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6:43 AM on 11.08.2009

So everybody's written a blog stating their opinion of MW2. Except me. So here it is

IW not implementing dedicated server support, and in fact putting significant effort and development time into creating IWnet (a dumbed down experience), irritates the fuck out of me. I've been playing PC games for a number of years, and to take this route is just baffling to me. I can guess at some of the reasons behind it, but it still feels like I got kicked in the balls by my best friend.

But that's not what this is about. No. This is about IW looking at me in the face, and lying. Without flinching. What's that? You say that IWnet is going to be better for me than dedicated servers were? Really?!

"IWnet will match you up with the best ping server that matches your criteria"

THAT DOESN'T CHANGE THE FACT THAT NO HOME BASED ISP CAN SUPPORT THE SAME BANDWIDTH AS MOST DATACENTERS! You fucking bastards. Don't look me in the eye, and tell me your shit tastes like chocolate. I'm not that stupid (though some would tell me otherwise).

That's really all I have to say. I'm not even that mad anymore about the lack of dedicated servers. I'm significantly more irritated that they won't stop lying to me. Over. And over. And over again.

This is not a good thing for PC gamers. Period.

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