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  • Hoot Hoot

      12:58 AM on 03.13.2010

    Hoot Hoot may be the least intimidating Pokemon ever. Look at it, that bird just wants to be your friend, it's waving at you! I wouldn't blame you if you just wanted to go give it a hug, it's so adorable. But do not be fooled, this is one evil son of a bitch.

    Hoot Hoot: NOT your friend

    See, Hoot Hoot knows you think it's adorable. That's because Hoot Hoot is a god damn psychic. This means one thing. You WILL bend to Hoot Hoot's will
    Hoot Hoot knows this move called hypnosis. When he uses this, you will be unable to do anything but stare.
    Try it, I dare you

    Only recently have it been discovered what makes this move so effective. The answer...boobs.

    Your mind = blown

    That's right, Hoot Hoot uses the same mind control powers that women have been using for centuries. You know what that means? You're screwed. Just give up. You can try all you want, but you're going to just keep going to the boobs. And you will do whatever those boobs tell you. Because they are boobs.

    Just because
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