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Freefall avatar 3:06 AM on 09.05.2009  (server time)
Your Squad is your Weapon: Use Brute Force

Nothing gets you immersed in games more than being in a squad in the heat of battle. These teams get you through the most deadly of situations. These are the best of the best. I will have a look at the best squads in the coming weeks and finally have a Poll to decide the ultimate Squad. Today we'll have a look at:

Brute Force from Brute Force

About Brute Force:
The major colonies and some alien races are governed by what is known as the Confederation Republic (usually referred to as the "Confed") . They patrol borders, protect their people, and keep watch on hostile alien races. Brute Force are a team of elite operatives who work for the Confed. A new, hostile alien force is beginning to attack the fringes of the Republic. The squad is thus sent out to the frontlines to confront this enemy.

*Tex (Beserker) Heavy Weapons
*Brutus (Spirit of Vengar) Warrior
*Hawk (Stealth) Scout
*Flint (Advanced Targeting) Sniper

Moment of Awesome:
Hawk ordering Tex and Brutus to 'Do things quietly'. Tex, holding Two large Gattling guns replying "Right... Quietly". Hilarity Ensues.

Why I think they are Badass:
All of them have special abilities, ranging from Badass (Brutus's Spirit of Vengar ability) to useful (Hawk's Stealth ability) to handy (Flint's Double Zoom) and then crazy (Tex's Beserker 'Hold two Heavy guns and destroy everything' ability) Together they are a force to be reckoned with.

How are they on the Hardest Difficulty Level?
They all die... a lot. Luckily, they can be cloned, as long as you have enough money. This alone keeps them going, they don't work great as a team unless you specifically order them to, Brutus is the only one who can survive alone, as his health regenerates.

As the tag line goes 'Dangerous Alone, Deadly Together'. That is true, I just wish the AI was more independent, but you can't have everything. A fun unique team. The ability to switch characters on the fly is great as they all have useful abilities, they would be much better if they could combine their strengths more strategically though.

Team Rating: 80%

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