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Like so many others here at Destructoid; I have my roots in 8/16 bit era starting with believe it or not Sonic 2 on the Sega Genesis when I was 4. Since those days of being challenged from Green Hill zone to blowing up robots in the new Fallout New Vegas Expansion Old World blues; I have made more than a fair share of friends from my intense gaming habits; and now in the process of wearing multiple hats rather than be just a fan.

Here's a rough Synopsis of me:

Gaming Habits:
I like anything but sport games, and casual games that aren't on a mobile device.

Hours spent playing per week:

That guy you pick up the phone to bitch at because he/shes hands are tied and can't give you a refund no matter how much saliva you spew at your phone aka Customer Service Representative

Future Goals:
Finish my 2 year degree and start on my bachelors, so I can finally have a shot at achieving my dreams /cheesiness

What I'm doing now:
Contemplating about everything from continuing martial arts to what neon colors my house can be in SH Shattered Memories this playthrough.

Player Profile
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Hai der, this is my first blog on Dtoid, and I thought i'd give a quick and dirty about things that matter to me before I start writing super serious articles. I'm a 22 yr old guy going for Web Development (AAS in Computer/Web Programming to be exact) and have been at it for quite some time. I do stuff on the side besides video games like Japanese Jujutsu occasionally, laser tag, and blissful sleep when college and work isn't sucking up my time (I'm a customer service manager for a small short term loan site).

The Genres in video games that interest me is big and vast, i'm a sucker for RPGs, especially JRPGS like the Persona series (I still don't know why, also #circlejerk Atlus), FPSes (like everyone else), and some strategy games (particularly Starcraft 2), platformers (Super Meat Boy is the drug of choice now), and a withdrawing addict from MMORPGs like PSU (That's Phantasy Star Universe, yes people still play that right now, poor bastards). Also I'm a contributor to a really stuggling site called and we're pretty dire straights right now.

This C-Blog is hopefully a way so that people might have a chance to see some of my editorial skills sometime in the future, and one day (if I can keep this steady) I hope to get FPed.

Also here's a relatively newer photo of myself:

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Those who have come:

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