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3:37 AM on 11.03.2012

Creepypasta. A word that draws both ire and terror from those who hear it. As a copy-and-pasted horror story that circulates the internet, creepypasta has taken over as the new fireside horror story. Wether short, long, supernatural, realistic, or psychological, a good creepypasta can strike fear into the heart far more effectively than any hollywood-horror movie or AAA survival horror game has ever done. There's the well known "Squidward's Suicide" and "Suicide Mickey". Slenderman, once a post on a create-your-own-monster thread on the Something Awful forums is now a cultural phenomenon. Even the hilariously bad "A skeleton popped out" or "WHO WAS PHONE!?!" still resonate in the internet culture (although in different ways from the other creepypastas).

Then there are the real scary stories. Sometimes these are indistinguishable from a good copypasta; they chill you to the bone and make you check behind your back more often than you'd like, but you still know it's just a story.

I really hope this is just a story.

I got home from seeing some friends about an hour ago at 2 AM. I pried open my laptop and logged into Facebook to see what people have been saying (or, more specifically, what they've been saying about me. What narcissistic creatures we are). There was a post by one of my friends. Let's call her "K". This is what she posted:

If you can't read that, she's says that her xbox, while on the dashboard (she confirmed this in a later post), crashed, went black and had white text scrolling across the screen. It read "LOOK. A DEAD BODY". Then the screen flashed random colors, as though a game was glitching out. She then heard a male voice repeating the words "Look. A dead body."

Now, I know K. Her husband, "C", was also a witness to what happened. I trust them both very much. They have never been the kind of people to drum up attention in any way. They've just been quiet, live and let live geeks (in the best possible way) ever since I met them. I don't think they would ever do something like this just for the attention. Besides, this kind of shit is difficult to just make up on the spot.

They left their xbox on the dashboard for over an hour to see if it would happen again. It didn't. I made jokes about how their kinect is sentient/haunted and that it's predicting her death. She cursed skynet for making such a cursed machine and then we went into a conversation about the pros and cons of kinect (I think it's great for anything that isn't games, like ghost hunting and such) and the conversation died from there.

If anyone has had any similar experience, let me know. It would probably comfort my friend to know that her case isn't isolated.

And if she is killed by her kinect then we'll know which apocalypse we have on our hands.

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