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My interest in gaming began around the age of 7 when my parents purchased my first video gaming system: the Odyssey 2 (otherwise known as Videopac Plus in France, where I was living at the time). It probably began earlier that, actually. That's as far back as I can remember seeing a video game in front of me and being able or wanting to play it, but I must have wanted games before that time or my parents wouldn't have given me the Videopac. I honestly can't remember.

My interest spanned many consoles and/or machines and also led me to programming around the age of 9 on another Philips/Magnavox machine: the VG5000. I didn't like the machine all that much and envied a friend of mine with an Amstrad, a sort of European sibling to the Commodore.

Today, I'm still a programmer and video gamer with a penchant for philosophy and criticism that I picked up along the way.

As a father of two, I consider myself a proud member of a growing population of parent gamers. I believe in educating my kids in the values and pitfalls of gaming in the context of gaining a better understanding of one another as human beings, and in developing a more adept understanding of systems, and the values and responsibilities of acting with and within them.

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