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3:49 PM on 01.09.2014

Predictions: It's a hard knock life for the PS Vita

2012 definitely seems like an eventful year with the world ending and all of that, and 2011 had been a very eventful year for the world as a whole with all the fear mongering about making us fearful of posting online with the SOPA/PIPA bills that everyone can't keep from talking about, but people don't care about all of that all we want to know is about future games. Well good reader I being the semi educated flappy lipped person that I am will satisfy your need to hear about games or trends that may or may not be in the future. Crystal ball activate!

1. This is the last full year for the 7th generation of consoles

We've all seen some fantastic games come and go from this past few blissful years with the indie scene taking a significant dent out of AAA purchases, and tons and tons of sequels to anything that can manage to squeeze a buck out of someone. This however, is the final hoo-rah with the 8th generation around the corner Nintendo already confirmed the release of the Wii U next year, and you can be sure the R&D department for both Sony and Microsoft is hard at work as we speak implementing the next big thing which will have integration between our social lives (best joke i've made all day) and mobile platforms more than ever.

2. 3DS will always out sell the PS Vita in total numbers

Woah there put down the pitchfork and listen first! We all know that the 3DS had one of the weakest launch lineups in Nintendo history, but that's changing as we speak with all the traditional top notch 1st party titles to Shin Megami Tensei games to Cave Story+, and most importantly the brand name Nintendo. Lets face the music here people, if your older like myself you will realize that without you purchased a lot more consoles/games when you didn't have bills (aka high school job) or you were a young little twat waving around your parents money which is the crowd Nintendo is vying for! Sure there will be tons of Vita's sold, but the core audience is an overwhelming poor majority that would rather or have to be forced to spend this money on core life essentials instead of a frustratingly expensive memory stick for the Vita.

and finally

3. PS Vita sales will be eerily like the PS3 when first launched

As stated earlier, most people are poor and already spend a disproportionate amount of money on their gaming habits as it is, and somewhere will have to draw the line. More and more of us are getting these powerful new devices that some might call "smart phones" I have one in particular called the Xperia Play where I can play N64/PS1/SNES/NES/Gameboy Advance/Gameboy Color/Genesis/MAME/Commodore 64/DOS emulator, and this is only the stuff I can do when I want to play classics. Other games such as Minecraft and GTA3 or even a game that cost me $.10 called Spirit ( are all fantastic time wasters that already fulfill a purpose that the Vita is trying to do. Most gamers will be hesitant about purchasing this $300-500 console with good reason when a $50 phone can do all that I mentioned above. Don't get me wrong though, i'm sure the Vita will sell millions but until their game lineup is solid is when true sales will happen, and by that time the 3DS will only be further ahead of the game.

Edit: This was a random hidden blog that I found that I made back at the end of 2012, for the most part I'd like to think that it came true :)   read

11:53 AM on 10.15.2012

Mah First C-Blog: Intro + things that interest me

Hai der, this is my first blog on Dtoid, and I thought i'd give a quick and dirty about things that matter to me before I start writing super serious articles. I'm a 22 yr old guy going for Web Development (AAS in Computer/Web Programming to be exact) and have been at it for quite some time. I do stuff on the side besides video games like Japanese Jujutsu occasionally, laser tag, and blissful sleep when college and work isn't sucking up my time (I'm a customer service manager for a small short term loan site).

The Genres in video games that interest me is big and vast, i'm a sucker for RPGs, especially JRPGS like the Persona series (I still don't know why, also #circlejerk Atlus), FPSes (like everyone else), and some strategy games (particularly Starcraft 2), platformers (Super Meat Boy is the drug of choice now), and a withdrawing addict from MMORPGs like PSU (That's Phantasy Star Universe, yes people still play that right now, poor bastards). Also I'm a contributor to a really stuggling site called and we're pretty dire straights right now.

This C-Blog is hopefully a way so that people might have a chance to see some of my editorial skills sometime in the future, and one day (if I can keep this steady) I hope to get FPed.

Also here's a relatively newer photo of myself:   read

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