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Its entertaining to see that more developers are trying to fit an elephant in a cupboard. A Real Time Strategy game on a console is not going to work. You can tone it down, like Tom Clancy`s End War or screw it up like Red Alert 3.

The controls of an RTS game like Total War or Starcraft are not gonna work on a console. You can try to tackle the problem differently like Ubisoft did with voice command, but then you`re lacking detail and finesse. It will basicly be rock, paper, scissors but then poorly animated. You can fix it for the general public by toning down the strategy experience. Wich means lesser units, less detail, easier objectives.

Playing Halo Wars is fun but it sure isn`t the RTS expierence I am looking for. Maybe consoles aren`t meant to play RTS`s on, turn based combat works. So why the need to play an RTS with a controller?
Anyway that`s my two cents, I am playing RTS games on my PC.