seen my blog about PAX 2011, or will see it relatively soon . . . I hope, hahaha! Still, for those of you who unfortunately couldnít make it out to Seattle for a raucous and fun filled time, here is a A Compulsive Collectorís Haul showcasing all the super sweet swag and games that can be found during the festivities! In typical fashion, I went t-shirt whoring, poster whoring, ďrareĒ swag whoring, and buying most of Pink Gorillaís rare and valuable games, along with spending them dolla dolla billz yíall, at the ever so great and amazing guys manning the Fangamer booth! So, enough chitchat, one with the show!

Weíll start this haul off with the 18 t-shirts I got during my 5 day stay in Seattle. All pictures on the left are the front of the shirt, while the right side pictures are of the back. Here we have a Forza Motorsport 4 T-Shirt. I believe I actually received this from Dale North at the Destructoid Live! Panel, when they were giving away swag. As you can see on the front picture, on the sleeve, it seems this shirt was acquired at E3 2011.

Next up is the inFamous 2: Festival of Blood T-Shirt. Apparently, these were very limited in quantity at the Sony booth on the Sunday of the show (more on that in a bit), where you basically had to line up there right at the start of the show in order to get one. From what Iíve heard/researched, there were only about 750 Ė 1,000 of these shirts in various sizes.

We follow up with a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive T-Shirt from the super awesome Valve booth. Despite it being the only game that Valve was showing off, they did a stellar job in terms of line control and not being jerks about giving shirts away. I actually went with a few other Dtoiders like power-glove, I believe Cataract, and a couple others. The people who worked there recognized we were part of the site and just gave us a bunch of extra t-shirts and beta codes! Balliní! ^_^

I freakiní had to WAIT in a line for this swag! Thatís like the worst kind of swag, and itís made ever worse due to the fact that I had to wait like AN HOUR or so! *first world problems* =P Enough of that! This is the Uncharted 3: Drakeís Deception T-Shirt you got if you watched their little video thing and then played their multiplayer, which was actually a lot of fun.

Now we have a BioShock: Infinite T-Shirt that you ďwonĒ if you went into their little corridor for a couple minutes to look at pictures, then take a quiz on a computer about the pictures you were looking at. You had to go 5 for 5 on the quiz, otherwise you would not get a t-shirt, plus theyíd stamp your hand to signify you took the quiz! (Ask JackShadow for a funny story about that!) I may have chatted up (possibly quasi-flirted) the lady who was in charge of letting people in and setting them up on the computers, so when I was a bit stumped on one of the questions, she may have helped me out! =D Hahaha!

Well, this is the League of Legends T-Shirt you got on the show floor if you got 3 stamps from around the expo hall. Needless to say, it wasnít very hard to do. Itís nothing flashy, but itís somewhat made by the original and good crew that made Defense of the Ancients (DotA) in Warcraft III and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, so I have to support/like it! =P

I got this Prey 2 T-Shirt, mainly due to being in the right place at the right time. I was walking past the The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim booth, when they were just throwing t-shirts out from the stage next to it, and this shirt pretty much almost hit me in the head! Hahaha! Iím actually quite the fan of the crazy symbols/language on the front of the shirt.

There was a Nintendo booth in the handheld lounge area that was demoing Kirby Mass Attack and I donít think I really need to explain much more. Aside from it being super awesome having a ton of Kirbys to play as and display on a shirt.

Hey! Itís that game that CelicaCrazed talks about all the time and how much he hates it, just like those really crappy Taiwonto Make Me Laughs! ^_^ Having never played Warhawk before, I was pleasantly surprised at how fun Starhawk seems, even though I had to play the game . . . WITHOUT inverted controls . . . *grumble grumble* Still, here is the t-shirt I got from playing the demo!

Man, I shouldíve probably ordered these shirts a bit better, but itís too late for that now, hahaha! So, after I won a trip to the inaugural PAX East in 2010 to report on Two Worlds II, I still managed to somewhat stay in contact with the fine people at TopWare Interactive. Even though they didnít have a booth on the show floor this year, every PAX I attend, I always run into Public Relations Director, Jake DiGennaro. To try to make a long story short, he and his coworker Adam invited myself and a few other Dtoiders to check out some of their upcoming games. Iíll explain more about that experience and the games when/if I ever get around to posting my PAX 2011 blog. Still, here is a Ravenís Cry T-Shirt that is pretty simple, but considering the game was in the initial stages and is about pirates and shizz, keep an eye out for it mates!

Here we have one of the most coveted pieces of swag from the whole convention. To help celebrate and hype the launch of The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, Sony announced on their blog that on the first day of the convention, there would be 500 of these ICO ďNever Let GoĒ T-Shirts that would be given out when the convention opens. Since it was a one day only thing, I made sure that I was there. The same thing was going to occur for the Shadow of the Colossus t-shirts, only it was SUPPOSED to be Sunday, with even the staff ďconfirmingĒ that, only for them to change it at the last minute Saturday morning, therefore screwing me over trying to get that one . . . or did I magically get one, which will appear in a future blog? =P Still, awesome game, awesome shirt! =D

Here we have a Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 ďPartners in SlimeĒ T-Shirt that was given out on the second floor Nintendo handheld lounge. You had to have like 3 or 7 pins that there were giving out for doing various activities to get this shirt. Since I do enjoy and play Dragon Quest games, it wasnít as annoying doing the activities for this shirt. Also, come on . . . slimes!!!

For those that donít know me that well or are new to my blog, I collect video games, DOMO things, Manchester United/football memorabilia, Colorado Avalanche/New York Rangers memorabilia, and Star Wars stuff. The combination of video games and Star Wars is like a dream to many. So, when I heard that if you played Star Wars: The Old Republic that you would get a ďcardĒ to redeem for a t-shirt, I made it a priority! You may be asking why I have TWO t-shirts when you only get ONE card to redeem. All Iíll say is that I played the demo only once, but through my own Jedi mind tricks, I may have been able to procure a second redeemable card! ^_^ Still, you had a choice to have the shirts in regular English or the typical Star Wars language, Aurebesh. Of course I went for the ďnaturalĒ choice of Aurebesh. The first shirt is for The Sith Empire and reminds of those old school communist China propaganda posters, but it says ďThrough Power Ė Victory.Ē The second shirt is for The Galactic Republic and says ďFor The Republic.Ē Iíll let you guys guess which one I like more, despite both of them being balliní as hell! =P

As I said, I shouldíve probably ordered these pictures better, but oh well! This is yet another simple shirt of another game that TopWare Interactive is working on, Scivelation. I was shown an alpha build of the game, but even in that stage, it was looking pretty graphically and seems to have a lot of potential going forward. It seemed to have a very Perfect Dark (the GOOD one! ;-D) vibe to it, which can only be a good thing in my books! Keep an eye out for that one as well!

Despite him looking like some Scottish hobo with his super manly beard of awesome and accent thatís all thick and stuff, plus the fact that he will don a kilt for Suiterday, my homie g, Ali D is a pretty goddamn swell guy! Since I was unable to attend PAX East 2011, my fine friend from across the pond actually volunteered to pick up some extra swag for me. The fact that he managed to get such fine swag for me warms my heart like a candle warming chocolate fondue . . . bad analogy! Hahaha! Still, the first of 3 shirts he managed to get for me is this Deus Ex: Human Revolution ďThe Truth Will Change YouĒ T-Shirt! Hell yeah! d(Ď-Ďd)

Next up is what seems like a Rockstar Games t-shirt, when in reality it is a L.A. Noire T-Shirt that our bearded and now front paged friend snagged for me. Itís a game that I still need to buy and play, but . . . yeah . . . I say that with a number of games . . . T_T

In my books, this was easily the piŤce de rťsistance for me in the bag of swag Mr. I Donít Know Much About Football got me! ^_^ <3 The fact that he was actually willing to part with it and the fact that itís a game I ACTUALLY played, made this Portal 2 ďAperture Science InnovatorsĒ T-Shirt oh so sweet a gift! I have more stuff later in the post that Ali D got me, but in the mean time, for his eternal kindness and awesomeness . . . GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED! ;-D <3

Here we have a Prototype 2 Foam Scythe. From my understanding, in order to get this thing, you had to wait in line to get a picture with a giant helicopter that was used for advertising the game. If youíre me though, you just saw one lying around in the Square Enix booth, asked people around if it was theirs, then just claimed it for yourself! =P

So, this was definitely one of the highlights of the show, even though it had a really small booth. Regardless, this is a Lollipop Chainsaw Foam Chainsaw, along with some Stickers. If/when I get around to writing a PAX 2011 blog, Iíll go more in-depth about my thoughts on the game, but itís looking very unique and promising, plus itís got one hell of a saucy cheerleader at our protagonist! ;-D

And now we enter the ďposterĒ phase of this haul. We begin off with a poster of everyoneís favourite video game website . . . Destructoid!

Once again, if you know me, I freakiní love ANYTHING thatís made by Atlus. That said, I was sure to check out their very small presence at PAX, but was duly rewarded with this balliní The King of Fighters XIII Poster.

Capcom always has good swag at PAX and this one was no exception. With that said, I was pretty pissed they didnít bring their store this year, with Japanese/PAX exclusives, but you canít win all the time I guess, hahaha! This is a double-sided Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Poster featuring a typical advertisement on one side, and a cool comic book adaptation on the other.

ITíS MAHVEL BAYBEE! Goddamn do I love the series, even if I donít play it nearly as much anymore. Still, this Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Poster features a fair number of the new characters prior to its launch, such as: Firebrand, Strider Hiryu, Hawkeye, Ghost Rider, Nemesis, and Dr. Strange! Donít care what you haters say, the amount of new characters and gameplay justified another release! =P

The latest crossover fighting game also had a fair amount of representation on the show floor from actually a few booths, but even though it only features 4 characters, this Street Fighter X Tekken Poster is still pretty badass. It should prove interesting to see what subset of the fighting crowd the game will attract and retain.

Not going to lie, donít know like any information about Dragonís Dogma, but since they were giving this poster with the rest of the games at the Capcom booth, I felt obligated to pick one up, hahaha!

Um, so Nintendo always makes topnotch games and well, I think itís a pretty fair statement to say that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D would rank high amongst them. So, I was pretty damn psyched that I managed to snag this poster of the game, especially since I adore the artwork on it.

Itís hard to tell from the picture, but his poster was a hell of a lot bigger than the majority of the other ones I picked up. This is a Penny Arcade drawn Might & Magic: Heroes VI Poster. Personally, it seems that any game that they do a comic or poster for, the artwork as per usual, is nothing short of sensational. Thoughts?

Ah, now we get into some of the most bitchiní posters I snagged from the show. You got this BioShock: Infinite Booker and Elizabeth Wanted Poster from standing in line to get your picture taken with hands down the best (and hottest may I add! =P) cosplay/booth attendee/actress Iíve seen, who was dressed as Elizabeth and there was a giant ass Songbird coming through the wall. Once again, picture will be in my PAX 2011 blog . . . I hope! -_-Ď

Um, exclusive, super limited print poster that you can only get within a 1 hour timeframe that will be signed by Ken Levine, Troy Baker (voice of Booker), and Courtnee Draper (Elizabeth)? Ummm, HELL YEAH! Totally was like one of the first people in line to make sure I got one of these, I even managed to jump power-glove and Gobun through the line, even though they showed up pretty late! Iíll let one of them explain how that worked! ;-D I arbitrarily named this the BioShock: Infinite ďThe True Patriot Has Nothing To Fear From The SongbirdĒ Poster. Once again, picture with the signees in PAX 2011 . . .

Once again, another game I know nothing about, but I was simply just handed one of these Quantum Conundrum Foam Hats, as I walked through the Square Enix booth. Itís also really weird, since Iíve kept this thing in my basement since Iíve gotten it, but it has somehow managed to discolor itself to a light orange color.

Hopefully my memory serves me correct, as I write this in February, a nice half year after the event, but looking at my mini set of notes I made, I do believe I got this El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Nephilim Cushion from Gobun after he caught it during the Destructoid Live! Panel, and then gave it to me, since he didnít have room for it in his luggage. Once again, many thanks good sir! ^_^

Ah, now we get to the stuff I picked up from one of my most anticipated booths every year, Fangamer! This is the cloth bag I got for buying a bunch of stuff, hahaha!

The first thing I do when I get to the Fangamer booth, is to make sure I get their product catalog for whatever convention their at, as those things are pretty much a piece of art in themselves. As you can see, the first picture shows all the t-shirt they had for sale, minus a couple that werenít ready yet (theyíre released now) and were essentially shown off as a sneak peek. The second picture shows all their posters, doodads, pins, keychains, and other general awesomeness they had for sale.

Whenever you made a purchase at their booth, you were given a token to use and redeem a gashapon majigger from their machine, which would house 1 of 8 Mario themed pins (I got Mushroom), along with a strip of paper telling you to do something fun!

While Fangamer is probably most well known for their incredibly well designed, unique, and original t-shirts, they also do a lot of smaller items like pins and keychains, which I happen to be an extremely big fan of! Here we have the Galactic (Metroid themed), Plumberís (Mario themed), and Timed-Attack (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars themed) Pin Sets, along with an 8-BitBoy and Super 16Bit Keychains. For the latter, if you can tell from the picture, itís a Super Nintendo controller, while on the flipside, itís actually a Super Famicon colored one! =D

Along with those, I decided to purchase Block Coasters, which are obviously Mario themed and are in the shape of some of the most iconic blocks from the series. Personally, Iím all about the question mark one!

My last purchase from them was probably the coolest, as itís the legendary Pipe Mug! Just look at the design of the box label and such. It shows just how much time and effort the guys and ladies behind the BEST damn unique video game merchandise site put into their products! The second picture just shows how the mug is carefully packed and how it comes with a coaster as well. The last picture shows the final product in all its glory.

If youíre interested in seeing what other awesome stuff they have for sale. Please do visit Fangamer, as I promise you wonít be disappointed. Iíd also like to give a great big shout out to Jon Kay, Reid Young, Gerritt, Bryan, Ryan, Charlie, and the few others who Iíve unfortunately forgotten their names. These guys are seriously some of the nicest and coolest people youíll meet. I know Iíve said this the past few paragraphs, but in the PAX 2011 blog Iím hoping to still get up, be sure to read my full experience with these guys and how they definitely deserve a special mention and super awesome picture!

*So, since Jon wasn't around at the end of the show, I just photoshopped his current Twitter image into the picture, because he most definitely should be in it! Also, Reid is the one in the Mr. Destructoid helmet!*

Once again, these are the other things my Scottish homeboy Ali D got for me from PAX East 2011: a Bit.Trip Runner Sticker, along with a Commander Video Sticker, as well as an L.A. Noire Sticker. Much love you haggis eating, kilt wearing, beard growing, Scotsman . . . much love! <3

This is just a picture of some of the various stickers I picked up during a jolly good time. We have a BioShock: Infinite Sticker that is followed up by POW, Potion, NES Controller, Skyliner, and Shield Stickers from Fangamer, ending with a lovely Destructoid Sticker.

So, in order to get some of the Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 goodies at PAX, you had to do some things like playing the demo, taking pictures of yourself in a photo booth, and a few other things to earn pins for rewards like a Monster Guide and T-Shirt. I think there were 11 different ones in total, but I managed to snag 7, which was enough to get all the swag. The pins I managed to snag were the title one, Cross Eye, Cyber Slime, Dark Slime, Jailcat, Mischievous Mole, and Slime.

Here is just a picture of some miscellaneous swag that was picked up at various booths. We start off with Firefall Thundersticks, and despite how much of a presence they had at the convention, Iím not going to lie, I still donít really know much about the game, aside from the fact that it looks like the game has the same font as Starcraft. Thereís also a World of Tanks DVD that I got from a guy near the main theatre, who just happened to be standing by a giant ass tank. Next up is the Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Monster Field Guide, which was the reward for collecting 7 of the pins pictured above. They were also giving away Mass Effect 3 Inflatable Omniblades like none other and I of course picked up a few. Finally, thereís also a FEZ Pin and some 2K Shoelaces that Hamza just threw at me at the Destructoid Live! Panel.

Once again, we have more odds and ends, like a Gamespot Water Container (actually a really smart idea, since there were a bunch of water fountains around the convention center), an Aliens: Infestation Pin Set, and a Deus Ex: Human Revolution Arm Augmentation Sleeve.

Now we have some ďhead gearĒ per se. First off is a Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth Mask that you got if you played the demo. Next up seemed to be most peopleís favourite piece of swag from the convention, which is a The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dragonborn Hat . . . Mask . . . whatever you want to call it . . . thing that was featured in a couple Dtoid videos.

This time around we have a Mass Effect 3 Medal that was given out for completing the 3 booth preview of the game. Youíll also see a Gamespot Pin Set and the Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Nintendo 3DS Case that someone gave to me at the Destructoid Live! Panel, which was originally only available through the Capcom Store and is Number 0762/1000. I also managed to snag a Dissidia: Final Fantasy Excerpts from the Original Soundtrack CD, plus my homeboy TheCleaningGuyís Tomb Raider Hotel Keycard.

Along with the lanyards in this photo, youíll also see a The Darkness II PAX 2011 Darkling Ski Mask Redemption Card, which allowed you to get one of them masks at a later date. I didnít bother blanking out the code, since I already redeemed it and got the mask, plus this blog is like half a year after the fact, hahaha! In terms of lanyards, we have some from League of Legends, Sonic CD, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and Rift.

Okay, Iím pretty sure most of you know that Iím quite a fan of the Kingdom Hearts series and well, I went to the comic store in Pike Place and they had a sale on the Trading Card Game Booster Packs, and one thing led to another, and well, I now have 3 packs of cards that are shiny, but I have no idea what to do with or anything . . . Iím a dumbass . . . -_-Ď . . . hahaha! Anywho, we also have some Two Worlds II Playing Cards that I got from my little meeting with TopWare Interactive, a pack of Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards, as well as two Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Holographic Beta Cards.

Okay, so prior to PAX, I saw on the super awesome and talented Ashley Davisí Twitter feed that she was selling some games. I inquired to what she was selling and how much, and even though Iím a collector, I still ďhateĒ buying stuff from people I know, since Iíd rather them keep the items. Still, we hashed something out and were going to do the exchange at PAX. She said she was also going to draw something for me and I literally had NO IDEA what she was going to do. So, when we met up at PAX and did our exchange, she also gave me this cardboard protected picture that is seen in the first picture. When I opened it up, I saw a Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Sticker Sheet, along with a Geno ďThank You!Ē Art piece that she usually includes when she does commissions or when people buy a print from her super awesome No Marios Allowed! Tumblr. Finally, in the last picture of this trio, I laid my eyes upon one of the most beautiful things ever . . . DOMO JACK FROST! ^_^ She most DEFINITELY did her research for drawing something I would ADORE FOREVER, as I didnít request anything and she knew what to draw. I think itís pretty evident that Iím a fan of DOMO, but she also had done her homework and also apparently likes looking at mine and ChillyBillyís collector blogs, and knew that I love ANYTHING from Atlus, whose official mascot (well, at least in Japan) is Jack Frost! This drawing is seriously one of THE BEST things Iíve ever received and Iíve got it well protected while I look for a frame for it! Everyone should most definitely support the lady in all her endeavors and be sure to always greet her with a smile! =) The only thing that I could say was ďbadĒ about this, was that we were both in a rush going in opposite directions, so I wasnít able to open the picture while she was still around, so I never got to properly thank her. =( So, if youíre reading this Ashley Davis, thank you a bajillion times and youíre THE BEST!!! d(Ď-Ďd)

Oh yeah, I also bought a couple games from her, so I guess I should mention those. =P Something that only a few of you probably know, but as I stated above, I ďhateĒ buying games from people I know, but I ďhateĒ it even more when I know theyíre rare/valuable games. Still, I managed to pick up the coveted and awesome Saturn classic, Dragon Force and the Sega CD and always classy Lunar: Eternal Blue from her. Theyíre added to my slowing growing and almost complete collection of Working Designs games! Thanks again! ^_^

So, as I stated earlier with the t-shirt section of this haul blog, the super awesome and balliní Jake DiGennaro of TopWare Interactive gave myself a few Dtoiders a sneak peek of some of the things that they were working on. Here is the Press Kit for the futuristic, Perfect Dark-esque looking Scivelation.

Seriously, itís nice to see the time and effort that TopWare Interactive puts into their Press Kits. The imagery and quality of even the ďinner casingĒ (for lack of better term) that houses the Press Kit is always freakiní top notch! This time around, we have the kit for the ultra gory and badass Ravenís Cry, which will feature pirates doing their scallywagging best to loot, pillage, and rape their way to pirate awesomness!

So, here we have the Press Kit for Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress, which is an expansion pack and downloadable content for the legitimately good Two Worlds II. Once again we have balliní inner artwork, along with pamphlets about the expansion, as well as one about the Game of the Year Edition they want to release in a super slick velvet case. Once again, much love to Jake DiGennario and TopWare Interactive. <3

Now we have some DLC codes and a pretty weird and crazy picture booth sheet. Going left to right and top to bottom, we have: a Deus Ex: Human Revolution / Team Fortress 2 Purity Fist Code, then a Mass Effect 3 Alliance Normandy SR-2 Xbox 360 Prop Code, then a couple of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Face Swap Picture Sheets, followed by League of Legends PAX Sivir and Riot Nasus Codes, and finally an Uncharted 3: Drakeís Deception Mystery Skinned Weapon #8 Code.

Here we have a few more random tidbits, like a Penny Arcade The Game Ė Gamers vs. Evil Promo Card, then a Dead Island Comic, followed up by a Rusty Hearts Angela Advertisement Card, along with a Beards & Beaks Avatar Prop Code, as well as a Bloodline Champions Code.

A few more kind of cool things I picked up, like a Twisted Pixel Advertisement Card (The Gunslinger / Ms. ĎSplosion Man), flanked by a Game Career Guide Fall 2011 magazine, and a smaller Might & Magic: Heroes VI Advertisement Card.

As with all PAXes, this was the PAX 2011 Instruction Booklet with glorious artwork as usual. Iím partial to the weinerdog and the Cardboard Tube Samurai. =P

Back to more swag stuff! This is the Uncharted 3: Drakeís Deception / Starhawk Swag Bag they were giving out near the Sony booth. It seems that at every PAX, a different company gains the right/ability to provide the con-goers with bags to hold all of their freebies and stuff. All I can say is that this was a very welcome addition to my duffel bag that I normally carry around.

It was a good thing Hamza was pretty awesome and just handed me this XCOM Ė Field Team Bag, otherwise I may have been a bit gimped for space, as I shoved all my t-shirts I got from the convention into this thing, and essentially had an extra carry on. Thanks dude! d(Ď-Ďd)

More things here, like a Dance Central 2 Scarf, Guild Wars 2 Bandana, and a Batman: Arkham City Wristband. Nothing too earth shattering here. =P

I shouldíve probably lumped this with the other TopWare Interactive stuff, but well, Iím lazy, so too late for that! =P Since Jake had awesome displays and was just being super cool (as usual), he decided to just give me this PS3 copy of Two Worlds II Royal Edition, which are apparently pretty damn limited and collectible! ^_^ If you want to see the contents of it, I suggest you watch Jim Sterlingís quite spectacular and spicy video by clicking here. Thanks once again mate! =D

Here is my actual pass to the convention. As you can see, I got the Three Day Pass, along with a Halo Fest Pass, which was connection to The Behemoth PAX 2011 Lanyard.

Weíll end this haul blog with my big finds/purchases I made at the Pink Gorilla booth. Itís usually one of the very first booths I visit at the convention, since I always want to get my grubby hands on the rare and collectible games they always seem to usually have. It was an even more pleasant experience this time, since when I started asking one lady for a bunch of games in the cabinet and hanging off of things, she didnít seem too knowledgeable about some of them, but the owner of the store (at least thatís what he told me) seemed to catch on VERY quickly that I was a serious buyer and was going for the high end stuff, so I pretty much had a personal shopper, hahaha! Not having to deal with waiting to ask someone to take a look at something or having window shoppers be in my way was a real plus. Still, weíll start off with a couple Sega Saturn gems, like the firefighting Sega made Burning Rangers and the super shiny Working Designs made Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean.

Next up, we have a complete copy of the ever elusive and fairly valuable Resident Evil Gaiden for Game Boy Color. It was surprisingly not in the cabinet and very underpriced in my books. It was made even better that the owner and a few other employees were ďpissedĒ I saw it, as they wanted to buy it if no one else did during the convention. Next to it, we have an Atlus game that had eluded me for quite a while, but finally no more, as I now own the original Guilty Gear.

So, some of you may know that possumwrangler is one of my closest friends and a fellow super collector. We have a system where we know that one of us likes a series significantly more than the other, or that one of us is looking for something and wants it really badly. Still, Alundra was just something he was looking for, but the Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence Limited Edition was something heís been dying to get (me too!)! Once again, we were scammed in Canada for getting, so it was a USA only exclusive that was extremely hard to get a hold of, even though itís only a red outer box and a bonus DVD. One thing you have to know though, is that people who love the Metal Gear series, REALLY love the series. So, as a good friend, I decided to allow him to have the first one either of us found, so I now must find another for myself, hahaha!

I just realized I forgot to pre-write this section, so what I'm about to write may not be 100% factual, but close enough. This here is a GameBoy Light handheld. They were only released in Japan and it was pretty much a GameBoy Pockety with a backlit blue screen. I think there were less than 50,000 made period, and I have one of the like 20,000 silver ones that were produced. Needless to say, they're quite a rare and valuable handheld. As expected, I managed to snag this from the Pink Gorilla booth.

This is a picture of myself with Wil Wheaton before the showfloor opened, since I was helping out the Fangamer crew setup! He was a very chill and cool guy!

This is a picture of me with Rocco and Derrick from Mega 64, along with a copy of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island that Rocco wanted from my collection of doubles! =D

So, that's another post, we'll see when I can get the next one up mates! Thanks again! ^_^   read

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A Compulsive Collector's Haul - Early Summer Super Haul (2011)

NOTE: So, you can tell by the title of the blog, this is from LAST year . . . I'm just a LITTLE behind in blog posting! >_< That said, I've got like 6 setup, with PAX 2011 up next, and a LOT of cool stuff coming up, so those who actually read these blogs beforehand, please continue to be patient. I've just been a wee bit busy! =P Also, I'm too lazy to change any of the "at the time" text I wrote, so . . . deal with it! =D That said, if you're reading this NIERO (or anyone else who does the programming on the site), are we ever going to get the MULTI-PICTURE UPLOADING that was from Destructoid 2.0? I forgot how much of a pain in the ass it is to upload pictures one by one. -_-'

Dag yo! So, hereís yet another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul that Iím trying to catch up on. Iíve arbitrarily labeled this edition as ďEarly Summer Super HaulĒ for no real reason, except for the fact that I can at least remember a few of these items were obtained not long after my birthday back in May, hahaha! Thereís some stuff from June and July for sure, but hey, this blog needed a title. Iíve got quite a lot of swag in this haul, along with some pretty good finds in the game department, some boxed replacements, a couple concert t-shirts, and some super awesome Manchester United stuff from a trip to Seattle in July! Enough intro paragraph, on with the show!

Iím very lucky to have some good friends that work in game stores or can acquire awesome pieces of swag for me. With that said, I know itís not 2 games removed (technically only one, since this was from ďearlyĒ summer), but this is the super balliní, somewhat holographic/reflective Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Countdown Clock that was in a number of EB Games and GameStops. Goddamn this thing is awesome! The only ďproblemĒ with it I could find, would be the fact that it canít be reprogrammed to tell real time, hahaha!

Here we have a couple of promotional shirts, starting with a Splatterhouse one along with a Wii Zapper one as well. Nothing really mind blowing with these two. =P

We follow those up with a Red Dead Redemption GameStop Employee Polo and a Castlevania: Lords of Shadow T-Shirt. The first picture shows the front of each shirt, while the second one shows the back. Note the unchanged and improper release date on the Red Dead Redemption one, and Iím quite a fan of the design on the Castlevania one, minus the whole Facebook link on the back . . . ugh . . . -_-Ď

We continue with the awesome swag with a Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Ė Prince Dastan Figure (oh so dreamy Jake Gyllenhaal . . . =P), followed by a bitchiní Harvest Moon Horse Plush (from Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar), then a ModNation Racers Lanyard Card attached to a PlayStation Network Lanyard, and ending with a Sin and Punishment: Star Successor 500 Nintendo Points Card and a Monster Hunter Tri 500 Nintendo Points Card.

Continuing with the miscellaneous swag, I managed to also get a Halo Bifold Wallet & Dog Tags, a Neo Geo Pocket Color Case Logic Case, a Super Mario Beanie, as well as a Super Mario Enemy Hat.

Time for some games! Through some ďchannelsĒ (yes, letís go with that . . .), I got a game Iíve been looking for, for a number of years, Earthworm Jim 3D! Not only is it freakiní Earthworm Jim (in 3D and terrible controlling glory), note how itís also made by Rockstar Games. We also have a boxed and complete copy of Paper Mario that will replace my less than stellar cartridge only copy!

We continue on with a couple more somewhat hard to get games, in the shape of Earthworm Jim Special Edition on everyoneís favorite system . . . the Sega CD . . . <_< . . . >_> . . . and the somewhat under the radar hit, Grandia on the PlayStation! Oh, how I miss Games Arts teaming up with Working Designs . . . >_<

Youíve heard me bitch about it before, but Iíll have to bring it up again. Amazon.CA sucks compared to Amazon.COM . . . there, I said it! With that said, occasionally I can still get some good deals from the best way of buying games on the internetís Canadian website! Here we have Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Blade Chronicles, and Naruto Shippuden: Naruto vs. Sasuke. Youíll also note a Naruto Shippuden Keychain and Pin Set as well. Let it be said here, in plain text, I am NOT a fan of Naruto whatsoever. Itís like Dragon Ball Z ďLiteĒ or something in my books, and the only reason I picked up these games was because if you look it up (or just the back covers of the games) youíll see that THE BEST GAME COMPANY OUT THERE, Atlus, was involved in releasing these games! Dedication to supporting said company? Confirmed! =P

Now itís time for a bunch of press release stuff, posters, and display items! We start off with a Two Worlds II (actually a good game, ignore the haters, the original, and those who havenít played it!) Press Release and a BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Poster.

This is only the second of my super backlog of haul blogs, but goddamn do I need a house . . . and soon, if I want to display everything I want to, hahaha! Here we have a Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Oversized Display Box, and right next to it is a Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (still probably the best game I played in 2011) Oversized Display Box.

We move onto a Halo: Reach Launch Packet and Promo Metal Card Ė Jun, which contrast nicely with a [i]Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar[i] Oversized Display Box.

Hey! Itís more store promotional stuff! Weíve got a Konami Product Line-Up 2010, a Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Launch Packet, and a DC Universe Online Store Kit. Theyíre actually pretty interesting reads to see how the publishers want stores to display/advertise their games. Sometimes it goes on to be borderline ridiculous, with stuff like how they ďhave toĒ move all other games away from certain areas and say certain phrases to all customers, hahaha!

If you ask me, this is a pretty fantastic picture if you were to see one! d(Ď-Ďd) These are all boxed and complete copies of Star Fox, Pilotwings, Breath of Fire II, and Super Mario World 2: Yoshiís Island. Also, theyíre actually all replacements for my cartridge only copies I had, which is pretty awesome! ^_^

Back to ďlistableĒ sources, hahaha! Through Kijiji, Iím still able to find a few gems every once in a while. Finding any iteration of the Game Boyís games in box is quite the challenge nowadays, so I was pretty psyched to find these guys. We have Blackthorne (a Blizzard game that doesnít end in ďcraftĒ or ďiabloĒ hahaha!), Classic NES Series: Donkey Kong, and Super Ghouls Ďn Ghosts.

From the same guy, I also managed to buy from him a copy of Warcraft II: The Dark Saga on PlayStation (note the old school EA logo), and Lunar: Eternal Blue on Sega CD! Awww yeah!

A small showing from the best store in the universe, Cash Converters, this time around. We have a boxed copy of Excitebike, Double Dragon II: The Revenge, and Kirbyís Dream Land (all replacements), and Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun. Pretty sweet if you ask me!

We also have a couple more ďrecentĒ games, with Killzone and the 2 disc, standalone version of Growlanser Generations coming from my favorite store! Oh Working Designs

I hope I donít need to elaborate on them (although, there are quite a few new members), but through the awesomeness of Goozex, I managed to receive Super Street Fighter II (go Fei Long!) and Pokťmon Red Version to add to my collection.

Hey! I actually bought a few new games as they came out! We have the Atlus made Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga (which in typical Atlus fashion, came with a free art book and soundtrack included) and possibly Destructoidís Game of the Year (yes, possibly, because I TOTALLY didnít write this in the new year after the siteís Game of the Year was already announced . . . <_< . . . >_> . . .), Portal 2. A side note for those who will eventually ask, I ACTUALLY PLAYED the crap out of Portal 2, completing both the single player and co-op! *is proud of himself!*

As some of you know, I also like to go to concerts and have a very wide array of music that I listen to and enjoy. My buddy got me a ticket to go with him to Death Cab for Cutie. It was an interesting concert, as they were actually touring before their new album, Codes and Keys came out, so pretty much no one in the crowd knew most of the songs they were playing. As usual, I have to get my concert t-shirt, so thatís what youíre looking at. At least they played Crooked Teeth and I Will Follow You Into The Dark.

I donít care what anybody says (Iíve got my eyes on you Corduroy Turtle, hahaha, I kid mate, I kid! =P), but Breakfast in America is one of the best albums of all time! I also went to Supertramp sometime during the summer and it was quite the awesome concert! There were only a few of the original members of the band left, but it didnít really detract from the experience. They played everything on said album as well, plus others, so that was awesome! They also had some REALLY bad (so bad, theyíre good) puns/stories that led up to Breakfast in America and Take the Long Way Home.

Guide time! Iíll just say it again, if you need/want to buy a strategy guide, ALWAYS use Amazon, as youíll usually get it for close to half off and they have a large selection! In this picture, we have the guides for Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy (otherwise known as Final Fantasy: Fighting Game With Obnoxious Title That No One Knows What It Means And We Love Using Latin Or Whatever Language To Be Cool Heart Plus One Thirteen Oh Oh One Firaxala Moogle Chocobo XVII) and The 3rd Birthday.

Next up we have guides I got from a buddy cleaning up his stuff. He gave me the guides for the original Metal Gear Solid (by Millennium, which I assume is now defunct) and Final Fantasy IX, which might actually be the WORST guide of all time, as it tells you numerous times to get information from PlayOnline, instead of the guide, and that website no longer exists, hahaha!

Our guide section ends with a couple retro ones, in the form of the Dragon Warrior III Guide and the Super NES Guide. The former is for one of the best Game Boy Color games around and the latter covers the majority of the big hits on the SNES.

So, time for a mini-interlude. Back on July 20, 2011, I got to experience one of my dreams. I managed to get tickets to see Manchester United live! Once again, if youíve followed my blog with any regularity, youíd know that I am a HUGE fan of them and seeing them has always been a dream of mine. As soon as they announced their American tour, I had to get tickets, especially since it wasnít far from me, in the city that is the home of PAX, Seattle! So, a month prior to PAX 2011, I flew to Seattle to realize that dream! The first picture is me outside of CenturyLink Field, followed up by the starting lineups getting ready for the game, and then the third one is a picture of me inside the stadium, showing how close/balliní my seats were! The final score was 7 Ė 0 for United and it was surprising and awesome to see how into the game the Sounder fans were! d(Ď-Ďd) Itís unfortunate how I got there the day of the game, so I couldnít go to any training sessions to get autographs or pictures, but thatís for next time, unless I somehow get to England to watch them there! <3

Of course I had to get some souvenirs and goodies. I was actually quite surprised at the lack of ďfriendshipĒ merchandise that features both teams, the date, etc. The one thing that did was this scarf to add to my growing collection. It features both teamsí crests, along with the date and location of the game.

Every seat had a lanyard and little card in the cup holder and well, some people didnít care for theirs, so I managed to snag a few extra! =D

Here we have the Official Matchday Program with quips from the players, staff, managers, and some information about both teams. I also grabbed a few extra Team Rosters.

Besides the typical accuracy shooting and such they had outside the stadium, they also had people giving away Pennants celebrating the occasion, and needless to say, I may have also grabbed a few extra of these! =P

So, I also stayed a few extra days in Seattle to just take in some sites and restaurants that I didnít have time to see/go to during my previous trips to PAX. In that time, I decided to give a ring to my good bud TheCleaningGuy of whom I just wanted to see in general, and who also had some swag from E3 for me! Since he was a jerk and got to go! =P That said, hereís yet another terrible picture (we just canít take a good picture together) of us, at the Experience Music Project (EMP) Museum. They had some Battlestar Galactica exhibit and a Nirvana one too.

Back to gaming stuff! =P Here we have the start of the stuff TheCleaningGuy got me. We have a Splatterhouse Review Guide (hahaha . . . review guides!), with E3 2011 Show Daily for Days 1 and 2 . . . no 3 though, hahaha!

This is the bag he gave me everything in, which is just an Ignition Games (great company) Bag!

Being a Sega fan, of course heíd get extras of that stuff, so here we have a Sonic Lanyard, 2 Sonic Generations Coasters (one of Old Sonic and one of New Sonic), some World Robot Boxing Trading Cards, as well as a Survival Code Ė The Genesis Confidential Package. Not too sure along the latter items, but the Sonic ones were hella cool, hahaha!

The moment I laid eyes on this from I believe Hamzaís tweet, I knew I HAD TO HAVE ONE! Luckily, I know one of the most awesome Servbot (Kobun) loving guys around, who really pulled through for me! ^_^ Here we have not one, but TWO Catherine E3 Lanyard Cards that were given only to attendees! Catherine, Atlus, sauciness . . . awesome!

Up next are 5 Square Enix E3 Advertisement Cards for: Dead Island, Hitman: Absolution, some game Iím too lazy to remember or look up, Tomb Raider, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Amongst them, youíll also see an Ed Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron[i] E3 Advertisement Card and a [i]Magical Drop V E3 Advertisement Card.

No trip to Seattle is complete in my books, unless you visit Pink Gorilla. I was interested in seeing what kind of stuff they had, prior to them setting up for PAX, and despite being blatantly lied to about whether or not they were holding stuff back for the show (it was funny how they tried, hahaha), I still managed to find Banjo-Pilot, Kirbyís Star Stacker, and Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land (to replace my cartridge only copy), which I found to be quite sweet!

I also forgot to mention the most balliní bakery Iíve ever been to! Itís kitty corner to Pink Gorilla and is run by some Japanese ladies who use the meticulous Japanese attention to detail on European style baked goods. The result is the best tasting baked goods Iíve ever had! Seriously! Just look at them! Iíve added the place to my routine whenever Iím in Seattle and I may have gone to them again when I went to PAX . . . ;-D For those wondering, the name of the place is Fuji Bakery!

Back to Calgary I suppose, hahaha! Here we just have a DOMO and Friends Figure Set I got from the hobby store that I visit every once in a while. I picked it up because it had more than just DOMO in it, with Tashanna and Mr. Usaji making an appearance! ^_^

Back to a few more Cash Converters items. This is a Nintendo Game Boy Dynamat Carrying Case. Itís actually fairly large, but the handle makes it seem like a briefcase. Itís got room for the handheld, like 10 games, and the various accessories for it.

Here we have a Nintendo Super Mario Bros. NES Carrying Case. At first I thought this was just a huge lunch bag, but upon further inspection, there are straps to hold the NES console in place and pockets for the controllers, power adapter, and various cables. Iíve never seen one of these before either, which made the find all the sweeter.

The same can be said about this Nintendo NES Cartridge Carrying Case I also picked up. It looks cool since itís gold plated and made out of a leather like material. It holds 10 NES cartridges and was just another cool find.

So ends another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul. I think Iíve got a PAX 2011 haul lined up to be my next one. I may also have finally written about my experience at PAX by then too, only 6 months later, hahaha! =P Still, hopefully you enjoyed this one and youíll be around to see the next one. Until then, latez mates!   read

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Holy hell! A non-haul blog? o_O What's going on? I may have been critical of certain aspects of the site, but this place has been my online home for many years and hopefully for many more to come! Congratulations on another year and Merry Birthday to you Niero and thank you once again for everything you've done! <3


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A Compulsive Collector's Haul - JAP & PAL Edition! (I HATH RETURNED!)


Dag yo! So, after months upon months of not fulfilling what I promised my mate, BulletMagnet, I am now trying to rectify that, with an extremely large PAL and Japanese Import A Compulsive Collectorís Haul. My last blog post was in MAY 2011! Needless to say, Iíve gotten just a few things! =P Most of this stuff was either imported in by my close homeboy and import specialist Zoel, or from a local seller that I befriended who used to live in Japan and the UK for many years and was looking to unload his collection to someone who could appreciate it. So, enough with the chitchat, letís get on with the show.

Also, SUPER MEGA LOVE goes out to my homie g ChillyBilly for hosting and helping to resize my pictures, as without his help, this post probably would not have had a chance to go live! <3

We being with a PAL Special Edition of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. It seems that a lot of PSP games in the UK get the Special Edition treatment and itís something that wouldíve been nice to have in North America! The only real difference is that the game comes packed with an art book, but if you know me, Iíll unfortunately not be able to see what it looks like. This copy also completes my North American, Japanese, and PAL collection of this game . . . *sigh* . . . -_-Ď Hahaha!

Next up we have the Japanese Limited Edition of Okamiden: Chisaki Taiyou, better known to us Western folk as Okamiden. This oversized box came with the DS game, came with a plethora of goodies. The first picture is of my sealed box, but the second one shows all the goodies, which include: the game, a soundtrack, a DVD, a storybook, a plush keychain, and some super cool headphones!

Along with that Limited Edition, all first run prints of the game were accompanied by the bonus Okamiden: Chisaki Taiyou Stylus and Screen Cleaner, which in my books, looks much more pleasant and ďcleanerĒ than the ones we got in North America.

Some of you already know that the Breath of Fire series (especially III), has some of my favorite games of all time. With that said, when this Breath of Fire Complete Works art book was available for cheap, I couldnít resist! It has artwork from all five games and is nothing short of absolutely gorgeous. Even though itís not overly rare or anything, a true gem in my collection! ^_^

Well, if youíre a regular reader of my blog, youíll also know Iím quite the fan of the Kingdom Hearts series, and yes, I can/actually do follow the storyline, so . . . yíall be haters! =P Hahaha! Once again, through my buddy Zoel, I got him to import me a box of the Kingdom Hearts II Formation Arts. I did so, due to the fact that I actually liked all of the figures from this set. The first couple of pictures are just of the box that the figures come in, followed by a couple pictures of the smaller boxes that each individual figure comes in.

First up we have Roxas eating some sea-salt ice cream at the clock tower in Twilight Town. Iím still very surprised at the level of detail that is shown on these figures and was quite pleased with my purchase.

Here we have my favorite (and I managed to get 2 of him in my box of 6 figures! ^_^) of the series. Iíve always been a big fan of Final Form Sora and it seems all of his badassness and glory has been captured in this figure. The detail that went into Oblivion and Oathkeeper is also very impressive.

This was probably my least favorite figure of the series, mainly because I thought it didnít have any really standout features in it. Itís pretty much just Riku wielding Soul Eater on the Sidecar Glider from the game. Itís not bad per se, just I didnít find any really cool details in it like I did with the rest of the figures. -_-Ď

Here we have Naminť, who played a fairly predominant role in the storyline of the series . . . for those who actually paid attention to it while playing the games! =P I really liked how this figure has mini-figures of Sora, Donald, and Goofy climbing the stairs in Castle Oblivion.

Finally, we end with King Mickey using his opposite colored (compared to Soraís) keyblade to put a Heartless on the brink of death! Itís not often you get to see Mickey in badass positions, so that makes this figure especially cool in my books.

It seems our European pals once again seem to get a lot of PSP loviní with all of their special editions for the much misunderstood handheld. Here we have Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Premium Edition, from across the pond. It contains a soundtrack along with a hard cover art book in it as well. I managed to coerce TheCleaningGuy to open the copy he got and take pictures, so the latter pictures show what the soundtrack and art book look like. =D

Here we have yet another PAL Special Edition for the PSP. This time itís The 3rd Birthday Twisted Edition. From what Iíve been told, itís a pleasant return to Aya Brea and the days of Parasite Eve. I actually remember playing the originals on PlayStation way back in the day, so Iím thinking this one mustíve been pretty fun, but it also seemed not to get much fanfare. Hmmm? Inside of this one, weíre treated to a hardcover art book, a couple of lithographs, and an exclusive costume for Lightning in Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy . . . *groan* Hahaha! The game also comes in a red PSP case!

So, you can tell just how dated this blog is, since I actually managed to get this JAPANESE version of Catherine pretty much on the day of its release across the Pacific. Sexy and saucy? You bet! d(Ď-Ďd) And weíre not talking just like marinara saucy, weíre talking about probably the sauciest of sauces, alfredo . . . rich, creamy, thick, saucy like none other! ;-D Hahaha!

If you were lucky enough to be one of the first to pre-order or buy the game from Japan, and from a certain website that eludes me right now (my main importing homeboy Zoel managed to get this done for me . . . as usual), you got some pretty balliní goodies. Here we have the Sound Disc & Art Book, which also eventually made its way to North American shores. We also have a Cell Phone Card featuring Katherine on it, along with a Mini-Pillow featuring the yin and yang Catherine/Katherineís that Vincent must decide upon. The last couple pictures once again show Japanís fascination with clear file folders. There are actually 3 file folders that came with my order, but since I didnít open the original packaging, you can only see 2, and a little bit of the third. The one in the middle thatís hard to see is the picture of Catherine with her legs spread with stupid Vincentís head blocking the view, hahaha! =P I actually played a bit of the Japanese version with Zoel and found it thoroughly fun *is a fan of puzzle games* and engrossing.

Something I learnt from my trip to Japan during Christmas of 2010, they still have a mad obsession with card trading/using arcade games (much like the best game ever, World Club Champion Football! =P) Another tidbit that some people may not know, but the Dragon Quest series is FAR more popular in the land of the rising sun, than North Americaís ďpreferredĒ Final Fantasy. So, long story short, they had this game where you got cards of various Dragon Quest characters, items, armor, etc. and youíd play them on a ďfieldĒ and use this big sword to attack and stuff. Well, they managed to adapt it to the Wii and the greatest controller makers in the world (Hori), made the controller to play it. As you can see in the first picture with the DS Lite used as a size comparison, the controller is HUGE AS HELL! Iím so dumb . . . T_T . . . hahaha! The ďofficialĒ name of this thing is the Dragon Quest Monsters: Battle Road Victory Controller.

Now we have the actual game to go with the controller, Dragon Quest Monsters: Battle Road Victory. Obviously a Japanese import. The cards are in the game now, since itíd be far too complicated and crazy if they still used physical copies for the home console version. It was a major seller in Japan and places started to essentially fire sale copies of these for roughly $10.

Once again, through my homie g Zoel, I managed to snag this No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Hopperís Edition for an incredibly awesome price. These are still pretty coveted amongst collectors, so Iím pretty happy I landed one. The only thing Iím ďangryĒ about, would be that since I didnít pre-order the game, I didnít land the pre-order bonus Erotica Comic, hahaha! Iíll snag it one of these days . . . hopefully. Still, inside of this special edition, we have the game, a magazine, a DVD of features, and a soundtrack. Canít really go wrong with all those goodies can you? =D

Here we have a DS game that comes in an oversized box that houses a fairly large spell book. The game in question is one that was announced for North America and the PS3 not too long ago, but came out in Japan and is done by the lovely people at Level 5 (the awesome people behind the Dark Cloud series, Rogue Galaxy, the newer Dragon Quests, and my personal new favorite series of the past few years, Professor Layton). Not only that, but the company that animates the game is none other than Studio Ghibli, which is the brainchild of Hayao Miyazaki, the guy behind such revered gems as: Castle in the Sky, Kikiís Delivery Service, Spirited Away, and most peopleís favorite, My Neighbor Totoro. The game in question is none other than Ninokuni: Shikkoku no Madoushi. Itís obviously yet another Japanese import and a pretty fun one from what Iíve played of it. The last picture shows all the contents of it, particularly the large spell book that goes with the game.

Hot damn does the Okami series (it has 2 games already! =P) have great music! So, when Okamiden was first announced, I knew that I had to get the soundtrack for it as well, especially since I got the soundtrack for the first game and itís 5 discs of pure awesome. The Okamiden ~Chiisaki Taiyou~ Original Soundtrack is a 4 disc compilation in what I call ďDVD caseĒ sized packaging. The second picture shows the back of the package and an absolutely adorable Chibiterasu! =3 As you can see in the latter 2 pictures, the packaging has like a simple, yet beautiful aesthetic to it, which is something I really enjoy. Itís nothing but top notch music for fans, so I highly recommend you import it if you can.

So, over the past year or so, I befriended a local seller on Kijiji (think Canadaís equivalent to Craigslist, only better organized and setup by eBay) who used to live in Japan and collect primarily Sega consoles, games, collectibles, and various other doodads. We actually got off on the wrong foot, but luckily we patched things up pretty quickly, plus he literally has a treasure trove of gems that Iíve had to pass on, but I think I managed to snag the ďgoodĒ stuff if you know what I mean! Hahaha! =D Still, weíll start off with this boxed Pikachu Nintendo 64 that I got for my Pokťmon collecting homeboy possumwrangler.

Next up, we have a Sega Saturn HSS-0136 Fightstick that I got as a gift for my super importer, Zoel, as thanks for all the research and importing he does for me! ^_^ Itís ďapparentlyĒ widely considered to be one of the best fightsticks ever made. Iím not THAT knowledgeable about fight sticks, but I can tell itís well made and everything functions nicely. TheCleaningGuy also gave it his backing as a hell of a fightstick, so I guess thereís only a few other people like Cataract (mainly because . . . HE BEAT JUSTIN WONG! =D) that Iíd need to double check that ďfactĒ with, hahaha!

Continuing on with things I got for other people from this former Japan transplant, here we have Densetsu no Ogre Battle: Zenobia no Ouji, otherwise known as Ogre Battle: Legend of the Zenobia Prince. Itís the only game from the series that hasnít had an English translation or release, and pretty much serves as a side story to Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. Itís also cool, since itís for the Neo Geo Pocket Color and I bought it for my ďapprentice,Ē Grimstar.

Next up, we have a Japanese copy of Gitaroo-Man and Makai Tenshou (which is apparently a poor manís Onimusha 2: Samuraiís Destiny). These were just a couple of freebies my befriended local seller just threw in, since Iíd been buying so much from him, hahaha.

Hahaha! My newfound friend and I were having a good laugh about this one when he sold it to me. We were talking about how both of our first experience/exposure to this game was the Game Girl Advance article that spread like wildfire back in 2002, about how the Japanese version of the game, came with a ďTrance Vibrator.Ē Click the link for a great and hilarious read about using the peripheral for what it was TOTALLY intended for . . . hahaha! ;-D Still, here we have the game, Rez, and an in box Trance Vibrator. As you can see, itís still brand new and NOT used, so I guess thatís a plus . . . o_O . . . weíll see if I can find a lady whoíd be willing to ďtestĒ it out, hahaha! =D

Now we have some balliní Space Channel 5 promo items! In this little bundle of joy, we have a 2000 Ė 2001 Calendar, some magnets of Ulala and the aliens (seriously, who the hell would actually put pants on her? =P), and the Space Channel 5 planet dance [the worldís greatest club hits] soundtrack!

Once again, another little freebie that got thrown in with one of the various purchases I made. Itís a little beat-up, but still, itís a NiGHTS Into DreamsÖ Mousepad. Ah, the good old days of Sega . . . *sigh*

Here we have something that I think a few of you may remember reading about one week and then completely forgetting about that it even existed. This is the Nintendo GameCube ASCII Keyboard Controller, which was basically used only for Phantasy Star Online and never heard of again, hahaha! Well, it seemed that either they were banking on the GameCube being home to many other MMORPGs . . . or that people would REALLY like Phantasy Star Online. Either way, itís still a good collectible to have in my books.

Once again, we have some more love for Space Channel 5, only this time itís a Lunch Box. This was actually an extra one my hombre had, since someone else beat me to the other one that still had the promotional VHS and a few other things in it . . . *tears* . . . T_T

Shenmue Promotional VHS? Hell yeah! Sealed too? Balliní! No continuation of the story or Shenmue III yet . . . *sad panda* . . . =( From my understanding, itís just a VHS with a couple of trailers and some minor explanation about the gameplay and mechanics.

Hey! Itís a sealed copy of the Sega CD 32X mega hit . . . Night Trap . . . yeeeeeeeeeep . . . nothing much more to say than that . . . right?

I guess I shouldíve really organized it so that all the Space Channel 5 stuff was grouped together. Weíll see if I do that in the end, so if I do and youíre reading this, it means I got too lazy to rewrite this paragraph to make sense, hahaha. Regardless, this is the tommy boy silver label: space channel 5 flyer vinyl record. Man, they made a lot of promo stuff for this game!

A few more random odds and ends here. We have a New Post Bank that my pal got in Japan and had no use for any more, therefore just gifting it to me, along with a Sega Sports T-Shirt, and some more Space Channel 5 Magnets.

Now weíre starting to get into what I deem the real cream of the crop of my ďimportĒ edition. Letís start this section off with a Super Mario Bros. 4 Super Mario World Super Famicon Cartridge Holder that is used, but still in pretty damn good condition. The front is also very shiny with its gold printing! d(Ď-Ďd)

Now onto the super rare stuff! This is a Skies of Arcadia Legends Wooden Sword that was used to promote the game. I can only find one other occurrence of this thing on the internet, and apparently it was given away at some sort of press event. Itís similar in style to the cutlasses that Vyse uses in the game, but the ďhandleyĒ part isnít as wide or ďhold on-able.Ē Still, the thing is made out of solid wood and is balliní as hell, since itís for a game that I absolutely love! Top that Dao2-SKP! =P

Here we have the Eternal Arcadia (Skies of Arcadiaís Japanese name) Limited Box! Itís quite the collectible for a fan of the game like myself, even though itís not overly rare or expensive! There seems to have been a LOT of love for the Dreamcast in Japan, in terms of special editions and the like, which is kind of sad with how it died out and all. Still, the first couple of pictures show off the slipcover that goes over a fairly large box. The following two show the ďbook-likeĒ box that houses the game and the goodies. Finally, it opens up to reveal the game, a most glorious flag from the game, a couple of cell phone straps, followed by 3 charms. Itís nothing flashy, but still super effiní sweet in my books! Also, after reading one of Dao2-SKPís blogs, he mentioned something about an art book supposedly coming with this. After a decent amount of research and trying to get verification, Iím fairly confident in saying that there is no art book that was supposed to come with this Limited Box, and it was something that was completely separate, which makes me a sad panda! T_T Hahaha!

Next up, we have a game that has far too many names in my books, but here is the Senjou no Valkyria Limited Box (which is also apparently referred to as Gallian Chronicles, or better known as Valkyria Chronicles here in North America). The condition Japanese people keep their stuff in compared to us, is nothing short of amazing! The first couple of pictures just show the box that everything comes in, from both the front and the back. The last picture shows off the contents, which include: the game, a World Guide (which is pretty much the same as the rare, coveted, and fairly valuable art book that was kicking around this side of the planet), an 80mm Figure ďAlicia,Ē and a Motortank Collection SP Ver. Edelweiss. The figure and model tank are both unopened, so unfortunately we wonít get a peek at those. Still, this was yet another special edition I managed to procure through my Kijiji pal.

Here is the first of a trio of Dreamcast Direct (pretty much an online Sega run, Dreamcast exclusive store in Japan) special editions. We start with Space Channel 5 Part 2 Dreamcast Direct Special Package. It seems the game/series and Ulala got a lot more love in The Land of the Rising Sun, compared to what happened over here in The Great White North and Yankeeland! =P As per usual, the first couple of pictures just show the outer box, followed by what the contents look like when itís opened. The contents are deemed to be: The Game, Space Silver Headphone, and Galaxy Bag, when in reality it is the game, a pair of headphones with the gameís name on them (plus it seems they half heartedly tried to imitate Ulalaís headphones), and a small shoulder strap bag that is pretty much the perfect size for a cell phone. A pretty cool Japanese exclusive if you ask me! d(Ď-Ďd)

Here we have probably the most valuable and rarest of the items youíll see in this blog. It is none other than Segagaga Dreamcast Direct Limited Edition. I heard about this game in passing years upon years ago, and it wasnít until about last year when Wry Guy (Iím not using his lame real name! =P) reminded me about its existence and awesomeness. Itís pretty much an RPG that makes fun of how unsuccessful the Dreamcast was, and itís your job to save Sega and the console, by taking down the evil DOGMA company, which is very obviously Sony. I suggest you YouTube some videos of it, just to see how crazy and wacky it is. You have a box shot, followed by an opened box shot, which shows off the t-shirt the package came with, and the doodads underneath. You pretty much had the game, a notebook/organizer, and a REALLY COOL pin set in a wooden box that has logos of the Sega Mark III, Mega Drive (Genesis over in North America), Game Gear, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, and Segagaga. This one is very much so a collectorís item and it goes for pretty much an arm and a leg on eBay, so needless to say, Iím VERY happy to have gotten his one! ^_^

Letís end this massive blog (9 pages in Word and counting), on a super high note! Some of you may remember from my Japan Trip blog from last year that I managed to snag a super coveted copy of De La Jet Set Radio. Well, through my Kijiji friend, Iíve managed to one up myself and I now own the De La Jet Set Radio Dreamcast Direct Limited Edition version of the game! ^_^ Hell effiní yeah! d(Ď-Ďd) Itís not necessarily as ďgoodie filledĒ as the previous two special editions above, but since itís from a game that is very near and dear to my heart, itís totally the most balliní! The first couple of pictures just show the outer box, which has awesome tags from the game all over it. Meanwhile, the next one shows the still sealed t-shirt and game! I know thereís quite the number of Jet Grind Radio fans on the site and that read my blog, so to save you the trouble of Googling what the t-shirt looks like, I just jacked an image from someone else who opened theirs.

Well, thatís it for this very long overdue (many apologies once again BulletMagnet! -_-Ď) edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul. I still need to get a PAX blog up, a PAX haul up, and then like another 6 months worth of stuff up, so weíll see how long it takes me to get to that. >_< I may also have an exciting side project that somewhat relates to this series, but weíll see if that come to fruition too. Hopefully you enjoyed this blog, and hopefully I can get back to posting these a bit more regularly. Until next time, latez mates!   read

3:34 PM on 05.21.2011

A Compulsive Collector's Haul - 1,500 GAMES! 1,500 GAMES! 1,500 GAMES!

Well, itís that time again, for yet another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul! This time though, is a very special edition, as it is yet another milestone edition for me to share with you. I have surpassed the 1,500 game mark . . . fifteen hundred games . . . ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED GAMES! The more I type about it and think about it, the more I realize that that is one hell of an obscene number of games! Iíll save my typical reflections I have for the end of the blog, much like Iíve done with my other milestone blogs. This time though, we have incredible stuff from the online Capcom Store, Kijiji gems, a ton of new games from EB Games and, special editions out the wazoo (including a couple from the online NIS Store), and a once again arbitrarily chosen 1,500th game that REALLY lives up to being such a milestone game! As you can tell with some of the games, Iíve been playing catch-up again, but enough of that. On with the show!

We begin with some stuff from the online Capcom Store that I received towards the beginning of the year. We start off with a Resident Evil 5 Tricell Progenitor Virus Detection Kit, which was essentially a Press Kit for the game that has things like a face mask, gloves, containment bag, etc. Itís pretty much a miniature first aid kit that has a Resident Evil theme to it. I also managed to pick up Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and the Dead Rising 2 Bobble Budd Set, all of which were on sale. The bobble budds are of Frank West and Chuck Greene, which means I now have 2 Chuck Greeneís due to the one I got at PAX 2010.

Iím pretty sure Iíve mentioned how freakiní awesome Kijiji is, but Iíll have to reiterate its awesomeness once more! Itís so satisfying to find local people willing to get rid of awesome stuff for cheap. So cheap that it rivals even the best store in the universe, Cash Converters. Through this one lady, I got Donkey Kong Country, WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!, Classic NES Series: Super Mario Bros., and Earthworm Jim 2. Thatís pretty effiní awesome if you ask me! Although, itís not nearly as awesome as what follows . . .

Do you guys realize how hard it is to find decent condition boxed GBA games nowadays? Itís pretty damn hard. Iíve been lucky enough to have found a lot of the good games in box, but it can test my patience sometimes when I see awesome games, but only in cartridge form. Luckily, I managed to stumble upon another Kijiji seller of whom I discovered we have a mutual friend in the form of Grimstar. With that said, I may now have another source to help add to my collection! Here we have Bubble Bobble: Old & New and one of the best puzzle games ever, The Lost Vikings.

Continuing on with the awesome from the last couple of pictures. I managed to also get my hands on SEALED copies of Grand Theft Auto, River City Ransom EX (to replace my somewhat beat up complete copy, plus itís freakiní Atlus), and Shining Soul II, which is one of the more elusive Atlus GBA games! Awesome!

Due to the fact that I want stuff in box and complete and despite having like 400 requests on Goozex, Iíve been only getting stuff very slowly. Still, the stuff I do get is usually have pretty top notch quality. Examples would include this complete copy of Dragon Warrior III (with map and poster) to replace my cartridge only copy, Picross DS (which I recommend to ANYONE who likes puzzle games), and Pokťmon Dash.

Now onto some of the newer games Iíve bought in recent times. We begin off with a game from one of the series that is closest to my heart (haha, get it? =P), Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, which along with the game, I also got the pre-order Icon Decals as well. Below that we have Space Invaders Extreme 2 and the highly regarded Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective that I really need to get around to playing.

Next up is the third iteration (all physical copies) of Plants vs. Zombies I have purchased. Iím quite a big fan of the slipcover they included with the game, mimicking a zombie bite and just showing off the Walnut when itís on the game. I also have yet another Atlus masterpiece I need to find time for, in the shape of Radiant Historia, which came with a soundtrack and my good buddy Wry Guy somewhat recently Wryviewíd.

Here we have Pokťmon Black Version and Pokťmon White Version . . . itís freakiní Pokťmon . . . Iím Asian . . . I gotta catch Ďem all . . . nothing more to say there, hahaha! =P

So, I have a friend who has a friend who used to go out with a Sony rep. Long story short, he managed to benefit by getting a bunch of free ďNot for ResaleĒ games and such, and he passed this extra copy of Secret Agent Clank onto me. Sweet! ^_^ Next to it is yet another game I really need to get to, especially with how much I love the series, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. I have 3 versions of the game now . . . >_<

Here is a game I really want to play, but know that the way I play RPGs, Iíll never get to it, since itíll be too much of a time investment. You really canít go wrong with Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together though. I also firmly believe that Destructoid got the wrong person to review the game, but hey, a reviewerís opinion is the reviewerís. Along with the game, I also got the pre-order bonus Tarot Cards where there are like about 22 of them or so, and are nice thick, high quality produced cards.

Here we have more PSP games, starting off with the second time this game has been remade, Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle. Itís done by NIS though, so theyíll always be taking my money. Next to it is a game by another company that has an eternal hold on my wallet, which is the Aksys made Jikandia: The Timeless Land. Once again, living in Canada has screwed me over from getting the super cool wrist strap and screen wipe . . . *tears* . . . T_T

Now to start to make the transition to some games I got from the Canadian Amazon site. Iíll start off with NHL 09 and NHL 10 first though, since I got them for free from a guy who was looking to trade them in at my local EB Games, and upon discovering heíd get about $1.50 for both, he just asked if I wanted them, which was pretty sweet, hahaha. I finally picked up No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle for the Wii, and I really must find some time to play the original before I play this guy . . .

Hey! It was cheap and I already had the one for Wii, which is my justification for grabbing Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad. Next to it is a game that Iíve been waiting for forever to go down in price through any of the ways I buy games, and now that I have it, I donít have time to play it. Wolfenstein does look hella sweet and all the previous games have been pretty solid shooters, so hopefully Iíll be able to get to it sooner rather than later.

Some more stuff from Amazon Canadaís website. Iíve given up on getting the Collectorís Edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum for a price that I find reasonable, so I just got the regular edition of it finally. Another game that took forever to go down in price was Katamari Forever, which upon typing this, I just realized Iím still missing Beautiful Katamari from my collection of Katamari games. To finish this picture off, I came to the realization that there are also 2 different covers for Darksiders, as Iíve totally seen a reflective foil cover in addition to this ďdullĒ colored one I have here.

Heading back towards some more purchases from EB Games and a few other retailers like Best Buy, we begin with 101-in-1 Sports Party Megamix. If you look at the bottom right corner of that game, you see the words ďAtlus.Ē I donít think I have to explain anything else. In the middle we have a Call of Duty: Black Ops T-Shirt ďversionĒ of 12 months of Xbox Live. Due to a sale, I got that baby for $40! Huzzah! Last but not least, we have Metroid: Other M, which was obtained for a cool $10, due to my EB Games participating in the ďDeal of the DayĒ promotion they had going for a couple months.

Once again taking advantage of the ďDeal of the Day,Ē I picked up this DJ Hero Wireless Turntable Controller for $10, as well as DJ Hero 2 for another $10. So, $20 for a controller and game is a pretty slick deal if you ask me! Also, here is the pre-order bonus for Okamiden, which was a Stylus and Screen Cleaner that I forgot to include in a later picture.

After paying $150 for the Halo 3 Legendary Edition, only to see it go down to $60 about 3 or 6 months afterwards, I figured Iíd take my chances and gamble on the Halo: Reach Legendary Edition to go down in price eventually. By taking advantage of some minor sales and price matching policies, I managed to get this guy for $60 from Best Buy, which I found to be quite the deal. Iím assuming by now people know whatís in this special edition.

In case you havenít noticed, weíre entering the ďspecial editionĒ section of this haul. Itís somewhat lengthy, so youíve been somewhat warned . . . but not really. I also donít know why I decided to take a front and back of box picture for this Killzone 3 Helghast Edition, but you guys get two pictures for this guy, hahaha. Iím also pretty choked that I paid full price for this guy when itís been selling for $80 nowadays . . . -_-Ď Iím not listing whatís in this special edition either, since Iím pretty sure most of you can either read the back of the box picture or saw Jim Sterlingís unboxing video.

Here we have the final remake of the Ys series that forms a nice image on the spines of the other Premium Editions of the games that have been released. Apparently this remake of Ys I & II Chronicles is supposed to be the best version, but if you want a real opinion on it, Iíd suggest asking my homeboy and Ys mega fan, Zoel. This special edition comes with a soundtrack with select tunes from the two games.

Iíve been ďyelledĒ at by a few friends and Iíll probably be ďyelledĒ at by someone who sees this post, but Iíve yet to play either of the Dead Space games. Everyone Iíve talked to says theyíre really fun and atmospheric and that Iíd enjoy them. One day I may get to them, but Iíd probably bet against that from happening if youíd want to make some money, hahaha. Regardless, we have Dead Space 2 Collectorís Edition for PS3, along with the Rivet Gun DLC. Iím getting lazy/forgetful, but Iím pretty sure ChillyBilly went over and showed off the items in this special edition.

It seemed this was actually a Collectorís Edition that lived up to its name. It was actually difficult to get a hold of this guy, since they apparently short shipped this special edition to all the Canadian stores. Regardless, I did manage to get my hands on this version of Gran Turismo 5, which included a miniature model, keychain, art book, and some DLC. I also got a DLC code for a Custom 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Stealth Model and the Gamestop NASCAR Car.

Here is the LittleBigPlanet 2 Collectorís Edition. Included in it are a Sackboy Plush, some book/game ends, and a whole crapload of DLC. Basically all the DLC is equivalent to the all the different DLC codes you were given by like 5 different retailers if you bought the regular edition of the game from them.

Letís end off the special edition section with a trio of titles . . . even though one of them isnít a special edition, hahaha. We start off with the BioWare Signature Edition of Dragon Age II which I believe had some DLC and a lame non-physical copy of the soundtrack or some other. The Premium Edition of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky came with a soundtrack and pin, plus itís a multi-part game where your save will carry over to the second part when itís released. To end off this picture, we have a copy of Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy . . . a totally NOT obnoxious name/title for a game if Iíve ever seen one! >_<

Time for stuff from the NIS Online Store. If you want a game series to test your patience or abilities as a gamer, look no further than the Prinny series. There were points when I was playing the first game, where I questioned if even 1,000 lives were enough! Here we have Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood!, which if you pre-ordered from the site early on, you get a much smaller than expected Asagi Pin, of whom is a character in the game and is in Prinny form too!

Hahaha! So, here we have the console wars put into the form of a video game in RPG form, hahaha. This big box Premium Edition of Hyperdimension Neptunia. You basically have Japanime girls dressed in typically scantily clad clothing fighting for their respective ďconsolesĒ and all that good stuff. It has an art book in that big box and once again if you pre-ordered early through their website, you got a set of Playing Cards as well!

Finally we have the end of the Ar tonelico trilogy with Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel. Once again it came in a Premium Box version that contained an art book and soundtrack this time around. I somehow either wasnít shipped or just missed out on the Purge Party Calendar, which makes me a sad panda, so if youíre reading this and have one that youíre not overly attached to . . . contact me! Hahaha!

Some of you already know Iím a VERY big fan of the Marvel vs. Capcom series and the games associated with it. Well, it was a long 10 year wait, but when the third installment dropped in February, it was easy to say I was VERY excited and happy. Considering I had been lead on by a few traces of the game for years, much like seeing a build that was slightly upgrade Marvel vs. Capcom 2 graphics with Thor already in it, it has been a long time coming. Needless to say, when I heard a Special Edition of the game was coming out, well, it was like being a kid in a candy store, hahaha. Iím not usually THIS much of a tard when it comes to my collecting, but here we have an opened copy of Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds for PS3, along with a sealed copy for Xbox 360. I also got a couple of those Pre-Order Character Cards to go with each game. I freakiní love the fan art thatís on the steelbook and the comic they included with some background information about how everything came to be is also top notch. So glad to see this series come back, because . . . ITíS MAHVEL BAYBEE!

So, here we have more stuff from Capcomís Online Store. Weíll start off with Okamiden, which I REALLY need to get to since I loved the first one. If you ordered through Capcom, you got a Chibiterasu Plush Keychain to go with your order, which is the same one that was previously only available in the Japanese Collectorís Edition. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. To make the order and shipping worth it, I also threw in a copy of Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

So, hereís where my stupid collectorís tendency came into its own being. Here is a THIRD copy of Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Special Edition that I bought, this time through the Capcom Store so I could have a sealed copy for PS3 to go with my opened one that I play. Yes, I already know, Iím a tard . . . -_-Ď Hahaha! Another reason/incentive for me to order yet another copy was that the exclusive bonus through Capcom was this ďWaste of FleshĒ T-Shirt they were giving away with every pre-order that has the great Shuma-Gorath and a bunch of Servbots on it, so I couldnít pass that up!

Weíre coming to the end of this milestone haul and Iím going to end it with some gems I found on Kijiji. Through keeping an eye out for any gems that showed up and actually being serious about my inquiries, I managed to get away with a heck of a deal. As you can see, you have some very popular and pretty coveted Sega Saturn games above. We have Panzer Dragoon (which replaces the disc only copy I had) and Panzer Dragoon II Zwei. They were in pretty much perfect condition (even the cases!) and had been well taken care of. Pretty sweet find if you ask me! If you know your valuable/rare/highly coveted/extremely good games well . . . you may know whatís going to be chosen for my arbitrarily picked 1,500th game . . .

Awww yeah! Panzer Dragoon Saga! Widely regarded as one of the most coveted and valuable games around, not to mention a phenomenal game as well! A great case, sensationally good conditioned instructions, all 4 discs unscratched and pretty much mint, and the three disc sleeves for the other discs included too! I couldnít really ask for a better game to put me at the 1,500 game mark! Itís the only 4 disc game for the Saturn, was a unique rail shooter RPG hybrid, and was truly a game of its own. There were only 30,000 copies of the game ever released, with an initial batch of 6,000 for the original release, followed up by two separate batches of 12,000 each. The copy I have here is from the 2nd or 3rd batch, since it has the white disc sleeves. The original print had black ones. Still, this was one hell of a find on Kijiji and to find it from a private seller who didnít list on eBay or anything was quite a shock to me. Getting this is a day to remember for my gaming collection.

So, I forgot to take a screenshot of when I was at 1,499 games and when I hit 1,500 like when what I did for when I hit 1,000 games. So, hereís a screenshot of me at 1,502 games . . . hahaha!

Wow . . . 1,500 games . . . that is an insane number . . . -_-Ď I created this account after lurking for a good year or so in July 2008. I didnít seriously start collecting games until around the same time but in 2005. That first blog featured my 600th game. A couple months shy of my 3 year anniversary of ďofficiallyĒ being on the site, Iíve hit 1,500! Thatís like 300 some odd games A YEAR. That is freakiní ridiculous! I donít know how much Iíve spent to get all of these gems (thatís actually being slowly developed to add to my spreadsheet), but all I know is that itís still something I see as an investment and Iíve only had a few cases of buyerís remorse. All I know is that things will probably be slowing down due to the fact I have a lot of games on the older systems I already want, and Iím looking into buying a house.

Still, there are some people I need to thank. First and foremost would be pretty much my best mate and fellow collector, possumwrangler. Heís been with me looking for gems all over for who knows how many years, and heís also been my voice of reason for when I may be crossing the line trying to get some things. Many thanks dude! Next up would have be my other close homie, Zoel. Without him, I wouldnít know a fair majority of the obscure titles I get, nor would I have been able to import ANY of the cool import things I occasionally show and pretty much EVERYTHING in my next haul. My ďsecond familyĒ at Cash Converters also get a very much deserved shout out, due to the fact that pretty much any game I donít get new is from there. The sheer amount of awesome that Iíve managed to get from that store would make most gamers drool with the amount of incredible gameplay theyíd be afforded. Chrono Trigger, both Lunars on PlayStation, god knows how many copies of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on all 3 consoles, boxed NES, SNES, and Nintendo 64 gems, an in box copyright infringement Tetris, and far too many other games. One man in particular deserves extra praise and that man would be the nicest and most chilliní dude around, Diamond Dave. I donít really know what else to say than itís been very heartwarming and an honor to deal and talk with you whenever Iím in the store, and Iím very proud to have you as a friend mate. Who else? In more recent times, we have another homeboy in Grimstar who is always looking for rare gems that I donít have that he can hook me up with, with one of his own sources. Much love goes out to you for looking out for me dude. I canít leave out the other community, collecting nut, ChillyBilly! Your kindness, volunteering to get me non-French covered games from the States, picking up crazy DOMO stuff or me, and all the other stuff you get and box for me, its unparalleled mate. Your generosity and incredibleness are just awesome dude . . . minus your ďracistĒ daughter . . . =P I also canít forget to include Wry Guy . . . thatís it . . . no follow-up . . . =) Last but not least, thanks to all of YOU, for continuing to read and take interest in this series. Thank you for sharing your stories about some of the games Iíve gotten, like how you remember playing them when you were younger, or your own tales about getting rare gems. Thank you Destructoid and especially Niero for creating this site and allowing me a platform on which I was able to do this! ^_^

Thatís it. Iím done. I probably wonít do a milestone post for 1,750 (if I hit that mark) even thought I did one for 1,250. Who knows what the future has in store for me and my collection. In the meantime, many thanks for sticking through to the end if you actually read this; otherwise I hope you enjoyed all the pictures, hahaha! For those of you who have an interest in unique imports from Europe and Japan, stay tuned for my next haul. I know BulletMagnet is already pacing around with anticipation! Hahaha! Until next time, latez mates!   read

2:31 PM on 05.14.2011

A Compulsive Collector's Haul - Custom Corner (Zodiac) & ChillyBilly Edition!

Dag yo! So, itís that time again, for yet another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul! This week we have some beyond freakiní awesome stuff! This isnít exactly my most video game related post (it was saved in that regard to my homeboy ChillyBilly), but it is very DOMO and Destructoid related! I owe a big hearty thanks to the best MOMerator (Zodiac Eclipse) for what youíll see very shortly. Still, enough with the intro, on with the show!

So, most of you have probably seen the super kickass Plushtoids that Zodiac Eclipse (one of the Forum moderators for those of you who donít know) made for the community to buy up! Well, obviously I had to have one due to my affinity of Destructoid, not to mention helping another community member out with their awesome business! She still has some available so go to her site, Story Builder Toys and purchase your very own Plushtoid now! d(Ď-Ďd)

THIS is why Zodiac is the best! ^_____^ She does do custom plushies that you may have seen in her Custom Corner series. After seeing her Plushtoid post and how she does custom plushies as well, I immediately contacted her about doing something that merged my love of Destructoid with my love of DOMO. After some back and forth emails about ideas and concepts, she got to work right away, and lo and behold, we have . . . DOMOtoid! =) You could get your very own custom delight if you head to Story Builder Toys!

But no . . . just DOMOtoid wasnít enough! I needed a DOMO who could stay true to himself, but also turn himself in the worldís best mascot! Thus, DOMO with a removable Mr. Destructoid Mask was born! Seriously! How effiní awesome is that? Itís a mascot within a mascot! The mask is so nice and snug and Zodiac pretty much made a perfect replica of DOMO too! =3 She also has a number of other toys and plushies for sale that may interest you, at Story Builder Toys!

Finally we have a picture with both DOMOs together! Many, many, many thanks once again Zodiac Eclipse for fulfilling my request better than I couldíve ever imagined! You are the best! Iíll be sure to reward you at PAX for making these guys for me! Also, have I mentioned that you should buy stuff from her site, Story Builder Toys, yet? =P

So, long story short, these are some belated Christmas gifts I received in February or so. One of my closest buds that Iíve known pretty much forever, got me these DOMO Christmas 5Ē Plush Figures, and here we have Elf DOMO to go along with Wrapped in Bow DOMO! I find my DOMO collection is growing far too quickly . . . >_< . . . hahaha!

Another friend gave me this belated Christmas gift, which would be a DOMO Mustache T-Shirt that actually has a fuzzy mustache that is totally balliní! Thereís also yet another DOMO 2Ē Qee Collectible Figure to add to my collection and it was one of the rarer ones to boot! Hoorayíd!

Also, since Iím a tard, I decided to collect the 4Ē DOMO Figures that Dark Horse Comics releases and it doesnít help that theyíre pretty limited too. Here we have Polka Dot (Edition of 750), Green Filigree (Edition of 550), Classic Brown, and Black Lightning (Edition of 550).

Here are also a couple t-shirts I picked up somewhat recently. One of my favorite bands are the Goo Goo Dolls and they were touring promoting their relatively new CD, Something For the Rest of Us. This was my second time seeing them and while their opening act was infinitely better this time (Steven Page formerly of The Barenaked Ladies, compared to the first time with Tomi Swick), I still think they were slightly better during their Let Love In tour. Regardless, it was a rockiní show and Iím one of those guys who has to buy a t-shirt at every concert he goes to. The other t-shirt is from TeeFury and features a merging of two of the most badass characters around, Batman and Boba Fett, to form the ever so awesome Bat Fett!

Hmmm? A mysterious envelope arrived at my house. It bears the Destructoid symbol for the return address. Could it be . . .

Hell yeah it is! Itís the Destructoid Chill Bros. T-Shirt! Behold Mr. Destructoid in his Super Mario Bros. 3 goodness! =D But wait . . . is there some writing on the inner collar . . .

Why yes there is! It appears my shirt has been signed by none other than Pico Mause and Jon Carnage! Hooray for uniqueness! ^_^ Not going to lie though, Iím a wee bit disappointed to get #193 when I know for a fact I was one of the first to order! Maybe they donít like international fans or something! =P Hahaha!

So, Iím one of those people that get calendars like a month or two into the new year, when theyíre like 50% or more off, since I find calendars to be ridiculously overpriced for what they do. Still, there was no chance in hell I would pass up this Manchester United 2011 Calendar!

♪Take me home, United Road;♪
♪To the place, I belong;♪
♪To Old Trafford, to see United;♪
♪Take me home, United Road!♪

So, literally last year (albeit barely, hahaha), Wiredís Game|Life had a contest to win a Super Scribblenauts Maxwell Vinyl Doll. Iím pretty sure Destructoid had a similar contest or some other. Regardless, after a couple months and emails and all that good stuff, this box arrived at my house!

And inside of it was this little guy! The box that actually houses Maxwell got a bit squished in transit, but Iíll live with it, hahaha! Many thanks go out to Wired and Jason Schreier for hosting the contest! You guys rock!

This is a box. It is fairly large. It was sent to me by that pretty chill guy that goes by the name of ChillyBilly. Let us take a journey to see what it contains . . .

Okay, so I kind of lied, hahaha! ChillyBilly actually sent me a small package prior to the new year, which contained a couple of things like Trace Memory and the nothing short of amazing Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Replica Digital Watch, which never made its way to Canada and was fairly hard to get!

So, as you may have seen from my last post, I purchased a Nintendo 3DS, but I didnít have any games with it. Long story short, since Iím a collector and Iím paranoid and OCD about the artwork/versions of my games, I pretty much can no longer buy a Nintendo published game in Canada, since by law, theyíre obligated to have this REALLY UGLY ďIncludes FrenchĒ box ON the actual game artwork. It is so out of place and just ruins the cover of the games. Due to this, my fellow collector and all around awesome guy, ChillyBilly volunteered to be my USA video game buyer, hahaha! So, after an exchange of some funds, he picked up and shipped me Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation, Pilotwings Resort (which is actually a very nice and relaxing game to play, with my only gripe being the lack of the cannon levels from the last game), and Nintendogs + Cats: Toy Poodle & New Friends.

Iím also subscribed to Capcomís online store, so I can see new pre-orders and exclusives they have. Well, they had a special exclusive where if you ordered Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Editon through them, you would get the elusive Ryuís Belt Lanyard and Collectible Lenticular Card (itís like the 3D cover, so you guys get to see the back of it, which says ďAccepting All ChallengersĒ). Once again, I got one of my best Destructoid mates to order it for me, since itís actually cheaper in terms of shipping for it to get sent to him and him to send it to me, as opposed to paying like $25 to get a single DS game and lanyard sent to me in Canada.

Being as awesome as he is, it seems ChillyBilly knows I have a crippling weakness for anything DOMO related. Here he managed to pick me up 3 of the DOMO 2Ē Qee Collectible Figures! Itís interesting to see how heís just really starting to get ďpopularĒ here in North America, but he was already somewhat passť when I went to Japan during Christmas. >_<

I also think that someone is trying to give me diabetes or something! =P Hahaha! Here we have some Coin Candies, Game Boy Advance 3D Gummy Candies, Super Star Candies, and Chaos Emeralds Cherry-Apple Sours that my zombie avatar friend included in the box!

Being the swag whores we are, itís commonplace to see some interesting/unique swag that we sent one another. This time I got a Pac-Man Hide & Seek (which I think was a Wendyís kids meal toy, hahaha), a de Blog 2 Figure (bluetongue), a GameStop PowerUp Rewards Sticker (which is SUPPOSED to be coming to Canada), and a Slime Plush! ^_^

Now we have a lot of DOMO upcoming. Here we have a bunch of DOMO Figurines 1 Inch Toy Capsules that he packed into the box, which have DOMO dressed up as various characters, like a Gangster, Lifeguard, etc.

Here we have a DOMO Pin, DOMO Boyscout Keychain, and frigginí DOMO headphones . . . HEADPHONES! Theyíre setup so itís like DOMO is coming out of your ears! So badass!

Finally, weíll end this haul with the best item that ChillyBilly sent me . . . a DOMO Fleece Towel! As you can see in the picture, the thing is HUGE and is pretty much 5 feet by 4 feet, featuring my favorite characterís mug! Also, the label doesnít lie and it IS indeed ďSUPER SOFT!Ē Once again, many thanks dude! Youíre the best and in typical response, Iíll be gathering more things to send you! =)

Since weíre on the topic of ChillyBilly, we had a discussion the other day about potatoes, how theyíre for white folk (just for you mrandydixon ^_^), and how mashed potatoes are awesome. This inspired me to do some cooking, so what you see are some mashed (Yukon Gold I believe) potatoes with some milk, butter, a couple spoons of bacon grease, bacon, green onions, and chives that I put together.

I cooked for the family that night, so hereís a plate of mashed potatoes, some grilled king oyster mushrooms, and nicely grilled (note the crisscross pattern, hahaha) rib eye steaks. Pretty much multiply this picture by four.

Canít BBQ something without having some low heat, upper shelf of the BBQ cooked onions and garlic!

Also, to prove to Nic128 that I am indeed Chitalian, here are some grilled red peppers that I sliced up and put in an olive oil and fig flavored balsamic vinegar! =P

Well, that ends yet another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul. I apologize for it not being as gaming related as most of my posts, but I guess you can blame that on Zodiac Eclipse and ChillyBilly for being so lame . . . =P . . . hahaha! I can PROMISE you though that my next haul will be VERY game intensive, as I hit another big MILESTONE in my gaming collection! Until next time, latez mates!   read

4:16 PM on 05.07.2011

A Compulsive Collector's Haul - 3DS, Heritage Classic, & Cash Converters is King

Dag yo! So, itís been close to a month and a half since I last posted and that was finishing off my little catch-up series. Well, Iím catching up once again and have close to 100 pictures already separating into 3 blogs including this one. Iím going to try to get these up in consecutive weeks and then all should be well. Some stuff may be a bit out of order, but picture arranging wise, it made the most sense. You have some quick fire hits of a 3DS, some minimal swag Iíve gotten the past couple of months, a few guides, some kickass awesome outdoor hockey game pictures, and more reasons why Cash Converters is the greatest store in the world. Enough with the chitchat, on with the show!

This is a Nintendo 3DS . . . many people have one already, not as many as Nintendo wanted, but itís still awesome as hell. Moving on . . .

So, I was wandering through Best Buy one weekend, to see if there were any awesome deals I could take advantage of, and there was a lady there that was demoing the 3DS. After giving it a go, I was rewarded with a Nintendo 3DS Lanyard and some Nintendo 3DS Retractable Information Cards . . . sweet!

A little dated, but itís a Gran Turismo 5 T-Shirt. Youíll see the version of the game I picked up in a couple blogs.

Is it just me, or are a lot of retailers using mini-standees to advertise games nowadays? Regardless, here I have a LittleBigPlanet 2 Mini-Standee of everyoneís favorite costume changing guy, Sackboy!

Just a couple of thick guides for a couple of awesome games like Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together and a personal favorite in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

Here we have 3 more guides for your viewing pleasure. Stupid Prima is starting to print some of their guides in a smaller, spiral bound version, which for actually using the guide and keeping it open and the page youíre on is an awesome idea, but for storing on a shelf with pretty much any other guide, is a logistical nightmare! >_< Still, we have the guides for Kirbyís Epic Yarn (I still need to pick this up), Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation, and the Collectorís Edition for Pokťmon Black Version & Pokťmon White Version. I was successful in managing to take a picture of the lenticular thing in action. Also, does anyone else think itís weird how all the ďofficialĒ names of the Pokťmon games have ďVersionĒ at the end of them? o_O

On February 20th . . . I got to experience one hell of an event. The 2011 NHL Heritage Classic was held in my hometown of Calgary, Alberta. Even though Iím not a fan of the hometown Flames or the visiting Montreal Canadiens, how could you possibly say no to the chance to go to an outdoor hockey game? Unless youíre not Canadian of course . . . or if youíre CelicaCrazed and just cheers for the worst team in the world . . . =P

The first picture is from a stand they had to build to fit more people into the stadium for the game, which is where my tickets were. As you can see, thereís the ice surface they built, the giant screen on the far end to see highlights and such, and just people all around. Itís probably going to look pretty awful in the blog, but if youíre interested be sure to click the picture to see the full size version at the bottom of this blog, but this is a panoramic shot of McMahon Stadium, where the game was held. You can also see the stand of which I was located in on the far end of the stadium.

Hereís a picture of the players warming up and testing out the ice surface. Theyíre all wearing toques for a good reason, as it started okay, turned ball breakingly cold for the end of the first period until the start of the third, then everyone either became too numb from the cold, or it warmed up.

If you call yourself a Canadian, you better goddamn know who the hell these two guys are. For those of you who arenít, these two broadcasters are Ron MacLean and Don Cherry. They are two of Canadaís most famous and well known television personalities, due to their extensive weekly hockey coverage, and just being all around awesome. Note how Don Cherry is being extra awesome and wearing a cowboy hat, which is one of the symbols of Calgary!

This was just a quick snap of the full house crowd at the stadium pretty much right before the game started.

Heís a great personality, but I hate the way he plays the game . . . BUT . . . this picture is included in my blog just for Maya (bushofghosts) . . . =P

Finally, this is a picture of yours truly with about 5 minutes left in the third period. As you can see, itís pretty damn dark now and I have like 5 layers on, since it was cold as all goddamn hell! Just thought Iíd also point out for Aurain or Ali D if theyíre reading this, Iím wearing one HELL of an awesome scarf, eh mates? ^_^ The Red Devils kept my neck warm!

All the tickets to the game were like laminated in super hard coated plastic, so that they could be collectorís items and very durable. I thought they were very nicely made.

Since I wasnít an overly big fan of either team (Go Avalanche! Hahaha!), I didnít get any memorabilia, aside from this Heritage Classic Mug that held numerous liters of hot chocolate for me throughout the game. Also, every seat in the stadium had one of these Heritage Classic Cushions on them, so that people wouldnít literally freeze their asses off on the seats and it provided a decent amount of comfort.

Back to games! So, Iíve already praised them like none other but they deserve it once again (especially for somehow getting a gem like this in), but the Cash Converters near where I live is the best goddamn store in the universe! Want more proof? Feast your eyes on the picture above, while I donít like the game, I donít see how I couldíve possibly passed up this Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack PREMIUM BOX. If you look closely, you can see that itís all shiny and sparkles, and even if you canít read moonspeak, you can see that there are 7 freakiní CDs in this thing.

Look at how gorgeous that by Yoshitaka Amano is! As you can see, the CDs are housed in these oversized folders. The discs actually do not stay in their holders very well at all, but I donít really care because of how pretty everything looks. The bottom one is the soundtrack for the first expansion pack, Rise of the Zilart.

Seriously, Amano-sanís art is some of the BEST around! Here are the next two soundtracks and the folders that contain them. These two are for the Chains of Promathia and Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansions.

So, this giant honking soundtrack was released before the Wings of the Goddess expansion was released, but luckily the 6th and 7th CDs were of Unreleased Tracks and a nice Piano Collections.

Not only that, to conclude this awesome premium box, a booklet that contained piano sheet music for the numerous tracks in the game was also included. Using my nifty Yen converter, when this box first came out in Japan, it was close to $150. I can tell you that I pay a very small fraction of that from my favorite store out there, so mad props to you guys! ^_^

Slowly but surely, I am gathering all the colors of Game Boy Pockets and Game Boy Colors that were released in North America. Here we have a Red Game Boy Pocket along with a Dandelion Game Boy Color.

Diamond Dave has got to be like the best employee/friend dude around! I seriously challenge any of you to find a more balliní, nice, and all around awesome guy that works at a store you frequent that is cooler than this dude! While this picture only has Super Off Road, Shadowrun, and the SUPER ELUSIVE DOES THAT GAME REALLY EXIST? (at least in my books) Kirbyís Dream Land 3, the fact that my homie set them aside for me, along with some AWESOME doubles that will go into my relaunched Trading Thread (when I get around to it), just shows how awesome a guy can be! Many thanks once again dude! =)

Here we have a few systems covered, which are a NES Dragon Warrior II, a Wii Punch-Out!!, and an in box NES Mega Man 4. I miss NES artwork on games. I mean the entire Dragon Warrior series on NES had some pretty hardcore awesome fantasy artwork on them, while the Mega Man games usually had hilariously bad artwork that was so bad it ended up working out all right.

Here is another mixed console picture of games. We start off with Azure Dreams for the PlayStation, along with a PlayStation Underground Vol. 2 Issue 4 disc, which my buddy Zoel informs me that while itís not worth that much, theyíre actually kind of rare and collectible. We follow that up with a trio of Nintendo published games like Fossil Figthers (Pokťmon clone) for the DS, a freakiní in box and sensationally good condition Super Mario Land for Game Boy, and Personal Trainer: Cooking (it was cheap and had Club Nintendo points in it!) for the DS as well.

Hell yeah! You donít want to know how many hours I spent on Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64, as it will probably disgust you! Now that I have a complete copy of the one on Game Boy Color though . . . thatís just so damn sweet . . . it makes me want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant! (Possibly reward [not sure yet, weíll see responses, hahaha!] if someone knows where that quote is from). I actually gave it a quick go and itís a pretty terrible game and nothing like the N64 version. My homies at Cash Converters also know Iím a pretty big Tegan and Sara fan, so they also put this DVD (Itís Not Fun. Donít Do It!) in my Box ĎO Stuff, which simply delighted me! =3

Down to the last picture for this haul . . . *tear* . . . T_T Hahaha! We start off with a replacement copy of Double Dragon Advance that my fellow collector and very close friend possumwrangler got for me, since this was a sealed copy and he knows how much I freakiní love Atlus games! Next we have . . . shut up . . . I blame my Asian gene for kicking in . . . <_< . . . >_> . . . Hamtaro: Ham Ham Heartbreak along with Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light from Cash Converters. Finally, we end with a World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Mousepad that I forgot to include in my Christmas-ish post, which I received from my homegirl Ashley.

Well, that does it for another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul! Hopefully you enjoyed it. Be sure to tune in next week for some super awesome things I got from our very own MOMerator (Zodiac Eclipse) and a box of supremely awesome and DOMO things from fellow collector and partner in crime . . . mainly misdemeanors . . . ChillyBilly! Until next time, latez mates!   read

1:27 PM on 03.20.2011

A Compulsive Collector's Haul - Retro and New Hardware Edition! (5 Months)

Dag yo! So, Iíll finally be kind of caught up with my backlog of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul blogs . . . kind of! Hahaha! This is my final entry into my ď5 MonthsĒ mini-series and Iíd say it ends with quite the bang! I get to being my January to current editions after this, but Iíll try to get that into one blog. Still, we have the Hardware and Figures Iíve gotten from the past 5 months or so. We have stuff spanning from the NES days to the current day in terms of hardware and peripherals! Also, we have some balliní figures from one of my favorite video game series! I have a couple things I could ďmockĒ about in my usual pre-haul mini-rant, but Iím lazy and I guess Iíll be nice this week, hahaha! Still, on with the show!

You may be wondering why you see a plate/bowl of food in one of my hauls. Itís because I almost forgot I had this picture as I was inspired by the super, awesome, kickass, ultra kind and friendly, all round superstar Aubrey (who does PR for Deep Silver and the highly anticipated Dead Island) to make some linguine and clams, after seeing a picture of them she had in Japan. Here is my version, which is slightly edited with I believe to be spaghettini and you canít see it, but I used a white wine reduction/sauce to cook the clams and pasta in. It was delicious. Many thanks for the inspiration yo! ^_^

So, Iíve only ever had like a light blue Game Gear from Japan that my uncle brought me when I was like 13 or something. Iíve seen many come and go from the best store ever (Cash Converters), but I finally decided to pick this bad boy up, since it was in box and I thought it was about time. Boxed stuff just rules eh?

I know this sounds dumb, but until I actually saw these, it never dawned on me that Nintendo sold separate NES Controllers. Well, lo and behold, they did! Boxed NES Controllers (2 of them) from the best store in the universe as per usual!

Holy hell! I have been looking for this guy for what seems like FOREVER! Letís put it like this, my homeboy Diamond Dave and homegirl Suzanne have both been working at Cash Converters for like 10 years (I hope thatís right) and this is the FIRST EVER . . . R.O.B. Robotic Operating Buddy . . . they have EVER seen! If youíve seen some of the stuff Iíve picked up from there (which if you havenít, then you really shouldnít be viewing this blog, hahaha!), it gives you a pretty damn good idea how hard it is to get or even see one of these buggers! He has everything with him and heís in WORKING condition! It even still has like the ďdiscĒ warnings on it! You have no idea about the kind of happy I was when I saw this guy! It was indescribable! Seriously, you guys are THE BEST and have made me all kinds of happy with this guy! Iím very lucky to know some of the nicest and best people around . . . <3

Itís pretty damn hard to top the last picture and well . . . this one doesnít really come close . . . hahaha! Here we have a Disney Epic Mickey Paintbrush, which actually functions as a nunchuk. Itís a pretty damn cool and well made peripheral for the console and it looks cool, plus it wasnít all that expensive, which is why I picked it up.

Nothing overly special here either. Just another Game Boy Color that Iím slowly collecting every color of. This time we have Kiwi joining the like other two I already have.

Well . . . Iím a tard! >_< I succumbed to stupidity and bought this Mario 25th Anniversary Wii Console, even though I already have a Wii, with like 4 remotes and nunchuks and . . . yeah . . . -_-Ď I mean, limited edition, Mario, different color . . . it was too good to resist! *is trying to make himself feel better*

Yeah . . . well . . . to be fair on this one, I donít have a DSi XL, but I donít want to open this one to use, even though theyíre way more awesome to play games on, since this is also a Mario 25th Anniversary one. Also, I in theory now have 2 copies of Mario Kart DS now . . . *sigh* . . .

Have I mentioned that my Cash Converters is the HANDS DOWN THE BEST STORE IN THE UNIVERSE? Have I? Seriously? If I havenít, please do tell me so I can reiterate it is! =) Here we have a Street Figther 15th Anniversary Edition Arcade Stick that works for both the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Thereís obviously some noticeable damage to the outer box, but seriously, where and when the hell would you have a chance to pick something like this up, even without the box? Pretty much . . . NEVER! Iím privileged to know some of the nicest and best people. I owe Aron this time for this beauty. So the first two pictures are just of the box, showing off some gorgeous artwork and the characters in the numerous games on the back. The third picture shows how the front flap can lift up and has a nice see through layer to look at the fight stick. That ďwindowĒ flap can also lift up so thatís how you actually get the fight stick out of the box. The fourth picture shows the fight stick in all its glory. If I may say so, even though this is for the last generation of consoles, this is one damn sexy fight stick! d(Ď-Ďd)

Even the instruction manual for the fight stick is pretty. I donít care that it reuses the art from the box and the fight stick and everything, itís just that itís colorful and looks like so much care and attention has been put into it that makes me appreciate it. Keep in mind, this was a used product, but it also still had the super long poster of like the entire cast of the Street Fighter series up to this point in like perfect condition! I need to get that thing flattened, framed, and put on a wall somewhere! Still, much, much, much love to my favorite store and people again! ^_^

Okay, this is getting ridiculous! An IN BOX SUPER FAMICON? As the great GOB would say . . . COME ON! I donít care that itís the Hong Kong version and not the Japanese one, since itís still authentic and it still works. Look at that box! Seriously! I live in Canada, I bought this from a used goods store . . . think about that for a moment. Seeing one of these would already be a tough task, but seeing one IN BOX? Look at the console in the second picture! No stupid yellowing or discoloring or anything. A nice clean, sleek, and sexy console, with a controller to boot! Itís so nice I donít even care that itís missing another controller with it. Seeing this up for sale at the store I spend more at than anywhere else just simply makes me love my life! =D

So, along with the Super Famicon, I managed to snag this little ditty from Cash Converters as well. At first, I had no idea what the hell it was, then I figured out that it actually attaches to the console through the cartridge slot. A bit more internet sleuthing led to find out that this was essentially a floppy disk extension that you could use to play emulated/downloaded games! Good old piracy and stealing even in the good old days . . . =P Hahaha! I havenít had the chance to try this thing out yet, but I have literally a box full of floppy disks to try out.

Diamond Dave is seriously the most awesome guy around! Here we have an in box Sega Activator peripheral for the Genesis. Itís pretty much one of the worst ďcontrollersĒ ever created and sold to mankind, which makes it that much more of a novelty! Even our Robot Founder did an article back in the day about its crappiness! Seriously, open that link in a new tab/window and see how retarded it is, hahaha! You can also see in the second picture the obscene number of instructional pamphlets that accompanied the damn thing. The last picture features the whole shebang, with the thing in the middle being a mousepad, just so you can get an idea of how big the thing is. I havenít tried it yet, but if you watch the video in the above link, I donít think Iíll be able to meet all the requirements in order to do so, hahaha!

So ends my mini-series within a series of 5 months of catch-up. Thereís actually some stuff I havenít included, because Iíll be using those things for a separate blog that should be upcoming. Finally being able to finish this mini-series though, means that Iím actually re-backlogged about 2 months. So expect that stuff to come in the next few weeks, a special import edition, plus some kickass custom ordered stuff. Many thanks for stopping by and until next time, latez mates!   read

2:26 PM on 02.27.2011

A Compulsive Collector's Haul - Swag, Promos, and Standees Editions! (5 Months)

Howdy mates! Weíre back with yet another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul! Iím finally on the second to last 5 month catch up blog, before I get to my ďrecentĒ catch up blog, then Iíll finally be caught up . . . for only a short time knowing me . . . >_< Well, those of you who are reading are in for a bit of a treat today. Iíve got some swag to show off today! The more I think about it, the more I think about how in terms of the rate I collect swag at, I didnít really get that much over the past 5 months . . . -_-Ď Still, hopefully you guys enjoy seeing some of it. Weíve got stuff from Club Nintendo, EB Games pre-order bonuses, stuff from eBay friends, stuff from the super awesome kickass guys from Fangamer (which may I add, they will be at PAX East so I suggest anyone going to TOTALLY check them out and buy their awesome stuff! ^_^), and finally a couple standees of which I have absolutely no room for. O_O Due to certain things happening on the site, my ďpost bannism trolling that isnít really true since said people are not bannedĒ will be on hiatus for the next little while . . . hopefully you will no longer be confused BulletMagnet my homie! =P On with the show!

NOTE: Due to my absence at PAX East this year, but my undying obsession with any and all things swag related, anyone going to PAX East that is willing to pick up extra swag or swag from specific booths for me, PLEASE Private Message me, as I am VERY willing to compensate/trade you games or other merchandise for awesome swag! I WILL most definitely make it WORTHWHILE for you!

As a fair number of you may already have, here is the Club Nintendo Super Mario Characters Figurine that was given out to Platinum Members through the North American version of Club Nintendo. The box alone that the figurine came in is nothing short of awesome, as it mimics the classic and iconic question mark box from the series. The figure is also of pretty high quality, as itís made out of like a hard, but flexible plastic and is painted/colored very well. Iím also quite impressed with how the North American version of Club Nintendo is finally starting to catch up with their European and Japanese counterparts. Some of the stuff is about a year or so ďtoo late,Ē but itís nice to see theyíre making the effort and how theyíre regularly releasing new stuff for purchase with coins.

This here is a hella sweet Puma Messenger Bag you got if you pre-ordered DJ Hero 2. It has a ton of pockets and space, but maintains a decent look and lightweight. Personally, Iím still a bigger Guitar Hero series fan, as opposed to Rock Band. Although, I think thatís mainly due to the fact I liked the formerís guitars better while playing. Itís pretty sad that the series is gone now due to oversaturation. I still think Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock was the best out of ALL of the rhythm/music games.

Hooray . . . -_-Ď Hahaha! Here we have a couple of Halo: Reach T-Shirts. The first is just a typical UNSC symbol, while the other one is of the Noble Six crew. Iíve still yet to pick up the game, since I want the Legendary Edition, but Iím trying to hold off and hope that they go down to like under half price, much like the Halo 3 Legendary Editions did after a few months.

So, when I went to PAX, I thought Iíd go see Portal 2 first thing on the third day, so itíd be the easiest way to get the t-shirt. Little did I know, until it was too late, that Valve wasnít smart (at least in my opinion) and allocate a specific number of t-shirts a day, so they ran out halfway through the second day. Long story short, I was pissed, I really wanted one, so I contacted an eBay friend shortly after the convention, and ended up with this one! Huzzah! I want the one with both robots on it, but this one is still pretty cool! As you can see, through the magic of Photoshop, you can see both the front and the back of the shirt.

Iím still pretty sad that I havenít had the chance or the time to play BioShock 2 yet, but hopefully I can fix that up soon. Regardless, I remain a very big fan of the original and there was some hella sweet promotional stuff for the second game. I got it for a pretty good deal, but the first is the Rapture Records Vinyl that was given away in limited quantities to media outlets and were relatively hard to come by period. Iím pretty stoked about that one. Next to it, is the much more accessible and not overly expensive BioShock 2 EVE Hypo. It actually lights up that nice neon blue like in the games when you press the tip against something. The thing is pretty much the definition of badass!

Iím not a fan of pre-order bonuses going from awesome and cool physical items, to lame ass downloadable content and essentially pieces of paper! >_< Still, here we have codes for Fable III Custom Villager, Quest, and Gold; Halo: Reach UA Multi-Threat Mjolnir Mark 5V (B Armor); Dead Rising 2 Ninja Skills Pack; and finally a Halo: Reach Promo Metal Card Ė Kat. I actually liked the latter a lot, as itís actually like a trading card made of pretty hefty metal and like actually properly printed on.

This is the kind of ďlevelĒ that all pre-order items should be if you ask me. They should all be like art-like things, soundtracks, plushies, and other stuff like this. None of that crappy DLC stuff, hahaha. Still, we have the Metroid: Other M Art Folio that was a pre-order bonus. My favorite is the bottom left one of the first picture with Samus looking at the cityscape with a nice sunset in it. The pictures are printed on some nice, thick cardstock, and also have some information on the back of them explaining what the picture is all about.

Hooray . . . -_-Ď More DLC pieces of paper. This time we have Dead Space 2 Ė Dead Space Ignition Download, the not actually swag but I somehow got it Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (ULTIMATE SITH EDITION) Ė Starkiller (Card 6 of 10), Def Jam Rapstar Pre-Order Download Songs, Call of Duty: Black Ops Flight Suit Avatar Skin, and a Tom Clancyís Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta VIP Accesss codes. Yeah, nothing really special or good here in my books, aside from the Star Wars card.

Continuing on with some decent swag, we have some Super Street Fighter IV Super Thumb Fighters (Dee Jay vs. Blanka), a Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Exclusive Content Voucher (is it just me or does Maulkiller look badass as hell?), a Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (holy balls I need to play this still) Ė Special Decal Set, which makes PSPs look like the [i]Kingdom Hearts one I imported from Japan, and a download code for GoldenEye 007ís Invisibility Mode.

We start this picture off with a ModNation Racers Race Flag Advertisement, followed by a Donkey Kong Country Returns Wii Remote Banana Pouch that is badass as hell, along with a Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Mousepad, with some Kinect promotion stuff like a Headband and Wristbands.

Donít ask why/how I got all three, but here are the various colors of Super Scribblenauts Headphones you got if you pre-ordered the game. Theyíre pretty much just known as camo, polka dot, and gray. I actually havenít had a chance to try them out yet, but they look like okay headphones. Not awesome like Turtle Beachís, Astrosí, or Steel Seriesí, but better than the super cheap ones you can get.

Luckily I pre-ordered Sonic Colors on DS as opposed to the Wii, which netted me this awesome Sonic the Hedgehog Fleece Cap. The very same one that the fabled Jim Sterling wore, while humping a Sonic Plushie in one of his I believe Jimquisition videos.

Iím not a fan of Japanime, unless itís very, very particular series, but Iím not a fan of ďnewĒ Dragon Ball, aka, Naruto, but . . . Iím a VERY big fan of the company Atlus! ^_^ I assume you know where Iím going with this . . . but for those of you who donít get it, I bought one of the Naruto games because it was published by Atlus, has their logo on the case, and well, I got this lame hat with it. I think itís called the Naruto Shippuden Hat.

Not a big fan of this series either, even though they have pretty good collectible, much like this Halo: Reach UNSC Hat. Iím actually a big fan of the design, as itís like an army, trucker hat mix, which fits well and just looks good in my books.

Ah, itís so nice to have hookups! d(Ď-Ďd) Of numerous varieties . . . ;-D Hahaha! Itís fair sized sing, but we have a Nintendo Holiday 2010 Display. Itís got one of those self-standing triangle things on the back of it, and well, Nintendo just has nice displays for the most part.

In this balliní awesome picture, we have a Halo: Reach lanyard, which puts my lanyard count to . . . way the hell too many, hahaha! Next in line is a VERY, VERY, VERY nice Mario 25th Anniversary Keychain, along with one of the best bumper stickers ever, in the form of a Donkey Kong Country Returns one that has one of the most iconic quotes of more recent times.

So, Iím pretty sure Iíve mentioned it before, but Iíll mention it again just in case you guys forgot . . . Fangamer effiní rules! These guys and gals are some of the most dedicated people around that just have nothing less than an undying passion for video games. They make the highest quality gamer merchandise from their own designs (usually designed by the ultra talented and extremely friendly Jon Kay) and know what appeals to us, since they too are gamers themselves. They also have some of the best customer service and respond to questions in a very timely fashion (usually by Reid) and Iíve seen like five full trolleys of stuff theyíve packed to send out to people. Plus, theyíre going to be at PAX East (which I unfortunately wonít be able to make this year . . . *tears* . . . T_T), so make sure to check them out! Still, Iím pretty sure you guys get the picture! =P Here we have the typical hand drawn card they ship with every order, a Liquid Pin Set from the Metal Gear series, a Gate Keychain from the super awesome Chrono Trigger, and the typical kickass stickers and pins they toss in with every order. Seriously . . . BUY THEIR STUFF!

So, you guys may have remember from a number of months ago (Iím backlogged okay! =P) where Hamza posted how these guys, just out of the blue, showed Destructoid some mad love! Well, I placed my order when they were giving out these super limited pins that have the most balliní design of the one and only Mr. Destructoid! As I literally just said from the previous paragraph . . . THESE GUYS RULE AND BUY THEIR STUFF TO SUPPORT THEM! Iím still so very sad that I wonít be able to see their newer stuff like the E-Mug, Super16Bit Keychain, and possibly any new stuff they decide to debut! I mean, even their Gift Cards are of the utmost highest quality. *sigh* If only there was another contest for a trip there this year . . .

Now that I got all the emo and sad panda out of my system, here we have a VERY super kickass art cel. Itís a Metal Gear Solid: Rising Limited Edition Cell. Unfortunately, you canít tell from the picture, but itís a LAYERED art cel, so itís actually kind of 3D and SUPER badass. The quality and detail of it is nothing short of astounding! I believe they were only given away to VIP members of the media at the Tokyo Game Show, and as you can see in the second picture, I got number 13 of 200! Awww yeah!

So, Iím so desperately out of room in my basement that I donít even have room for this kickass Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Standee! >_< The first picture just shows that itís a very shiny standee and still has the like protective blue covering for the transparent sign with the gameís name on it. Had to pull off a few favors to get this bad boy, but it was totally worth it. The second picture is just one that I Googleíd so youíd have an idea of what it looks like.

So, Iíve invested over 300 hours into Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies and it is balliní as hell. Once again, I donít have room for this awesome standee, but the first picture just shows the title panel of the game, while the second shows a blurry picture I Googleíd. Itís actually pretty cool since in the top corners it has some ďshelves/holdersĒ for promotional books they had for before the game was out. I got this one from awesomeness . . . that is all that needs to be said! =)

So, that does it for another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul! Next week will be my final 5 Months catch up edition, then I can finally get caught up on my recent stuff! Next week will be the super cool ďHardwareĒ edition my friends, so if youíre interested, please do look forward to that. I promise youíll be pleasantly surprised with some of the stuff I managed to get, as it came from the best store in the world . . . Cash Converters! So, until next time, latez mates!   read

5:25 PM on 02.19.2011

A Compulsive Collector's Haul - New Games and Gifts of Awesome! (5 Months)

Dag yo! So, Iím on my third to last ď5 MonthsĒ blog. This time you guys are in for a treat, as Iíll be recapping the new games (yeah, I actually do get new ones, since theyíre not available from Cash Converters, hahaha!) Iíve bought the past 5 months, along with a few super kickass gifts/trades Iíve received from some local Calgary homeboys. Weíve got stuff Iíve purchased from EB Games, Best Buy, Capcomís Online Store, NISí Online Store, a Kijiji purchase, and a couple hookups/presents from my homies possumwrangler and Grimstar. This should be a bit more exciting than the last one (even though the last one had stuff from LIGHTS! =P), so hopefully you enjoy! But before that . . .

If I had a ton of money, Iíd be frivolous and totally fucking waste it all, since I have no goddamn clue how to budget money or how not to be responsible . . . period! Iíd just break shit and not care, because I can replace it for the time being, plus Iíll totally perpetuate the American stereotype of being a wasteful mother fucker. Iím pretty much narcissistic, because I have no real sense of reality and think that people will magically like me if I lose some weight, even though I have the personality of a giant asshole. Iíll totally somehow build a monument of myself as well, to somehow translate how much ďbetterĒ I am than everyone else, even though I may have to rely on the food bank, yet will waste all my money on impulse purchases! With that done . . . on with the show! ^_^

So, you can tell how backlogged Iíve been with posting by this picture. Lo and behold, Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Collectorís Edition. I was quite the fan of this collectorís edition, as it had unique packaging and just had all around awesome stuff. This is despite the fact that itís pretty much the same as the World of Warcarft collectorís editions. As you can see, thereís guest passes, the game, a comic, a dog tag USB drive, an art book, a DVD, and a soundtrack. As any typical Asian would, I was pretty into the game for when I finally got around to playing it, around October/November, but was still really nostalgic for the old school strategies, hahaha!

Hey! Shut up! It said Final Fantasy and ďCollectorís EditionĒ on it . . . <_< . . . >_> . . . -_-Ď Well, we have the travesty of Final Fantasy XIV Online Collectorís Edition here. The package actually has some really cool stuff in it, like mini-certificates and all kinds of other jazz, but even though I had no intention of playing it, itís kind of sad to hear how terrible it was. It honestly looked pretty good at PAX 2010, but alas, it seems like it didnít pull through. Iím still not a fan of the series going the MMORPG route, but Iím also not a fan of people who expect them to be all the ďsameĒ game either, but thatís for another day. Beside it, we have Dead Rising 2 Zombrex Edition. Itís not opened, but a few posts ago, my homeboy ChillyBilly opened his and gave you an inside look at its contents, which you can find here. It has some cool stuff like a syringe pen, a notepad, art book, etc. Iím a fan of the steelbook it comes in too.

Much like my collecting counterpart, Iím a tard too, and got a second copy of the game, only this time itís the High Stakes Edition that was only available through Capcomís Online Store. Itís pretty much ďopen,Ē so I decided Iíd show you guys the contents, even if you forgot what it looked like from my homieís post. The poker chips have a nice weight to them and the map is pretty balliní and realistic. Unfortunately, I didnít get the golden ticket to win a life size zombie statue . . . lame . . . >_< Hahaha!

I should really play my PS3 more often . . . or console games for that matter. Here we have copies of MAG, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, and Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes From Liberty City. Odds are, Iíll get around to the latter sometime, as I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in IV, where I think they lowered the ďcustomizationĒ from San Andreas just enough, but kept it still pretty wide open.

Now we have some DS love for some of my favorite companies around! We have Xseed, Atlus, Natsume, and to a lesser extent, WB Games . . . hahaha! We have the adorably cut Ivy the Kiwi?, the crazy mini-game filled 101-in-1 Sports Megamix, the somewhat improved Super Scribblenauts, and the very solid and still pretty much unknown port of Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals.

Believe it or not, I do give my PSP some love. Canít really go wrong with any of these RPGs, particularly with the companies behind them. We have Segaís Valkyria Chronicles II, along with Aksysí Blazing Souls: Accelate, and the great Atlusí Knights in the Nightmare, which also has a download voucher for the very excellent Yggdra Union in it as well! ^_^

You know whatís annoying? How itís extremely rare that Nintendo games will EVER go down in price? Unless thereís like a VERY special reason or sale, notice how Nintendo published games never go down in price? It gets annoying when you want to get it, but itís been out like over a year and still the same price . . . >_< Enough with that though, since we have an exception in the form of Wii Music. Continuing with the Wii, we have the bundle edition of GoldenEye 007, which has that sexy Gold Classic Controller Pro! To finish the picture off, we have my second version of Plants vs. Zombies!

Special edition time! d(Ď-Ďd) We start off with the second of the Ys special editions that Xseed and Falcom are releasing on the PSP. It is Ys: The Oath in Felghana Premium Edition and it has a soundtrack and calendar in it. Next up is God of . . . erm . . . I mean Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Limited Edition, which has a soundtrack and a nice art book in its packaging. Finally, we have Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Collectorís Edition, and it has a collectible steelbook, some downloadable content for skins, lightsabers, etc., and a 2GB Starkiller flash drive.

Speaking of Ys, I mentioned back in September that I won a contest to get my name in Ys Seven as a quest giving NPC. I didnít have time to play the game, so I was never able to find myself, until PekoponTAS wrote his blog for his 2010 Game of the Year Awards, where he mentioned he played the game. Long story short, I asked him to find me and he did! ^_^ =D =) =3 So, I can officially now say I am forever in a video game . . . hahaha! Hopefully Iíll have my mini-gift for you out by the time I post this for finding me mate! Thanks again!

So, the NIS Online Store is pretty much the best thing ever if you want any of their games. They almost always have super limited (usually 2,000 at most or less) pre-order bonuses for their already usually rare games. This time around, we have Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland. This special edition bundle came with the art book (which is also in the Gamestop [USA at least . . . no Canada . . . >_<] exclusive version) and the fairly limited soundtrack. Awesome!

Keeping with the NIS Online Store, we have Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman, which not only has one of the craziest and best names ever, but through pre-ordering online, I got a sticker that was limited to just a few hundred or so. Not as cool as a soundtrack or the other stuff they usually offer, but still appreciated nonetheless. Along with that, we have yet another Atlus game with Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City that also came with an art book of all three games!

Here we have a still sealed Fallout: New Vegas Collectorís Edition. I honestly canít remember absolutely everything thatís suppose to be in it, but my homie ChillyBilly opened his copy and showed off some of the contents. It seems like there are playing cards, some dice, that platinum coin flipper thing (itís coming back to me), poker chips, coaster, and like a poster.

What we have here is a pretty balliní Call of Duty: Black Ops Prestige Edition. You get the Hardened Edition in it as well, which has a steelbook case, thereís a medal somewhere in there too, a few other doodads, and you get an actual working RC Car that also has a camera on it. Pretty sweet if you ask me. Also, I find this game to be much better than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, even though itís made by Treyarch, mainly due to the fact itís significantly less buggy, broken, and gimmicky.

I was quite the fan of this Collectorís Edition of Assassinís Creed: Brotherhood! You get a big box with some awesome art on it, and in it you have one of those pre-printed and signed posters, a bonus content DVD, the game, an art book, and the super kickass jack-in-the-box. Pretty cool for a game that I hear is a significant upgrade from the previous games in the series.

Now weíre back to some DS loviní. To start off, we have Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, which is apparently the hands down best in the series. I unfortunately havenít had the time to invest in the game yet, but my very close homeboy Zoel says itís nothing short of sensational. To the point where he has GameFAQsí only guide for it, which you can find if you click here! Itís a pretty in-depth guide for a pretty fun game, from what Iíve played. Next to it, we have the superior to the Wii version of Sonic Colors. Nothing much I can say about it, only that it came with some awesome swag youíll see next week or so.

So, I was a tard and was hoping that Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride would eventually go down in price, or I would find a copy at my gaming mecca, Cash Converters, but it just disappeared on me. Thatís why I just decided to bite the bullet and buy this from EB Games used when it finally showed up, for a price I thought was inflated. Still, itís from the Dragon Quest series, so you canít really go wrong. Next to it is a game that I PROMISE you that I am going to play, Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors! I got some sweet stuff with that as well, but youíll have to wait until next post. Aksys has really been on a roll lately with releasing really niche but awesome games! ^_^

And now for the opinion dividing Disney Epic Mickey Collectorís Edition. I havenít had a chance to play it aside from PAX, but it seemed to be a better game than a lot of people are saying about it. Still, it seemed like a sweet collectorís edition, particularly due to the Mickey Mouse figure that is in the box, which I was told some people were buying it solely for.

A new expansion comes out, so it just naturally means Iíll have to pick up the Collectorís Edition of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Somewhat interesting tidbit, I actually donít have the Collectorís Edition of the original game . . . -_-Ď Anybody out there looking to offload a complete version of that to me? Private message if you are willing to! =)

A couple more random games I got a hold of, both of which were the Deal of the Day for EB Gamesí in Canada. We start with NIER on the PS3 for a cool $10 and then the ever so expensive $5 I spent on Americaís Test Kitchen: Letís Get Cooking, which I picked up solely for the Club Nintendo points.

Somehow I messed up and forgot to include this Genesis copy of Ys III: Wanderers from Ys in my last post, especially since it came from Cash Converters. Along with that though, we have Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, which were on sale for like $40 together around Christmas time.

Just a typical ďPremiere EditionĒ guide for a Nintendo game, this time being Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

I donít know how, but somehow I forgot to do my typical photograph of this in my room, like I do with the rest of my collection. I was too lazy to bring this upstairs, so I just brought the camera downstairs since I was heading down anyways. Still, we have Super Mario All-Stars here, on display in my ďcollectorís editionĒ corner of my gaming collection.

Here are a few random things that I got from either Kijiji or from some local friends. We have a boxed copy of Arkanoid: Doh It Again (really? ďDoh It Again?Ē), some mad balliní Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals, an Xbox copy of Capcom vs. SNK 3 EO, and last but not least, for some reason, a relatively elusive copy of Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir! Many thanks yo! You know who you are.

So, every once in a while, my fellow collector homeboy possumwrangler will order guides on Amazon for us. Heíll also check out their Atlus selection to see if there are any sellers of stuff that Iím missing. Well, this time he hella pulled through for me. First up is a game that I didnít even have on my ďAtlus Buy List,Ē which is High Velocity: Mountain Racing Challenge[i]. Itís on freakiní Saturn yo! Thatís pretty sweet, although, now I have to find one of them cases for it . . . >_< . . . hahaha! Along with that though, we have a sealed copy of [i]DemiKids: Light Version for GBA, which even Mr. Iím the Shin Megami Tensei Fan With No Avatar Picture didnít even know it was from the series! So much Atlus . . . so much win! ^_^ Thanks dude, youíre the best!

So, weíre almost at the end of this haul friends, but I have some awesome stuff to follow up the Atlus stuff. Here we have two of the PlayStationís most notoriously hard to get games in the form of the late Working Designsí Vanguard Bandits and the ever lovable The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. Another local homeboy in Grimstar is a fan of that Japanime stuff, so he went to the mini-Japanime festival thing in Calgary. He knows a vendor that goes there, so I just gave him money and he picked up these two gems for me. Awww yeah! =) Many thanks dude, tis be nothing short of awesome . . . and shiny! d(Ď-Ďd)

Awww yeah! =3 Not only did he manage to snag the previous two for me, he also managed to get this gem from the same seller for me as a Christmas present! The possibly even more elusive/expensive Mega Man Legends 2. Dude, you da man for helping with the collection and being a brotha from anotha motha! So, a huge shout out to you Grimstar, and I know itís late, but youíll most definitely enjoy what I have in store for your Christmas present! =P

Well, so concludes another edition of one of my hauls. Iím thinking swag will be the next one, then finally hardware the one after. Weíll see. It is a long weekend for me, so I might try to get up some Japan pictures for Monday. Still, due to some . . . ďcircumstances,Ē this may be the last week of my post bannism but not really ďrantsĒ at the paragraph before pictures, but things may change! =D Hahaha! Until next time, latez mates.   read

2:45 PM on 02.12.2011

A Compulsive Collector's Haul - Katamari Art, Posters, DOMO & LIGHTS! (5 Months)

Dag yo! So, itís time for yet another blast from the past. This time I bring to you what HandsomeBeast requested last week . . . posters and miscellaneous! Hahaha! =P I also do have some VERY special Katamari Damacy art as well. Once again, these things have been acquired over the past 5 months or so from things like EB Gamesí pre-orders or just them having them to promote games, some eBay ďfriends,Ē and a few other odds and ends tossed in. Youíve also got an appearance of some DOMO stuff and some autographed stuff from the super awesome and fantastic LIGHTS! This may not be my most ďexcitingĒ haul per se, but hopefully you all enjoy it. Before that though, keeping with tradition . . .

Hey yíall! The Xbox 360 is totally, hands down, the best system ever! Iím totally not some bias, piece of shit troll, since I totally own a PS3 and Wii as well. But if you can learn from my preaching and admit the 360 is totally better, then I guess we can be friends. If not, itís YOU and totally not me (since Iím NEVER responsible for anything and if you point out anything that I donít agree with, youíre totally against me and youíre totally wrong) who isnít grounded in reality and stuff. Plus, you guys totally donít know what a ďcommunityĒ is, where itís not the people that are always on the site, conversing with each other, and are cordial to one another. Itís totally about bringing your friends from outside the community, having them totally just obey you cause theyíre just as totally not retarded as you, then vote or lobby on community run things for you. Also, if they commented on like one of two of your own blogs, theyíre totally part of the site and all guys! ^_^ On with the show!

So, about 4 month ago or so, quite the awesome posting happened on the front page of the site. This advertised some freaking awesome original artwork from the Katamari Damacy series! A couple dozen artists came together and put up their art for sale for a fundraiser. I was keeping an eye on a few of the auctions and I ended up winning this awesome framed piece. It is titled Ė Nik and Noby Noby Boy Have Some Lunch Ė and some information about it can be found here. It was done by Jason ďJFishĒ Fischer and his site has some pretty crazy stuff on it. I was a fan of this piece since it totally refers to Katamari Damacy, but isnít obnoxious or blatantly obvious about it. I also really like food and seeing the ball of food just made it so I couldnít resist! I get original artwork, a great cause got some money, and everyone ended up happy! ^_^

Also, apparently if you read the comments in the Dtoid article I linked to above, fellow community member king kong five apparently won one of the auctions as well. Iíll try to contact him into seeing which one he won!

Along with the art, I also received some art/comics from the artist as well. Isnít the cover of the left booklet one of the most AWESOME things ever? Itís a freakiní unicorn . . . RIDING another unicorn . . . jumping over a rainbow!!! Then thereís the comic on the right that has some of the craziest things going on it in, but is nothing short of awesome! I need to get some more original art is what Iím thinking . . . for when I have a place with a lot of empty wall space . . . >_<

Now we move into poster world, which starts off with a Call of Duty: Black Ops Reversible Poster that was a pre-order bonus at my EB Games. Itís actually a lot nicer/cooler than I original expected. Iím a big fan of the engraved gun and the obscuring of the face on both sides. Plus, for a Treyarch made game, itís actually pretty damn good, which is I found to be a very big and good surprised.

Now weíve got a triple dose of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Posters. Once again, they were obtained from my EB Games and were given to customers who bought the game, on a first-come first-serve basis. The quality of paper they were printed on is pretty nice, plus theyíre full of color and detail. Theyíre all from cutscenes in the game and represent each race, Protoss, Terran, and Zerg. Even though Iím a Protoss fan, Iíll have to say that the Zerg poster is probably the coolest, mainly because of Kerrigan, but also because of how the Hydralisk is pretty much like her dog. =P

Regulars know that I have some eBay ďfriendsĒ per se, and regulars also know that I freakiní love the Kingdom Hearts series. With that in mind, I managed to contact one of my eBay ďfriendsĒ that happens to also be a VIP at industry events like PAX, which is where this VIP PAX 2010 exclusive Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Poster came from. Itís printed on really nice, thick . . . paper, which means it doesnít have a glossy finish but is still very nice.

Jumping back to Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, here is yet another poster with titular hero, Jim Raynor, as the main focus, only this poster was a fair bit more rare as it was I believe only a retail employee poster. d(Ď-Ďd) I really need some wall space . . . -_-Ď

So, once again my eBay contacts come in handy, as youíll see this Dead Rising 2 poster has some ďscribblesĒ on it. This poster was actually given out at PAX 2010, but you only got it if you didnít get 250 zombie kills to get the Chuck Greene Bobble Budd, or in the case of my friend Ashley, if you ďbrokeĒ the game. =P Still, getting back on topic, this poster original at the San Diego Comic-Con. I have this little piece of awesome with Keiji Inafuneís [Executive Producer] signature in black, and Shinsaku Oharaís [Producer] in silver. Awesome? Totally!

Back to VIP PAX 2010 exclusive posters . . . eBay connections are awesome once again. Even though it wasnít on the showfloor, here is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword PAX 2010 Poster, as Nintendo has actually had different versions of posters at each big event to give out to certain members of the press. This was probably my favorite design out of all of them, and is printed on glossy thick paper!

You know what game comes out in a few days . . . MAHVAL BAYBEE . . . MAHVAL! While it may not have as many characters as I wouldíve liked (theyíll come, just as DLC unfortunately), I have been waiting for this to come to fruition for a VERY long time. Once again, we have a high quality, thick stocked, glossy poster of Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds SDCC Roster. I really need some wall space . . .

Itís simplistic, didnít cost much at all, and fairly limited. So, here we have a Donkey Kong Country Returns PAX 2010 Poster. Once again, it was only given out to VIP members of the media, and acquired through eBay. Believe it or not, Iíve actually PLAYED the game, and itís nothing short of old school fun. My only gripe is the bullshit timing you need to get the higher bounce off of an enemy! =P

So, during my last semester of university, I was actually around when the poster company Imaginus came. Their website sucks, but it seems they go to all the universities in Canada throughout the year, selling some pretty sick posters for pretty cheap. The last time I was actually around to buy some was like 5 years ago when I went to school out east in Waterloo. Still, enough with that story, what youíre looking at is a poster from THE BEST show that was on TV . . . Arrested Development! I miss it so very much . . . *tear* . . . T_T Stupid tards at FOX! >_< And if you think for a moment about my claim about the show, do you think the guy in the $3,000 suit is going to even think about listening to you . . . COME ON!

Yet another poster to add to my other memorabilia of only the BEST sports team around . . . my beloved Red Devils . . . Manchester United! GLORY, GLORY, MAN UNITED! =P Suck on that Ali D! ^_^

Seriously . . . there is way the hell too much AWESOME going on in this picture. I mean itís original trilogy, it has freakiní BOBA FETT, a rancor, the Executor, do I really need to go on? I also got another Star Wars poster along with this one, which spans all 6 movies and is like almost like a timeline, but itís like seriously almost like 5 feet across, and itís still sealed . . . so maybe another day.

I still say that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was the best of the series and that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was too gimmicky and broken. That said, this montage-like poster really blends a lot of elements together well, plus it was like $4, and for that price . . . come on? =P

Now we have a Kirbyís Epic Yarn Static Cling that I was gifted, along with a big sticker of Kirby to go along with it. I wonder if Jim Sterling is jealous yet? Hahaha!

Pretty much the same as the last picture, but only no sticker this time, and itís for Donkey Kong Country Returns.

For a bit more non-gaming stuff, we have some super balliní DOMO Indoor-Outdoor Party Lights I picked up from a super kickass store (Reboot Inc.) that specializes in figures, comics, and DOMO-like stuff! You can check out some of the awesome stuff they have on their Facebook page! I also managed to pick up the Lemon Yellow (Edition of 1,250) 4Ē DOMO Flocked Vinyl Figure from last yearís series. The owner who is cooler than cool that heís ICE COLD, has pretty much the entire second set being ordered in for me! Thanks Dan! ^_^ To it off, how could you possibly say no to a Mr. Toast Plush? =)

Nothing overly special here. Just a World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Poster I snagged when I picked up the game. They had a big stack of them for anyone who pretty much bought anything.

Hereís another World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Poster. I guess you could say this is the ďauthentic/traditionalĒ one, as itís devoid of any retailers on it and is pretty much the cover of the game. To end this edition though, I have to mention that World of Warcraft is pretty much one of the favorite pastimes of one of my favorite music artists . . . who is so awesome, down-to-earth, undoubtedly gorgeous, and just all around awesome . . . of whom I got to see and meet back in October . . .

LIGHTS is the best! ^_^ Donít care what you say, think, etc., sheís awesome! =P Twas awesome going to her concert, meeting her, and chatting with her for a brief few moments. The best part about it was that she is literally the same person regardless of the situation. She embraces what she likes, is always upbeat, and treats everyone with the utmost kindness, even though some of her fans can be a little crazy, hahaha! She also has a guild on one of the World of Warcraft servers, so if youíre thinking of joining one, Iíd say you should join that one! Also, I was originally not thinking of posting this picture, since (well those of you who have met me) I look way more stupid than I normally do, hahaha! Plus Iím thinking the double shirts Iím rocking make me look fat! >_< My goal was to try to not look too excited and try to make a ďnormalĒ face, but that totally didnít end up happening. -_-Ď Still, I decided to post it so some of you could have some fun at my expense, plus LIGHTSí killer smile shines through in this picture! d(Ď-Ďd)

I also picked up her self-titled EP, which I for some reason found hard to find until the concert, and she even signed it and my ticket as well! =3 Iím pretty sure sheís finishing up her second album right now, but you can listen to her first single, ďMy BootsĒ by clicking here!

Shortly after her tour, she put up some limited edition, signed posters up for sale on her site, so naturally I jumped on this quick and got number 93/200! Iíve seen some of the other posters from other fans, and she made all of them unique with different hearts, smiley faces, etc. Iím pretty happy with the heart, but have to question why thereís the ďseriousĒ face in it . . . hahaha! =3

Well that does it for another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul! Sorry for the 2 week absence, but Iíll hopefully be able to have another one up tomorrow, since the blogs have been FULL OF FAIL lately, which is really depressing. I think Iíll do ďnewĒ games tomorrow from the past 5 months or so, so if youíre interested in that, be prepared. Also, Japan pictures are still coming, I promise! Until next time, latez mates!   read

5:20 PM on 01.27.2011

Hey, Jim Sterling! The Last Story is . . .

. . . in my homeboy Zoel's Wii! ^_^ I bet your grubby hands don't have a copy yet, nor are you playing it! So . . . neener neener neeeeeener! =P Hahaha! I kid, I kid! =) This is my "revenge" for not taking my 3/6/9 Review (last video) idea seriously! =3 Hahaha!

Still, joking aside, it's a pretty damn sick game, and Jim . . . use your internet powers and popularity to somehow get this a North American release!

Much love <3,

Funktastic . . . hahaha! ^_^   read

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